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Jackob's house was a hundred or so kilometers from the main base of the clan. For high-leveled crossing that distance would not take much time, Arthur would cross it in less than a minute but for them, it'll be around 10 minutes, more or less.

Currently, Arthur, Lucy, and Jackob were back on the dark cloud, flying toward the main base of the clan.

Arthur had some questions to the master of the clan, after all, Jackob was just a normal beastmen, he didn't have any authority, so how could he know any information about Medusa?

As for the clan master, Arthur guessed that he definitely knew, why? Because Medusa is known between powerhouses here, they feared it and didn't dare attack or scheme against it, that was an information Anastassia herself told him.

As they were flying with high-speed, a house which looked like a small manor was built, it wasn't made of expensive materials, just normal stone and some wood, but its appearance was too eye-catching in a deserted place like this.

Around this small manor, there were countless houses, either made of stone or wood, there was also a lot of people tightly holding their weapons, be it spell-books, staffs or axes.

They were obviously waiting for the enemy, although they saw the purple sea flames, they didn't know what's happening, and Arthur was not planning on explaining.

"You stay here, no one would be able to threaten you"

After saying that, Arthur and Lucy disappeared from the cloud and teleported inside the manor, with his [Sixth Sense] he could already pinpoint the exact the location of the clan master.

Not only [Sixth Sense] allowed him to sense enemies from a high radius, he could also sense which Realm or Lv the inspected person is.

Even if he couldn't, it wasn't hard to find the clan master as a dozen of people were sitting around a table in a big room, except them, there was no one in the rest of the manor.

"Leonardo! You bastard! I didn't make you a general to just fool around, tell me what the fuck just happened! Didn't you just wake me up telling me that the enemy just attacked?"

A huge beastmen which looked like a tiger with some red fur and scars all over his body, roared at another beastmen in front of him, spit and saliva came out of the tiger-like beastmen as he yelled and roared.

"Clan M-Master, the 'Savage Beast Clan' was definitely attacking us, but all of a sudden, a strange purple sea of flames appeared, more than 2,000 our troops were burned!"

The clan master didn't seem to believe his subordinate and kept yelling and blaming him

"Did you turn fucking nuts or what? Sea of flames? Why am I not seeing any flames right now? Quit spitting bullshit and tell me the truth"

He saw many strange things in his life, but a sea of flames? And it killed 2,000 of their troops? He simply couldn't believe it.


"Oh my! But your subordinate is not lying though.."

A cold yet mocking voice resounded in the room, all the generals and higher-ups of the clan were present, including the clan master, they were surprised by the voice.

All of the generals were sweating profusely and cursed whoever dared say that, because whenever the clan master is angry, he would randomly punish one of them.

They turned their heads to the source of the voices, but once their eyes landed on the two figures, they were shocked, suspicious and angry.

For an enemy to invade their main base without anyone knowing, that was a disgrace to them, what was more annoying is that they were both Humans!

"No need to look so surprised... we're just paying a little visit"

Arthur kept his playful attitude while gazing at the beastmen, all of them had a LVL between 200 and 300 with the highest one being 384.

Kolan(Beastmen) : Lv384
His level was quite high, no wonder he's the clan master, with that high-level, who would dare oppose him? They would surely be courting death.

"You! Who the fuck are you.."

All the beastmen took their weapons and readied themselves, even the clan master was no exception, he took his sword from its sheath roared at Arthur.

It's surprising to see a beastmen who uses swords as most of the race uses two-handed weapons which are usually heavy, and that's to deal more damage.

They already got superior Strength, so all they needed is a good weapon.

Arthur didn't want to waste much time in here, just get his some of his questions answered and leave.

"No need to know that, so... I'm going to ask a couple of questions, each time you don't reply, one of the present people here would die, it's up to you to decide"

Although he said, Arthur wasn't too sure of this tactic, people like these rely too much on their strength and don't believe on friendship or 'saving a friend's life' each wanted to save his own life and that's it.

Kolan, who was the clan master, almost had his head explode from anger, his face turned ugly as he listened to Arthur.

For someone to act this arrogant in his territory, not only that, they were Humans too.

He didn't know how they arrived here, neither did he care how they did it, he just wanted to relieve his anger on those two.

Not only him, all the other beastmen couldn't control their attitudes as they launched themselves at the Human.

Not all of them attacked, but most of them did, there were 12 beastmen and 9 were already leaping at Arthur.

They were all melee fighters and had various weapons.

Arthur didn't move and didn't seem surprised, he just shrugged his shoulders and casually said.

"I was going to spare some, don't say I didn't give you a chance"

As he said that, there was an almost unheard sound which was followed by 8 heads rolling on the ground.

8 headless corpses fell on the ground, they were precise all those who attacked Arthur except Kolan, who was now frozen in mid-air.

Arthur's threads were more than enough to behead weak people like them, he wasn't someone who killed anyone he stumbled upon, however, if one dares to attack him then it's automatically his enemy.

The 3 beastmen who didn't attack where Leonardo, the one was yelled at previously, and two other beastmen, they looked at Arthur with wide eyes, they didn't even dare breath heavily.

They could only see 8 heads falling on the ground, they couldn't even resist or emit a desperate sound before dying, it was just too abrupt.

Arthur didn't even look at the headless corpses, he just coldly stared at clan master and calmly said

"Now, do you understand your current situation? Either you answer or you will miserably die"

Surprisingly, Kolan, who was super angry a second ago, completely changed his attitude, being held in mid-air and unable to resist terrified him and made him fear this Human.

