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After spending half an hour discussing the terms of the agreement, Arthur and Lucy finally departed.

Belic and Robin would gather corpses for them as long as their clans create an alliance, for the clans, it may be a big thing but for Arthur? It didn't matter, he asked Belic for the day of the meeting of all the clans, he would surely attend it and ask Anastassia to make the alliance.

Surely the Qin clan would not refuse it, neither would Arthur, he already had the strength to become the clan master but he doesn't want to, and even someone such as Tenhi can't oppose him.

He eagerly went back to the Clan and directly headed home along with Lucy, he had more than a thousand corpse to possess, and that's a lot of stats.

He didn't start harvesting right away, Arthur spent some time playing with Saly and giving her some pieces of advice, the little lass already reached LVL64 with the help of Astrith who guided her to the dungeon every day to let her practice and gain experience.

No matter how powerful the monsters are, they couldn't defeat the little girl, first because Astrith protected her and second because she was strong.

Not overpowered but she really trained every day and became more and more strong, in terms of strength, she can probably fight evenly against a lvl 100 beast, which is considered pretty good.

She specialized in speed and defense, Lucy gave her a couple of strong Earth skill books, such as [Earthen Waves] and [Earth Pillard], they usually help her either sneak up on the enemy or attack them by surprise, however, those are only support skills, she mostly relied on her strong physique and Qi techniques to overcome her enemies.

She trained the defensive skill [Turtle Shell] which is a very powerful defensive technique, as for the mouvement technique, Anastassia personally taught her the strongest mouvement technique that existed in this clan, it's called [Imaginary Steps]

Anastassia didn't use this technique because she was not compatible with it but Saly's affinity with the technique was beyond Anastassia's expectation.

Even though this woman is usually cold and rarely talks when she's with her sister or Saly, she becomes quite talkative, she would even sometimes ask Saly some questions about Arthur.


After spending some time with Saly, Arthur went to his room with Lucy and they both engaged in their usual routine of passionate love, although Arthur thought that with Saly's presence, it would be impossible to make love to Lucy as they can't just do it in front of the kid, Saly used all her day either practicing or playing with Astrith, she didn't bother them a lot, but it's not like they ignored it her too.

Lucy would sometimes spend all day long chatting and playing with the little girl, same goes for Arthur, it's just that these past few days, with what previously happened and so on, there wasn't much time.

Fortunately, Saly was happy and always smiling, albeit fighting monsters every day in the dungeon, the thought of becoming stronger made her train even harder.


Arthur was laying on the bed with Lucy in his embrace, his hand was snaking around her body as he groped her round chest, he never disliked this feeling and would sometimes spend a whole day doing that.

Lucy was leaning her head on his chest while a smile was hanging on her enchanting face, she was calm yet Arthur could feel she was feeling overjoyed.

"What's the matter?"

Seeing her so happy, he couldn't help but blurt that question.

"He he he, nothing, I'm just happy that we are getting stronger."

Arthur smiled and put one of his hands on her chin and lifted her head gently until their locked into each other, then he softly said

"Then, why don't we go there? I think it's time to end the unfinished business"

Hearing this, she didn't seem startled, her smile blossomed even more and after a couple of seconds, she slowly nodded at him, then she buried her face in his chest.

She never asked him to go to the Holy Church because she was afraid that he would get hurt because of her revenge, but now, their relationship was special, he was her and she was him, no matter was happened, they would always stick together and there is no need to be reluctant or shy to ask anything from the other.

Lucy wasn't planning on telling him to go there, it's not like she forgot about that matter but it didn't bother her that much anymore, however, since he didn't mind going too then why not just go and finish this once and for all?


After snuggling for sometime, Arthur finally got up from the bed and started possessing those corpses while Lucy began training, unlike Arthur, by using [Meditation] she can slowly but surely increase her stats, due to her stats being so big, the amount increased would not be a lot but it still strengthened her, so when she got time, she would use that skill to improve herself.

Possessing a body would take a second if not less, and leaving it is also shorter than a second so basically, to possess more than 1100 corpses, it would at least need 1000 second.

After more or less 15 minutes, he possessed all the beast and absorbed them with [Death Touch], his stats have risen by a ridiculous amount, it was literally mind boggling.

Each stats have at least risen by 8m, which is already more than his current stats, so his overall stats became even more astonishing.

Level: ???? Class: Dark ARK Parasite
Realm : Deity
Strength 16.5m Intelligence 16.7m
Agility 20.4m Wisdom 15.8m
Vitality 14.1m Dexterity 15.5m
Health 14.9m Health Regen 10242/s
Mana 15.7m Mana Regen 18724/s
Stamina infinite Stamina Regen ????
Creation : 10
Attack: 15.4m Defense: 15.0m
Magic defense : 2.9m
Enigma abilities : Telekinesis / Ancient Threads / Sixth sense / ARK??
Mental Power : 503
Elemental Resistances:
Fire: 100% Water: 75%(+15%)
Wind: 35% Earth: 75%
Light/holy: 5% Shadow 30%
Lightning 100% Ice 30%


Due to having all stats above 10Million average in stats : +150 Mental Power

Arthur was delighted, first because of the stats and most importantly is the Mental Power, it's true he has gotten so powerful but raising his Realm to the next one would surely make him even more powerful which made him very excited.

