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Arthur stabilized his body and stared intensely at the golden shield, the previous attack was powerful and he really wanted to have a similar shield, however, he was not going to rob it or murder Gobu then take it as he had good ones in his storage too, they just didn't entirely suit his style of combat.

this time, he didn't rush at Gobu, instead, he put his katana back at its sheath then flew a bit high in the sky.

Gobu was surprised to see this strange act of Arthur, he knew something was fishy and he was probably changing tactic, nonetheless, he didn't budge from his position and glared cautiously at his opponent.


Arthur started concentrating and in just seconds, several dark red fireballs were created, each ball was was 3m and emitted some intense heat, in just seconds there were dozens of those balls.

Gobu was petrified as he felt a shiver down his spines, that 5m fire ball from earlier almost melted him, so when he saw this many, he couldn't help but feel afraid.

Arthur then threw all the balls at the same time toward Gobu, he made sure they struck him from all direction while Godly lightning struck him from above.

The poor daoist clenched his hands and formed several metal walls around him hoping for the best but they were easily melted and by the fireballs, they didn't hold them even for a millisecond as they passed through it as if it was air.

Fortunately, the shield was very fast, even with all the balls attacking from all directions, it would teleport instantly and block it, but with several hitting at the same time, it was practically impossible to defend against all at the same time no matter how fast it is.

None of the balls hit Gobu, but some of the fire landed on his body and burned him a little, although it was just a bit of the fireball that managed to hit him, it was enough to cause damage to him, especially when several bits of fire landed on him.

Even to a strong destructive fire such as the ancient fire, the golden shield was able to defend which astonished Arthur, but even seeing that, he didn't stop his bombarding.

The Godly lightning was even more destructive than the ancient fire, but it's only con is that it's slow so with Gobu's speed, he managed to evade it, but it caused more flames to touch him, his state became even more miserable as he was almost naked, his ragged clothes were almost fully burned and he had much more burn marks each time the fire touched him.

The bombarding continued until Gobu finally fell into despair and yelled

"I give up, I give up, stop! This penniless daoist cannot fight anymore, have mercy!"

Arthur smirked when he heard this and stopped, he knew that the tactic he just used was very useful and if it continued a couple more minutes, he would've been able to defeat him and seriously injure him but it seemed Gobu was wise and knew when to give up or else the consequences would have been dire.

He could have used [Dark Magic] but he didn't, he didn't want to show it for several reasons so he refrained from using it yet.

The arrow from earlier did some considerable damage to Gobu and as time passed, he felt that his insides are melting and each time the fire touched him, the pain became even more agonizing, he could not hold off anymore, if he continued, it would have been life-threatening, he wasn't dumb enough to fight to death with this madman.


Silent Flower, who was not that interested in the fight from the very beginning, closed her eyes and was tending her injured shoulder, but once the fight started and she heard the cries of surprise of the spectators, she opened her eyes only to see a shocking scene.

Arthur's speed was so fast that she literally couldn't follow it and his attacks were extremely strong, she also was stunned by those shields.

Once the big arrow struck the purple shield and broke it in two, and the huge impact happened, her eyes and mode were wide open as she stared at the scene in disbelief, she previously thought of Arthur as a somewhat strong participant but not a monster.

Even if she used her ice domain she can't defend against that arrow, no way in hell, she would die miserably, her opinion of him greatly changed as she stared at him with awe and curiosity.

When she saw him bombarding the poor daoist, she felt a bit fearful of those flames as even though some distance were separating them, she still felt the strong heat and pressure coming out of it, Gobu was really lucky to have a shield like that or he would have been roasted by those fireballs.

As the fight was done, nothing was left of the arena, even some of the walls of the Colosseum were either melted or destroyed by the impact of the explosions and fireballs, to say that Arthur is weak right now is just spouting non sense, previously none thought he is that strong but now they believed he will surely win this tournament.

This battle was even more ravaging and shocking than the previous, the damage was done to the surroundings numerous times higher than the last one, at least previously some part of the stage was left intact, however, the arena looked became miserable with several big craters scattered in all its corners, it couldn't be called an arena anymore.

Gobu was breathing heavily as he summoned back his golden shield and panted, he walked back while staggering and holding his chest, he would cough some blood every now and then.

