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"Delia! A goddess like you dares to bully juniors? Seriously gods these days think they are above all or what?"

Zodiak's skeleton appeared in front of Lucy, when the pressure was lifted, Arthur appeared next to Lucy to support her, a moment ago, he couldn't even move from that pressure, it's like something was restricting his movements.

Delia, who was floating and only gazing at Lucy, was startled by the sudden turn of events, and when Zodiak's voice rang out, don't speak of her body, her entire being became afraid, she spoke in an inconsistent and hesitant manner while her bright silhouette seemed like it was shaking.

"S-senior Z-zodia-k? I didn't know you are in this L-lower Realm.."

Zodiak slowly advanced toward her while lifting his right hand and snorting

"Hmpf! Scram from here, but before you go, give me your soul essence.."

Delia, who was acting majestic a second ago, became extremely flustered, to meet someone as tyrannic and terrifying as Zodiak, she surely has one hell of a bad luck, yet seeing Lucy, some stubbornness appeared in her eyes, she unconsciously clenched her teeth and replied

"Senior Zodiak.. This..."

Before she could even finish, a small vortex appeared next to Zodiak, and the silhouette of Delia was sucked by it with a fast speed, the goddess shrieked as she was being sucked by that vortex, even with her godly powers, she couldn't resist.

Just as she was going to be sucked, the vortex stopped and what appeared what a woman who was about 1.75cm, long blonde hair and snow-white skin, the most astonishing thing is that she wore almost nothing, just a white cloth that barely covered her lower part and her bulging double peaks.

She was truly a goddess, but unfortunately, her hair looked disheveled, she looked fearfully at Zodiak, or more precisely, his corpse which was made of only skeletons.

"Girl, don't try to play things with me, give me your soul essence!"

Although he threatened one more time, Delia still stood there, shivering in front of him, as if it was a mouse in front of a cat, she didn't even dare attack or even look up to him.

"Senior Zodiak.. You know that it's f-forbid-den for gods to g-give our s...soul essence.. please.."

The lifeless eyes of the corpse flashed red for a moment before Zodiak hand was lifted and a vortex several times bigger than the previous was created, this time, it wasn't a black vortex but a violet one with some loud screams coming out of it..

"You know what's this right? I'll give 5 seconds, you better not play tricks and give me your soul essence or suffer the consequences, I don't have time to play with brats like you which still didn't even reach adulthood!"

Slowly, the goddess was being pushed into the vortex, and this time, her face paled even more as she saw the vortex and heard the screams, so without delaying for even a split second.

She spat a golden blood out of her mouth, it was just a drop but she seemed a lot weakened when she did that, the drop of blood slowly floated toward Zodiak who was looking at her coldly, prepared to finish her at any second.

Just as the skeleton was about to touch the golden drop of blood, it suddenly disappeared along with the goddess.

First, Delia wanted to get Lucy too, but seeing Zodiak here, she didn't even dare try to get Lucy, if she escaped that in itself is a goddam miracle, much less escaping with another one.

Delia suddenly disappeared and the big white crystal began shining even more brightly.

The eyes of the skeleton glowed blood red as a grey mist came out of the skeleton.

"Girl, you're overestimating your abilities"

As he said that, dozens of black talisman were created out of thin air and in lightning speed struck the glowing crystal, blocking all the light, in just seconds, the white crystal which was brighter than the sun, became a black ball covered with talisman.

Then the figure of Delia appeared yet again, she floated slowly to the ground while heavily panting, she didn't look like a goddess right now, if you add a collar then you would surely think she's a pretty slave.

Her majestic aura or calm demeanor disappeared since the skeleton appeared, for her, this is her worst nightmare, for someone like her, a lower God to meet him shows how unlucky she is.

Zodiak didn't stop, one golden talisman was created again and struck her at her abdomen, the poor Delia shrieked for a second before she calmed down, her face was so pale that anyone would think she's a corpse.

She already fell on the ground and could no longer get up, she didn't even have the strength to move because of the golden talisman along with the black talismans that struck the crystal.

Soon, the golden talisman entered her abdomen as if it was melting, then all of a sudden, the figure of Delia began shrinking slowly until it was the size of a fist.

It stayed like that for a couple of seconds until it transformed into a big white pearl, it looked breath-taking, and every now and then, it would glow with a blue light.

Zodiak held for a second before he turned toward Arthur and spoke after gazing at him for some time

"Here, this is your new pet, consider it a gift, but boy, don't count on me everytime you mess with someone more powerful than you, this corpse only has a bit of my conscience and can only awaken a few times, by sealing that girl, I already used a lot of my reserve, don't go around causing a mess everywhere..."

As he was talking to Arthur, he frowned for a second before he said 

"Deity Realm... I'm quite surprised, last time, I came you were barely in the Spirit Realm, yet now... never mind.. here, use this talisman, put it on your companion, her origins are special and any god can guess that so this will help her for the time being"

A violet talisman was created and floated next to Arthur, he was still shocked by what just happened, nonetheless, he took the talisman and nodded.

"Ahh, you are some troublesome brat! This should be Astria.. go look for the remains of my powers, there should be  two portions here, it may help you a lot..."

Arthur nodded again without speaking, he somehow got the feeling that even if he asked, his questions will not be answered so he just didn't ask anything.


Zodiak turned to look at the Pope and the archbishop, then appeared before them, they were astonished by this turn of events, for their goddess to become a 'pet'? This is simply a crazy nightmare for them, but none of that mattered as they knew it was their final day living when he appeared in front of them.

