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"....Our clan is not far from here if we begin walking now, it'll probably take us 2 days or so."

It's already been 15 minutes since Arthur began asking the questions, and the good thing is that this beastmen Jackob answered perfectly, almost as if it was planned, Arthur knew that the other party was not telling lies, so he just clapped at Jackob a few times while saying

"Good good! It's really great to encounter someone so cooperative, I tell you what, why don't you guide us to your clan"

Jackob, who barely had the time to breathe, was momentarily startled, he hesitated for a second before replying

"S-sir, as I have already said, h-humans are prohibited t-to come to the c-cla..n"

"Ha ha ha, no worries, we're demons, ain't that right, Lucy?"

As he said that, Arthur playfully looked at Lucy, who has been silent since a while ago.

The silver-haired woman nodded at Arthur while muttering 'Yes', but albeit that, Jackob was still restless and continued

"S-sir, demons are e-even worse than h-humans, the c-clan will not s....s-spare you! The relationship between our race and the others are very chaotic..."

"Will not spare us? Ha ha ha, alright alright, just guide us there and that's it, we'll not bother you anymore.."

Jackob knew that insisting will not matter, this man is extremely stubborn and persistent, he sighed and nodded at the couple.

Arthur summoned the black cloud, which is the fastest way to travel while carrying other people except for Lucy, Astrith wasn't here so that was the only way, he could also use the bone dragon, however, it was much slower than the cloud.

Previously, the cloud matched his speed but since his stats reached the millions, it's speed didn't match him anymore, which is a pity but it nonetheless was very fast, probably a bit slower than Astrith.

The sudden appearance shocked Jackob, he stared at it with eyes full of curiosity and fear.

"With this, we should reach your clan much faster, so why don't you hop on?"

Arthur didn't wait for Jackob as he embraced Lucy's waist and jumped on the cloud, it was approximately 5 meters long, so it's wide enough for the three of them.

Few seconds passed before Jackob snapped out of his daze and jumped on the cloud, it was not floating very high, so for someone with his stats, even when weakened, he still managed to easily do it, however, his gaze was on the nearby frozen worms.

They were probably dead, so getting some of their saliva is easy, he was very reluctant to let this chance go away.

"W-wait, can you p-please remove your i-ice? I need something from the wor-ms.."

It seems that it took him a lot of courage to say that, which confused Arthur a bit, there is no need to be this scared of them, maybe demons or humans are like monsters to beastmen? But it can't be to this degree, right?

Anyways, with but a thought, the ice melted and the dead bodies of the worms fell on the ground, they instantly died since the moment they were frozen by the ice, it's coldness is just too much for weak creature, especially when Arthur's intelligence is so damn high, of course, he didn't use all his strength, but even 1 percent of it is a lot..

Jackob jumped from the cloud and went near the worms, he then skillfully removed their sharp teeth and some transparent yet disgusting liquid from their big mouth.

It only took him a few minutes to finish collecting all he needed, a broad smile appeared on his face, he now had so much saliva that he could make a fortune out of it, well by fortune, I mean a few gold coins.

He then hurriedly jumped on the cloud and sincerely said

"Thank you for waiting, these things are very important for me"

He didn't have a storage ring so he put all of that in his backpack which was thrown a couple of meters away, the smile never left his face, it's like he never was fearful of Arthur and Lucy earlier.

Since he got the cure for his mother's illness, then that's all it matters, so what if they come with him, they could take of themselves.

"The clan is toward the Wes.."

Before he could finish, his eyes widened and he couldn't utter a single word, he even forgot to breathe from the shock.

A dark barrier was already formed around the cloud to protect from the wind resistance, and the cloud was flying with an extreme speed, even after half a minute, not a word came out of Jackob's mouth, he was just too shocked to be able to speak, basically, he became speechless.

It took them almost 2 hours to arrive at what appeared to be a populated area, the cloud's speed was heavenly for Jackob, but for Arthur? It was beyond slow, if he flew here, then it would barely take a dozen minutes.

"Hey, is this your clan's territory?"

Arthur finally spoke after a long silence, well he had been silent toward Jackob, but in the course of this short trip, he chatted with Lucy and read some books, as for Jackob, he just stood there, motionless, watching the surroundings which are blurring and changing every second"

"A-ah, w-what? O-oh, y-....yyyes yes! It is"

He could barely talk, he still couldn't process what just happened in the last hour, 'Fuck! What the hell! 1 hour? I couldn't even see the surroundings, this strange cloud is so fast......maybe I brought doom to my clan?'