He wasn't stupid, his life was more precious than anything else, so what if he lowers himself to answer some questions.

"Yes yes! Please forgive me, I had eyes but couldn't recognize Mt.Tai! I'll answer so please have mercy!!!"

Even the calm Arthur was surprised by this sudden change, he never expected such change, it's like he's talking to another person, no wonder he's a clan master, he's cunning and knows when to bow his head.

Lucy furrowed her brows for a second as she witnessed this shameful behavior, but she didn't comment or do anything.

"Alright then, what do you know about 'Medusa' "

As he was respectfully listening to Arthur, Kolan's eyes constricted and he began sweating a bit, while shaking his head he humbly replied.

"This lowly one doesn't know what that is, please forgive me."

Arthur didn't even flinch, he just waved his hand dismissively and coldly said

"Since that's the case, then I don't need you.."

"Wait wait! I happened to remember something... ah yes yes! It's some kind of cult I think, they are very secretive and no one knows about their base.."

Arthur listened but since nothing new was said, he became even more annoyed and spoke yet again while adding a bit of killing intent in his tone

"Not enough, you're just telling things I already knew, as I thought, you're useless"

Just as Arthur was going to behead Kolan, the latter interrupted him again, this time his face was pale and his eyes a bit teary, to think someone like this is a clan-master.

"Wait please please... Sir wisdom and patience and incomparable to any other, please spare this lowly one, I still know something about 'Medusa'!! Ah ah, they... they apparently have many bases under the several dungeons in this continent, that's all I know, please spare me!!"

'Dungeons? Hmm, it's a good place to hide, indeed...'

As Arthur pondered about what Kolan said, Lucy finally made her move and used magma magic to finish the crying beastmen.

It's not like Arthur was going to let him live, a person as cunning as him may be troublesome, even if he's this weak, no one knows what could happen.

The magma completely melted his body, leaving nothing in just seconds, which made the 3 surviving beastmen terrified, they didn't dare move as they gazed at Arthur and Lucy.

After some time, Arthur gazed at the 3 remaining beastmen and said

"Don't move, in a moment, someone will arrive and you have to obey him, if someone dares to even talk back to him, he will be immediately executed, understood?"

The 3 continuously nodded, after all, who dares refuse and die miserably like Kolan?

Not even a minute passed when Jackob arrived, the dark cloud flew through the window and disappeared when Jackob jumped out of it.

Jackob stared at the 3 petrified beastmen, he knew they were 3 generals of his clans, but no matter how much he looked, he only saw those 3.

"From today onward, you're the temporary clan master, establish a base here, ahh! This is not a clan anymore, it's a sect, the Moonstar sect."

As he said that, a bottomless pit appeared suddenly, making the present people even more fearful.

What came out of the pit was even more terrifying, it was a gigantic bone dragon, it totally demolished the small manor and flew in the air while roaring.

Not only that, but a bony skeleton that was about 3 meters in height was summoned too, it was a Death Lich, it had a staff in its hand and a black robe.

It costs 500 Mental Power, it's a lot but totally worth it, this Lich can battle with a low leveled person in the Spirit Realm so it's considered pretty strong.

"Those two creatures would obey you when I'm gone, from now on you will be recruiting people in the sect, doesn't matter the sect, as long as you think they are strong and loyal, then recruit them, anyone who dares rebel or betray you, kill them, the Lich and Dragon should be enough!"

After he said that, Arthur disappeared with Lucy, not leaving any room for discussion.

Jackob couldn't even react in time before Arthur and Lucy disappeared from the already demolished manor.


As Arthur and Lucy flew toward the nearest dungeon, Arthur calmly said to Lucy

"Hahaha, it's rare to see you confused, as you heard, I spared them because it's time to establish a force in here, I don't know when that woman would come back and at that time, we must be prepared!"

Lucy merely nodded, a sect or a clan, it doesn't matter as long she was with him and they were both alright.

Arthur planned to finally establish a sect, no matter the races, or the genders, as long as it's someone who obeys him and is strong, then it's fine.

The reason he left in a hurry is because he felt a bad omen of death, some kind of uneasiness in his heart, he didn't know why but he just felt he had to hurry.

Far in the East, in the Ma Clan, all the surroundings were destroyed, the trees were cut off and there were big and small craters all over the place.

Anastassia was in mid-air with Astrith next to her, both were in an extremely bad shape, in fact, she had one of her arms cut off and blood leaked endlessly from that wound, as for Astrith, his figure is a bit transparent and surprisingly dark blood was coming out of his body.

Not even 50 meters from them was a woman, she was holding a book in her hand and gazed at Astrith and Anastassia with contempt, a smile was hanging on her alluring face.

"Although you are in the Spirit Realm, you really are decent, it's a pity you'll die here.."

As she said that, she razed her hand a mysterious energy rushed at Anastassia, who was breathing heavily.

But before that energy could reach its target, a strange black light came out of Anastassia, tattoos appeared on her body, and the dagger she held in her remaining arm became bigger and had some black light in it too.

Astrith also became much bigger, he opened his mouth and a red and blue beam was being compressed and ready to explode.

The two faced that energy, Anastassia speed became unbelievable as even the woman squinted her eyes in surprise, by the time she reacted there was only a black light left, her energy was somehow blocked by that beam of Astrith, as for Anastassia, there was no sign of her, she disappeared with Astrith.

"Tsk! To think she knew a forbidden technique, she's not ordinary, but oh well! Where could she run in this small world? Hahahaha"

As she said that, she transformed into a beam of light that flew into the horizon.

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