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Since the two of them sat a table for the important figures of the older generation, many people threw curious gazes at both of them. Some even thought that these two didn't know the rules and just sat there randomly.

They wanted to go and mock both of them in front of everybody but there was some part of them that stopped them from doing so as there is also a chance that these two strangers do indeed have a high status. But if that's the case then why does everyone know them?

No one went to greet them or chat with them which indicated that no one knows them or they are enemies with all of them.

Back at where the juniors sat, Malark and a group of Undead Generals sat at a corner discussing what's going to happen, they are generals but still considered young as their Realm was too low, so was their ages.

If Arthur and Lucy didn't change their appearances, he may have recognized them, but now he just threw a couple of glances at them before continuing to talk with the others. He didn't have good friends but that didn't mean he was a complete loner.

Not only was there Undead Generals, there were also Monster Generals and some youths from various sects and clans that were either quarreling about who's better or enjoying the feast. It is common for juniors to fight in events like these, but now it was too early, they would fight to entertain the strong figures and perhaps impress them to gain favors from or to build a good impression.

Arthur wasn't going to participate in this useless fights, he needs to spot the woman and attack, quite simple but very hard to do. Attacking wouldn't allow him to find where Saly is, but if he successfully takes the woman with him and Lucy, he would be able to get Saly's location from her, for someone who was brutally tortured, he didn't lack ways to make her talk.

He remained calm on the outside, but he and Lucy were anxious, if people like Aborak and co got involved and try to stop them then it'll be very troublesome.

As they were waiting for the important figures, Lucy didn't hold back as she ate whatever she liked, even Arthur ate ravenously as if he was a beggar who didn't eat for years. Well, the food is not going to eat itself so why not benefit from this and eat whatever is displayed? It's not like it's prohibited.

Time passed slowly as it was quite boring for a banquet. After an hour or so, one of the powerhouses finally came, it was a middle-aged man with a long red hair, he had a sturdy body and scars on face and neck. From the description he heard from people, he knew that it's the clan master of the Doom Bringer Clan.

Two old men and a youth followed him, the two old men were probably elders of the clan, as for the youth, it was his son Tyga. The boy had a red hair just like his father and had a long red two-handed sword on his back. He emitted strong killing intent and thick blood sent.

"I'm welcome everyone to this Grand Banquet, I hope you can enjoy your time here."

The clan master said that with a deadpan face, he didn't seem like the guy who loves to talk, he only said this because he was one of the hosts and simply ignoring everyone is disrespectful.

After saying that, Meyzu, the clan master sat at one of the 7 seats on the stage, he looked a bit bored as he checked the guests one by one.

As for the youth, he went to a random chair in the juniors area and sat there silently, he didn't seem to have any friends and no one mocked him or wanted to pick a fight with him.

Followed by Meyzu were the rest of the powerful figures, they arrived just after him. There was a bearded old man with a black robe, he sat at the central chair. As for the clan master of the Lightning fox clan, it was a blond old woman with wrinkles all over her face, despite her old age, her eyes were sharp even though she was displaying a friendly smile.

Arthur felt his body being probed several times by them, clearly, they didn't know him or Lucy, so they were curious about him, after all, someone who sits at such an area without them knowing his identity if a bit shameful for them. They didn't dare straight out ask them so they just kept staring at him, especially the clan master of the Royal Cobra Clan and the old woman.

As they were checking the guests and elders of the three powerful clans, Lucy's eyes constricted when her gaze landed on a black-dressed woman, she was sitting with the elders of the Royal Cobra Clan and enjoying some Spirit Wine.

"Arthur, it's her, I'm sure of it!"

Lucy didn't even bother to confirm her guess, the description they got from Anastassia is very precise, with a black long hair and a mysterious tattoo that could barely be seen in her neck. She was very pretty and albeit not seeing the book that Anastassia mentioned, Lucy had a strong feeling that it's her.

Lissandra (Race : Human) : God Realm 2nd Grade.
'What! God Realm?'

When Arthur appraised her, he was seriously shocked, her being at the God Realm may thing hundreds if not thousands of times more difficult. Being appraised by Arthur wasn't noticed by her obviously as the appraisal is a unique skill and it's not like the probing the strong figures do.

If he tried to probe her through Nether Energy, because she's stronger than him, she would instantly know, even if she is weaker, she would still feel it, so Appraisal could be said to be very beneficial.

Lucy's fists were clenched as she wanted to jump on Lissandra immediately, she knew she wasn't her match but she just couldn't stay still, after all, this woman killed almost all the Ma Clan and hurt Saly, a person who she(Lucy) considered as her daughter!

"Calm down, it's not the time yet."

Arthur held Lucy's hands and calmed her down, he too was angry and enraged but he knew it would be suicidal, especially when Lissandra is in the God Realm. Not only was she in the God Realm, there were elders from the Royal Cobra Realm in the God Realm too.

As for the clan masters, each and every one of them was at least at the 4th Grade God Realm.


After a couple more minutes, a crude-looking Spirit Boat that had some cracks and dust all over it flew above the huge garden. From it descended an illusory-looking figure. It was the Lich King Aborak.

He looked like a reaper, with a long black robe and skeletal hands, he looked very creepy and terrifying, as for his face, it was blurry and you could only distinguish a somewhat skull face with two purple beams in its eye sockets.

The Lich King Aborak (Race : Undead) : God Realm 8th Grade.
Arthur gasped as he saw that, he knew that the difference between one grade in the God Realm is just too big, much less a difference of two or three. The strongest person the in the alliance of the three clans was the clan master Jizung of the Royal Cobra Clan who was at the God Realm 6th Grade, but he still was far weaker than Aborak.

