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Arthur transformed into a green streak of lightning as he dashed at Tensui, who was laughing and checking his body.

The pressure was too overwhelming, even for someone such as Arthur, who have insane stats. 

He didn't use [Petal Footsteps] because when using [Transmutation] and the lightning form, his speed would be higher than when using that mouvement technique.

Fortunately, the chaotic dark magic used by Tensui didn't damage Arthur, he was quite worried for Lucy as she may be hit but he can always instant teleport if something were to happen.

Tenhi, who was dazed from a while ago, snapped out of it as he felt the terrifying aura coming from Tensui, although right now, he didn't look like a human, not in the slightest, his skin has already turned black and he grew 1 meter taller.

It's better to call it a monstrosity, hideous face with long sharp claws in his arms and legs with a violet tail coming out of his lower back, he had what appeared to be violet scales in his knees and shoulders and a dense black fog was emanating from him.


Arthur's speed could be considered godly as he appeared next to the monster in a split second, he didn't hesitate as he used all his power and launched a [Lone Sword], but that wasn't all of it, several orange and dark red spears were coming at Tensui.

Arthur didn't use Dark magic this time because he had a feeling that it may do the opposite effect, maybe it was just his imagination but he didn't dare use it until he is sure it would not strengthen him.

The good thing is that his power ceased to increase once he reached the Immortal Realm, but just being in that Realm made him a terrifying being, his appearance was no longer recognizable.

The slash of Arthur finally landed on Tensui's abdomen, followed by a bombardment of spears made from ancient fire and eclipse magic.

Surprisingly, Tensui didn't move as he grinned at Arthur and looked at him as if looking at a struggling ant, but that look changed dramatically when the ancient fire spears struck him.

The slash didn't even scratch him but the spears clearly injured him as was pushed back a couple of meters with blood flowing from the newly made wounds, clearly the ancient fire was effective as it melted his black body.

His arrogant look changed as he gazed at the incoming spears, the Eclipse magic also injured him but it not as much as the ancient fire did.


Arthur didn't sit around during this time when Tensui was pushed back, he teleported behind him and used [Buddha Palm] his strongest palm attack currently, and struck the monster's back without holding back.

Just as his hand touched Tensui, he felt a bit numb and there was not any apparent damage to him, he was only pushed yet again but just 2 steps.


But just those two steps were enough for Tensui to be distracted by Arthur as suddenly three 5 meter Magma balls struck him.

For some reason, he was quite vulnerable against fire or magma, the three balls struck him successively as he was sent flying while black blood came out of him, his scales began melting and he was wailing with a deafening sound.

Tensui never reached the Immortal Realm so he was not accustomed to his new power and strength, moreover, those two were very powerful, although Arthur's physical attacks didn't injure him, his magical ones were deadly, same goes for Lucy.

He quickly got up from the ground as he gritted his sharp teeth and screamed from the pain, but suddenly, he could feel a mysterious energy, it didn't even take him a second to realize that this is called 'Immortal Energy' and it is quite special.

He began using it unconsciously and with its help, the pain became less and less and a black transparent energy covered his entire body.

Tensui felt lighter and the wounds he received from the spears and balls were healing rapidly, as he discovered that, he couldn't help but smirk and launch and stare at Arthur and Lucy.

Dozens of dark blue spikes were created in a second and thrown at both of them, their speed was godly and they emanated some ominous aura, but his smirk soon turned into shock and astonishment.

The spikes didn't as much as scratch Arthur, they just struck him and disappeared, as for Lucy, they shattered when they hit what appeared to be a black barrier surrounding her.


Tenhi, who was previously fighting Tensui, already flew away and stared at this fight from afar, just from their speed and powerful attacks he already knew he got no chance, that one spike can severely injure him so why should he risk it?


Since Physical attacks like [Lone Sword] and [Buddha palm] are not working, Arthur decided to try another tactic, while still bombarding Tensui with his fire spears, a white streak of lightning struck him and a white spear formed in his hand.

With a 'bzzzt' sound, the spear kept hitting the ground and making a few craters, he knew that trying to hitting Tensui with godly lightning is close to impossible since it was slow, even the fire spears were slow but it's just that Tensui previously underestimated them, but since he knew their effect, he would surely be much more cautious.

Arthur dashed at Tensui yet again while lucy seemed to be chanting something, normally she never used them but if she is going to do a very powerful attack then they are needed to make the process faster.

The distance separating them was more than 50m so he couldn't instantly teleport, but he already had an idea, with his insane speed, he crossed the distance separating them in a split second and just as he entered the 50m range.

