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The dungeon Lucy and Arthur were heading to was not that far away from them, so considering their speed, it didn't take them more than 10 minutes to arrive.

The dungeon was called 'Underground Mines', a shabby name, however, Arthur didn't mind that and dived into in along with Lucy without even posing for a second.

It was a high-level dungeon as the monsters were at least Lv350, there were ogres, double-headed ogres, minotaurs and similar creatures.

They were strong, if someone Lv350 or a bit lower entered the dungeon, then it will be extremely hard for him to clear it, but for Arthur? Each group of monsters he passed by was slaughtered mercilessly.

His threads did their job pretty well, they were sharp and fast, invisible to the monsters and able to insta-kill them.

He was going to stop for an hour or so before entering the dungeon, he wanted to possess all the corpses he gathered, there was a lot, although he didn't manage to store all the corpses of the army.

Nonetheless, there were no less than 10,000 beastmen corpse in his storage ring, which is an astronomical amount.

If you consider their stats to be around 5-6k then altogether it'll be around 6million! That will boost his strength by a lot, he'll also gain a meager amount of Mental Power from them, however, perhaps it'll be enough for him to breakthrough to the Immortal Realm?

He wasn't sure exactly on how much Mental Power he needs to break through, but his guess was 1,000 Mental Power.

Anyways, the reason he didn't possess them is because he felt something wasn't right, Arthur had a strange feeling inside him telling him to hurry up so trusted his guts and traveled as fast as he could to the dungeon to find the 'Medusa' organization, even if he didn't find anything, he'll still go back, the feeling he had was like a call out from the Itas Continent.

Notifications popped non-stop in front of him, Arthur didn't pay them any heed and dismissed them, monsters were killed left and right, if they were not in range of his threads then their fate was being burned by the purple fire of Lucy.

10 Minutes

That's the time it took them to arrive at the final room which had the boss, they didn't clear all the dungeons monster but they nevertheless killed all the monsters they stumbled upon and it definitely wasn't a meager number of monsters, it was at the very least 500 monsters of various races and Lvls.

There was a mid-level boss which was a 5-meter minotaur, but the poor thing was instantly melted by the magma of Lucy, he couldn't even stand up or flinch before dying.

The final boss was also a minotaur, however, this one had red skin and a thick and long blade on his back, it was Lv500 and looked threatening.

Arthur contemplated it for a bit, he didn't kill it as a strange thought struck him.

While he was in the Ma Clan, Anastassia informed things he wasn't aware of, such as the dungeons.

Unlike the mid-level and low-level dungeons, the high-level dungeons are special, once you kill their final boss, it won't respawn, well it would but wouldn't be the same, the respawned boss would be much weaker compared to the original.

He didn't know if this dungeon was cleared or not, but if 'Medusa' really is here, then they would make sure this dungeon is not cleared to cover up their hideout, but that's a big if.

They could have cleared it and just didn't mind if the dungeon was cleared or not.

Arthur pondered for a bit before he summoned a 'Death Knight', this summoned knight was a bit similar to the 'Dark Knight', it had similar armor and weapon, but it cost double the amount required for the 'Dark Knight'.

Arthur's Mental Power recovered earlier then before as usually, it would take much more time but now that his stats have risen, the recovery became faster too.

500 Mental Power, that's how much it costs to summon them, their strength was immense as they could fight head-on with a person in the early stages of the Spirit Realm.

It was strong but compared to the bone dragon it was slightly weaker, it's a shame the bone dragon is with Jackob or else Arthur would have summoned it.

"Ahh, it would be a waste to kill you... really"

Arthur groaned while saying that, then he ordered his 'Death Knight' to attack the minotaur but he forbid it to kill the boss.

He just wanted to subdue the minotaur, it may be extremely hard and he was in a hurry so that's why he summoned the death knight to take care of it.

The reason he wanted the subdue the minotaur is for his sect, having a more powerful beast to protect his newly established sect would be amazing, after all, these monsters have potential to grow, unlike the skeletons.

It's true that the skeleton becomes stronger along with him, but the already summoned always keep the same strength, unless he summones new ones when he had his strength boosted, then nothing would change.

Arthur and Lucy are considered the sect masters, however, he wasn't planning on always staying in this word, much less in his sect, he may expand it in the future, but not for the time being.

There is still Earth and many other places that he had to go to, he cannot stay here for the rest of his life.

Anastassia also informed him a secret, well it was not a big secret but not many people of this piece of information.

It's that this world, or rather, this planet which is called 'Astria' is only considered ' A lower Realm' and that 'Gobu' and probably that woman which used the pink ice certainly came from another planet which is most likely a planet which is a 'Middle-Level Realm'.