The Pope's body got sucked into that big vortex, as for the Archbishop, after Zodiak gazed at the old woman for a second, he struck her with a dark green talisman then appeared next to Arthur yet again.

"That old hag is not a bad person, so I spared her, her memories of what happened have already been erased, now then, I exhausted more than half of my reserve power in this conscience, remember, try to find the portions of my power, it'll surely help you, I don't know why but my magic fused with you completely, it is synchronized with you more than me, it's creators, it's really mysterious... now now.. it's time.."

After he finished saying that, his corpse entered Arthur's storage and became lifeless, its eyes were not glowing anymore and the robe he wore disappeared.

When Zodiak was gone, the atmosphere calmed in the big hall and the silence ruled over the place, no one talked, Arthur gazed at the big white pearl for sometime before he stored it and took the talisman and gently put it on Lucy.

She was calm and for some reason, she was gently smiling, maybe she was relieved that her revenge is finally over, she felt at ease.

The talisman melted on her abdomen just like it happened to Delia, some changes happened to her, fortunately, it wasn't anything bad, only strands of her silver-hair turned violet, which made her look even more stunning, apart from that, nothing else happened.


Arthur already knew that his army already broke through the gates and invaded the city, all the cardinals were killed and more than 70% of the Holy Church army was killed and the rest finally surrendered, after all, they couldn't bear it, orders or whatnot, it was clearly shown that it was a one-sided massacre.

His army withdrew from the city, the same thing for Lucy and Arthur, only the Archbishop was left and the rest was killed with only the surrendered soldiers kept alive since they achieved their purpose, then Arthur decided to spare them for now.

The city was literally in ruins, only some of the main buildings were kept intact and the rest were demolished, the war outside of the tower was bloody as the ground was dyed red with the blood of the deceased, this short yet devastating war between the sudden invasion of the undead army and the Holy Church was sure insane, this day would be known in the future as the 'Bloody Day'..

The news of the Holy Church spread to the surroundings continents in just 2 weeks or so, the control and power of the Church became non-existent and several of the branches located in several cities have withdrawn to the HQ.

The emperor took control of the continent and became the official ruler, he couldn't be happier as he trusted his guts and didn't send soldiers.

As for the Demon Lord and such, they tried sending some attacks to the Human continent now that the Holy Church is no more, but they faced strong resistance from the royal soldiers as they were stationed in all corners of the continent, surprisingly, Arthur's undead was also among them.

Since he thought it would be a waste to send it back, he let the emperor borrow it, it would follow his orders for the time being until something happens and he needs them again, with the dark knights here, not even the Demon Lord would dare attack head-on.

Of the 50 dark knights, 47 were left, only 3 were barely killed by the 6 cardinals, however, Arthur summoned 3 others, to make it equal, and from the 50,000 undead, 39,000 were left, compared to the emperor's army of hundreds of thousands, it may seem a lot less, but their prowess is insane.


Arthur already returned to the Ma Clan with Lucy, and he possessed all the corpses he managed to store in his ring, they exceeded 2,000 but unfortunately, they were not high leveled, their stats ranged from 800 to 1,500 with only the cardinals being 10,000+.

Basically, his stats increased by 2.2 million, more or less and his mental power surprisingly increased by more than 200, he didn't forget to possess the Pope, however, all his skills were for the Holy attribute, which was a pity, there was even a strong soul attack.

Nothing interesting happened in those two weeks for Arthur and Lucy, she seemed a bit more cheerful now that the burden of the revenge is gone, they would pass every day either snuggling, being intimate or playing with little Saly, who with the help of Astrith, managed to LVL up to 79, it was really insane for a 5 years old to be that LVL.

Maybe it was even unprecedented, after all, who is like Lucy, who had a lightning beast which would leech her monsters in dungeons and let her easily kill them, there was also Arthur and Lucy who trained her and gave her the strongest skills.

In terms of strength, she can match a person LVL140, her stats were outrageous and her fighting style is perfect. one cannot stop praising her when they see her fight.


Today, Arthur and Lucy were staying in their yard, relaxing with Saly, who was meditating. Astrith was taking a nap next to her.

Arthur was pondering about the skills Zodiak used, that terrifying vortex or the strange talismans, he also knew how to use them but didn't know how to create them, well technically, he did know how to, but not like Zodiak, who did it instantly and from thin air.

Just to create that Talisman to prevent teleportation, he needs a lot of materials and a spell, so creating it would at least need half an hour, while Zodiak made dozens of them in a split second.

He was really intrigued by them and wanted to learn how to use that, but unfortunately, he can't know, not until he finds the two portions.

He decided that he'll search for them, but for now, he'll stay here for some time with Lucy and Saly and when the time comes, he will go with them, perhaps if Saly is still not strong, she'll stay here, but there's no way he'll go without Lucy, not only he was afraid that woman would come again, Lucy also was a strong fighter and can help him a lot.


In those 2 weeks, Arthur checked that big white pearl many time, Zodiak told him that it was his new 'pet' but he couldn't sense nothing from it which confused him greatly, nonetheless, he didn't dwell on it that much and decided to check it when the time comes.

Lucy's revenge was done, and the only one left was his, his wife, Claudia... one day, he'll return to Earth and make a bloody river in it from the blood of all who wronged him, especially his ex-wife.

'Oh... Claudia, just wait... I promise you it won't be long before I come for you and all the others...'


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