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Cries and weapons clashes resounded non-stop, Jackob sat next to his unconscious mother while looking anxious and afraid, after all, his house was located at the edges of the clan's territory, and in no time, they will be surrounded by enemies.

He would shot glances at the sleeping Arthur and the non-chalant Lucy every now and then, but he didn't have enough confidence in them to deal with the whole army.

It has already been a few minutes since the fighting started and the enemies roars and crazy laughs could be heard, every second passed the sounds got closer and closer.

These armies of beastmen are basically savages, Jackob knew that when he heard those laughs, a single clan popped in his mind, one that has cruel and ruthless people, which only care about themselves, although called an army, they destroy villages and other clans, slaughter all elders and men and keep women for slaves.

Beastmen are usually known to have a good relationship with themselves, even between clans, if a war happens between them, they would not completely slaughter the opponent, if one of them surrenders, then the winner will spare them, but the 'Savage Beast Clan' is not like that.

They had crazy people, even their leader is known to be insane and behaves however he wants, sometimes he would  even kill his own people for entertaiment, so apart from a few powerful beast clans, the 'Savage Beast Clan' is known to be very dominating and powerful.

Furthermore, Jackob's clan is considered powerful, but not to the point of being able to resist the 'Savage Beast Clan', one because once the savage clan attacks another clan, then they will deploy all their troops and spare none, and second is because Jackob's clan didn't have many troops like the invading enemy.

If the Savage Beast Clan has 100,000 troops, then Jackob's clan would have at best, 40,000, the difference was just too big, even if there was someone very powerful, he can't deal with thousands of people, that's what Jackob thought at least.

He already made a plan in his mind, once they were surrounded, he would surrender and hope they spare him, it was a slim chance but that's the only thing he could do, as for Lucy and Arthur? He thought that they would get rid of maybe hundreds then will be overwhelmed.


After a dozen or so minutes, 3 beastmen holding machete like weapons, dripping blood entered the small house.

They had huge frame and numerous scars on their body, especially one of them which had a hideous face and an evil grin.

His gaze landed on Jackob and his mother but he didn't pay much attention to them, however, once his eyes saw Lucy, they began burning, even his hands seemed to shake from excitment.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't have time to contemplate Lucy's beauty, neither have lewd thoughts or anything of the sort, as he and his two comerades soundlessly fell on the floor.

It hasn't been 10 seconds since they entered yet they just fell on the floor like that, even the terrified Jackob stared dumbfounded, not understanding what just happened.

He may not know what happened, but it was just a simple attack from Lucy, for her, killing beasts like this is similar to killing monsters or ants, no difference at all, she didn't even turn her head, she was staring at the sleeping face of Arthur while stroking his smooth black hair.

Lucy had many ways of attacking, her advanced purple fire, the overpowered magma, even her physical attacks are extremely deadly, but she didn't show off much.

Two small yet dangerous needles were created and penetrated the enemies's heads, the needles were very small, but with the magma's heat and power, there's no way one could survive, this needle would even be dangerous to a person in the Spirit Realm, he may have a way to dodge it or somehow resist it, but it would cost him something in return, only against someone in the Heavenly Realm or above would Lucy need to be serious.

Plus, with stats like hers, creating such needles and attacking with them, who would be fast enough to dodge such fast attacks? One must know that the more stats one have the more fast and powerful their magic is.

Lucy didn't stop at that, the bodies of the three beastmen floated next to her then disappeared suddenly, why would she waste such previous corpses, Arthur would 'harvest' everything later.

A minute did not even pass when more beastmen barged in, this time it was 5, and one of them held a staff, yet just like last time, they helplessly fall on the ground just like last time, they couldn't even talk or react.

Lucy didn't care if it was Jackob's clan or the invading clan, anyone coming in would be an enemy. 

Enemies entered the small house again and again, until the corpses count surpassed a hundred, Jackob's eyes were wide open, he didn't even notice that even his mouth was wide open.

Each person who entered instantly died, it's like a death reaper was standing and welcoming them, the more people died the more he came to understand why Arthur had that leisurely attitude.

He couldn't even see what killed them, they would suddenly fell on the ground with disbelief filling their eyes, then they woud float toward Lucy and disappear.


