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Arthur followed Lucy as she browsed through the treasures. The first floor contained low-grade weapons and items, so there wasn't anything interesting that caught their eyes.

The floor had a lot of customers, some were even looking longingly at these treasures. The prices of these treasures were considered low for Arthur, but for normal cultivators, it was an astronomical price, moreover, each and every one of those items was good.

They were all common ranked items, however, albeit the low rank, their prowess is by no means meager. Even if an Immortal used the axe displayed outside, which is a 3rd-grade Common item, the destruction and power he could do with that are unimaginable.

After looking around for a couple of minutes and finding nothing worth their attention, Lucy and Arthur decided to head to the second floor.

As they headed toward the staircase, the two tall men standing near it stopped the couple and said

"Stop! To proceed, you need to pay 100 Red Spirit Stones"

Hearing this, Arthur frowned as he stared at the man who spoke.

'Maybe because of our appearance, he wants to take advantage of us and gain some money? Or..'


Seeing the confusion of Arthur, the man explained

"The second floor is not allowed to anyone, you can't proceed until you prove you have enough money to go there, it's not a place to sightsee after all"

It was kind of sad that in most worlds, rich people are treated way better than poor people, but there was nothing he could do, with a wave of his hand, Arthur threw the Spirit Red Stones to the tall man then he proceeded upwards with Lucy.

Even if they ended up not buying anything, it was certain that they would not give back those 100 Spirit Red Stones and it's not like Arthur minded that, it's just that he didn't like this way of doing things.


The second floor was another level compared to the first one, with less people and more treasures, there were some decorations and ancient paintings that added to the luxury and demeanor.

The number of people here was less than half the people on the first floor. 

When they entered the second floor, a young female walked toward the duo while showing a bright smile.

She had a voluptuous body and wore tight purple clothes that showed her two mountain picks and her curves. Although people at a high-Realm are mostly not interested in things like woman and sex. There is some who do, by properly dressing this young woman and making her serve the customers, it would make the atmosphere more lively and in some rare or extreme cases, the girls would 'serve' the customers at a price.

Although it's a treasure pavilion if the girls are willing, and with a reasonable price, anything would work.

"Welcome to the second floor of our Treasure Pavillon, customers, please inform me if you are looking for something specific so I can help you.."

Despite her exceptional beauty and charm, Arthur didn't stare too much, first because Lucy would quickly get jealous and ditch him for a day or two, and second because it was neither the place or time for that, finding Saly and saving her is what's important at the moment.

He waved his hand nonchalantly and replied to the young woman

"No need, we are just looking around."

The young woman's smile twitched for a second before it returned to its brightness, Arthur's reply was a bit unexpected so she was a bit taken aback, however, she regained her attitude in a split second and merely nodded.

What she thought was completely different to what she showed, for a customer to not want any help and paying a whopping 100 Spirit Red Stones.

After years of experience, the young woman knew that Arthur's partner was a woman. Seeing that her charm didn't affect him, it was obvious that he either was not interested in women or the person next to him was his partner.

Lucy's head was covered with the hood, however, her clothing didn't completely hide her womanly features, especially after her breakthrough.

Whether it's her waist, hips or chest area, they all have grown significantly and you could easily guess that she's a woman with a glance.

It's not like she didn't have any womanly charm before, but the difference from before is apparent and exposed even more of her beauty.

Soul Instrument (Spirit 2th Grade); Effect : Could be used to strengthen one's soul and heal it if it's injured 

Cost : 25 Medium Spirit Red Stones

 There was a box which had a green feather inside of it, Arthur cast appraise on it to see its effects and it greatly interested him.

This was not for him obviously, but for Lucy. He had [The Sacred Soul Steal], and his soul could be considered strong now.

Since he devoured "Abhuva's Soul", the soul of the Ma clan's personal dungeon, he was not able to devour any other souls.

Inside his consciousness, the blob of light, which was his soul, became brighter and had its size increased by more than three times.

There were still chains enveloping it and the mysterious Orb of the Fallen Overgods floating above his soul.

"I'll buy this."

Lucy calmly said that as she gestured to the young woman from earlier, she was standing not far away and gazing at both of them. When she saw Lucy waving at her, she walked toward her with her usual bright smile.

"How may I help you, dear customer?"

Lucy said that as she pointed toward the box with the green feather inside of it. 

Kara glanced at the red box and the green feather and was a bit shocked, this Soul Instrument is not the most expensive item on this floor, but its price is by no means small.

25 Medium Spirit Red Stones is an astronomical price for her. She didn't focus on cultivation, so she was only at the middle-stages of the Spirit Realm, she has been working here for a couple of years and the rich people she encountered were countless.

No emotions were showed on eyes or facial features, with an earnest nod, Kara picked the red box and held it in her hand.

Lucy did not appear she was done purchasing, so Kara obediently held the red box and followed the couple as they roamed the second floor.

Fruit of corruption (Spirit 3th Grade) ; effect : Eating this would make the user gain 200% Strength increase and 100% Dexterity increase for 1 minute, after that the user would gain a debuff which decreases all his stats by 20% for 5 minutes.

Cost : 10 Medium Spirit Red Stones.

 The fruit had the shape of a strawberry and was jet black with some grey gas emitting from it. After a bit of pondering, Arthur decided not to buy it. As for Lucy, she doesn't like items like these, especially those which give a debuff.

She can't use appraise, but since she could see anything Arthur appraises, nothing escaped from her. Arthur appraised every single item to see its effect.

Most of them were average with some having a special effect, but besides the Soul Instrument, nothing caught Lucy's attention.

Kara silently followed them, she started explaining the item effects for them non-stop, until she was out of breath yet they seemed like they were ignoring him completely.

Albeit being ignored, she continued doing her job and thoroughly explained what was good and what was average.

Finally, she got some attention from Arthur as he turned to look at her. She was prepared to answer his question no matter what it was but what she heard next made her mind go blank for a second

"Emm, do we need to pay to go the third floor too?"

Kara's job was to try to sell these treasures and appeal to the customers, such dumb questions are not asked to her but to the two tall men standing in the staircases leading to the third floor.

'Kara, calm down, calm down, it's your job to answer every question!'

"Yes, dear customer, to proceed to the next floor, you need to pay 100 Medium Spirit Red Stones to prove that yo..."

Before she could finish, she was interrupted by Arthur, who withdrew a bunch of middle-sized red stones and stuffed them in her hands, which were already busy holding the red box.

Some of the stones even fell on the floor, but Arthur ignored that and headed to the next floor.

'You...... why was I dumb enough to try and help them!'

Kara was uncertain about what to do. She called the two tall men and instructed them to collect the red stones, then she hastily followed the duo whilst pouting and stomping on the floor. 

She disliked dealing with these kinds of customers the most, she could only keep the anger inside of her and customers and gods for them and they are obliged to obey them and serve them or else she would be fired or severely punished.

"Dear customers, please wait!"



A note from TheCrow


When I say Spirit Red Stones, it only means the smallest one. 

There is the Spirit Red Stones< Medium Spirit Red Stones < Top Spirit Red Stones.

1,000 Spirit Red Stones = 1 Medium Spirit Red Stones

1,000 Medium Spirit Red Stones = 1 Top Spirit Red Stones

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