What followed Aborak was a luxurious looking Spirit Boat that stretched for more than a mile! It had many decorations and a big symbol on it. Several figures descended from it.

Arthur guessed that they were the Monster Race. The one leading was a white-haired male, he looked very young, probably in his twenties. With a golden robe and a pale white skin, he was waving his hand friendly at the people in the banquet while displaying a very angelic smile.

"I thank you dear friends for inviting me to this banquet."

He slowly descended from his Spirit Boat and sat next to Aborak. He seemed like the talkative type as he started engaging in conversations with Meyzu, who only grunted and nodded in the process.

"Kilan, As friendly and forceful as ever, huh?"

The red-haired Meyzu was an old friend of this white-haired man so despite Kilan never ceasing to talk with him, he didn't appear disgusted or irritated.

"Oh come on don't say that, I was very happy to come here you know, it's been centuries since we met."

This man was called Kilan, the current leader of the Monster Race and a person at the God Realm 8th Grade too. Many Monster generals and elders came with him too and sat a corner like the others too.

Only the Abyss Valley people didn't come, no one did expect them to come anyways but that didn't mean they were afraid, it was the strongest faction and the most mysterious one, no one would be brave enough to belittle it or pick a fight with it.

It is said that the Void Behemoth had long since transcended the God Realm, so people like Aborak and Kilan are no match for him even if they joined hands.

Aborak didn't seem to mind that Lucy was wearing a mask, with his Realm, it was very easy to see her real appearance but he didn't bother to dig further.

As for Kilan, he frowned as he inspected Lucy then Arthur, they were only at the Immortal Realm and weren't special or strong enough to sit where they were sitting, so he was kind of curious.

"Hey Meyzu, who's those two over there?"

As he said that, he pointed at the two of them with his eyes. The red-haired Meyzu glanced at them but didn't seem interested or curious like Kilan, after looking at them for a couple of seconds, he shook his head whilst replying

"I don't know, probably some people from one of those reclusive sects, they are like flies after all, why are you so interested..."

Kilan slapped Meyzu's shoulder while chuckling, he didn't reply to that question, no one knows what he was thinking at that moment.


Arthur obviously knew he was probed by Kilan more than one time but he wasn't worried much as someone such as Kilan wouldn't dare act in here.

Lucy's gaze never left Lissandra, who was enjoying the banquet to its fullest, she would talk with some of the elders or gaze at the guests with a seductive smile on her face.

She was considered a god to the people in Astria and she was indeed at the God Realm, she only stumbled upon Astria by chance and made a small organization there as she found a portion of Zodiak's power there, so she instructed people to look for more but apart from 2 portions in the Demon Continent and 1 portion in the Western Continent, there nothing in the rest of the world.

The Grand Banquet livened up as Juniors began showcasing their skills and techniques in front of the elders, whether to display their power or entertain the older generation.

"We proceed as planned, begin preparing."

Arthur reminded Lucy so as she would not lose focus because of her anger, things need to be done according to the plan, It's true Lissandra is in the God Realm but they would still follow their plan.

All 6 of the 7 seats were now full, there was only one seat left empty, many people wondered who that person was, maybe it was for the leader of the Abyss Valley? But the behemoth's body is way bigger than the whole garden so it left them curious about the identity of this mysterious person.

As the atmosphere was as its peak, a floating figure appeared in the night sky. It was an azure-clothed middle-aged man, he had a serene and calm face and showed a friendly smile as he was coming down.

"Excuse me for being late."

Bai Lingyue apologized as he descended on the stage.

"Hahaha, no need for Senior Bai to apologize, the banquet had just begun."

The one who spoke was the old man from the Royal Cobra Clan, he wasn't offended by the lateness of Azure Bai and welcomed him to sit in the chair right next to him.

Bai Lingyue just nodded and sat next to the old man, just as he sat, he began chatting with old Li, who was the clan master old man of the Royal Cobra Clan.

Their relationship couldn't be considered great, they were just being respectful to him because his position was rather high. Although he was only at the Peak of the Divine Realm, he was respected by all the three clans masters.

As for Aborak, he remained silent since he got here, only lifelessly staring at the riven just below.

Kilan was opposite to Aborak, he wanted to build a good relationship with Azure Bai so he butted in and tried to give a good impression.

"I see that the juniors are exchanging pointers, good good, I heard that there are some amazing talents in here."

Bai Lingyue said that as he gazed at the stage that was put in the center of the garden, it was meant for the juniors to fight each other and learn from each other.

His gaze passed Lucy and Arthur for a second before he stared back at them again; Arthur had a completely different aura to him, he also broke through to the Immortal Realm, so no matter how much he thought, Bai Lingyue couldn't guess who the person next to Lucy was.

As for her, he just nodded at her while smiling, he was very curious about why Arthur is not here and who the person next to her is, but he didn't go and ask. No matter was he thought, the idea of the male near Lucy being Arthur never crossed his mind.

He had unfathomable strength and could see through Lucy's mask, so he probed Arthur's current 'body' and couldn't find even a strand of Arthur's presence, for someone as talented as him, that only meant one thing and that it's not Arthur but a different person, too bad he is totally wrong and that Arthur had a special race.

The fighting that occurred from the start was considered just a beginning, the real show will begin only when all-powerful figures are present and paying attention, with that in mind the talent youths readied themselves to begin and show their awesomeness and improvement to their elders.

Arthur circulated the two techniques he practices and absorbed Nether Energy to ready himself.

"It's time to begin...."


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