He teleported while leaving a shadow clone of himself, unfortunately, the duration of the clone was just too short but it was enough to distract Tensui.

He reappeared just behind the monster and thrusted the spear with all his strength, Physical attacks don't work, but a magic as destructive as this lightning will surely harm him.

What Arthur didn't expect is that Tensui reacted in time and inclined his body to barely dodge the spear, normally it would literally be impossible to do this, however, he just did it, although he 'evaded', some of the lightning managed to strike him on the left side of his waist which made a bloody wound, it didn't look that serious but on a closer look, one can even some bones which now looked black too, just like his skin.

Arthur's clone had only 10% of his stats but he wasn't that weak either, it dashed at the monster using [Petal Footsteps] and struck with a [Dark Burst], of course, it may not hurt Tensui but it would probably push him back.

The reason his clone managed to came and attack without Tensui countering is that the latter was dazed for some reason but once he saw the incoming punch of the 'clone', he used the new Immortal energy and stricken the clone.

It was just a simple punch but the clone was sent flying with a fast speed until it crashed into the wall of the Colosseum which was followed by a notification telling Arthur that his clone is dead.

Tensui didn't just stop at this, his tail which was now 1m in length, struck Arthur who was behind him with a speed that dumbfounded Arthur, he couldn't do anything except cross his arms to try and block it.

Arthur was flying in the air as the force of the strike was too immense, he could feel the bones in his hands flying away, even with his fast regeneration, recovering both of his hands would take minutes.

As he was flying in the air from that attack, Tensui dashed at him with no attention to stop and used his knee to strike Arthur's stomach, making him fall on the ground and make a hole similar to the one he was in earlier, but this one was deeper and wider and even a crater was formed.

Next thing he did was turn his head to stare at Lucy who was still preparing her skill, he grinned and rushed at her.

His speed was unbelievable, it was slower than Arthur but that didn't mean it was slow, quite the opposite, there were approximately 250m meters separating Tensui and Lucy but it was crossed in a flash.


Although felt his body numb as he managed to 'leave' Zodiak's corpse at the final moment before he crushed, albeit that, he still was injured as Tensui's attacks were ruthless and powerful, now that he is using his original body, blood leaked out of his lips but he didn't care about that.

He transformed into lightning and immediately followed Tensui without even recovering Zodiak's body.

His speed was faster than Tensui but the monster already dashed at Lucy a second or so before him so even with incredible speed, it was akin to impossible to catch up to him in time.

But that wasn't what he wanted to, he just wanted to be just 50m from him to be able to stop him which finally happened, Arthur exercised all the speed he could muster and managed to teleport in front of Tensui who was dumbstruck by the sudden appearance of Arthur.

Arthur didn't waste time and stabbed with his white spear, not only that, 2 fireballs were prepared in advance and thrown at Tensui from both directions, leaving him only a single route to escape from.

Although Tensui knew he was very powerful and just by how he sent Arthur flying a second ago, he knew he held a big advantage, nonetheless, he felt fearful toward this strange lightning and that fire, his injury in the waist was hurting him albeit using the Immortal energy.

Furthermore, no matter how many attacks landed on Arthur, the wouldn't work, only physical attacks would, he thought that his black magic is supposed to even slay gods yet it couldn't scratch this fellow which made him perplexed.

He honestly didn't want to face this one head on, plus, the fireballs were very big and emitted intense heat, even with his newly discovered energy, it would still heavily injure him if it struck him.



Arthur already expected him to do so, he knew that this monster would choose not to confront his attacks head-on as they would damage him, it seemed only his appearance changed and he still had rational thinking.

It was a bit of a pity, he was betting on the chance of him turning into a beast so that he can defeat him with clever tactics but it didn't it would work.

Just as Tensui backed away, Lucy finally finished what she was preparing so she immediately spoke

"Arthur.. it's ready!"

When he heard her, he felt a bit delighted but he was still tensed and on full alert.

If one looked above, high in the sky, they would see a gigantic bow, yes, it's a bow, precisely it's a bow made of very dense magma, it didn't even look like magma but like red iron, it was so condensed that the heat it emitted was overwhelming Tensui, someone in the Immortal Realm.

When his eyes landed on that terrifyingly big bow, he furrowed his long brows and stared at it wth disbelief, he could feel pressure coming from that bow.

As for Arthur, he just smirked and nodded at Lucy, he fastly descended from above and landed next to Lucy.

"Buy me 20 seconds... no 15 seconds are enough, just 15!"

