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"... Ten thousand years ago, the four mythical beasts which are The Black Tortoise of the North, The Vermillion Bird of the South, The White Tiger of the West and last but not least the Azure Dragon of the East, these legendary beasts that are known to have died a long time ago had suddenly appeared. Not only that, but almost every world had been attacked by them at the same time. It may seem impossible but they somehow had an avatar technique that allowed them to multiply but their strength decreases a lot, albeit the decrease in strength, these four caused tremors and destruction in all the worlds. There were some worlds with strong experts that managed to barely withstand the attack but most of the worlds had been demolished.

No one knows why they did so as these beasts are known to be peaceful and tend to defend the Humans from invasion by some alien races.  Even the principal Clans of the four beasts received some punishment and attacks by sect alliances, they declined a lot but they managed to defend their territories and heritage. From that year, the four legendary beasts are known as evil creatures and regarded negatively by almost everyone."

As he spoke of the calamity, Azure Bai seemed to remember sad memories, there was no anger in his tone but only some regret and sadness.

"Why did they attack all the worlds?"

Arthur was shocked as he heard this story, he was a bit confused on why they suddenly attacked everyone.

"No one knows, they focused on destroying ancient heritages and killed everyone that tried to stop them, it was hell to fight them as their power was unimaginable, especially when they combine their powers. The only world that was almost unscathed is the main world they attacked, which is also known as the 'Divine Planet'. This main world had too many experts so thanks to combining their strength, they pushed the four beasts out of the planet and they even severely injured the Vermillion Bird."

"What happened then, where the four beasts go? Did they get sealed or?"

Hearing this, Bai Lingyue chuckled and replied with a smile

"Sealed? It's practically impossible to seal them, especially if they're together. As for their whereabouts, no one knows, just like they suddenly appeared, they disappeared suddenly, no one could trace their location, even the legendary figures in the Divine Planet."

Arthur could not help but sigh, it seems that this calamity was a big deal, it happened at Astria too but the damage was not that bad, after all, not everyone talked about it which means the impact was not that catastrophic. Moreover, there was the clan that had a tiny portion of the White Tiger's bloodline and they were not hated, in fact, they were respected.


Nongying finally came down from the fifth floor, unlike what they expected, she didn't hold any saber, so Arthur guessed that they the sabers are either sold or she didn't want to take them out as the manager refused to do so. 

"Sorry for the wait, here's all the good quality saber we have here"

As she said that, she waved her hand and four sabers appeared from her storage, they were put on a small pillar stone not even 1 meter in height.

Lucy was excited as she saw the sabers, there was some description of them but she didn't pay it any much heed as the appraisal is way better.

Banished Gold Saber(Mystic Ranked 3rd Grade) : +480,000 Strength / +185,000 Dexterity

Effect: Metal Attribute attacks deal 45% more damage

Unique Skill : Can produce a temporary golden orb that lasts for 1 hour, it can explode and deal 135% of the user's Strength.

Cost : 500 Top Class Red Spirit Stones


Bloodied Mageblade (Mystic Ranked 3rd Grade) : +200,000 Intelligence / +275,000 Strength / +120,000 Wisdom.

Effect : Absorbs the victim's blood and increase the weapon's power by 0.5% for each blood absorption. (100 absorption MAX)

Unique Skill : Use all the blood absorbed to recover 10% of the missing Health of the user.

Cost : 850 Top Class Spirit Red Stones.


Burning Fate (Heavenly Ranked 1st Grade) : +1m Strength / +1m Intelligence / +7.5% Nether Energy Recovery

Effect : Any fire attribute related skills or attacks have a 15% chance to deal double the damage / +5% incantation speed when using Fire related skills.

Unique Skill : Lock into an opponent and slash at him, a Fire beam will follow the target and strikes him(Cannot be avoided)

Cost : 10,000 Top Class Spirit Red Stones.


Twilight's Vow (Heavenly Ranked 1st Grade) : +1m Strength / +1m Agility / +125,000 Wisdom

Effect : Water and Ice attributes deal 20% more damage

Unique Skill : Creates a saber array that slow the opponent's movement speed by 15% (1,000 Nether Energy per second)

Cost : 10,000 Top Class Spirit Red Stones.


