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At the Holy Church Headquarters in Holy City, guards were running around in panic and warning each other, the undead army was only several kilometers away from the city and it is visible.

Holy City was kind of situated in a deserted area, so all its surroundings is void of any trees or forests which allowed the guards to see the army from some distance away.

The Pope, who was in his office handling some matters, was disturbed as by a very burly middle-aged man, he was covered in armor from head to toe and had a golden spear in his back, his appearance looked quite domineering.

The Holy General walked in front of the Pope and bowed respectfully but you could see his eyes flashing coldly, he then spoke in a somewhat hoarse voice.

"Our Lord, an army of undead was spotted marching toward Holy City, their numbers are in the thousands."

Although he looked a bit in a hurry, he didn't show any anxiousness about that matter, he stopped for a second before he resumed

"... there was also a bone dragon and apparently a strong one at that."

The Pope already heard the commotion before the Holy General came, he was sure something must have happened, however, never did he expect an undead army to invade his city!

He pondered for a moment

"Deploy the first division, I'll immediately tell the second division to help with the army too."

The Holy Church was divided to two divisions, one with which his like an army, and the Holy General was in command of it, as for the second one, it's commanded by the Archbishop, it included priests and mages as for the first one it has the soldiers and warriors.

Usually, each division handled its own matters, but in times of crisis like this one, they would obviously join hands, after all, they were from the same Church.

Without further talking, the Holy General, Uguria, nodded at the Pope and left the room.

The Pope stayed alone in the room, his hand stroking his long beard and his eyes emitting a white light which pulsed every now and then.

'Demons? No, it can't be, although they have necromancers, they can't summon this amount of them.. who could it be?'

The Holy Church has several enemies, so he couldn't exactly guess the one who is currently attacking, nevertheless, it doesn't matter right now as he will try to fight them back anyways.

The undead army was slowly approaching the Holy City, Arthur and Lucy were on the black cloud which floated a couple of meters in front of the army.

By their current speed, they would arrive after approximately 20 minutes, more or less, Arthur didn't rush ahead and wanted to invade with the army.


Time passed slowly but finally, the army was just 200 hundred meters away from the city, there were countless white armored soldiers from the Holy Church, there were formations and spells prepared, mages and priests at the back prepared to bombard with their magic and several cannons which didn't look quite impressive.

Arthur already guessed they would be prepared, so he just gave a single order to the dark knights and in just a second, the skeleton army which was slowly walking as if crawling, completely changed, all skeletons rushed at the enemy with insane speed, while the mage skeletons and skeleton archers already launched their spells and attacks.

The sky was filled with all kinds of attacks, from afar, it looked like fireworks.

Soon, the two sides clashes and although the Holy Attribute was lethal to the skeletons, they overcome this weakness by their numbers and strength, they were easily crushing the lines of the Holy Church soldiers.

In mere minutes, the ground was red from the blood of all the dead soldiers, as for the skeletons, they would fight until the end, even if their legs were crushed, they would slowly crawl toward the enemy, they had infinite stamina and felt no pain so that was in itself a huge advantage.

Arthur and Lucy didn't linger there that much, since the undead army was doing a great job taking care of the small fries, he flew away from the battle and headed toward the HeadQuarters of the Church.

It was actually a very tall white building with a golden bell on its roof, there were several buildings glued to it which almost made it look like a gigantic castle.

Excluding the army which was fighting outside of the city, there were thousands of soldiers still in the city, either keeping their position and guarding or waiting to see if there is any skeleton which managed to invade the city.

Arthur previously saw 4 cardinals in the fight outside, however, the dark knights alone were more than enough to finish them, those dark knights have immense strength and were quite ruthless, with a wave of their axe dozens of soldiers would be cut in two or turned into minced meat, the sight was very gory and brutal, but Arthur gave the order to spare those who do not resist, it's not his fault that those soldiers are fighting.

What if they are doing their job? It's not like he forced them to fight, one must know when to give up, when they saw how powerful the dark knights are, they must be wise and concede or else only death awaits them.


While he was slowly roaming the city and seeing those guards, he would summon quite a few skeletons on the roof, which would jump on the cautious soldiers and start a fight with them, he already summoned more than hundred skeletons which managed to ambush quite a few soldiers.

He could summon dark knights, but unlike skeletons, they required Mental Power, and he didn't have that much of it, a single Dark Knight would requite 150 Mental Power and for it to completely recover, it needs around 30 minutes, so he didn't recklessly summon them, for now, skeletons were enough.

As he continued flying with Lucy, who kept silent from the very beginning, he spotted something that caught his interest.

In a somewhat big square, there stood 10 rows of well-armored soldiers, each had a golden shield and a white saber in their arms and each row had about 50 of those soldiers, so in total it was 500 soldier.

And in the very front, was a burly man with a long spear on is back, his back was facing Arthur so he couldn't see his appearance, but it was easy to guess that he was their commander.

He seemed to be talking to them but when Arthur jumped from the dark cloud followed by Lucy, they landed 100 meters from the soldiers, Uguria, who was previously ordering his subordinates was startled by the sudden noise behind him and when he turned his head, he was shocked to see two individuals.