She told him that unlike this planet, the place is thousands of times bigger and clans and sects are numerous there, her master was also from there but due to some reasons he descended to this planet.

Even without her saying that, Arthur already had a guess about this, after all, he always wondered how powerful 'X' is, or how powerful is that damned woman who attacked him?

He only knew that there is 3 Realms beyond the deity Realm, which are respectively, Immortal Realm => Divine Realm => God Realm.

His guess was that the woman who attacked him was in the late stage Immortal Realm or probably a Divine Realm, as for 'X' he got to be in the God Realm.

Speaking of 'X', Arthur was a bit confused as to why 'X' didn't show up since that time, but he didn't think much about it, whether he comes back or not, it won't make much difference, he just wanted to thank him for what he did.


The Death Knight ruthlessly beat up the red minotaur who stopped resisting after a couple of minutes, he truly couldn't react in time as the opponent didn't let him breath for even a split second.

Arthur and Lucy were already gone from that room, Arthur was sure that the minotaur would be subdued, it's just a matter of time, a monster like him would be useful, he may be weak to him, however, to people like Jackob or even the clan masters, it is a powerful beast.

The dungeon was not big to begin with, but it would take time to thoroughly search it, inch by inch, so Arthur split up from Lucy to make things easier, after all, two people searching together is useless, better split up.


Arthur inspected the walls, the roof and grounds everytime he passed by a room, the dungeon was really like mines, there were mine routes and some pickaxes here and there but there wasn't any living being except the monsters.

He killed every beast he stumbled upon and focused on every detail as maybe there is a secret room or trigger to open up the hideout of 'Medusa'.


Lucy was silently roaming the dungeons, monsters were falling left and right, she didn't need to move her hands or say any incantations, her overpowered purple fire burned everything in it's way.

She was less focused that Arthur as her method of searching is completely the opposite, she destroyed the walls she found suspicious, if there is something suspicious then she'll inspect what's inside, if there is nothing, she'll continue searching.

Like this, half an hour passed with no results, Lucy and Arthur were inside the boss room, the minotaur was in a corner, it was looking fearfully at the Death Knight.

It didn't dare even raise its blade to defend, it just received the attacks and emitted some pitiful screams.

Arthur didn't pay much attention at that, he was pissed that he didn't find anything, he didn't doubt the words of the clan master, in fact, he totally believed him and was more certain when he heard where the hideout is.

Hiding in this dungeon is really the perfect place, so the only problem is that he just couldn't find the place.

First, he didn't want to warn them but seeing that it will not work like this, he waved his hand and countless dark lightning bolts were striking everywhere around him.

They caused zero damage to the surroundings, nonetheless, he kept throwing them everywhere, his range increased as the demonic lightning struck everywhere until he heard a shattering sound.

The shattering sound came from a small room not far away from where he and Lucy were.

Without wasting any second, they headed for that room and once they entered, they saw that the wall which was blocking the route and making it a dead end was no gone, what was in place of it was a staircase leading down, there was no lights or torches.

Well, all the dungeon was dark as it was underground, but where the stairs lead to was even darker, however, something like dark and unability to see was a joke to Lucy and Arthur.

Darkness attribute may be focused on curses and such, but the main thing is 'darkness', so with both of them having that attribute in max advanced, seeing in darkness is the same thing as seeing in broad day light.

After ordering the Death Knight to dragg the minotaur to Jackob, he dashed to the staircase with Lucy, their speed was incredible as it seemed as if they were teleporting.

The only thing you can see in that total darkness was a yellow streak of lightning descending at a speed which the naked eye cannot see, even someone in the Spirit Realm could barely see a small streak of lightning, he can even mistake it as yellow thread extremely thin.

They descended for 1 minute before finally reaching a door, this underground staircase was really surprising, it only took them 1 minute because they were fast.

But the distance was hundreds of miles, if not thousands, to be able to build something this deep underground, it's fascinating, the door they faced was the same as the last one in Lumbra City.

It was a 2-meter iron door, reinforced with what seemed to be a magical barrier.

However, even when he saw this door, Arthur didn't stop and dived through it, something of this caliber was not worth stopping for.

With a loud crashing sound, the door was completely demolished and the two black-robed men who were supposed to be guards were dumbstruck by what happened.

"Wha.. what the fuck just happened! Who goes there!"

One of them shouted as he took out a dark sword which was on his waist, as for the other one, he was still dumbfounded as he stared at what was left of the metal door.

Arthur didn't speak as the only thought in his mind was to hurry up and return to the Ma Clan.


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If you're bored, you can check my other story : Re;Hell Gate.

Nothing much happened to this chapte,r but next one and probably the one after are full of action and fights, so no worries and be patient guys! 

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