For the invading clan, a dozen or so people from the army disappearing was nothing, even a hundred, but the problem is that, all houses were destroyed, except a small house which looked like a tent, it was like a blackhole, each person entering disappeared.

It didn't take much time for the enormous army to notice that, first they didn't pay it much heed, then they began focusing in it and noticed that each and every person who entered would not come out, it was really like a blackhole.

"Hey! Fools! This is not a fucking show, go destroy that tent! Or else I will strip you and feed the horse some aphrodisiac!"

A high in command beastmen ordered and yelled at his army, so without hesitation, more than 500 beastmen bombarded the house, there were a lot of mages obviously, although a beastmen aptitude to magic is not that great, they still can use it, it was not just that, arrows and axes landed on the poor house.

So, like that, the small house was annihilated, however, what surprised that commander and the rest of the army is that, although the house was gone, the attacks couldn't penetrate what seemed like a transparent yet dark barrier which enveloped 4 people.

Lucy and Arthur were sitting on chairs, the position of Arthur was a bit awkward as half of his body leaning on Lucy and his head was on her lap.

As for Jackob, he stared at his surroundings, dumbstruck, there was no more roof, walls or anything, just him and his mother sitting on the half-destroyed bed.

Many eyes stared at him with fury, anger, confusion and many other complex emotions, he truly didn't how to react or what to say, he awakardly tried to smile but the smile wouldn't come out.

As for Lucy, she just acted coldly and didn't mind, if they dared attack, massacring them all wouldn't be a problem, after all, they only needed Jackob, so why not spare those?


Mad Dog was a famous commander in the 'Savage Beast Clan' his position was second only to the clan master, he was a proud and arrogant person, he was also the one who gave the order earlier.

He felt suspicion about that small house so he ordered his army to destroy it, but what happened next dumbfounded him, his eyes landed on that barrier-like thing around the people who were in the house.

Apparently, there were 2 beastmen and 2 ..humans?

For him, humans were just slaves, women are used as toys and human men are slaughtered with no mercy, he gazed at Jackob and his laying mother for a second before he focused on Arthur and Lucy.

He was of course mesmerized by Lucy's beauty, for him, such beauty would be fun to play with, but he wasn't stupid, countless wars taught him that this woman is not easy or weak.

Hundreds of attacks were not enough to even crack that barrier, so he advanced until he was a meter away from the barrier and smiled while saying

"Hello there, I see you two are humans, I apologize for the previous attacks, I thoughts there was only beastmen here, hahaha, don't worry we're not here to cause trouble, so why not have a talk?"

He never payed Jackob any attention, he didn't even spare him a gaze apart from the first one, he talked while staring intensily at Lucy, who from didn't even spare him a single glance.

She didn't react and continued busying herself with Arthur, although she heard him, she totally ignored him.

Mad Dog cringed for a bit and didn't know what to do, he was not used to this kind of cold attitude toward him, who was he? He was the Mad Dog! He takes what he wants, so what if she's powerful? He will subdue her!

He first tried to be respectful and sneakily attack, but it didn't seem it's going to work.

"Hmpf! Don't say I didn't give you a choice! Attack! Demolish this dogshit barrier! NOW!"

As he said that, he used [Berserker mode] increasing his stats and took the red big two-handed axe from his back and struck the barrier, the nearby army also focused on the attacking.

Thousands of attacks landed on the barrier, the army was huge, a lot of it advanced to demolish the clan, but half of it attacked the barrier, basically, the long-raged attackers and mages stayed behind to help Mad Dog and attacked from far behind, and the close fighters advanced to finish Jackob's clan.

10 minutes passed yet the barrier didn't bulge, didn't crack or shatter, didn't even seem like it weakened, and that's to be expected isn't it? 

It was made by Arthur, it's a superior dark magic barrier, only a Heavenly Realm would be able to break it, anyone under that Realm can only dream about doing that, so what if there is dozen of thousands attacking? Their attacks were beyond weak, for Lucy and Arthur that is.

Jackob has already held his mother carefully and retreated close to Lucy, his face was pale and he was shaking a bit, he was hoping again and again for this barrier to not shatter.

20 minutes passed, and something finally happened, well, not to the barrier of course, it's just that... Arthur's nap was over, with a somewhat sleepy eyes, he sat up and gazed around him leisurely.

"Ah ah, stats everywhere... am I still dreaming?"