One silver-haired woman who wore white leather clothes which suited her perfectly, and next to her was a man who was smirking at him.

The first thought that crossed Uguria's mind is how those two managed to come here, moreover, the fight only started several minutes ago, so it's near to impossible to have made it here unless they could fly?

His eyes then landed on the strange dark cloud above them, but it only lasted a short moment before it disappeared into thin air.

Being the Holy General, Uguria obviously knew about Lucy and how the Pope insisted several times for him to memorize her appearance, so after calming down, he guessed that it's definitely her, although she looked a bit different from the previous image he saw of her.

She now had blood red piercing eyes, and she looked more pretty, the atmosphere around here seemed completely different from what he was told.


Arthur looked at Lucy and softly said

"I really don't want you to dirty your hands with them, but I also know that you want to do it personally, so I would only stand by your side and assist you, if you don't want to do it, all you got to do is say it, I'll handle it all."

As he said that, he gently patted her head as he resolutely looked at her, a smile was blooming on his face.

Lucy returned his smile with a more enchanting smile as he stared at his deep red eyes, she nodded her head and replied to him

"Um! I want to do myself, thank you......."

"Silly... still thanking when we are already husband and wife? There's nothing to thank me for, now go on, do whatever you feel like doing"

Lucy nodded yet again before she turned her head to look at the still dumbfounded Uguria, her gentle and breath-taking look suddenly changed, as she gazed at the burly man, killing intent emanated from her to the point of making all the white armored soldiers shiver non-stop, even Uguria couldn't help but slightly tremble, but he was able to somewhat resist her killing intent.

He was a warrior who fought countless battle, unlike those Cardinals or normal soldiers, his job was to conquer cities or do the dirty job of the Holy Church, he murdered countless people, so when he felt this strong killing intent he couldn't help but be amazed yet at the same time a bit fearful.

"Yo-you're Lucy, right? Why did you come here? Is the undead army yours?"

Lucy's hatred was mainly focused on the man who betrayed her and the Pope as they were the main ones who caused the suffering, but this Holy General also caused a bit of trouble of her as several of his trained soldiers chased for her quite some time, so how could she spare him? She already knew he slaughtered innocents without care, and the only excuse he would declare is that 'it's for the sake of good' or 'It's the Lord's orders'.

Lucy didn't reply to him, she merely launched herself at him. After some practice with Arthur, she managed to control her power a bit and her physical prowess is not to be underestimated.

Uguria, who was expecting an answer, was a bit shocked to see her rush at him with a great speed, however, due to his countless life and death experiences, he managed to react in time and take the spear from his back with lightning speed and counter-attack with a swipe of his spear.

He was known to be very ruthless, and that swipe proved it, from the very beginning, he used one of his strongest attacks risking it all, he felt danger from her, and her speed was slightly faster than his, so how could he not go all in?

He used the skill [Mad Swipe], it was one of the basic skill gained from [Spear Mastery], obviously Arthur had it too but he never used spears, as for swords, the skills similar to this, would most certainly deal more damage if used but they would slow down the attack, it was just by a little bit, but it was enough to change the outcome of the battle between two people in the Heavenly Realm for example.

Being proficient in the Holy Attribute, that swipe had some holy aura around it, Uguria was confident with his swipe and guessed that it would at least injure the opponent but no! His eyes were wide and full of disbelief as he saw Lucy's left hand catch the incoming spear with great ease and simply deflect it away with a wave of her hand, then she kicked with her right leg, aiming for the waist.

Lucy wanted to let him suffer first or else she would have finished him from that distance with her magic, it was a piece of cake for her to do that, but she wanted him to feel despair just like he did to her, she may not make him despair just like he did to her, but as long as she made him suffer that was enough for her.

She may have overcome her past but that never meant she had forgotten and forgave them for what they did, that was a completely different thing.

Uguria was pushed back a couple of meters, he barely had been able to stay standing as he supported himself while crouching on one knee.

Lucy didn't even put any force in her kick, this was just the beginning, her eyes flashed for a second as her killing intent intensified, she walked to the long spear which was deflected from his hand a moment ago and picked up.

"What are you staring at her for? Charge, all attack together!"

Uguria shouted at his subordinates, he knew that he was not her opponent so he had a sliver of hope and that is numbers! Yes, perhaps with numbers he could win, however, his pitiful hopes were mercilessly crushed as when he turned his head to look at his subordinates, he was shocked to see them all standing still, not moving an inch.

"Ha ha ha, now now, why don't you guys sit back and watch this show, it's no good to gang up on a woman."

Arthur spoke mockingly, he didn't even move from his location but all the soldiers couldn't even move a muscle, he already used his threads to freeze them, they could never free themselves unless they are at least in the Heavenly Realm.

It was time for Lucy to enjoy her revenge, so how could he let them interfere, he would wait all day and a week if needed until she finishes with every single one of those who harmed her, specifically those higher-ups like this burly man.

Once he saw his subordinates struggling and red faces and heard Arthur, he was sure that this man used some kind of trick to bind them.