Lucy was alarmed when she saw the prices, the last two sabers were not bad, but their prices are outrageous, it's like they put the price high purposely.

Although they could afford it, It would cost a lot, they didn't have unlimited Spirit Red Stones like the Gold so she wasn't sure in what to do.

"We'll take the last two"

Arthur calmly said, he knew the last two sabers suited her, so the moment he appraised them, he decided to buy them, moreover.

Nongying, who was hoping that they buy at least one of the first two sabers, was dumbstruck, she couldn't react as her eyes widened.

"Sir Arthur, could you please repeat what you said?"

She thought she was definitely hearing things, after all, 20,000 Top Class Spirit Red Stones are not something anyone could have. 

Even the calm Azure Bai was a bit startled when he heard that. 

"Friend Arthur, although these two sabers are good, it is a bit reckless to spend that much Spirit Stones on them, if you are lucky, you could find them at lower price in an auction."

Lucy also was unwilling to spend that much money just for a two sabers, she looked at Arthur and was about to stop him when she suddenly felt his hand patting her head, he was reassuring her and telling her it was alright, it was his usual behavior, for his wife, he would spoil her.

"Thanks for the advice Senior Bai, however, we're still going to buy the two of them"

Azure Bai kept silence when he saw that his advice didn't help at all, it was not his money that will be wasted, but he still didn't want his newly made friends to spend so much Spirit Red Stones for just two sabers.

Once Nongying heard that the couple really intended to purchase the two of them, she gasped and didn't know how to react, go prepare the weapons, or inform the manager.

As she was stuck in a dilemma, she heard an old yet excited voice.

"I presume you are Miss Lucy and Sir Arthur? Nongying told me about you two earlier."

The old man who came had a long white beard, albeit his age, he had a muscular body and you could see he was full of Vitality. He wore some strange golden tight clothes and had a thick and long sword on his back.

He assessed Arthur and Lucy, after probing them while stroking his beard, he resumed his talking.

"Emm, I see, your Realms are not high, but to be bold enough to buy these two expensive sabers, I'm intrigued about your identities, but since I can't dive into personal information, I can only speculate..."

Albert (Race : Human) : Divine Realm 5th Grade.

This person was no doubt the manager of this 'Treasure Pavillon', Arthur guessed it immediately, after all, who else would come out from the 5th floor and have a high Realm except the manager.

"Hahaha, Senior must be joking, we just earned a bit of money so we decided to spend them on good items."

Arthur kept a humble attitude as he faced the old man, he knew that he was probed by Albert but it was a natural thing, after him and Lucy's identities were mysterious and they were not known in the Underworld, so how did they manage to get this much Spirit Red Stones.

Only the huge Clans or Sects in the Underworld are able to spend this much money on items and not just two strangers who came out of nowhere. 

"A bit of money huh? But aren't you afraid that people will target you both because of your wealth? It's a natural thing in this kind of world after all."

Arthur kept a calm attitude as he shrugged his shoulder and responded to Albert.

"They are very welcome to try."

Although he said that, he was a bit worried about this matter. If it's not a Divine Realm person who is after them, then there is a high chance of escaping.

"Alright, alright, since that's the case then good, so, you sure about buying the two sabers?"

Albert too was a bit startled when he saw that they decided to buy them both, but years of experience taught him to be cool and calm in a situation like such.

"Yes, along with the other items, we would like to buy these swords... however, I heard that it is possible to purchase with Spirit Red Stones and also trade with an item with an equal value."

Arthur heard this accidentally, moreover, he had some good items he that is almost priceless in his storage, so why waste the limited Red Stones. It is way better to give a good item which has a value of 20,000 Top Class Spirit Stones versus the two sabers.

As he heard Arthur say that, the old man frowned as he was not pleased. To be honest, he had the right to be a bit displeased, he was expecting to receive Spirit Red Stones and not an item, the reason he's not much happy because most people who claim that they want to exchange an item for another usually take out trash treasures.

There has not been a time when he was pleased with an exchange, selling is way better and he even thought of removing this rule, but unfortunately, he didn't have the authority to remove it, he was just a manager of this branch and didn't have a high status in the Treasure Pavillon in general.

