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*Drum sounds*

 Not long after the meteorite explosion occurred, several beams appeared in the sky. 

These beams were the reinforcements Malark was expecting, however, they arrived a bit too late for the show.

When these people arrived, the first thing that caught their attention is the still burning rose, although its size decreased, the pressure and heat it emitted were still present, coupled with the destruction it caused, it's no wonder it caught their eyes.

They were precisely 3 people, or rather, it was 2 people and one.. skeleton. 

The first two wore a battle armor and were twins, as for the skeleton, it just wore a long grey robe and held a long black staff in its hands.

After dazing for a couple of second at the sight, the trio snapped out of it and shifted their gaze toward Malark, who was still chatting with Arthur.

"Malark, what's going on here!"

One of the two twins, which was apparently a zombie too, questioned Malark as they came to help him yet here he is happily chatting as if nothing happened.

Malark was with Lucy and Arthur on his Spirit Boat, although it was a bit damaged, he didn't get angry too much on them, his attitude change was still shocking Arthur.

The Zombie General turned his head in surprise as he someone calling out to him. It has been only a few minutes yet he already forgot about the previous fight, Arthur and Lucy's existence shocked him and left an unforgettable imprint on his mind, especially their powerful attacks. 

"Oh? Velice?"

Only now did Malark remember he called for reinforcement at the previous fight.

"Don't show us that look, didn't you crush the sound talisman?"

Velice said that as he glanced at the flaming red rose, he and the other two purposely stayed away from it as they sensed danger.


Arthur, who was on the side, stared at them as appraised them when they were in range as the appraise skill can't be done from a very long distance.

Velice (Undead) : Immortal 2nd grade


Karnal (Undead) : Immortal 2nd grade


O'lex (Soul) : Immortal 3rd grade


Arthur was a bit confused over this 'Soul' Race, it was clearly a skeleton and it should be regarded as an undead, so why does it say Soul?


After a short conversation, it was apparent that Malark held a higher position than the other three, although they were a bit angry they come for nothing, they didn't dare shout or blame him.

They boarded the Spirit Boat and proceeded deeper into the Silent Graveyard. The two zombie generals sat a corner and mediated, as for the skeleton, O'lex was scribbling some notes on a shabby looking book.

Arthur got to knew a lot of things of Malark, this Zombie General was really not bad.

It seemed that he looked down on weaklings, especially the ones who do not try to get stronger, that is why he never held the simple and lazy zombies in his eyes.

"The Underworld is divided into 3 Territories, the first is at the south, it's called 'The Abyss Valley' and is ruled by a single entity, its called the 'Void Behemoth', it is the biggest territory in the underworld and no one dares to recklessly invade it as there are other strong beasts lurking there.

At the North-West, there is the 'Monster Archipelago', it's ruled by the monster race. As for the North-East, it is the home of the Undead, also known as 'The Silent Graveyard', it's ruled by the Lich king Aborak.

The only remaining area is the middle of the three territories, it was a rectangle area, small than the others but it is ruled by a mysterious alliance which does not join the fights of the three territories.

It is also not attacked by neither of the three factions as it had some strong individuals"

Malark explained thoroughly to Arthur, not missing any details. He had long since believed that Arthur and Lucy were really a couple who were in seclusion for a long time.

In fact, Malark was 500 years old and it was considered very young in the Underworld. If he heard Arthur's age, he would surely spit blood.

Moreover, despite Malark being at the Immortal 4th grade, he was considered weak compared to the undead elders or the Lich King. 

There was a rumor that the Lich King had already broken through the God Realm, but none confirmed it yet.

"Oh, so it's like that, then Senior Malark, could you explain the grading system in the Immortal Realm? Since I and my comrade are still at the Deity Realm, we do not know much about the higher Realm except that between the Deity and Immortal Realm, there is a huge power-up."

The pale-faced Malark nodded continuously at Arthur and resumed explaining, he seemed rather enthusiastic about this matter.

There was always competition about the generals, so very rarely would he sit like this and spend time chatting.

"It's actually pretty simple, after breaking through to the Immortal Realm, it will be different from the Deity Realm, The Immortal Realm and above are divided into 9 grade with the first being the lowest. Each breakthrough to a higher grade would make much stronger. for example, two people at the Immortal 3rd grade will necessarily not be able to defeat me, a 4th-grade Immortal"

Arthur slowly nodded as he listened carefully, his guess about the grade was correct, however, the 9 grades thing was a new thing to him.

"I see.. thank you for your help, Senior"

"Hahaha, no problem no problem, always glad to help my life savior, hahaha"

Malark laughed heartily while the other three stayed silent and threw Arthur and Lucy a couple of suspicious gazes.

Although Malark said that they saved him, these three were still suspicious about Arthur and Lucy's identities.

If they came to help, why would they cover their appearances, anyone would think they are suspicious! It's just that Malark is either stupid or doesn't particularly care. But if they knew that the flaming rose from earlier and the destruction was caused by them, they would surely freak out.

Malark didn't give too many details, he just casually said that they helped him kill the enemies, he didn't even say what Realm the enemies were so they just assumed the enemies to be at most 1st Grade Immortals.

The trip back didn't more than 2 days, the Spirit Boat arrived at an enormous city, there was no end to it.

There were black walls at its edges, they had a height of a whopping 40 meters, buildings with various sizes were scattered all around the city.

It was bustling with people, Arthur saw zombies, ghouls and even death knights which had a black aura around them.

The Spirit Boat landed outside of the city, they proceeded at feet from then on as it was prohibited for them to fly inside the city.

"No one is allowed to fly inside the city unless they are important figures such as Commanders, Elders and so on.."

As he noticed Arthur confusion, Malark kept explaining everything to Arthur.

"These walls are made from the Void Stone, which is a very rare material and is able to withstand attacks from any Immortal Realm head on without being damaged... moreover, this wall creates a defensive barrier around the whole city, protecting it from sudden enemy attacks"

When Arthur heard that the wall can withstand any attack from an Immortal Realm, he wanted to test his heavenly Arrow with Lucy and see the results.

After the previous fight, he regained a lot of confidence. It appeared that he underestimated himself because he could barely beat that Immortal demon from before, but now his stats were different from the past so his prowess is obviously better too.

If it is 5th or 6th-grade Immortal, there is a big chance to defeat them with Lucy, as for higher, he didn't know. 

He never thought or imagined the strength of a Divine Realm individual as it was too dreadful, just thinking about the woman at the God Realm which Zodiak sealed in that orb made Arthur feel amazed by Zodiak's strength.

He sealed her so easily, which made Arthur curious about his Realm. He never heard of a Realm higher than the God Realm, perhaps his strength is not enough to know that..

He still didn't reach the Immortal Realm yet he wants to know what's beyond the God Realm, it seemed rather funny.

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