Jackob was confused, as for Lucy, she just giggled and softly nodded at him.

She then looked at Mad Dog, who was still attacking and using fire based skills to demolish the barrier, his hatred intensified every second, he swore to never end until he broke this barrier.

"Fucking bastard! Wait until I break this barrier, I'll fucking play with you until you die!"

Mad Dog cursed again and again, but he never got a response, for 20 minutes, he was ignored as if he never existed, him and his army, however, when Arthur finally got up, Lucy cold gaze landed on the thousands of beastmen along with Mad Dog, she only said one word before hell surfaced on this bloody battlefied.


After that, there was a sea of purple flames, as far as the naked eye can see, it was terrifying yet a spectacular view, raging sea of flames burned the beastmen army, it's like they were in hell.

They felt intense and agonizing pain, yet they did not die, it was worse than dying, some even committed suicide and other loudly screamed.

Lucy's control of her flame was flawless at this stage, Arthur's ancient flames may be stronger, yet his control is a bit weaker than hers, she used flames since she was young, so how could her control of it be lacking?

The flames killed thousands easily, the most dumbfounding thing is that their skin didn't burn, no no no! they just cried endlessly until they just.. died, what actually happened is that they experienced pain, but not from the outside, but from the inside.

Arthur couldn't possess half a body or a burned body, but the strange thing is that he can even an empty shell, even if all organs, heart and brain was gone, he can still possess, but if the exterior was fully burned or missing a head or half the body, he can't.

He made a lot of experiences when he was in the clan and made a lot of conclusion and results which helped him learn more about his 'possessing', so that's why she killed them by burning their insides.

Hell's door opened and the huge army was burned to the ground, the sea of flames prolonged enough to burn the whole army, yes! You heard right! The whole damn army!

With almost 20 million points in intelligence, what's a sea of flaming which had a radius of dozen of kilometres? Maybe some of Jackob's clan army was burned too, but why would Lucy care? Unlike Arthur, she may be kind sometimes, but there was times when she have to be cold too, her attitude may have changed, but she was not kind enough to spare what seemed like 'kind people'.


Jackob almost fell unconscious from the shock, he stared and remained speechless, now he felt fear not from the army, but from Lucy.

'Fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!!! Why am I the one to meet them?'

In a way he was fortunate and infortunate, they saved him, it's a good thing, but seeing their power right now, he felt like he did the wrong choice when he brought them here.

As for Arthur, he didn't express sympathy or pity for the dead, he just licked his lips and hugged Lucy while saying

"Ah, such a good gift from my wife when I just have woken up, I cannot be happier, ha ha ha!"

But Jackob didn't think like that, he gritted his teeth and fearfully gazed at Arthur and Lucy 'I met lunatics, definitely lunatic people, I'm doomed, they seemed kind earlier, but she just slaughtered thousands and didn't even flinch!'

He used to fear Arthur more but now? Pfft! Lucy was like a true death reaper, one must not be allured by her Beauty, she's the devil himself!

But oh well, she was a demon, so a demon or a devil, it's similar right?

"This should be 50,000... no no 100,000? Should be that amount, HAHAHA, I cannot wait, however, it'll take time to get them all.."

With that thought in mind, Arthur waved his mind, and right away, a bottomless pit appeared, and 2 dark knights and countless skeletons appeared, Arthur just gave them one order, 'Be good delivery boys and gather those corpses for me'

The skeletons obviously followed his orders, with the dark knights leading them, it would also be much easier, although it cost a bit of mental power, it's no problem, it'll recover in no time.

After he did that, Arthur turned to look at the dumbstruck Jackob while still tightly hugging Lucy from behind and said

"Well, it's about time to visit you clan master, I need to ask him something, then we'll be gone from your life, promise! 'kay?"

He showed an honest smile toward Jackob, for the latter, it rather seemed like a demon god's evil smirk!

'Be gone my ass! You told me that earlier and you're still here!'

Although he thought that, Jackob could only nod in reality and silently guide Arthur, however, he was still relucant, but he before he could speak, Arthur spoke again.

"Ah, about your mother, don't worry, I'll let someone protect her, plus, who would hurt her when everyone is dead? Right?"

A couple of heavily armed skeleton warriors were enough to protect the mother, in an empty battlefield which contained countless dead bodies, who could hurt a sick woman laying who is unable to move?


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