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Yes... it's the 100th chapter already.. time sure flies fast, very fast. I started this to pass time but it has become almost a daily-routine that I enjoy so much, writing whatever I want is one of best things I enjoy doing, it may take a lot of time but it's still fun to do, moreover, some of you enjoy the story so it makes worth the effort I guess?


The ghoul-looking person who was named Junki stepped on the arena when Slovar called him, it would be too embarrassing to forfeit or ignore him, all the elders were looking at him so how could he refuse.

Although he knew he was weaker then Slovar, he walked to the arena and faced the wolf-looking monster. His weapon was a sword. Ghouls were a bit similar to zombie yet had their small differences too, such as they were not as smelly or disgusting as them.

All ghouls had a soul and a consciousness, moreover, they are a level stronger than normal skeletons. They have powerful physics and can only be killed when you damage their soul, otherwise, it's useless to harm their body. They do not have an infinite Stamina and they could feel pain like normal humans. You could say that they are mutated humans and corrupted by Death Laws after their death.

Slovar didn't take any weapon as he grinned at Junki, he was looking forward to this since a long time ago. Junki would always run if they ever meet outside but currently, there is no place to run to.

No referee was present, they just had to say they are ready and begin.

"Brother Junki, I presume you're ready?... unless you want to forfeit?"

Junki's face became ugly as he knew Slovar was mocking him, clearly, he wasn't taking him seriously.

"Who do you think you are?"

Junki was someone easily provoked, after hearing the mocking of Slovar, he could not hold himself back and charged at him whilst wielding his sword and using several sword skills.

Three consecutive sword beams were launched at Slovar, but the wolf-looking monster blocked them easily with his bare hands. His thick brown fur withstood the powerful beams as if they were nothing.


Arthur who was watching from afar, focused on the battle to analyze what he should do, until now, nothing was very interesting. Both the parties were at the middle stages of the Deity Realm but one was way stronger than the others. For him, he just needs one attack to finish them both but that's to be expected after seeing his stats and Realm.

The fight continued but it was one-sided and no matter what Junki did, it was useless, Slovar wasn't even serious and only blocked the incoming attacks while continuing to mock and sneer at ghoul.

Back at the stage near the river, where the seven were sitting, Kilan grimaced and casually said

"Yo Aborak, seems the youths from your side are still lacking huh?"

The creepy looking Aborak didn't seem to mind what Kilan said, he was not someone who is interested by these fights or wants the younger generation of his Race to win as it was useless. So what if they won? There may be some rewards from each one of the 7 people to the strongest Junior, but that's it, for someone as old as him, rewards like that are not needed and he won't be the one to get the reward.

He is considered a selfish person, but he didn't completely disregard his Race, it's just that he had goals he had to achieve and simply winning this little competition won't do him any progress, so after hearing Kilan mock the youths of his Race, he remained silent and acted as if he didn't hear anything.

Kilan and Aborak were old friends, but they were enemies too, it's a complicated and strange relationship, Kilan may be mocking him but he was not provoking him, it's just having fun as Kilan's personality was always like this.


The fight lasted for 15 minutes before Junki was forcefully thrown out of the arena, he was dead but he was injured all over his body, from bruises to claw slashes, he was in a terrible state. All the people from Undead Race were looking angrily at Slovar, who kept sneering and grinning.

"What? If you want revenge then come on up on the stage."

The wolf-looking Slovar crossed his long arms and gazed at the juniors from the Undead Race. It would be a lie to say he was confident to beat them all, after all, like any other Race, the Undead Race had some strong youths too. Malark could more or less be considered a youth but he won't be participating as it would be losing face rather than gaining it.

He was a couple of centuries old and these juniors were at most 100 years old, so fighting someone much younger than you is a disgrace even though he can beat them and if by chance he loses, it would be more embarrassing.

Another Undead youth jumped on the arena after hearing the infuriating mocking of Slovar, he was a ghoul too but unlike Junki, he was at the Peak of the Deity Realm. Normally, one would be embarrassed to fight against some lower Realm than him but this ghoul didn't care as his junior brother was injured so much whilst he couldn't do anything but watch from the side.

"So it's brother Bija, aren't you ashamed to fight someone at the middle-stages of the Deity Realm?"

With an ugly face, Bija took out a long silver halberd and retorted

"Cut the crap, I'm attacking!"

While wielding his halberd, Bija rushed at the sneering Slovar, who still wasn't anxious about fighting someone stronger than him. 