He didn't get any important skills, the disadvantage of possessing beasts is that not all skills he gets can be used with his human body, some required being a beast's body which is quite unfortunate, however, just getting the stats from them is already enough for him.

With the increase of his Mental Power, his [Sixth Sense]'s radius became one thousand meters and his other enigma abilities became more efficient and powerful.

Furthermore, with his [Lost Magic] the number of things he can create became broader, for example, except for weapons, he can now create clothes, it's not powerful equipment but he can create comfortable clothes and decent ones at that.

He tried creating a dress for Lucy and the result was a stunning black dress with made her look even more breath-taking.

Arthur also created more powerful flash grenades, he forgot to use them in the last fight but surely next time, he would remember, he also created several bombs, not powerful ones but they could be useful in some ways.

He came to understand that this Mental Power is the base of everything, even Necromancy, he already reached the limit of powerful summons with his stats, the more his Mental Power increases the more powerful his summons is.

A simple skeleton now wears a black armor with shoulder and leg guard, a black shield and a long dark sword, their speed and strength increased and they also had a more cold and domineering aura around them.

He planned to use his summons with the Holy Church, although he can manage to get rid of all their guards, it would surely be a pain in the ass and a waste of time, an army of skeletons can manage those guards, as for him and Lucy, he would get rid of the bigshots.

It's a bit, unfortunately, the Holy/Light attribute is the weakness of the skeletons, but with the numbers, he can overcome this disadvantage.

He can summon a dark knight, which can command up to 1,000 skeletons, and with the Bone Dragon, it would surely be enough.

What's even more fascinating is that he can summon skeleton mages which had long black staffs and strange bows, they would be able to bombard the church and obliterate it, he couldn't wait for that show.

They planned to head to the Human continent in a few days, and albeit Saly's begging, Arthur refused to take her along, it's true the Holy Church is weak compared to the clans, but he didn't dare act overconfident, not after what happened with that woman, it's better to keep Saly out of danger for the time being.

With Astrith guarding her, even Anastassia can't hurt her, one must know that whenever Arthur gets stronger, so does Astrith.

The lightning beast can probably fight Anastassia head to head and perhaps come out victorious, although Anastassia is in the Spirit Realm, she has the strength of a Heavenly Realm, so one must not underestimate her, or else, how come the Ma clan is one of the powerful clans?


A few days passed peacefully, Lucy and Arthur finally departed after telling Anastassia that they had a matter to take care of.

Their speed was godly but the distance they have to cover is by no means small, they didn't stop at town or cities to relax, with the dark cloud, they simply sat on it and chatted.

After 15 hours of continuous travel, they finally arrived at the capital of the human continent, Itas continent was the smallest one, so they crossed it in less than an hour, but the distance between the two continents is so big so that's what prolonged their travel.

Arthur already knew where the HQ of the Holy Church is, but he didn't immediately head there, first, he and Lucy went to the emperor's castle, first to pay a visit and tell him on what's about to happen.


This time, Arthur didn't respectfully go near the gate and wait for the guards to guide them since last time, Alexander told him to immediately go in.

They arrived around midday, so the first place Arthur and Lucy headed to is the main Hall, where the emperor's throne is and where the meetings are located at.

He didn't know where the emperor is so he decided to head there first and unsurprisingly, Alexander was indeed there with his son, Syth and his adviser, Cylmar.

They were discussing something when all of a sudden, 2 people appeared out of thin air, they stood next to Cylmar, who was startled and was taken aback by what just happened.

It took them a couple of seconds to snap out of their daze and the first one to react was Syth who walked toward Arthur and gently bowed while saying

"Sir Arthur, it's been a while!"

The youth was still using 'Heavenly Snake' the violet sword that Arthur gifted him, when Arthur appraised him, he was surprised to see that this youth is already LVL322, his progress is really astonishing.

He nodded at Syth, Lucy also smiled back at him as Syth acted extremely respectful toward both of them so there was no need to act emotionless or cold toward him.

Soon, Cylmar and Alexander came back to their senses, the emperor walked up to Arthur while smiling and shook hands with him as if greetings him while speaking some good words, as for the old man, he simply bowed at the pair and greeted them too.

"Sir Arthur, Mrs. Lucy, come come! This is no place to talk"

Alexander guided them to his lovely yard, Arthur already possessed the whole garden before he came here since every plant he possesses can be grown by him at any time, he didn't miss a single one, furthermore, Lucy adored those flowers so there was no need to hold back.