He merely gritted his teeth and got up from the ground, he could feel the intense pain coming from his waist, his spear was in Lucy's hand, so that made him more depressed.

One exchange!

Only one exchange and he was already without his weapon and was injured in the waist, him, the Holy General, either the Pope was bullshitting him about Lucy's power or it's not her!


Lucy's eyes were looked on Uguria, who in return was looking at her with rage, anger, and fear.

She grasped the spear and snapped it in two, with a bit of force it was easily done, but this action of her made Uguria's expression turn extremely ugly, his face whitened and he seemed to be muttering something.

"This is impossible... it's a legendary weapon.. impossible!"

His spear was a special treasure of the Church and it was a legendary weapon from ancient times, yet it was snapped in two just like that, no matter how much the fights he fought were long and hard, the spear never suffered as much as a scratch, but here it is broken in two!

He became just speechless, he already gave up on the idea of trying to retrieve it, what could he two with a broken spear, it would not display its full strength, even the skills would probably not work.

"Fortunately for you, although you caused suffering to me, I do not hold strong grudges for you, what you are going to receive is merely justice for all what you have done, all the innocents you killed and the despair you caused me."

Lucy's voice rang in his ears, it was devoid of emotions and cold, he lifted his pale face to look at her approaching figure, she already threw the two pieces of the spear and slowly walked toward him.


In panic, Uguria waved his left hand and 3 dark pills appeared in his hand, with no hesitation, he threw them into his mouth, but just as they were going to enter it(his mouth).

They stopped in mid-air, then they flew toward Arthur, who was looking at them with curiosity. 

His [Telekinesis] was very useful in situations like this, although Uguria actions were fast, it was not THAT fast, for Arthur and Lucy, who had speed incomparable to him, if they used their full speed, those pills flying to his mouth to literally move at a very slow speed, so retrieving them with [Telekinesis] is as easy at it could.

Uguria stared helplessly at the flying pills and he began feeling despair and uneasiness, every step Lucy took toward him, he could feel his body unconsciously tremble on its own.

When she was only 1 step away from him, she lifted her head to look at him as he was a bit taller than her, then her figure blurred for a split second which was followed by two snapping sounds.

Uguria was already on his knees before he could realize it, he felt the agonizing pain coming from his knees, they were literally crushed into dust, blood flowed endlessly from them, there were no bones left, the two invisible strikes of her already turned his bones into nothingless.

He made some groaning sounds but he didn't scream loudly.

"... A bit brave to not laugh from a like this, but that does not change anything.. your fate remains unchanged"

Uguria couldn't concentrate with her voice as the pain was truly more than he could bear, if he wants to recover his legs, he needs a personal blessing from the holy goddess, which is close to impossible to have, he already sunk into the depths of despair as Lucy's figure was in front of him emitting some suffocating intense killing.

Now that he was in front of her, the pressure was more overwhelming, her cold voice invaded his ears and engraved deep fear into his hear which was supposed to be a heart of a fearless warrior who experienced countless battles.


Lucy didn't make any mouvement, however, very soon the ground under Uguria changed, it turbed from it's usual appearance to dark red then white fog came out of it, then it completely transformed into lava which slowly rised and began to envelop the scared Uguria who no longer could keep his dignified and confident look.

His eyes stared at the lava, he finally couldn't hold it as it was melting him from all direction, the pain was more agonizing than before when his knees were crushed.

The screams and wails became louder and louder until they ceased after 5 minutes or so, there was literally nothing left of him, not even the strong armor he wore, his bones, skin melted along with everything else, he screamed until the last second as Lucy made sure to make him suffer without killing him.

The soldiers were stunned and scared shitless, although Arthur ordered the skeletons to spare those who do not resist and those soldiers probably would surrender too, but these were special, they were with Uguria, who was infamous for murdering innocent and even bystanders, and those soldiers naturally did the same thing.

Athough there was some good people in the Holy Church, the majority of them are corrupted which made Arthur perplexed, this kind of Church is supposed to aim for peace and have a lot of wise and good people and not this kind of individuals, it was really a pity.

With a mere thought, the long threads which were holding the soldiers flashed with green lightning and in an instant, all 500 of them fell on the ground, lifelessly.

Maybe spare those guards who did not participate on wars and slaughter as they were only doing their job and if they surrender now then it's alright, but spare those soldiers? Hell no! They maybe even raped helpless women, this kind of acts is usually conducted by those kind of people, Arthur would not be surprised to see them act like that, if not more heartless and ruthless.

Anyway, he disappeared and in just seconds, he stored all their bodies and appeared next to Lucy, who was still looking at where Uguria died.

He gave her a deep hug and patted her lovely head. Responding to him, she burried her head in his chest and tightly hugged him back.

They stayed like that for a minute or so before they finally seperated, although she was taking revenge, Lucy was softly smiling to Arthur.

She turned to look at the tall tower which is the HQ of the Church and coldly said

"That's one less scum, there are still others, let's go"

Arthur nodded, and both of them flew toward the tower, however this time, they didn't use the dark cloud.


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