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A note from TheCrow

Hello there!

Arthur became able to understand what was happening.

After he possessed the zombie, he didn't linger off inside it much longer. He left the body and appeared beside the walking Lucy.

The language of the Underworld sounded a bit weird at first but since he got the skill, it became much easier to understand the current situation.

It seems this crowd of zombies is going back to their territory which is also known as 'The Silent Graveyard', not too much was said about this place except being the homeland of the undead including zombies, skeletons, ghouls and so on.

As for why there were scattered corpses of zombies here and there, it was because they were rebelling zombies.

It was quite simple if you follow the leader you live, and if you try to revolt you get instantly beheaded, pretty easy thing to grasp, however, some zombies would try run off or cause trouble which results in them dying.

The leader of this crowd is known as a Zombie General, Arthur also heard that he was a '4th-grade Immortal'.

He didn't get what that meant but one thing was certain, it's that the leader was an Immortal, which made things even harder and worrying.

There were random conversations about fights and loots but these were not important so Arthur ignored them and focused on what's important.


The crowd kept slowly marching non-stop, Zombie's didn't have endless Stamina like skeletons, however, they still had an immense reserve of it, so it can be considered endless in a way.

Even after walking for 4 days, there didn't seem to be an end to those desolate lands.

Lucy and Arthur had infinite Stamina. As for eating, it really wasn't anything necessary, someone like Arthur can spend years without eating because he just got too many skills and characteristics he got from the corpses he possessed that allowed him to leave without food.

Lucy was not like that, nevertheless, she could still hold on more or less 10 days, plus, it's not like it's prohibited to eat in this crowd.

Due to zombies not needing to eat, none of them bothered to do that, moreover, even if they wanted to, they can't as there was no food unless they eat each other, there was nothing else to eat.


"We are now entering our territory, so we'll move faster!"

Arthur heard someone talk with a very loud tone, just from the domineering presence and the power of the shout, he immediately guessed that it's the General.

Although he didn't know what he meant by moving faster, he didn't pay it much heed as it was probably running or flying and doing this was beneficial to him and Lucy as it would make the travelling easier and faster.

Walking with this crowd is simply too slow and boring so a change of things is rather good.

As Arthur was pondering on the meaning of 'moving faster', his eyes landed on a grave not too far away.

It was a crude looking grave with parts of it destroyed and not a couple of meters from it were other graves.

He didn't focus too much on his surroundings as they were still in the desolate lands, however, there were some graves here and there.

It must've been because of this that the General decided to travel faster, these graves must be some kind of mark indicating the border of their territory.


When the zombies heard the General, all of them stopped walking and just stood there.

Not knowing what was happening, Arthur and Lucy also stopped and patiently waited.

Arthur couldn't help but tense up for a bit, it was very unlikely that they were discovered, but anything can happen in a place like this.

He saw a figure flying high in the sky, it was a zombie, but its appearance was very different from the normal ones.

This zombie was wearing a silver armor accompanied by an iron helmet and leg guards, there was also a 7 feet lance on his back.

He didn't look threatening but he emitted an invisible pressure that made others fear him.

This was the zombie General who shouted at the crowd earlier. He looked down at the crowd of zombies, his eyes were full of contempt and superiority.

It was obvious that he didn't value those zombies, they were a meat shield for him and a mean for him to earn some military achievements.


With a wave of his hand, Malark, the Zombie General summoned a huge floating boat.

It was a very big boat, made from special black wood and reaching the skies, its frame completely shocked Lucy and Arthur as it was the first time they saw something like this.

This boat could probably hold thousands of people. The boat floated on the air while sometimes emitting some creaking sounds, it looked a bit old but that only made it look greater.

"Now line up and proceed in order toward the Spirit Boat!"

Malark said that then flew on top of the boat which was called a Spirit Boat, he sat on a corner and completely ignored the zombies, acting as if they never existed.


The zombies didn't seem bothered or angry about his behavior, they followed his orders and made neat and quiet queues and proceeded one by one onto the Spirit Boat.

Arthur and Lucy did the same and joined a random queue and began waiting, but each time they advanced, Arthur felt more and more anxious, he really had a bad feeling about this but it was too late to back off now, if he diverted from the queues and escaped with Lucy, the Zombie General wouldn't stay idle and would probably give chase.