Arthur wasn't feeling tired or anything like that, that attack previously did hurt him a bit with his illogical recovering speed as the injury was healing at fast speed, it would be fine in 10 minutes or so.

He went back to his previous location and was going to resume reading as if nothing happened when all of a sudden, an explosion resounded in the 'arena'.

The black-robed man who was going to fight the disciple from the Xi Clan was floating a couple of meters in the air while removing his black hood.

It revealed a very sinister and hideous face full of scars, the man was hysterically laughing and staring at Tenhi.

Arthur thought they were here for a reason but he didn't think they would act up this early, this person emitted the familiar aura the people from 'Medusa' did, well not all of them but the ones which were a bit more experienced in using [Dark magic].

When he appraised him earlier he discovered his LVL to be 561, it was not that high compared to the other participant but for some odd reason, he kept winning, he didn't use dark magic earlier not to alert him as he didn't want to attract his attention, he wanted to know what they were here for, last time they attacked Belic and Robin for some item, so they must be here for a reason.

Although it was only one guy, he was sure there are some others hiding somewhere, each time he met paths with them there was always more than one person.

Tenhi furrowed his brows when he saw the ugly man laughing while staring at him, then he sensed danger, he suddenly disappeared from his sit and appeared high up in the sky, and in his previous location was a dozen of black daggers than appeared out of nowhere.

Arthur also this process and was a bit shocked when he saw the dark blue daggers, it seemed this person was using [Chaotic dark magic] which was the first evolution of dark magic, also, why were the daggers speed very fast?

He appraised the ugly man again and was shocked to see his LVL, it was literally increasing at a rapid pace.

When he appraised it was already 1403 but only 10 seconds passed and it was 1600+, this was insane and incomprehensible.

The aura around the ugly man was becoming more and more overbearing as he began attacking Tenhi and everyone else, the dark magic attacks were aimed randomly at everyone and his Lvl kept increasing rapidly.

His attacks were so fast that he killed more than a hundred spectators in just seconds, even some of the nearby participants got struck by the dark magic and fell soundlessly on the ground.

The area of the clans was protected by the clan masters as they formed a barrier to protect from the dark magic but it didn't hold much at is began shattering when the attacks become more ferocious.

In less than a minute, the appraisal showed Arthur that this man was already in the Heavenly Realm, however, his aura didn't stop rising, instead, it kept increasing even faster which shocked him.

He became full alert, he didn't know how much it would increase but it didn't it would stop soon.

The clan masters already retreated and none attacked the ugly mad man, dark magic chains, spears, spikes were beeing created endlessly from all around him as he threw them at everyone while he kept laughing.

Suddenly, Tenhi appeared in front of him and struck with his fist, but to his surprise, it was blocked by the ugly black-robed man, he unexpectedly managed to react in time and form a dark blue shield in front of the punch, but it was not able to hold on much as it shattered and the fist sent him flying until he struck the Colosseum wall.



As Arthur called out for Astrith, the blue lightning beast appeared and dashed towards Lucy and Saly where at, he was previously instructed to protect Saly and this ugly man was dangerous so he had to send Astrith.

Astrith was fast and appeared near Saly and Lucy in seconds, he took Saly, Sonia, and Mary and flew out of the Colosseum with lightning speed, as for Lucy, she appeared next to Arthur, who was staring at the ugly madman.

He doesn't have anything to do with him but anyone who wanted him dead is his enemy, no matter who he is, maybe this man wasn't aiming for him, but he sure as hell seemed non-caring about the lives of who he killed.

Tensui, which was the name of the ugly man, stood up from the ground and continued to laugh although he was sent flying by Tenhi not oo long ago.

This time, he dashed at the middle-aged man while wielding a dark blue sword in both of his hands, he madly slashed out at Tenhi while sending the random dark magic attacks to his surroundings.

The clans already evacuated and only the clan masters were flying not too far away and observing the situation, as for the spectators, more than half of them died and the rest managed to escape from the Colosseum.

The sight was gory and nauseating, blood was all over the walls and ground and hundreds of lifeless corpses were laying on the ground.

The appraisal of Arthur was still ON, and by this time, he already reached the Deity Realm, the madman was fighting with Tenhi, albeit being sent flying much time and being struck by numerous skills of the middle-aged man, he would always get up and strike again.

