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The 5 people looked angrily at Malark, ready to erupt at any second, but you could see arrogance and contempt lingering in their eyes.

They seemed to look down on Malark for some reason.

As for the Zombie General who was peacefully sitting on a corner, once the Spirit Boat crashed into that invisible barrier, he was already standing.

Although there were 5 opponents, and each one of them appeared strong, Malark didn't seem startled or anxious.

Arthur already appraised Malark when he first saw him and he knew that he was a 4th-grade Immortal, he didn't know what 4th Grade meant but he was certainly an Immortal.

When these 5 showed up, the first thing he did was appraise them to see their Realms and have a grasp about their strength.

Lizard Kimu (Monster Race) : Immortal 2nd Grade


Lizard Kima (Monster Race) : Immortal 1st Grade


Lizard Kimo (Monster Race) : Peak Deity


Nàkhbu (Monster Race) : Peak Deity


Kashron (Monster Race) : Immortal 1st Grade

 Arthur was not surprised by this, he expected them all to be Immortals, but two of them were at the peak of the Deity Realm which was a bit reassuring, however, that didn't mean that the situation was good.

He didn't know the difference between the grades, but he already guessed that the higher the grade, the more powerful you are.

And by seeing the calmness of Malark made Arthur even more sure of his guess. 


Malark stared at the five them while saying 

"The five of you are not my match, you're simply courting death by coming right at me"

As he said that, he took out his lance and pointed it at the five of them, specifically at the Lizard Kimu, who was most likely the strongest among them.

"Just because you're a 4th Grade Immortal you think you can hold all of us together? ha! Laughable"

Lizard Kimu retorted while sneering at Malark.

Of the five of them, four charged at Malark while the last one flew toward the Zombie army, clearly planning to finish it.

The one who headed toward the Zombie army was Nàkhbu, since he was at the peak of Deity Realm, he would be mercilessly killed if he fought against Malark.

But surprisingly, the other Lizard, who was at the peak of Deity Realm too, didn't rush at the army but went with the others.

Each of the four charging at Malark wielded a special weapon, the bull-like person had a gigantic hammer, as for the three lizards, they had similar swords which were covered with some green liquid.

The green liquid was spit by their mouths and it was a special poison which their race can use and produce.

The fight already began and explosions and energy waves began emitting from the several clashes.

Despite fighting 1v4, Malark completely suppressed them with his absolute strength, a single sweep sent a lizardman flying a hundred meters.

His prowess was just too great, one man and one lance fought marvelously against the enemies, albeit receiving attacks from all directions and sword slashes filled with poison and mystical laws, he managed to withstand them either by dodging or dissipating them with a counter-attack.

Arthur flew back with Lucy, getting away from Nàkhbu, who was fighting against thousands of normal zombies, despite him being more powerful than him, it was not that easy as there were some Heavenly Realm Zombies.

He slaughtered left and right and received some minor injuries, but those injuries were healing at a very fast pace.

The normal Zombies only used primitive attacks such as grabs, punches and kicks, most of the time it was useless, as for the ones in the Heavenly Realm, they would wait for a good opportunity to deal some damage before succumbing to their death.

Zombies don't feel pain so it made them even more crazy in fights, which was a good thing as they would not be held back by the immense pain coming from having one's limb chopped off or severely wounded.

Arthur hid in a corner while he watched the occurring fights and assessing their strength, he didn't want to join them and doesn't want to get involved in their fights as it was dangerous.

By seeing the main fight between Malark and the other four, he regained a bit of confidence, the four were powerful, but he was sure he could deal with them as they are not good at cooperating. Well, the three lizards have good synergy, but the bull creature only attacks randomly, even Anastassia had more accurate attacks.

But the accuracy is not everything, a single strike from his can cause a lot of damage, well not to Arthur but Lucy can suffer a bit.


Malark's might was unbelievable, his lance caused tremors and huge pits on the grounds despite the fight being at the sky, a simple sweep or thrust of his lance would produce energy whirlpools that strike his enemies.

Kashron, the bull-like monster was now in a bloody state, he was struck by Malark's lance and it struck his chest which resulted in a heavy injury.

He was bleeding profusely and panting heavily, the exterior wound was nothing as it would heal after sometimes, but Malark's attack hit his meridians.

The meridians, acupoints were the main thing for people in the Immortal Realms. Once someone breakthrough to the Immortal Realm, they construct energy meridians and a dantian which are very important.

They help the person absorb special kinds of energy and produce attacks from it, whether it's skills or techniques, they would be much powerful if you used energy refined by the meridians and stored at the Dantian.

The attack of Malark managed to break through his defenses and injure his meridians which greatly reduced his fighting ability.

Malark stared at Kashon's state and at the three lizards while sneering.

"A bunch of weaklings, you ambushed me and wanted to snatch back the 'Yin Flower' with this pathetic strength?"


One of the lizardmen was angered by Malark's taunting words as he didn't like being looked upon, but he was stopped by another lizardman.

"Third brother, don't fall into his trap, he's provoking us to make us attack him recklessly due to rage"

Kimu, the strongest lizardmen, held his little brother's shoulder while saying that. Although they didn't receive injuries similar to Kashon, they were still a bit injured and they felt a bit of fear from Malark.

Malark is known amongst the undead to be a strong and overwhelming individual, he's one of the top generals and is respected by many.

They indeed overestimated their capabilities, but for someone with their strength and age, they always have a plan B and a precaution.

"We cannot beat him like this, we are in their territory, it won't be long before reinforcements come, Malark is not stupid to not use a voice talisman to inform the Headquarters of our ambush, we must get done with this quickly!"

Lizard Kimu spoke with a low voice and told his brothers to use 'that'.