Actually, Arthur had confidence in his speed, when running in a straight line, his lightning form was the best, but what if this Zombie General was stronger than the Immortal Demon they fought in the tournament? What if he catches up to them in a split second?


Time slowly passed and the pair were advancing in the queues until finally, it was their turn. Arthur and Lucy slowly flew to the ship while trying to not attract the General's attention, who was sitting in a corner.

Contrary to Arthur's expectations, nothing happened, the General didn't even flinch or react when they flew to the boat, although their clothing and appearance were definitely weird, he either ignored them or viewed them as weaklings.

The boat was very big and although the zombie's numbers were high, there were still a lot of empty areas, so Arthur and Lucy sat on a corner with few zombies.

The tension finally subdued and the boat began moving after a few more hours, the Spirit Boat could still hold more people, which was surprising but what shocked Arthur, even more, is its speed.

It was extremely fast, if it was compared to his speed, it was at the very least 4 or 5 times faster than him, so while feeling astonished, a sense of dread was also lingering in his heart.

If it's only a Zombie General and he has this Spirit Boat, then what about Hades? Or the woman who took Saly..


Arthur being a parasite, there are things that are limited and undoable by him, for example, he can't Lv up normal skills he got from corpses.

Even though his dark magic power is increased when his stats rise, the same thing for all skills, it's still not the same as increasing a skill's Lvl.

By Lvling up a skill too many times, you can master it and even create a magic unique and only used by you. Zodiak is a good example for this as he created the dark magic.

Arthur can't do things like that, he can only lvl up his dark magic if he gets the other remaining power portions of Zodiak.

There is no skill except the Lost Magic that he can Lvl up. And even for the Lost Magic, only the one which creates weapons or clothes and so on can be upgraded by increasing his Mental Power.

It was an unfortunate thing but that's how things are, he is already a cheat race, so if he could do that then he would become undefeatable.

Despite being unable to Lvl up skills, it was not the case for Qi related techniques. Be it a defense or offensive technique, or movement techniques, they can be upgraded by constant practice.

But the requirements are very hard and almost impossible to achieve. Take Arthur's movement technique, for example, it's already in the Spirit Realm but it was only due to possessing someone who already had it on that Realm if not, Arthur would need years to do that, if not decades.

Excluding all those techniques, there were simple but effective techniques such as meditation, which allowed one to absorb the Earth's Qi and relax one's mind.

By absorbing enough Earth Qi, one would be able to increase his strength and achieve greater results so this kind of techniques are used by everyone who practices in Qi.

Anastassia also told him that Mana and Qi are forms of energies that are commonly used and that her master told her that there is countless other forms and types of energies, some are dangerous and some are miraculous.

In this Underworld, Arthur could not feel any Qi even after mediating, besides calming his frustrated mind, he couldn't absorb Qi, maybe not all worlds have Qi, Earth for example.

As for Mana, Arthur could feel it but compared to Astria, the amount of mana present in here is very meager.

He could also feel another form of energy, but he could not absorb it or manipulate it so he didn't pay it much attention for the time being.


It has been a few hours since the boat started flying at high-speed, normally, nothing should have happened, however, while it was flying it suddenly crushed into something which resulted in tremors and a bit of destruction.

The shock was so strong that some of the Zombies flew out of the boat, it was fortunate that they could fly or they would have died from that fall as the height the Spirit Boat was flying at was extremely big.

Arthur was also startled, he shifted his gaze to inspect and see what happened and what faced him was 5 floating figures.

3 of them had a lizard appearance with a green skin and some scales in the legs and neck, as for the remaining two, they had bull faces and burly bodies, each held big hammers which were double their size.

They were grinning and intensely staring at the Zombie General.

"Malark! Come out! You dare steal the 'Yin Flower' and slaughter our comrades and you want to run away just like that? Dream on!"



A note from TheCrow

Just a quick thing: I'm adressing the zombies as 'it', however, for the zombie general or powerful figures, although they are still 'it', I'll still call them he/she or whatever it is.

Bear with me if it's a bit slow paced, I'm trying to not rush things up in this new world.

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