Lucy didn't reply as she nodded her head and rushed at Tensui, who was still dumbstruck and staring at the bow.

Sensing danger, he turned his head only to see numerous lava waves coming at him, they looked like huge water waves, but instead of water, it was magma, a very strong magma.

The range of her attacks was very wide and he got no choice but to back away and evade it, since Lucy only needed to buy time, there was no use coming near him but what she didn't expect is that Tensui suddenly rushed straight at the magma waves.

Some sort of a cubic dark wall was formed in front of him, and just as he hit the magma waves, the wall melted slowly until it was finally gone which resulted in him being slightly injured by the waves, fortunately for him, he managed to pass the waves, so he continued to rush at Lucy.

Seeing him come at her with insane speed, Lucy didn't just stay still, two 3m big magma hands appeared from the ground and slammed at him, who was just 20m away from her.

Although the attack appeared suddenly, he kind of expected it, so with a wave of his hand, more than 10 dark blue shields appeared around him, pushing the hands and letting him through.

No matter how fast Lucy is at launching attacks, the last attack of hers was barely enough, if she wanted to thoroughly block him, she needed to create a magma wall or barrier or something similar, but even that would not be created in enough time.

Tensui finally arrived in front of the silver-haired woman who gave him a headache, he still felt fearful of the bow so he decided to take care of her first, or else he would surely regret it.

Tensui's attack was simple but deadly, he launched a punch at Lucy who tried to back away but the punch was faster, fortunately for her, the barrier made of dark magic was still surrounding her so his punch was stopped a little before the barrier shattered and it finally landed on her.

She managed to cross her arms to try to minimize the damage but what she didn't expect is the black tail striking her waist from who knows where, she instantly coughed blood as she was sent flying until she struck a nearby wall, but it was also destroyed and she kept flying from the force of the tail whip until a few walls were destroyed.

Her state looked pitiful as there was a bloody wound on her abdomen, unlike Arthur, her stats were lower than him, and even without the stats, he had defensive technique while she didn't, from the very beginning, she was a mage, and a mage clearly doesn't have a good defense, it's just that she has better defense than others because of the soul link.

Tensui didn't stop there, he wanted to thoroughly kill her so he can get rid of the bow, she is the one who created it, so naturally, if she's dead then it would disappear along with her.

Arthur watched this but he could only grit his teeth and continue to concentrate, he wanted to rush there and interrupt Tensui but just couldn't or else all the work she did would have gone to waste.


Tensui appeared next to Lucy, who was trying to stand and used his tail to hold her by her neck, he started exercising some strength into his grip to suffocate her, however, things didn't go as planned as a violet fire spike struck him from the ground, it was so sudden so he couldn't dodge, all he could do was try to use his Immortan energy to receive less damage.

Even with the help of the new energy, the fire spike was very sharp and emanated a heat that could even suffocate him, both of his legs were damaged as some of the scales in his knees were melting.

He, fortunately, had the Immortal energy or else his legs would have vanished, Tensui naturally backed away from his previous location while letting go of Lucy.

The pain from the fire was seriously no joke, Tensui was both fearful and curious about that pair, not only they were very mysterious, they were also extremely powerful so how come he doesn't know about them? He never even heard about people similar to them.

This time, while observing the surroundings and confirming that there is no hidden traps or spikes, he launched himself on Lucy, who was panting heavily and when he was just 1 meter in front of her, he disappeared and appeared right behind her, and unsurprisingly, yet another fire spike appeared in the same location he was just in.

A look of surprise appeared in Lucy's eyes, but it was too late to react now as she felt intense pain in her back, apparently, Tensui punched her back, breaking some of her bones, even the ribcage was damaged, which explains how much his strength is insane.

She couldn't stabilize or body as she was sent flying in the opposite direction but suddenly, two warm hands appeared from nowhere and gently held her, stopping her from flying any further and adjusting her body while not touching the heavy injuries.

Who else could it be but Arthur? He already finished what he was appearing, as he saw the bloody body of Lucy, his face turned ugly but an evil smile couldn't help but form on his face, normally, although one of his eyes turned grey, it would only be like that when he fought, in normal days, both of his eyes are blood red but now, one eye was grey while the other was black.

A notification was shown in front of him which made him a bit relieved as his plan worked.

[Heavenly arrow] and [Heavenly Bow] have successfully synchronized!
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Sorry, I couldn't post any chapters the last few days, too much exams, also, tomorrow, I can't post a chapter, hopefully Friday I can.

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