The four of them sat and a servant brought some desert and whine, unlike last time, Alexander offered them some of his finest wine and insisted on drinking it with Arthur, so the latter didn't refuse.

They chatted happily for half an hour, then Syth asked Arthur for a spar, he wanted to show him how much he improved.

Just like that, both of them sparred and the youth indeed greatly improved, his sword mastery has gotten way better than last time, it may not be flawless but it's considered very good.

Arthur spent a whole hour sparring with the youth, telling him what to improve and what to fix in his swordplay, and when they finished, the youth was panting heavily as always, he got a good beating from Arthur.

This time, Arthur only used a sword made from ice magic, for no special reason, he just felt like using one made from ice magic.


After he went back to sit near Lucy, he finally spoke about the important matter.

"Your Majesty, the reason I came here today is just to warn you about something"

Just as he said that, Alexander's face stiffened and he thought that some of his relatives did something to anger Arthur yet again.

"No need to be anxious, it has nothing to do with you, I just want to warn you so you don't employ you soldiers to fight with the Holy Church... Tomorrow, I will obliterate that Church and if you employ your soldiers to defend, they will only perish with it, so I'm only giving you a friendly advice as I consider you my friend"

Alexander and the company were dumbfounded, first, they thought they heard wrong, but once they saw the expressions on each other's face, they knew they didn't hear wrong.

"Sir Arthur... what.."

Arthur immediately interrupted him and said

"I've already tolerated them for some time, it's time for them to perish, I've already held some deep grudges on them and it's time to end this, I know they are very powerful from your point view, but for me, they are mere ants, I'm sure you will benefit from this, you will be the true ruler of this continent once they are gone.."

Alexander stayed silent for a couple of minutes before his demeanor turned serious, he looked at Arthur and said

"Alright, It's not like I have any choice, I will not send my soldiers to help them but are you sure you make the Holy Church vanish?"

Arthur heartily laughed and replied

"Ha ha ha, absolutely sure, no need to worry, since I've told you this, then I'll be on my way, I'll come visit you after the matter is over, stay tuned for the good news"

As he said that, he gave a final look to Alexander and Syth then disappeared with Lucy.


The emperor stood there silent as if pondering about something.

"Your Majesty, are you sure about this?.."

Hearing his adviser talk hesitantly, Alexander turned his head toward Cylmar, who appeared distressed and calmly said

"I'm willing to bet on him.. It's not like I have anything to lose, right?"

The Holy Church HeadQuarters is located, South of the Human continent, it is in the Holy City, a flourishing city which had a strong force and is probably bigger than the capital of the continent.

It is filled with guards from the Church and no one would dare to cause trouble.

50 kilometers from the city, Arthur stood there along with Lucy, and in front of them was a huge dark hole where countless skeletons are emerging every second.

There was black armored skeletons, mages skeletons and so on. The bone dragon look completely different right now, it had some crystalline armor around its body and a violet crystal above its lifeless eyes.

It was bigger than last time and had a more domineering aura.

Arthur already used some wraiths to scout, they were invisible to other so, within the perimeter of the city, there were a hundred or so guards but they can't see them from that distance.

He spent 7 hours summoning skeletons, and in front of him was an extremely big organized army of skeletons.

Exactly 50 dark knights, which means 50,000 skeletons with a bone dragon flying in the sky, roaring loudly.

There were 15,000 mages, 10,000 archers and the rest were skeleton warriors, the sight was terrifying as they were marching slowly toward the Holy city, Arthur planned to eradicate the whole city, only sparing the innocent bystanders, he already gave the orders to the skeleton to only spare those who do not resist and kill all those who fight back.

50 dark knights were leading the army, a big dark horse with a big framed figure riding it, it had either a huge axe on it's back or a huge violet sword, they were LVL350 and had immense fighting strength.

Maybe it was overkill, but Arthur planned to finish it once and for all without acting recklessly or go there alone while being overconfident.

They may be weak but they must surely have a trump card, or else how could they still exist albeit having the weak strength?

Arthur didn't create enough, but he gave 150 firearms to the skeletons, he couldn't create a lot as they consumed a lot of Mental Power, so he only managed to create 150 of them.

Their power was normal but they may be useful, with a few grenades here and there, the army could even defeat another with double it's number, as skeletons didn't feel pain or get tired so that was a bonus.

Arthur was already informed that the Holy Church had a lot of guards and people in it, maybe a bit less than his army but since they use the Holy attribute, they have an advantage, which is why he summoned so many skeletons.

He could summon more, but he thought it was enough, he was also there with them so nothing should go wrong.

As they marched toward their destination, slowly but surely they were nearing the Holy City, which can now be seen by the naked eye after 2 hours of marching.


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