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Lucy has prepared the meteorite for some time now. Since Nàkhbu started closing in on her and Arthur, she prepared this attack, it was one of her strongest offensive attacks and is very deadly.

It had a combination of three attributes which are Earth, Magma, and her Purple Fire. It's potential and destructive is unimaginable. She created this attack not too long ago, so her achievements and control over it is not perfect, it can even be considered lacking, however, that didn't mean the attack was weak.

The only flaw in this attack was the time it takes to prepare it, but that was taken care of as she had more than enough time to do that.

The Meteorite came flying with incredible speed, the pressure and heat of the 10m huge rock were not to be underestimated.

Even Nàkhbu, who was momentarily shocked by the sudden appearance of the fire tornado, was dumbstruck by this meteorite that came flying toward him.

His face paled as he was unable to lift his hammer to block. The fire tornado deflected his hammer at the perfect time so he couldn't muster the energy to block or dodge.

The bull-like Nàkhbu, who was at the peak of the Deity Realm, was fear-stricken by this deadly attack, he sensed death approaching and he was already at its door.

As he was facing a desperate situation, Nàkhbu spat a golden drop of blood which instantly transformed into a transparent and golden shield, faced against the incoming meteorite.

He expended some of his precious Soul Essence to resist the incoming strike, but even that was useless as the golden shield was shattered after resisting the meteorite for no more than 5 seconds.

Lucy had already backed off some distance as she coldly watched Nàkhbu getting struck by her Meteorite.

Blood splattered and bones shattered as his body was smashed into the Spirit Boat, however, the meteorite didn't stop as it continued drilling into the Spirit Boat for a couple of meters before it subdued.

What layed in the huge pit made by the meteorite was a purple flaming rock and some blood at its bottom.

This sudden explosion caused energy waves all over its surroundings, it even caught the attention of Malark and the others.

Malark was busy resisting the pressure from the yellow scroll, once he saw the explosion and the pit on the boat, his face became ugly as this was his precious Spirit Boat and to repair it or buy a new one is not a simple matter.

Unfortunately, he was busy defending against the scroll or else he would have ripped apart the one who damaged his Spirit Boat.

As for the three lizards and the injured Kashron shifted their gaze to the Spirit Boat, only to see the flaming rock and the blood under it.

Kashron, who was a close friend of Nàkhbu, was enraged as he sensed his friend's life force under the flaming rock, it was diminishing bit by bit, if nothing was done then he would die in a minute or so.

He ignored the fight with Malark and flew toward the Spirit Boat with red eyes, him and Nàkhbu and very close as they fought countless battles together so they could be considered brothers.

Due to him being heavily injured by Malark, his flying speed was not that fast for someone at the Immortal Realm, but nevertheless, he used his energy to heal his meridians slowly as he charged at the Spirit Boat to save his friend.

The three lizards didn't pay much attention to Nàkhbu, if he died then it's his fault for being weak. They were allies but not friends, after glancing at the flaming rock for a second, Kimu resumed exerting the yellow scroll's pressure on Malark.

"Getting done by these zombie weaklings, truly pathetic"

Lizard Kimu sneered as he saw the blood under the rock and Nàkhbu life force decreasing.


Kashron was flying toward the flaming rock when all of a sudden, he felt a cold sweat down his spines, a sudden chill covered his body.

Before he could comprehend what happened, a shadow appeared in front of him and with lightning speed, a dark katana was trusted toward his chest, precisely at his beating heart.

The attack was fast and decisive, and before Kashron could react, his heart was already penetrated by the sharp sword, what followed was some deadly energy that went through all his injured meridians and bones and caused tremors and strong vibrations that broke all of his bones and muscles.

Kashron never expected such a sudden attack, coupled with his heavy injured he received from Malark, this strike killed him instantly.

Actually, Kashron already died when Makaze struck his heart, however, Arthur used his green lightning to cripple his body just in case, better safe than sorry, he was dealing with an Immortal so he must make sure his opponent is one hundred percent dead.

As he sensed the enemy's death, Arthur immediately transformed into a small black whirlpool as he entered Kashron's body.

You have successfully possessed Kashron (Monster Race)

Arthur dismissed all the messages about the skills at it was not the time to check them, then he continued slowly flying toward the flaming rock.

For a parasite like him, despite possessing an already crippled body, it made no difference, as long as the body is whole, then whenever he possessed him, it will regenerate instantly.

Arthur did not know anything about Immortal Energy or the meridians since he didn't break through the Immortal Realm, they can't use that energy or use the meridians to make his techniques even more powerful.

The reason he continued flying toward the flaming rock is to not attract too much attention, he would act for a bit then strike the lizards when they have lowered their guard.

He calmly approached Nàkhbu, who was buried under the rock, when he was next to the rock, its purple flames disappeared and what was left was only a dark red rock which had some steam and magma coming out of it.

Arthur pushed the rock and looked at what was under it.

There layed a bloodied corpse, there were no signs of the left arm and some of the waist.

