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"We are not looking for anything specific yet, but thank you for your offer anyway, if we happen to find something worth purchasing, we'll graciously accept Senior Bai's generous offer"

Arthur didn't how to properly answer, so this was all he managed to come up with at the moment. Senior Bai was mysteriously kind to them, not only did he thoroughly explained various things, he also proposed to help them in that way.

Young Master Yun was still fuming with anger but after hearing Bai's warning and seeing the calm attitude of the attendant in front of him, he forcefully held back and kept his rising anger inside of him.

His handsome face turned extremely ugly and he was unsure of what to do, if he left now, it would seem like he was afraid of the Treasure Pavillon, however, if he stayed, it would be much more embarrassing.

"Since it's like this, then fine! No need to waste my money buying expensive treasures from here"

After saying that, he harrumphed and left the third floor. The old man beside him remained silent from the very beginning, his only job was to protect the Young Master. 

Of course, if the Young Master was going to do something reckless, he would have stopped him as it is absolutely idiotic to provoke the Treasure Pavillon. With a sigh, the Divine Realm old man sighed and followed the young man out of the floor.

As for the attendant, she acted as if nothing happened and returned to the reception desk on the third floor, she stood there silently and didn't pay much heed to what just happened.

Situations like these rare but they are not non-existent, it is always handled by her or old attendants and usually, the angry customers behave just like Young Master Yun and leave after being warned. Very few would dare attack her or cause any trouble in here, especially on high floors.

In the Treasure Pavillon, the higher the floor the stronger the attendant. Kara was an attendant on the second floor and what just the Spirit Realm, as for this attendant, she was already in the Heavenly Realm. 

Perhaps the fourth floor would have a Deity Realm attendant. It sounded a bit hard to believe as although there were numerous Deity Realm people in the Underworld, who would spend their time working as an attendant.

Seeing that there are no more treasures that are worth buying, Arthur decided to head to the next floor with Lucy.

Followed by the smiling Bai Lingyue, Arthur and Lucy headed to the fourth floor. When they were in front of the stairs, two tall men were standing like pillars there without moving. 

Arthur appraised them and was surprised to see that they were both 1st Grade Immortals.

"Dear Customer, you need to pay 1 Top class Spirit Red Stone to proceed to the 4th floor"

The attendant who was speaking with Young Master Yun previously came up to the couple and said that. She noticed them from the very beginning and when she ascertained that they were heading to the next floor, she told them the price to head upwards.

With a wave of his hand, a big red stone floated toward the expressionless attendant. Without reacting much, the attendant grabbed the Top Class Spirit Red Stone and stored it in her storage ring, then she shifted her gaze to Kara, who was still dazed from seeing the red stone.

Just from her gaze, it was obvious that she was telling Kara to leave and the rest of her. 

The attendants working in the Treasure Pavillon were paid quite well, but there was also another method to gain money and that's by pushing the customers they serve to buy more treasures.

Arthur and Lucy already prepared two items to buy, both their prices were astronomical, so Kara would get a very small percentage of the full price. 

Seeing that the other attendant was telling her to go away, Kara was very displeased, however, she didn't dare to show it, she merely nodded and planned to follow the orders.

She was an attendant of the second floor, as for this one, she worked at the 3rd floor but she appeared to have a higher position in this Treasure Pavillon, so she was considered like her boss, why would Kara dare oppose her or disobey her?

Just as she was about to remove the storage ring and pass it to the other attendant, she heard the customers she serves suddenly talk.

"She's our attendant, let her follow us to the next floor"

Even the other attendant, who was named Nongying was momentarily surprised by this, she didn't expect Arthur to say that. 

Her face returned to its expressionless state after a second, she slightly bowed to Arthur and Lucy while saying

"Dear Customers, this attendant is only an attendant of the second floor, her knowledge about the treasures at the fourth floor is very limited so she would be of no help, let me serve you for the rest of your tour in our Treasure Pavillon"

"No need, we don't need her knowledge, just let her do her job and prepare the items we'll buy"

After Arthur said that, he and Lucy headed to the next floor. As for Kara, she didn't know what to do, follow them or just back off.

"As you wish, dear customers"

Nongying didn't insist anymore, she glanced at Kara and urged her with her eyes to hurry up and follow them!


Arthur didn't know when did Bai Lingyue pay the fee but he followed them to the fourth floor. He didn't even see the man pay so it was very strange as to why he was let in without paying. Perhaps because he is a VIP customer? If so then he and Lucy need to get the VIP thingy too or they would have to pay each time they came here.

The fourth floor was totally empty, except the attendant at the desk in the center, there were no customers here.

The treasure displayed here appeared even more amazing than the third floor. The treasures here were a bit special. In the first three floors, treasures would be pills, cultivation techniques, and most weapons. But here, there were fewer weapons and a lot of cultivation techniques coupled with weird looking treasures.

Golden-Body Strengthening technique (Volume 4) 

Cost : 10 Top Class Spirit Red Stones.

 The price was astronomical for all treasures, such as this one for example. 10 Top Class Spirit Red Stones are equivalent to 10 million Spirit Red Stones, it is by no means a meager number!