"Alright, why don't we go to your home first? We don't want trouble from your clan..."

Although he said that, if they attacked him on their own, then he doesn't mind 'fighting back', after all, he and Lucy came in peace, whether they hated Humans or not, that was not Arthur's problem, furthermore, he's not Human, neither is Lucy.

"M-my home? Alright....."

Jackob didn't really want to bring trouble to himself, however, he can't refuse Arthur's request, after witnessing his ice magic and the cloud, how could he have the guts to refuse? A weakling like him will die with a single attack like that Ice magic.


It didn't take 5 minutes for them to appear in Jackob's house, it was just a one-room wooden house which barely looked like a house, calling it a tent is is better.

Jackob separated from them a distance away, as for Arthur and Lucy, they just teleported from above to inside the small house.

Jackob was already sitting next to an old woman laying on a bed, she was profusely sweating and twitching a bit, as for her son, Jackob, he was mixing that transparent saliva with some powder, then he gently lifted her head to make her drink it.

The saliva was known to be very effective so Jackob was relieved the moment he saw his mother drink the medicine, after putting her back on the bed again, he turned around and bowed while saying

"Again, thank you for saving me and bringing me here, If I died, I would not have been able to save my mother, I'm not sure if you know or not, but in this clan, although it's called a 'clan' , each takes care or himself, it's just someone powerful leading weakling and calling it a clan.."

Arthur merely nodded at the thankful Jackob, he just was lucky because he and Lucy happened to be passing by, or else he would have died, unfortunately, but it wasn't the case.

"Well, then... we will st-.."

Arthur was just about to finish talking, when all of a sudden, a strange bell sound rang outside of the 'house', it was very loud, and rang many times, following it, cries and shouting came out of the several houses and tents.

Even Jackob's face paled a bit, he gritted his teeth and looked at the confused Arthur while saying

"It's called the 'War Bell', it's only used when an enemy Clan invades our territory or launches an attack.."

Hearing this, Arthur didn't seem shocked or afraid, unlike Jackob, as for Lucy, she was as indifferent to that matter as ever.

The couple just sat on nearby chairs while and relaxed.

"If it's like that, then no worries, I see that you only got your mother right? If so, just stay here with us and you two won't be hurt, of course, if you want to flee or go, then that's your choice"

Arthur was not interested in those clans or wars, he just wanted to spot some people from Medusa, there must be spies here, right? Or else, where would they be, last time he found underground rooms, so there must be countless here too right? Going by the logic that is.

Jackob, still feeling afraid and anxious about the incoming enemies, was confused by Arthur's calm attitude, but thinking about the cloud and the ice, then this calmness is to be expected, nevertheless, he didn't stay silent and carefully said

"I know you two are strong, but an army of another clan, is huge, ours is probably in the hundred thousand, theirs too will have an astronomical number, furthermore, my house is in the borders of the clan's territory!"

Hearing this, Arthur merely chuckled while responding

"He he he, well, do whatever you want, but if you stay here, I can guarantee yours and your mother's lives, if you go, then I'm not going to save you.."


Jackob was stuck in a dilemma, he couldn't make a decision, and thinking about it, moving his sick mother is dangerous, the medicine effect needs time, so with that thought in mind, he gritted his teeth and sat again near his mother while looking around anxiously, cries and yells sounded, even the clashing of weapons can be heard.

"Relax, ha ha ha, I think you are underestimating us, boy..."

Arthur reassured the panicked Jackob, but it didn't have any effect, so he just shrugged his shoulders and leaned on Lucy, his head laid on her lap, with a final sentence, he smiled back at her and said

"I'm going to take a nap, I'll leave the rest to you, alright?"

Lucy softly smiled and nodded, then she continued stroking his black hair, this situation is not dangerous for them to take it seriously, but although Arthur was acting like that, a strong dark barrier was surroundings both of them, you may never know when powerful enemies can come.

He had confidence in Lucy's strength and unless an Immortal Realm person showed up, then no one can beat her, even a person in the Deity Realm will be melted by her magma.

What he was sure about is that, the people who reach the Immortal Realm will either gain a special power, or have a big boost in strength, or else, how can you explain Tensui's power? When he reached the Immortal Realm, his speed, strength, were defense incredible, even surpassing Arthur.

Also, when he arrived in the clan's territory, and with his [Sixth Sense] which increased to 5Km range, he was confident to be able to react in time.

A note from TheCrow


Not much happened in this chapter, however, tomorrow would probably a double chapter and that's when the action begins, hopefully, what's the matter with 2-3 chapters without action? 

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