Nàkhbu was barely breathing as he was slowly dying, his wounds were too serious. The meteorite was just too strong, despite using his Soul Essence, it didn't hold for even a minute.

When the bloodshot eyes of Nàkhbu landed on Kashron's figure, he felt happy yet a bit embarrassed. He was really thankful to have a close friend such as Kashron.

However, before he could muster the strength to talk, Kashron pointed at the spot between his eyebrows and said with a low voice that only Nàkhbu could hear.


A white beam of lightning came out of Arthur's head and penetrated Nàkhbu's skull, killing him on the spot.

The Godly Lightning burst Nàkhbu's head as brain matter and flesh exploded out of Nàkhbu's head, it splattered on the surroundings and some of it even landed on Arthur.

Arthur was not going to let an enemy live, he came here to not attract attention and to finish this person.

After killing Nàkhbu, Arthur glanced at the not far away from Lucy and slowly nodded, he already planned everything with her earlier.


The lizard trio was still dealing with Malark, who was still being suppressed by the scroll, his face was filled with disbelief as he panted heavily, he couldn't advance no matter what he did, but this was enough, he just needed to buy some time.

As the three lizards were injecting their energy to the yellow scroll, an enraged Kashron flew toward them, he was holding a small-sized person who had a hood on his face.

Kashron was holding this person by the back of his neck, he had a ruthless face and bloodshot eyes as he stared at this person.

"Oh? Kashron, did Nàkhbu die? And who is that person?"

Kimu, who was the strongest out of them, asked Kashron with a frown, although he already knew the answer, he still wanted to ask, he wanted to humiliate him(Kashron). They were allies but Kimu always believed that his blood lineage is better than Kashron and the others, moreover, he always looked down on their way of doing things.

People like Kashron were ruthless and reckless, they would not think before acting which made them the first to die.

"He's dead!!"

Lizard Kima snickered as he heard that and said

"Tsk tsk! To think he died while fighting a bunch of weaklings... is he really a general?"

Kashron's face turned even uglier as he retorted while yelling loudly

"You!! Kima, don't take things too far! Nàkhbu was killed only because he was ambushed by this bastard"

As Kashron said that, he tightened his grip on his hostage's neck as if causing more pain and suffering.

Lizard Kima ignored Kashron, he glanced at the hooded person's figure for a second before he resumed injecting his energy to the scroll.

He already knew this hooded-man's strength was at the Peak of the Deity Realm, but he still believed that he was an ant, a weakling who is not worth paying attention to.

Kashron slowly floated near the trio's location, he continued cursing at his hostage as if he was angry.

"Wait till we go back! Hehe, I'll make you wish you were dead!! I'll skin you alive you little bastard!"

The act continued, Arthur, who was possessing Kashron's body, managed to approach the trio without alerting them.

Once he was 10 meters away from them, he stopped and faced Malark, who was struggling against the immense pressure.

He loosened his grip on the hostage, who was also Lucy, all he did was acting, he of course never tightened his grip on her neck or whatever was acted out.

With a quiet tap on her back, he indicated that he will act out. Arthur never looked down at Lucy, her strength was almost equal to his and in some aspects, she overtook him by a long margin, the reason he brought her as a hostage is to help him take care of these three with a sneak attack.

After he readied himself, Arthur began channeling the Godly Lightning to strike from above, it takes a dozen of seconds to strike so he patiently waited for the most perfect moment.

Before just a second that he thick white streak of lightning struck, Arthur used [Faster than Death] and teleported behind the lizard trio with Lucy.

Makaze was already when he appeared behind them, at the same time, a bolt of lightning came down from the sky, the sound was deafening at stricken Lizard Kimu.

Arthur was not hoping to kill this second-grade Immortal, he just needed to paralyze him for a split second so he could finish the other two.

With his Peak Mastery in Sword, Dark magic embodied around the sharp sword edges and [Dark Burst], Arthur slashed at Kima's neck, aiming to behead him, as for Lucy, she punched with all of her strength.

Lucy's strength was leagues above someone at the Peak of the Deity Realm, coupled with the purple fire, the punch was not something that should be looked upon.

This sudden turn of events was not left unnoticed by the trio, however, they never expected someone to suddenly appear behind them, not only that but that someone is Kashron, who was supposed to be their ally.


Before Lizard Kima was able to react, Makaze sliced his head off, it was a clean slash and there was no resistance whatsoever from his neck.

The Lizard's head flew out of his body, blood splattered on his two brothers, who were dumbfounded by what just happened.

Kimu was still numb from the lightning, although it didn't kill him, it still caused a lot of damage, he used his Soul Essence not long ago, so he was weakened and was caught off guard so he couldn't protect from the strike.

He coughed a mouthful of blood as his control with the yellow scroll began weakening.

As for the last Lizard, he received Lucy's fire punch just right at his abdomen, his intestines, organs, and bones shattered, the purple fire burned his flesh and scales and his body was sent flying hundreds of meters.

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