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Chapter 99 : Overconfidence Leads to Death


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On the occasion of the 100th chapter, I want to make it a bit special, well, it's just that I want to make it more interesting than usual, so it'll take a bit more time, perhaps tomorrow late at night or it'll be Friday, I hope you enjoy this one.

The plan was simple for Arthur, he was going to participate in the junior fights. They were meant to just exchange pointers and learn from each other, however, everybody knew that it was not that but it's just for the powerful factions to flaunt their powers and see who from their juniors is better, after all, the younger generation is the future of these factions.

The real appearance of Arthur was of a handsome middle-aged man, with his hear turning grey and his breakthrough, it changed his appearance. Anyone from his previous life would certainly not recognize him if he saw him now.

As for the body he possessed, he purposely chose a young body of a youth, it looked like a 19-20-year-old young man with short black hair and an average facial features. He maintained a deadpan expression as he sat next to Lucy.

There plan was thought after thinking for a long time, it wasn't just the usual 'win all these fights' and try to impress the older generation or claim for a good reward or even try to frighten the enemy with his power. No, their plan began the moment all the strong figures appeared, Lucy began channeling her Nine Yin Star Technique and preparing her skill.

As for Arthur, he first sat next to her and when all of the powerful experts arrived, he walked to the area where the juniors gathered and sat randomly at an empty table.

There was a middle-sized arena in the middle of the garden, which was meant for the youths to battle, an array was layed there to prevent the after-effects or the explosion from the fights to reach the spectators.

"Ha ha ha, thank you all for coming to this Grand Banquet, as all of you know, there has been a lot of spatial turbulences these past years, so it is very likely to be a lost world that has been directly or indirectly connected to our world, I wonder what are your thoughts about this?"

Jizung, who is the main host of this banquet, finally spoke to the 6 figures sitting next to him, his voice was not very loud but even the people sitting below could clearly hear his old but spirited voice.

"Old Jizung is right, it is quite strange for this many turbulences to occur, it is precisely why I came to the Underworld. The appearance of a lost world may bring a lot of benefits to whoever enters it."

Azure Bai spoke his opinion as he was speculating about this world, the turbulences were only part of the reason he came here, but he was not planning to tell the full truth to these people, on the outside they may be his friends, but only the granny from the Lightning Fox clan was a dear friend of his.

"Senior Bai is right, an opportunity like this cannot be missed."

Kilan, being the clever and ass-kisser that he is, started agreeing with Bai Lingyue right away, it was very apparent that he wanted to build a friendly relationship with Bai but it didn't appear that the latter was impressed or pleased with this Monster Race leader.

"It is not yet confirmed that it's a lost world, and even if it was, do you think it'll be easy to access it? Just the location of these Spatial turbulences is very troublesome!"

The red-haired Meyzu was not in the mood for banquet or chitchatting, he wanted to just finish talking and get done with this banquet sooner than later.

"Hmpf! Obviously, we know, or why else would we have gathered here?"

The granny, who appeared to be so old that she would at any second, snorted and sarcastically replied to Meyzu. Despite her appearance, she was the clan master of the Lightning Fox and her strength was no lower than Meyzu, it could even be said that she's stronger despite being in the same Realm and Grade as she was way older than him, so whether it's her wisdom, knowledge or fighting strength, she is beyond him.

Meyzu had an angry look on his face but he didn't dare retort, he just stayed silent and waited to hear the other opinions.

All people have talked beside Aborak, who remained since he came here. He was the most reclusive and strange out of all of them, despite the Undead Race having some small wars with the other factions, his name is not widely spread as never participates in these things. Even when the Race is offended or provoked, he would sit still and ignore what happened.

It may sound surprising, but except Kilan, no one saw Aborak fight, however, just by the fact that Kilan didn't provoke or talk to Aborak, one could know that he is not someone to mess with. The Monster Race and the Undead Race had long since been enemies, they would wage wars for small lands or simple treasures, Kilan was someone very tricky and annoying yet he didn't directly provoke Aborak, so the others were wondering how powerful this skeleton Lich King really is.

Everyone shifted their gaze to Aborak, as he is the one who had yet to speak his thoughts. His face was still blurry with two purple lights emanating from his lifeless eyes, no one would deny his creepy and ominous atmosphere around him.

"The location of the turbulence is deep into the Abyss Valley, I and my Race will neither help you or get involved, you simply don't know what you guys are doing by dividing deep into the Behemoth's territory, it's simply seeking death!"

