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After buying the Geo Dragon's marrow, the couple continued searching for a good weapon for Lucy.

Lucy preferences were not specific, she just wanted a good weapon that matched her Extreme Yin Body and her magic. 

Speaking fo specific weapon, she leaned more towards sabers more than swords or daggers. So it would be great if they found a good saber.

Since it was the fourth floor, the treasures present were much less than the other floors, however, the quality is another level compared to the first three floors.

Each item displayed has a unique effect that attracted Arthur. There were many strengthening pills and protective charms. 

Protective Charm (Spirit Rank 3rd Grade) ; effect: When infused with Nether Energy, can provide a temporary barrier that protects the user from incoming attacks.

Cost : 5 Top Class Spirit Red Stones.

 They found 5 of these protective Charms so they decided to buy them all. In such a dangerous world, having more means to protect from strong enemies can only be something good.

If they relied too much on Charms, it would affect them negatively and they would get used to only using exterior means. But Arthur and Lucy were not buying them to use them whenever a desperate situation occurred, these charms are one of the last trump cards that will be used only in a fatal situation.

At the corner of the fourth floor, there was an area designed for weapons. 

Lucy walked there as she browsed through the weapon, she was eager to buy a good saber but it didn't seem there were any good weapons, much less a saber.

As she was looking at the Mystic Ranked weapons, Lucy's steps halted as her eyes were fixed on a certain weapon.

Arthur was near her and without needing to hear her say it, he appraised the weapon.

Featherfall (Weapon : Saber) (Mystic Rank 2nd Grade) : +120,000 Strength / +85,000 Agility / +25,0000 Dexterity

Unique Skill : Can produce special feathers made from wind Attribute, these feathers could be used to defend and attack and are very sharp.

Cost : 95 Top Class Spirit Red Stones.

 'Wind Attribute?'

This saber was not bad, the stats and Rank were perfect for Lucy's Realm, however, Lucy specialized in Magma, Fire and more importantly, the new Unique Yin Attribute.

As for the saber, it would be well matched with a Wind Attribute user, of course, Lucy could still wield it and even its Unique Skill but she was not satisfied with the saber.

"Still no good...."

Lucy mumbled as gave up on the idea of purchasing the saber. Arthur had some amazing sabers in his storage, some even added astronomical numbers of stats, yet Lucy didn't like them too and the sole reason was that she didn't they suited her!

"I see that Miss Lucy is interested in sabers?"

The one who talked was not Bai Lingyue but Nongying the attendant who has followed a small distance behind the trio and Kara.

She heard Bai Lingyue call Lucy's name earlier so she remembered it. Since they are buying a lot of expensive items, it would be a bit rude to still calm them 'Dear Customer' so she changed the way she addressed Lucy.

She had keen eyes and noticed that Lucy paid a special attention to the saber, so she concluded that this silver-haired woman was searching for good sabers.

Despite covering her head with a hood, Lucy's long silver hair was still shown, her hair was naturally long so it couldn't be fully hidden, but that was no problem for Lucy. As long as she hid her face, it would be fine. 

There may be some old perverted fogies or some young masters who would be attracted by her appearances so the best choice is to hide her face.

Lucy nodded to Nongying, which made the latter confirm her gaze, so she resumed talking

"Since that's the case, please wait for a second, we have a few hidden sabers that are good in Quality, I'm sure Miss Lucy would not be disappointed"

With another bow, Nongying disappeared for the fourth floor, she headed toward the mysterious fifth floor.

In fact, the fifth floor is not like the other floors, no one can access it, even Bai Lingyue is prohibited for going there, the Treasure Pavillon kept its most amazing treasures there and would take them out for special customers.

The reason Nongying decided to bring those hidden sabers was because she confirmed that Arthur and Lucy are no ordinary and they most likely have an immense fortune, so to sell expensive treasures would benefit both parties.


Azure Bai stood silently a bit behind Arthur and Lucy. A friendly smile was still hanging on his serene and calm face. He would sometimes glance at the treasures displayed in front of him but it appeared none interested him, it's like he was looking at trash.