At some point, Tenhi couldn't suppress him anymore and felt like Tensui's aura become even more ferocious, he didn't know why 'Medusa' would attack him or his competition suddenly but he didn't have the time to think about it right now.

Obviously, someone with a clan like his and a strength in the Deity Realm, he knew about the existence of Medusa and he knew there was a lot of strong people in it, but what was confusing as to why they would act against him now.

"Careful, he's in the Deity Realm and his strength is still increasing.."

Arthur warned Lucy before they engaged in the fight, unlike him, she wasn't immune to the dark magic so a strike from him would hurt her and he knew he couldn't convince her to escape.

Very soon, both him and Lucy rushed at the madman who was fighting Tenhi, Lucy waved her hand and several big magma balls were thrown at Tensui while Arthur unsheathed Makaze and launched [Lone Sword] 5 times using all his strength.

5 dark arcs made from the skills were aimed at Tensui and rushed at him with a speed faster than Lucy's magma balls.

Tensui, who was busy fighting Tenhi, was surprised by the sudden sneak-attack and was barely able to dodge 3 slashes before the 2 others hit him and made 2 deep cuts, one in his abdomen while the other in his shoulder.

He was shocked by the force of the slashes but he didn't have time to think about it as several big magma balls were coming at him, they were fortunately slow enough for him to dodge but just as he dodged, a silver-haired woman appeared at his right and sent a kick at his waist.

The strength of the kick was so strong that it shattered some of his bones and sent him flying with so much speed that he couldn't even stabilize his body in mid-air, for him, a person in the Deity Realm to be damaged like this with just a kick is astonishing, however, it didn't just end like this.

He was sent flying in the air by that kick which was instantly followed by a black shadow appearing above him and using both of its arms to strike his stomach and sending him flying to the ground yet again, but this strike was more powerful than the first one as he coughed blood continuously, his insides were totally crushed.

Arthur not only used all his strength, he even slipped some natural energy in that strike, it invaded Tensui's stomach and damaged his organs, but surprisingly he was very tough and had a high defense for some reason, maybe because he was in the Deity Realm?

The poor ugly man struck the ground and a huge crater appeared, Tenhi who was fighting the black-robed man was caught off guard by the attacks of those two and was more surprised when he saw them continuously attack Tensui and send him flying numerous times as if he was a ball.

Arthur descended and stood next to Lucy as he stared at the huge hole in the ground where Tensui landed, he didn't know if he was unconscious or not but that last strike surely damaged him greatly.

Soon enough, a hand stretched out from the hole and a pale Tensui appeared, blood came out of his mouth and eyes but for some reason, his aura never ceased to increase, there was even black fog coming out of him and there were dark symbols shining in his back.


Tensui was angry, he didn't expect those two to be this strong, it's true Arthur demonstrated amazing power earlier but he didn't pay that much attention as he was busy channeling the spell.

In fact, he was only able to increase his strength like this because he used a forbidden spell which consumed the soul energy of the subordinates of 'Medusa' to strengthen him for some time.

The lives spent to increase his energy to Deity Realm were countless, probably in the tens of thousands and it didn't seem to diminish, he could feel himself almost breaking through to the next Realm.

He could feel his body healing at godly speed and powerful energy surge in his body, he felt like a god, even the wounds he had gotten from Arthur and Lucy and not painful anymore.

He was in the A category which is considered very high in the organization and he got a mission from the 'statue' to perform a spell and use the subordinates life, he had to cause disturbances in the competition and kill as many people as he could, he wasn't given a reason and he didn't ask for one as it was an order from the 'statue'.

Not even 10 seconds after he got up from that hole, his hands and legs turned got bigger and claws came out of them, there were some brown scales on them and he felt something come out of his head.


Arthur's expression turned ugly as he saw the ugly man change appearance just as the statue indicated 'Immortal Realm', the aura he emanated was no joke, even he felt suppressed and a bit fearful.

He didn't hesitate as he used [Transmutation], his body transformed into a green lightning and he became covered with it, he looked like Yamak when he used that skill.

His stats were risen by 25% but only for a short amount of time, he needed to take this seriously and just by the pressure coming out of Tensui, he knew there is no time to think about it.

"Stay back and assist me with your magic, remember don't come close!"

As he Arthur said that, he launched himself at Tensui while several dark spikes were created and thrown at Tensui...

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