"I wonder what Sir Arthur will propose against those two sabers?"

Albeit feeling a bit displeased, Albert didn't show it on his face, he smiled and talked friend to Arthur and co.

Arthur waved his hand and a book appeared from his storage, it looked a bit dusty and didn't look like anything special. Albert was even more displeased when he saw that, his first thought was that Arthur was treating him like a fool.

The appraisal skill is obviously not available for Albert and co, so the only way to know what the book is about is by recognizing or just checking it.

Astral Body (Heavenly Ranked 2nd Grade) (Body Strengthening Technique) ; Volume 5


Arthur had Heavenly Ranked cultivation books, he even reserved some for him when he breakthrough to the Immortal Realm, after all using a technique to strengthen your body and increase your prowess is a common thing people at the higher-Realm do.

This body-strengthening technique is one of many that Arthur has, from the all the items he had, he picked the one who would not shock the people a lot. 

In fact, in Arthur's storage, there are even items that are Godly Ranked! However, neither him or Lucy could use them, they lack too much power. From these Godly Ranked items, there were a couple of cultivation techniques that Arthur stored for himself.

Lucy picked a Heavenly cultivation technique related to Fire Attribute, but since she discovered that she had an Extreme Yin Body, she already decided to change to a Yin related cultivation.

"This is..?"

Albert didn't seem to recognize the book, so Arthur handed the book to him to check it whilst saying

"Senior, this is a Heavenly Ranked body-strengthening technique called Astral Body"

Bai Lingyue, who was gazing at the book, was momentarily stunned when he heard that.

"Astral body? I know it, it's a rare technique that makes the body able to control and crush stars when mastered. Friend Arthur, If I remember correctly, this technique has 6 volumes, which volume is this one?"

"It's the 5th volume"

It was Albert's turn to be shocked now, he had heard of this technique but never had seen it, moreover, it was the 5th volume! Even if it was a Mystic Ranked technique and this was the volume before the last, it would be priceless.

The old man unconsciously gulped some saliva as he checked the contents of the book. He didn't read the whole book but he just ascertained it was real.

"To have the 5th volume of Astral Body, Friend Arthur, I find you more and more interesting."

Bai Lingyue laughed as he praised Arthur, it hasn't been long since he met Arthur but he never ceased from being surprised.

Albert suddenly took out a transparent orb the size of fist, then he immediately injected some Nether Energy while approaching the dusty book toward it.

Astral Body (Heavenly Ranked 2nd Grade)

 "What! 2nd Grade?"

The old man couldn't believe what he said, he even checked the grade again to make sure he was not hallucinating.

The Heavenly Ranked items are different from the lower Ranked items, each grade upgrade is a big difference from the previous one. One could even say that the price of a second Grade Heavenly Ranked Item is worth 4 or 5 times the price of a first Grade Heavenly Ranked Item, if not more.

"Senior, are you satisfied with the item I proposed?"

"Yes, it's acceptable."

Hearing this, Azure Bai chuckled and retorted

"Acceptable? Even the value of those 4 sabers together does not reach the 5th volume of Astral Body."

Albert, who was holding the book as if it was already his turned a bit angry hearing this, but he didn't dare snap at Bai Lingyue as what he said couldn't be truer.

"*cough*... *cough*, Sir Arthur, what you proposed is indeed an extraordinary treasure, how about this, all the items you are going to buy will be exchanged against this book."

Arthur expected the book to be enough for the two sabers, but he never did imagine that it will be much more expensive than the 4 sabers together!

"Since Senior said that, then we'll not hold back, hahaha."

After listening to Arthur, Albert realised he said something a bit unnecessary, but it was too late to take that back, he could only helplessly smile at Arthur and stroke the dusty book.

As for Lucy and Arthur, they continued roaming the fourth floor and taking what they found interesing, after all, all of it will be exchanged for the book.

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Some of you may be displeased with the 180 degree turn from the fantasy, but I'll TRY, to keep a fantasy novel, however, I find it more entertaining to add some chineese myths and some components related to the chinese novels. 

The concept of cultivation techniques and so on is interesting for someone such as myself. I'll try to not add too much content like that although I already added too much, well, meeh, good night!!!!

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