For someone who lived as long as him, seeing ordinary treasures like these is not impressive, maybe a Heavenly Ranked Treasure would be a bit worth of his attention but these treasures? They are but disposable items for him.

"Oh? A scale from the Black Tortoise Shell? Hmm"

Azure Bai seemed a bit surprised as he strode toward a normal looking scale. It was two feet long and didn't exude any kind of Energy.

Arthur's curiosity was also picked when he saw Bai Lingyue react like that so he unconsciously appraised the scale.

Degenerated Scale of the Black Tortoise ; Effect : Contain some leftover Energy of the legendary Black Tortoise

WARNING : Absorbing the leftover Energy would lead to a fatal backlash to the user's soul and cause his life deteriorate

'Black Tortoise?'

Arthur heard that name in the past. It was something about a calamity that happened in Astria ten thousand years ago. The Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and the Azure Dragon were mentioned.

"Senior Bai, what is the Black Tortoise"

Arthur could not help but ask as he was really curious about this topic. Only some myths and scary stories were told about the calamity that occurred in the past, but all of the stories were vague and most of them are most likely fake.

"You don't know about the Black Tortoise?"

Azure Bai furrowed his brows for a second as he seemed to be pondering about something.

"Friend Arthur, may I know how old are you and Miss Lucy?"

Arthur was expecting an answer and not a question from the azure-clothed man. He didn't know much about the age of people here, but there was one thing for certain, he is considered a Junior, whether it's him or Lucy.

He didn't dare lie as in Zodiak's books, he read that there are some techniques that powerful individuals use to ascertain the bone age of weaker people, so in front of someone like Bai Lingyue, it would be futile to lie about their age. But there was also the chance that Azure Bai couldn't use that technique, or he could but he wanted to see how Arthur would answer.

"Answering to Senior Bai, I'm 37 Years old and Lucy is 44"

Lucy was a bit older than Arthur, but the difference was just 7 years, moreover, age doesn't matter in a world like this.

Silence ruled over the fourth floor as Azure Bai's eyes widened, for the first time, he showed a surprised expression and couldn't utter a word for a dozen of swords.

"37 and 44 you say..... that's amazing..."

Kara who was standing not far away, was left speechless as she really couldn't believe what she heard.

Arthur wasn't sure on what this was about, he just stated his and Lucy's age, there was nothing to fret about, or maybe he done goofed and said something unnecessary.


Lucy was the one was uttered that, she didn't find anything particularly special or amazing about her age or Arthur's, so she was left confused.

"I-It's really amazing... amazing would be an understatement... I cannot sense Sir Arthur and Miss Lucy's Realm so you must be at least in the Heavenly Realm... to be at that Realm at the age of 37 is incredible... compared to you, I'm already 76 and I'm only at the Spirit Realm..."

Kara was the one who spoke as she couldn't hide her astonishment.

"Just as Miss attendant said, it's unbelievable, If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it... The peak of the Deity Realm at 37 and First Grade Immortal at 44... that's something only the peak geniuses do in the sect at the higher-Realms..."

"What! Immortal?!"

Kara suddenly cried but she quickly covered her mouth with both of her hands, you could see a look of surprise and disbelief in her eyes.

"... is that so..."

Arthur didn't know how to react, he should've lied but it was too late to regret it now, so he could only act normal and play it cool as if he already knew he was a genius. Well, he is not a genius but it's just that his race allowed him to steal the power of whoever he possessed so it is to be expected to reach this Realm this fast.

If he said that it only took him about two or three years to climb from Level 1 to the Peak of Deity Realm, both of Azure Bai and Kara would spit blood!

It didn't take long for Azure Bai to regain his calmness, whatever Arthur and Lucy did or their origins, he didn't ask, he was very curious but he managed to hold himself back. 

" *Sigh*... returning to the Black Tortoise topic, since you're young, you may not know but ten thousand years ago....


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Sorry if some of you are displayed but I'm spending too much time on the calamity and such because they would play a major role later in the story. I hope you understand.

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