Malark stood there, without doing anything, he only needed to gain some time for the reinforcements to come, he could beat them but to kill them all would be too hard.

The more they waited the better it was, so why would he just go there and attack them.


Nàkhbu was still fighting the zombies while laughing, he massacred half of the crowd of zombies and he was closing into Arthur and Lucy.

"Hahaha, these are free points, too easy too easy!!"

He laughed maniacally as he crushed yet another zombie with his hammer, he didn't use any special attacks, just brute strength was enough as his Realm as already very high compared to these weaklings.

Simply showing up and engaging with both parties would be reckless and stupid, Arthur decided to help Malark, whether this zombie general would be thankful or attack him would be unknown but that's the best choice for the time being.

"Lucy, you finish this idiot and I'll help the Zombie General, alright?"

Lucy nodded as she didn't question his intentions, she knew she couldn't beat an Immortal Realm, even Arthur could barely fight equally against a first grade, as for second grade, it would be quite hard.

He had many attacks and trump cards such as the heavenly arrow and the ancient flames, but even those are insufficient against Immortals.

People at the Immortal Realm had augmented physique and a special kind of energy is like a layer around their body, it constantly protects them.

The Heavenly Arrow Arthur used with Lucy against that demon back then managed to instantly kill him, however, that consumed way too much Mana, he would only be left with 20% if not less.

As for Lucy, she would be unable to fight if they used it, so that was the last trump card and they would only use it at a desperate situation.

As for now, they would wait until Nàkhbu gets too close to finally strike, he would somehow attack the four above, and Lucy would deal with Nàkhbu, with her ability, it should be enough.


The three lizards finally made a move, Lizard Kimu gritted his teeth as he took out a worn out yellow scroll from his storage ring.

It was crude looking and dirty, it didn't look like anything special, but this scroll was a special item given to him by his superior and the cost of using it is heavy.

Malark, who was nonchalantly gazing at them was a bit alarmed, he was not afraid, however, he felt a bit of unease seeing that scroll, they were also generals of the monster race so seeing Kimu taking this scroll, it must be at least a Mystic Item.

Items in the Underworld and in the high-Realms in general and separated by different Realms too, just like people's Strength.

It is Common, Spirit, Mystic, Heavenly, Godly, Mysterious with Common being the lowest and Mysterious being the highest.

People who had high enough position can have this kind of items, even Malark had one but that was only for emergencies and the cost of using it is no joke, it could save his life but there is a high chance of dropping an entire Realm if not becoming a cripple in some extreme cases.

Malark tightened his grip on his lance and stood in a defensive stance, ready to dodge or back off at any moment, he was not dumb enough to receive a straight attack from that scroll, assuming it's really a Mystic Item.

What Malark didn't know is that it's actually not a Mystic Item, but a peak grade Spirit Item. Whether it's a common or Spirit item or whatever it was, it was divided into 3 grades with 3rd grade being the highest.

This yellow scroll was a 3rd grade Spirit Item, its prowess was equal to a Mystic item.

As Kimu took out the scroll, his two brothers spit two golden drops of blood which flew toward the scroll. As for Kimu, he spat two drops too, which resulted in 4 drops entering the scroll, then without hesitation, Kimu opened the scroll toward Malark, who had already backed off more than a thousand meters.

But it was already late by this time, an ancient rune was drawn on the yellow scroll and an immense scroll fell on Malark, completely sealing his movements and crushing his insides.

He felt like he was suppressed by a mountain, mouthful after mouthful of blood came out of his mouth as he retreated, but no matter how much he retreated, the pressure didn't stop, instead, it increased by the second.

His face turned pale and he couldn't fly anymore, his body was sent flying as he struck the ground like a meteorite, he seemed to be restrained by an invisible pressure that was crushing him, the sound of muscles snapping and bones cracking could be heard from miles away.

Just as this time, Nàkhbu, who was enjoying his slaughter, finally arrived a couple of meter from Arthur and Lucy, who were supposedly sitting in a corner and not doing anything.

Nàkhbu frowned for a second as he saw two weird zombies that were sitting and didn't attack, but he didn't pay it too much heed and struck down at both of them with his hammer, however, what he expected didn't happen.

A terrifying flame tornado that appeared out of nowhere came clashing with his hammer, it was not even a clash as his hammer was pushed away, but that was not the end, a meteorite came from out of nowhere, it had some red liquid in it and it was surrounded by purple flames, it was just 10m in size, but the size it emitted is unimaginable.

Nàkhbu's face paled as he couldn't even lift his hammer which was struck down by the flame tornado, all he could do is try to forcefully move his body to dodge but that was not going to happen as the mysterious enemy who suddenly attacked was already in front of him, launching yet another attack.......

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So since I have two stories to focus on, I decided to split the work and make it easier.

From tomorrow, I'll post 2 chapters of each story, for example tomorrow would be 2 chapters of Re;Hell Gate and the day after 2 chapters for this story and so on and IF I can write a bonus chapter of whichever story then there's that.

I know the meridians and Dantian thingy is a bit difficult to understand for some of you but fear not, I'll not leave it unexplained like this, this was just some simple explanantion and introductions to the Immortal Realm and above.

I do not plan to make it simple and Realm jumping like the beginning, don't get me wrong, he'll still be OP, but not too the point of beating people at the divine and God Realm easily with a slash or whatnot, I hope you are okay with this as I think it's much more exciting because if he goes around and easily kills all his enemies, it gets too boring quickly and that's what's been happening since the beginning so I'm planning to add changes to make it more appealing.

Small PS: I'm calling the 'thing' they absorb or use; 'energy' as it is not introduced YET. So have no worries.

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