The fight was exciting to weak people but couldn't be more boring than it already is for strong figures. For them, such slow movements and weak attacks are not worth paying attention to. At the end, Slovar managed to hold for 10 minutes before he and Bija were out of the arena. Although the ghoul won, he didn't have any face remaining to stand on the arena and challenge anyone else, so after throwing Slovar out, he walked out of the arena with a lowered head.


Fights between Deity Realm juniors continued for about an hour or so before the quality of the fights finally changed. From Deity Realm to Immortal Realm. 

No more Deity Realm dared to step on the arena as it was practically impossible to beat anyone in the Immortal Realm, geniuses could leapfrog a few grades or sometimes a whole Realm but that was for the Immortal and Divine Realm, or the Heavenly and Deity Realm but to leapfrog from the Deity Realm to the Immortal Realm is considered absolute non-sense.

The difference between the two Realms is just too huge, just like the Divine Realm and the God Realm and that's exactly why Arthur felt a bit worried when he saw the Realm of the person they were going to attack.

A black-haired youth from the Doom Bringer Clan stepped on the arena, he was at the Immortal Realm and had a saber sheathed on his waist. He stood erect on the arena and gazed at the youths sitting on the junior area, with an expressionless face he said

"My name is Buo Bing, I welcome anyone who wants to challenge me."

What he said may sound arrogant but everyone knew he had the power to back his words, he was one of the geniuses of the Doom Bringer Clan and someone not to be underestimated.


Arthur felt ecstatic when he heard that, he didn't want to challenge anyone or it would bring suspicion, if he challenged any person from a clan, it would cause troubles as the clan would target him, however, if someone in return said he would challenge anyone who dares, he would immediately join as then it looks like he just took up the offer that was proposed.

Just as he was going to stand up and jump on the arena, someone already appeared in the opposite direction if Buo Bing.

It was also a handsome looking youth, he appeared to be in his mid-twenties, he had blonde hair and was holding a fan in his hand. He displayed a calm attitude and a broad smile was hanging on his face.

"Since brother Buo said so, then I'll graciously accept your offer, it's been a long time since I fought seriously after all."

Coneli, the blondie spoke proudly as he gazed at the expressionless Buo, he was not fearful or worried about the incoming fights and kept fanning himself with a calm attitude.

As for Buo, he didn't say anything and simply unsheathed his saber, he knew Coneli since a long time as he was from the Lightning Fox Clan, their two clans have an alliance, so it's to be expected that the geniuses from each clan know each other.

They didn't need to say outloud that they are ready, just from their actions one could know. 

"The real fights are finally starting, ha ha ha"

Granny Shishu chuckled as she saw the two youths preparing themselves, she was not worried about who might win and had already placed all her hopes on the green-haired girl from earlier. Of course, she didn't give up on the other geniuses from her clan, it's just that she held the most confidence on that girl.


The Doom Bringer Class practiced the mysterious Blood Magic, it is one of the most powerful but dangerous attributes, it is used by the ancient Vampire Race and very few humans use it as it is lethal to them, if one is reckless and use it in the wrong way, he will surely die a miserable death.

There is many special techniques and attributes in the world, the normal ones could be practiced by whoever has a good affinity with them, but some could be practiced even without having a good affinity with them and such ones are the Blood Magic.

There is also Spatial Magic which taken from the Void Magic, so if you could use Void Magic then mastering the Spatial Magic is only a matter of time. There was also the Death and Life Laws, the Yin and Yang Attributes and so on.

After Buo unsheathed his saber, the weapon started reeking of blood and thick killing intent emanated from him. His eyes were very sharp as they intensely gazed at the Blondie, who kept fanning himself and ignored the changes that happened to Buo.

"As repulsive and aggressive as ever, huh? Men must be delicate you know?"

As he said that, purple lightning began twirling around his fan and legs. Sparks would explode near him and none did any damage to the arena or the surroundings. The moment he stopped fanning himself, his white robe transformed into a purple lightning coat and his fan was like a sharp lightning weapon.

The pressure around him increased by several folds but his face remained calm. The two youths charged at each other, one waving the saber and the other gently waving the fan at his enemy.

A mysterious looking blood wave was created from the saber edges, its target was the incoming blondie, the attack didn't damage the arena but spectators could feel the strong power of the blood wave.

Coneli didn't try to dodge the blood wave but instead, he waved his fan at the blood wave, creating a spheric purple lightning ball that clashed with the blood wave.

The wind became erratic and the two sides backed off, none of the two attacks managed to overcome the others and the only result was a small crater under the clashing place.