With a cold and piercing voice, Aborak voiced his thoughts, he was not optimistic about this matter, he just wanted to clear things out and separate himself from this bunch.

After pausing a second, Aborak continued talking

"You think only the Behemoth is worthy for you to be on guard but you are strongly mistaken... I'm just saying this so you bunch don't get obliterated and cause other forces to invade the Underworld."

Just as he finished speaking, his lifeless eyes stared at the three clans leaders, he never liked them as they came here and established a base and even took a territory, of course, he wasn't reckless to start a fight with them, but it doesn't mean he'll keep silent and welcome them with open arms. For him, if they perish it doesn't matter, but Kilan must at least so they could keep the balance.

The Underworld could be said to be a dead and mysterious world, no one knew much about it except it's ruled by the ancient Hades, so none were brave enough to proudly claim its lands, but that didn't mean they can't come and slowly make a faction in here, like the three clans.

"Ha ha ha, Sir Aborak is indeed right, but isn't Sir Aborak underestimating us? If we combine forces, especially with Senior Bai here, fighting the ancient beasts lurking in these won't be much of a problem."

Jizung didn't seem bothered by Aborak's remark and kept a friendly attitude, he didn't hold Aborak's words too much in heart as he was overconfident, especially with Azure Bai with them.

"Underestimating you? Ha! Don't make me laugh, it's you who are underestimating the Abyss Valley, a bunch of old fogies at the God Realm wanting to dive deep in there? You're overestimating your strength too much, even if you were at the Sovereign Realm you would still perish. I said what I had to say, it's up to you to decide, I'm not going to beg you to not go there but remember carefully Kilan, you should know what's there, right? Never forget that overconfidence leads to Death! You should have learned that the hard way."

Aborak's tone was full of mocking as he seemed to enjoy seeing Jizung's confident and hearing his honest words, but it was simply too unrealistic for them to even get close to those Spatial Turbulences. In fact, they were only able to know of these turbulences because they were too big and could be seen from afar if not, they would never have known.

When Kilan heard this, his smile froze for a second as he seemed to remember something, he didn't retort to Aborak and remained silent while showing a somewhat forceful smile.

"Anyways, it's still the beginning of the banquet, let's see how our younger generation is, after all, they are our future and they would benefit a lot from the lost world if we access it. I'm not trying to boast but my Royal Cobra Clan has some talented youths."

Jizung still didn't directly reply to what Aborak said, he kept his confident look and from his words, you could tell that the lost world was already in his hands. He switched the subject as he gazed at the youths from the Royal Cobra Clan near the arena.

"Old Jizung is right, it's not time to discuss such serious matters. Speaking of our juniors, ou clan's young Miss is not bad too... she awakened the bloodline with a nearly perfect bloodline."

Granny Shishu, the clan master of the Lightning Fox was full of smiles as she said that, her wrinkled face had a wide smile hanging on it as she lovingly looked at a green-haired girl sitting on a table with a few youths next to her. The girl had a calm demeanor and wore a stunning short purple dress. She was considered a fairy with her appearance and gentleness.

Each faction had a genius or two they relied on, whether it was the Undead Race, the Monster Race or the three clans.


The fights that will occur in the arena will not be like a tournament or a championship, it'll be completely random and whoever wants to challenge someone will jump on it(arena).

Currently, a wolf-looking person stepped on the stone arena. He was from the Monster Race and looked a bit similar to a werewolf except he was not tall and he looked creepier.

"Excuse me for stepping first. This lowly one only wants to exchange some pointers with a friend, what do you say, Brother Junki?"

His gaze was directed at a Ghoul from the Undead Race, the male Ghoul was sitting with the other Undead and when the wolf-looking monster stepped on the stage, he knew he would be called.

They knew each other since long as they always fought when they met in caves or dungeons. Slovar, the wolf-looking monster would always try to steal his treasures or cause troubles, they enmity never ceased, whether it's mocking, robbing or harassing, the two races did all kinds of things to each other, just like what happened to Malark when he stole a treasure from the Monster generals.

A note from TheCrow


ps: I didn't spend a lot of words just to show you the cause of the banquet, there is much things that it will happen and when it happens, I want you to understand, how or why it did.

By the way, the naming sense is somewhat weird I know, but I can't help it, most of them are taken from who knowns where or created by me with some changes, so if it doesn't make sense or it's unrealistic, just bear with me, the whole story is unrealistic.

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