The third floor of the Treasure Pavillon was even emptier than the second. In Arthur's view, he could only see 8 people, and most of them are at the Immortal Realm with two being at the Divine Realm!

The one at the Divine Realm was a scholarly middle-aged man, with azure clothes that were made from expensive silk and jade. The strange thing is that when Arthur appraised him, something weird happened.

Azure Bai (Race : ????) : Divine Realm 9th Grade (Debuff)

 Not only was his race not show, there was the word 'Debuff' displayed after his Realm, Arthur was puzzled about this, but he didn't probe any further. He did not want to do a reckless thing and cause trouble, he came here along with Lucy to buy some stuff, not to create unnecessary troubles, especially with such individual.

This azure-clothed man had an attendant next to him, she already held 2 red boxes and patiently waited for the man to finish his tour and pick whatever he liked. Despite being at the Divine Realm, he didn't emanate any strong pressure, quite the opposite, in fact, he looked like a mortal scholar. He had a peaceful expression on his face as he was contemplating a treasure piece in front of him.

The other seven people also had some kind of special attire and none of them looked like any normal cultivator.

Some youth even had an old man beside him and that old man was a 3rd Grade Divine Realm. Although he was weaker than the scholar who was a 9th Grade Divine realm.

Apart from the scholarly man who threw Arthur and Lucy some glances, the others completely ignored their presence, which suited them way better than attracting unwanted attention.

The third floor didn't contain as many treasures as the other previous floor, however, these treasures were covered with a glass and the price and effect were under them, it was much neater and properly prepared, unlike the chunk of treasures in the first floor.

The prices here were sky-high and it was not even the last floor, this building had 5 floors and they were only at the third yet the treasures here were not bad.

Arthur was not sure if all the floors sell treasures, but it was most likely the case and of course if he wants to proceed further, he needs more Spirit Red Stones, well, it's not like he was out of them, as long as Lucy still didn't find anything that suited her, they'll look at all the present treasures.

Apocalypse Gem ; effect : if it is enchanted with a proper Mystic ranked weapon then the weapon will be able to display Lightning and will deal double the damage.

Cost : 175 Medium Spirit Red Stones

 Lucy was not interested in this, however, this finger sized purple gem was caught Arthur's attention as he could use lightning freely. The good point is not the lightning effect but that it doubles the damage of the weapon!

Since he didn't breakthrough yet, Arthur needed much more damage. With his current ability, dealing with a 5th Grade Immortal may not be a problem, but compared to Lucy, he was far off.

Before she broke through, Lucy was able to handle 1st or 2nd Grade Immortals, but now that she broke through, with her outrageous physical strength and her Purple Fire and the new Ice magic, her power increased by leaps and bounds.

She most likely could handle even an 8th Grade Immortal. She still didn't test her new strength on any opponent, but just by her stats, one could say she's very strong.

If we assume that a 1st Grade Immortal have an average stats of 10 million, and that's only an assumption, then Lucy could be considered a 6th Grade Immortal.

However, it was not the case, Mental Power is what counts, increasing it makes the person more powerful. It's not that increasing the stats is useless, but increasing Mental Power is faster for the cultivators here, even for Lucy.

Just by absorbing Nether Energy for no more than an hour, Lucy increased her Mental Power by 40.

Hence it is obvious that people would lean toward absorbing Nether Energy to increase their Mental Power as gaining million of stats is way difficult.

Due to Arthur's race, he can't absorb Nether Energy to increase his Mental Power, the only way to do so is by possessing countless people and even with that it only increases by a meager amount.

There was also the possibility of him being unable to absorb Nether Energy even after breaking through to the Immortal Realm, if that was the case then he's totally screwed as it would take ages to increase his Mental Power.

"We'll take this too"

Arthur spoke to Kara, who was standing a couple of meters behind them. She was still holding the red box and waiting for his next purchases.

Since she couldn't hold everything in her hand, Kara stuffed the two red boxes in a normal storage ring and resumed following them.

The gem was pretty useful to Arthur, he doesn't know how to enchant, neither does he have an enchantment skill, but it was not difficult to find an enchanter in this city, after all, enchanting is a major thing in this world and higher-Realms.

His only weapon, Makaze, is a black katana that grows with him, so he never needed to change it, if there is a way to increase its potential by a fair bit, then why not do so?

Makaze was a Mystic ranked weapon, it was a 2nd Grade. It's to be expected and it grows with him and whenever his stats are increased, it's sharpness and power also rises. 

It is an extremely sharp and deadly weapon, one can easily deduce that by the way it easily cut through the Immortal Lizard's neck.

As for the armor and so on, he didn't rely much on them. For Arthur, wearing heavy armor would slow him down, what's more, he found them pretty uncomfortable.

He just wears Zodiak's black robe in fights as it increased Mana Regeneration and it is comfortable to wear. He had a guess that once he breaks through, the robe would change too and it was most likely the case.

Zodiak, a mighty figure like him would not use such trashy robe when he was at such a high Realm, there must be a secret behind the robe or else why would he still be wearing it when he died?