If it were not for the strong protective array placed inside the arena and around it, the clash would have destroyed it whole.

For the rest of the fight, the arena transformed into a river of blood and a purple lightning storm, it was an amazing sight, even the elders enjoyed the fight unlike the other weak and unentertaining fights.

The winner was the blood user Buo Bing, who managed to win with great effort. Coneli was someone to underestimate, his lightning attacks are powerful and fast, even with his Blood Magic, he barely emerged victorious.

Coneli walked out of the arena with a not-so-good appearance, his heard was disheveled hair and tattered clothes with a lot of blood stains on them. He lost but he pushed Buo to use a lot of effort to win, despite losing, their strength's difference is meager. 

It's just that Blood Magic is too mysterious and dangerous, if he gets hit his blood would get sucked and it would heal Bui in return, so getting hit is equal to losing against people from the Doom Bringer Clan.

Seeing that Buo Bing was not going down from arena despite being injured by Coneli and panting heavily, Arthur was confused on whether this youth couldn't move or was planning to still fight until he lost?

Either way was fine for him, Buo was at the Immortal Realm 4th Grade but he had absolute confidence in winning, he was planning to fight the strong figures and juniors are nothing to him. He had a lot planned with Lucy, it's not some youth who is going to ruin it all.

Buo Bing kept stabilizing his breathing and took a red colored potion from his storage. Arthur didn't know what that but he knew it was going to help him, he was not in a hurry, Lucy was still preparing so the longer it took the better. 

Without minding the amazed and envious eyes of the youths while staring Buo Bing, Arthur walked to the arena casually.

His appearance was average, he wore Zodiak's black robe and some black tight clothes under it when he went to the junior's area.

The good thing about the new dark cloud is that it could create an avatar of him, it would take the appearance of whoever he is possessing so it's useful.

Seeing that an unknown youth walked toward him, Buo Bing frowned as he didn't who is the black-robed young man was, of course, he was not planning to kick him to mock him, he welcomed any challengers, so his identity didn't matter.

Moreover, for this youth to challenge meant he was not weak, or else he would be coming down to the arena to embarrass himself and get injured.

With a simple probe, Buo came to know that Arthur was an Immortal 2nd Grade which made him furrow his brows for a second. It was okay for a genius from one of the clan to challenge with him whilst being in the same Realm as him or a Grade lower, but for an unknown person with two Grades lower than him to dare come and fight him made him a bit displeased.

Even the people sitting on the stage were curious about his identity, Meyzu was even angry that a weak youth like him dared to come and fight Buo Bing, who was considered one of the geniuses of his clan.

"Who's this brat? Why don't I know him?"

Meyzu spoke with a displeased tone as he sharply gazed at Arthur while probing him. 

Kilan shook his gaze to Meyzu indicating that he didn't know the black-robed youth's identity. Seeing that even Kilan didn't know, Meyzu was a bit surprised, his gaze shifted to Granny Shishu and the others but all of them had a strange look, it was apparent that they didn't know either.

"What's with this, if no one invited him then what the hell is he doing here? Someone kick him out!"

Meyzu didn't like the idea of some frail youth fighting Buo, it would lower his self-esteem, so he immediately ordered to kick Arthur out but before any person could head toward him(Arthur), a calm voice rang out from the stage.

"No need, that person along with the black-haired woman wearing a mask are guests I invited, they are friends."

Azure Bai was still curious about who the identity of the black-robed youth was, but since he was with Lucy then he was a friend so why be harsh toward him?

What he said surprised the five of them, Meyzu had a strange look as he was feeling uncomfortable, for Bai Lingyue to invite them they must be quite special. 

"Oh! If it's people Senior Bai invited then they're welcome to stay, please excuse our rude behavior, we didn't know."

Jizung stroked his beard as he displayed an apologetic look to Bai, he didn't want to create a bad relationship with him and simply apologizing is nothing to him if could gain the favor of a character such as Bai Lingyue.

"Oh!! Since it's people Senior Bai invited then they must be special, especially that junior, what does Senior Bai think, will he be able to resist Buo Bing?"

It was Kilan who spoke, he was very curious about Arthur and Lucy, especially when he came to know that Lucy had an Extreme Yin Body. God knows how he managed to know but nonetheless, he did so he was interested in them the moment he discovered that.

Azure Bai just shrugged his shoulders and replied to Kilan

"We shall see in a moment, ha ha ha."

Although he didn't know who the youth Arthur was possessing was, he was sure he was not some weakling, after all, everything about Lucy and Arthur is mysterious, be it their bodies, fortune or background.


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