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Just as the notification showed in front of Arthur, the atmosphere around the island completely changed, it's like changing from a peaceful and quiet island with a few sounds of explosions here and there to a literal Hell.

The calm sea became raging and even a few tall water cyclone appeared.

The clan masters who sneakily watched the fight from afar became more alerted since the red bow appeared but now the horrifying arrow appeared, they didn't dare stay close, they left the island perimeter and gazed at the Colosseum from very far.

With their stats, seeing from that distance with no big deal, furthermore, sensing the overwhelming aura of the arrow, how could they still near it?

Anastassia who already knew about the identity of the black-robed man was now extremely shocked, here she thought that Arthur was equal to her in terms of strength but now, with her own eyes, saw him fight face to face to a peak Deity Realm if not Immortal Realm.

She couldn't exactly confirm the monster's Realm, but it was very apparent that he was above Deity Realm, even Tenhi couldn't face him before he transformed, much less now.

Tenhi also backed away when the arrow appeared, since a while ago he felt helpless against that monster much less now, it was kind of fortunate those pair were here or else he would certainly have died earlier.


The arrow was pure black with a sharp white edge in the front from the godly lightning, and in the back corners of it there were several sharp ancient flames spikes, it didn't exactly like an arrow but it was rather similar.

The [Heavenly Arrow] synchronized itself with the bow as it positioned itself in the middle of the bow and was ready to be launched at any second but every second passed its aura became more and more terrifying.

Streaks of white lightning struck the Colosseum, completely destroying it until it looked no more than ruins, but it didn't stop and kept striking the ground surroundings the arrow.


Tensui who sensed the sudden change in atmosphere and the great pressure noticed the arrow, his face whitened as he stared at this dangerous combination of two attacks.

He turned his head to Arthur and Lucy and was going to launch himself on them but he felt that the pressure coming from them is way stronger than the arrow.

Lucy and Arthur were already under the arrow so if Tensui wanted to attack them, he would be surely struck by the arrow.

The monster surprisingly used one of his sharp hands and stabbed his heart, and even after 10 seconds, he didn't seem to have died, instead, violet energy surrounded him and a violet sickle was formed from that energy.

It looked like an ancient sickle, very ancient, it emitted some ripples around it, and even Tensui's hand which was holding it was shaking non-stop, blood oozed from all the holes in his face.

Arthur didn't wait for the monster to finish preparing, gently, he held Lucy's soft hands and took a stance with her as if they were holding a bow.

Just like that, transparent white hands appeared in mid-air, these two hands were very big, as big as the arrow as it held it firmly, the pressure became several times stronger and a mysterious silver metal formed around the arrow.

Arthur and Lucy, who were holding what appeared to be an invisible arrow, closed both their eyes, if you look closer, you could even notice that their breathing is absolutely synchronized.

Tensui felt fear and danger, all his instincts were alarming him and telling him to flee but it was too late for that, the sickle almost flew from his hand as it's power was too much for him, without hesitation, he flew in the air, toward the direction of the pair while slashing furiously with his violet sickle.

Anyone could guess that the stance the pair were taking and the motions as if they were holding a bow were the cause of the appearance of the two transparent big hands which were holding the bow.

With a calm look, both of them released the arrow and that at that time, the two big hands which held the arrow and bow, released it instantly, creating a sound so loud that it created powerful soundwaves, Tenhi who was the closer was sent flying until he sunk deeply into the sea, one could even see blood coming out of his mouth as he was pushed by the soundwaves.

The arrow seemed to disappear when it was thrown, Tensui who just slashed with his sickle, was more than shocked as the sound shockwaves already stopped his slash, only a little was left of it, but that wasn't all, the arrow's speed was so fast that it was already in front of him in a split second.

It was a very big arrow, approximately 100 meters in length and 5 meters thick, it may be smaller than the previous arrow Arthur created but it is the most powerful, that's for sure.

The tip and sharp edge of the arrow which had a tinge of silver shining metal on it struck Tensui chest, surprisingly, it stopped there, previously Arthur would let the arrow continue it's way even though the enemy was dead, but now, he specifically controlled so it strikes Tensui and completely kills him, after all, even making all his body vanish may not be enough, perhaps an Immortal Realm may have tricks to survive that.

As the arrow struck Tensui, a deafening shriek came out of his mouth, he seemed to be as if he was being purified, there was an extremely bright silver light when the arrow struck him and even the pale clan master who was very far away were blinded by this light.