Energy Recovering Pill(Spirit 3rd Grade) : effect ; Recover some of the user's Nether Energy at a faster pace for a short period of time

Stock : 300

Cost : 1 Medium Spirit Red Stones per pill

 'So there were such things?'

Arthur assessed the pill as it was not bad at all. For some reason, Zodiak didn't have a single pill in his storage, so he presumed that the pills are useless and there is no need to use them anylonger.

Furthermore, alchemy is pretty much non-existent in Astria. He possessed a person that gave him basic Alchemy skills but he didn't have the time or materials to try them. 

Some of the materials were present in Zodiak's storage but some were not which made him give up on that idea. 

Thinking about Alchemy, Arthur also had that mysterious Soul Flame, which was a grey flame, it was not harmful and apparently, it could only be used to refine and make pills.

"We'll take all the stock of these pills too"

Lucy was the one said that, in desperate fights, especially versus strong opponents, such pills are needed to recover some of their Nether Energy.

Nether Energy was not like Stamina and it was certainly not endless, it also depleted faster than Mana so Lucy didn't hesitate over buying these.

"A-all of them?"

Kara was taken aback as some people would take a stock of 10 or even 50 but not the whole stock! It was quite wasteful! 

Even if they needed such pills for fights, it was crazy to buy them all. One pill would be more than enough to allow them to recover in a fight, it's not like they are going to war to buy them all. 

Albeit her surprise, Kara went to the reception desk at the third floor and talked with another attendant.

The other attendant remained calm despite what was told to her, she was working on this floor for ages so seeing a couple who was willing to buy the whole stock is not surprising.

Compared to her, Kara was still shocked, she didn't come to the third floor very often, in fact, it was only her second time here as she was not allowed to come here, she was only able to come because she 'became' the customer's personal attendant.

There was a rule in this Treasure Pavillon and it stated that once you become a customer's person attendant then you must serve him until he steps out of the building, no matter where he goes, the attendant must follow him and help him buy whatever he wishes, and in some cases, explain to him about the effects of certain mysterious treasures.


The attendant left to prepare the pills for Lucy and Arthur, as for Kara, she returned to their side and continued doing her 'job'.

One more reason Arthur wanted to come here is to purchase a Spirit Boat, the highest quality there is!

Simply traveling without a Spirit Boat is way slower, so with their immense fortune, is would be a waste not to buy a good Spirit Boat.

They once saw the speed of Malark's Spirit Boat and it left a strong impression on them. 

"Oh come on! It's just the fourth Volume, can't you lower the price a bit more?"

As they were browsing through the displayed treasures, Arthur and co heard someone speak with a rather loud and annoyed tone.

It was actually the Peak Grade young man from earlier who had an old man next to him. He was talking to an attendant while pointing at a yellow book.

The attendant remained calm despite being yelled at, the authority and power of the Treasure Pavillon far exceeded the power of the factions here, the branch in here is just one of many in this Underworld and the headquarters of this powerful force is not even in this world.

"Young master Yun, you are a VIP customer at our Treasure Pavillon and have a 20% discount on anything you purchase, we cannot reduce the price any further, it is the rules."

The attendant spoke respectfully, but you could sense a hint of contempt in her words. She didn't show it as she maintained an expressionless face, but she actually looked down on people like him. He already had enough money to buy it even without the discount yet this bastard kept nagging about lowering the price. 

"Rules or whatnot, I already packed 12 things to buy! 12! So what if you lowered the price a bit more, it's not like you'll lose anything.."

The young master named Yun kept insisting as he acted displeased and was about to burst.

"Hmpf! If it's like that, then I mist as well not buy anything, since the treatment is this bad in here..."

As he said that, Yun looked at the attendant but his face turned ugly when he noticed that she was neither angry nor worried from his words, it's not like no matter what he said, it would still be ineffective.

"Young master Yun, it is up to you if you want to buy from our Treasure Pavillon or not, please lower your voice as you are disturbing other customers."

The tone of the attendant changed as she reprimanded him and kept her calm attitude, she was not the slightest bit afraid as she knew that if he dared do anything, the higher-ups of the Treasure Pavillon would not stay still.

When she mentioned the other customers, Yun looked around and stared at the 7 other customers with disdain and extreme arrogance, it's like he was looking down on ants, his gaze rested on the scholarly man for a second before he snorted and retorted

"It's just a few bumpkins with little money to spare so they wanted to come here to try to show off, hmpf!"


Not far away from young master Yun, Arthur was looking at this youth with a strange glint in his eyes. He didn't like what Yun said neither did he have a good impression of him, but he still remained silent as it was not the time to be provoked by such a useless and arrogant person.

He turned toward Kara and said with a low voice 

"That person, who is he?"

Before Kara could reply to Arthur, a calm voice rang out near Arthur's ears.

"He's the Young master of the Peng family from the Monster Race."

It was the azure clothed man who said that, he walked near Lucy and Arthur and spoke with a friendly tone.

His steps were elegant and there was some mysteriousness in them, with a warm smile displayed on his face, he walked next to the couple.


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