Seeing that Arthur was checking this cultivation technique, Bai Lingyue shook his head and said

"Friend Arthur, I advice you not to buy this body strengthening technique. It is indeed a very good one for the people in the Underworld, but it could only be considered so-so compared to other legendary techniques. The price is a bit too high and it's only the 4th volume. This technique has 7 volume in total and if you do not have the all the volumes, you will not be able to display its full potential."

Arthur read the sign of this cultivation technique and when he saw there was no description, he used his appraisal skill.

Golden-body strengthening technique (Volume 4) (Mystic ranked : 1st Grade) : Effect ; By practicing this skill, you can use Nether Energy to turn your body golden and increase your defense and offense by leaps and bounds, it is said that when mastered, you can use one golden palm to flatten skies and crush mountains.

 'Only so-so?'

Arthur believed Bai Lingyue at first, but when he read the description of the technique, he was hesitating on whether what Azure Bai said is really true or not. Maybe the system managing the description is exaggerating things? After all, problems occurring in the system are not a rare thing for him.

"If you want, I can sell you a body-strengthening technique better than this and at a lower price, what do you say?"

Kara, who was flabbergasted by the price of the technique, was astonished when she heard Bai Lingyue said that. Not only did he belittle their treasures, he even dared to sell his own stuff in their Treasure Pavillon, it's like slapping them in the face.

Nongying, who followed the trio just to explain the things Kara wasn't able to, frowned as she didn't like the attitude of Bai Lingyue, however, she didn't warn him or even open her mouth. He was not someone she could reprimand or threaten. Her boss repeatedly told her to treat Azure Bai with the most respect and act as if he was her own boss!

"Hahaha, thank you, Senior Bai, for your offer, but I was just looking at the technique, I'm not planning to buy any cultivation technique for the time being."

Hearing this, Bai Lingyue didn't appear displeased, he merely nodded at Arthur and kept following them. It was kind of strange as for why he was following them all around, but Arthur didn't mind nor did he say anything, as for Lucy? She couldn't care less about him, he helped her but it doesn't mean she had to pay him special attention.

All the treasures displayed here were at the least 3rd grade Spirit Ranked, and some were Mystic Rank like the body strengthening technique.

Geo Dragon's Marrow (Mystic ranked 2nd Grade) ; effect: By consuming this dragon marrow, one would have 0.5% of obtaining the Geo Dragonic Bloodline. 

Additional effect : Clears the Zhongfu, Yunmen, and Tianfu Acupoints

cost: 100 Top Class Spirit Red Stones.

 "Geo Dragon? It is not the marrow of a real Geo Dragon or else the price would be thousands of times higher... *sigh* what a pity"

Bai Lingyue appeared disheartened as he said that. It was truly a pity as dragons are known as majestic and legendary creatures.

What Arthur fought way back was indeed an Earth and Lightning dragons, but they were weak because they were not true dragons.

A true dragon, who has the bloodlines heritage of one of the three legendary dragon race would be born in the God Realm automatically.

They would have intelligence superior to humans and other races and their power is enormous. 

The Geo dragon race is one of the three legendary dragon races, the other two are known as the Black dragon race and the Empyrian dragon race. 

The three ancestors of those three dragon Races were three dragons gods, their power was monstrous as they could shatter space and wipe planets with only their physical body!

The marrow of the Geo dragon displayed here must be the marrow of a Geo Dragon who had a very limited bloodline coming from the Geo dragon race or else the effects of the marrow would not be this trivial. 

But this in itself is impressive, the Geo dragon's marrow here is also very rare, not only that, the original dragon must have been at least a 5th Grade Divine Realm dragon. 

"We'll take it"

Arthur said that as he looked at Kara and pointed at the crystalline dragon marrow displayed in front of them. It was 2 foot long and was green in color.

Even the expressionless Nongying was pleased when she heard that, for her Treasure Pavillon to sell such an expensive treasure is a good thing, especially for Kara, who would get a percentage of the full price. 

Seeing Arthur choose the marrow, Azure Bai smirked and didn't comment, whatever the couple bought is none of his business, he was just here to advise them and help them a bit.

In a place where there was nothing but void all over, stars and planets would be seen far away and space is shattering here and there, from afar it looked like some glass was falling from this dark void but this small glass was the size of a planet!

A lone figure stood there as he gnashed his teeth, his facial features were blurry.

"Damn you Arthur, I clearly put a Spiritual Imprint on your soul! How did it get erased! It's impossible unless it's someone in the same Realm as me or a very powerful charm! No matter the case, I'll find you! I will not let my millions of years of planning to go to waste!"

'X' cursed as he was in a bad mood, it has been more than a year since Arthur disappeared and he was still searching along with his subordinates. But there was no trace of Arthur!

"Even if I wanted to! I can't recreate that orb! I was lucky enough to make it due to the war back then... but now, how am I supposed to create it again!"

Space began to distort and more shattering occurred as 'X''s mood began worse. 

"I know you, Arthur, that anger and rage that I helped you seal will resurface and when that happens, you'll seek revenge and there is only one place you'll head to... sooner or later, we'll meet Arthur..... I'm sure we will."

After he said that, he turned into black smoke as he disappeared from that empty black void.

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