They were pushed back even further by the sound shockwaves and there is even some who were injured, so they retreated even further but the light still blinded them.

The explosion caused after the shiny silver light was a complete terror, fortunately, the arrow was created by Arthur, so he wasn't injured, neither was Lucy but all the nearby people who thought they were safe received heavy damage due to the explosion.

The whole island literally vanished, there was just nothing left, just a gigantic hole with the sea filling it rapidly, the sight was horrifying, furthermore, there was a huge wind and dust cyclone which spanned 3 kilometers, from afar it looked like it's a calamity.

It wasn't that harmful in reality but it limited the sight of many people. Anastassia and a few lucky clan masters managed to only receive light injuries but the Xi Clan master had lost his left leg and blood flowed endlessly as the elder of his clan helped him, he had a pale face and had a look of extreme regret, he thought that with his protective armor and divine fire shield, he would be able to withhold the damages but they were both easily shattered.


Lucy and Arthur were quite weak, this synchronization wasn't easy and it consumed a lot of energy, albeit their infinite stamina that didn't mean they can use this endlessly, the result was much more astonishing than what Arthur was expecting.

He held Lucy in his arms as she was more injured than him and left the area, surely the body of Tensui wouldn't be left and even if it was, he seemed to be using a special kind of technique and it was not his real strength so even after possessing he would only gain his original stats, which is a real shame.

He fed her a Minor and Miraculous Healing Potions which helped her recover faster and treated the heavy injury on her back and waist.

He was feeling weak too but it shouldn't be a problem for him to fly and move. After 10 minutes, he arrived near the Itas Continent where he found Astrith waiting there along with the others, even Anastassia somehow came here.

She looked at Arthur with eyes full of disbelief, that arrow what just heaven-defying, it obliterated the whole island along with that monster, and here she thought he was only in the Spirit Realm, was he acting that day against the elder of in the spar?

Although she had countless questions, she didn't dare ask them, she saw the weak and pale Lucy in his arms and knew that he greatly cared her so she kept silent.

Arthur ignored the others and descended on Astrith's back, mentally telling him to go back to the clan, now that Astrith was transporting them, he felt a bit relaxed as he gazed at the weak Lucy.

He layed her on Astrith with her upper body leaning on his chest, Saly was worried but she didn't cry or show childish behavior, she just sat next to them while holding Lucy's hand and stared at her.

In a gloomy underground rocky room, there stood a kneeling man, he had a pale face and wore a black robe, he was involuntarily shaking as he didn't have the guts to look up to the stone statue.

The statue was in the shape of an adult woman, a voluptuous body with two peaks in her chest that would seemed as if they would explode at any moment although it was only a statue, it looked very real, she had a book in her waist and if Arthur saw it, he would immediately recognize it, it was exactly like the book of the damned he found near Zodiak.

"Reporting to the Lord, t-the mission ff--faile-ed..... please forgive this one, an unexpected problem occurred!"

His body was trembling even more as he spoke, his voice was shaky, if one saw him act like this they would be astonished, he was one of the people in the S category in 'Medusa' but he was still so afraid of the statue to the point of shaking non-stop.

A snort came out of the statue followed by a very cold and piercing voice

"Incompetent dogs! Since a while ago, all you do is failing missions, this was supposed to be important, how can a person in the Immortal Realm be killed like that and you are just saying 'Unexpected Problem' this is a big problem, tell me! What exactly happened!"

While still kneeling, the old man didn't dare delay as he replied immediately.

"Reporting to the Lord, Tensui used the forbidden spell as instructed and by sacrificing exactly 54.314 soul, he managed to ascend to the Immortal Realm, we don't know who exactly killed him but what we know is that it's a black-robed man and a silver-haired woman, their attack apparently obliterated the whole island, leaving no trace of Tensui, that's what our spies saw."

As if pondering for a bit, the statue finally spoke again after a couple of minutes of silence

"Black-robed man? Silver-haired woman? A few months ago, one of the dogs also told me of similar individuals... but I just ignored them... it seems I have to personally come?"

As she said that, the lifeless eyes of the statue shined with a dark and violet light and the big statue shook for a couple of seconds before it regained its usual state.

Even after a couple of minutes passed, no sound came from the statue, so the kneeling old man concluded that 'the Lord' is gone, for now.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and after a final kowtow, he left the room in a hurry, he couldn't help but wipe the invisible cold sweat in his forehead as if he avoided death by a hair's breath.

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