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The battle between Tianqi and Silent Flower was so intense that the crowd stayed silent after that last explosion, it took them a couple of minutes to realize what just happened.

The cheers were loud as they called out both their names, however, Tianqi walked back with some mustered strength, as for Silent Flower, she layed on the ground for some time before she could stand up and walk back, she gritted her teeth and was unwilling to accept defeat but she was sent out of the arena and she can't refute that.


Due to how damaged the arena became, the other match will be held up in an hour. Some disciples of the Locus Clan came and started fixing the arena, it didn't even take them 10 minutes to fix it so it's confusing on why they said 1 hour.

Anyways, Arthur didn't just stay still, instead, he surprisingly walked next to Silent Flower, who was tending her wounds and said

"Here, drink this"

He said that while stretching his hand which hat the Miraculous Healing Potion.

The reason he decided to give her and not Tianqi is that she seemed more approachable? He seemed to be the kind of guy to not like others, Arthur even guessed that he would be ignored if he talked to him.

Silent Flower was lifted her head and saw a black robed person covering his head, handing her fist-sized red Potion, but she didn't take it and stared at him with a confused look.

Seeing her act like this, Arthur put the Potion on the ground then went back to where he was, he only did that because he wanted to form a friendly relationship with her, someone who can use a special kind of ice is by no means normal, she must have a powerful backing or something similar, if not then she perhaps was born with that kind of ice.

Maybe if they became friends, she could teach him how to use that ice.

He didn't bother with her anymore and retrieved a book to read until the next match is up.

Silent Flower frowned at his actions and didn't pick the potion until 20 minutes later, she didn't know why a complete stranger would do this but she couldn't find a reason he would hurt her, a direct reason that is, he may want something in return but since he didn't say it then it doesn't matter right?

First, she drank just a little bit to confirm it's not poison, but just when it invaded her body, a warm feeling covered her and her wounds were healing much faster. Surprised by this, she gulped the Potion straight away which made her wounds heal at an incredible speed.

Just after 5 minutes of consuming it, all her wounds healed except that serious one on her shoulder, although it didn't fully heal, it was less painful.

She gazed at the empty bottle with widened eyes then she shifted her gaze to Arthur, who was leisurely sitting and reading a book.

She doesn't want to fill indebted to someone so she slowly walked next to him and hesitantly said

"T-Thank you, I owe you a fav-vour.."

Arthur lowered the book and chuckled before replying

"No problem, no problem! Ah ah, for that favor, I would like to use it now.."

Startled by this, Silent Flower began regretting even coming to thank him, she guessed he would ask for something precious or ridiculous so she clenched her fists and retorted

"W-What do you want?"

"Hai! Let's become friends then.. what do you say?"

She stayed silent for an unknown amount of time before she spoke with a low voice

"Isn't it e-early to become friends? I just met you..."

Hearing this, Arthur waved his hand as if he was annoyed and said

"Ah.. then consider it a gift.. no need to return the favor."

Silent Flower would feel guilty if she did that, her honor and pride wouldn't let her do that.

'He just wants to be your friend! What are you afraid of?' After successfully reassuring herself, she stretched her hand as if she wanted to shake his and said

"Pleased to become your f-friend.."

Arthur laughed heartily and immediately replied while shaking her hand rapidly

"Ha ha ha, the pleasure is mine, sit sit!"

He indicated at the chair next to him, telling her to sit as he wanted to chat with her about that ice, he was very curious about it.

However, from a while back, he could feel killing intent coming from the audience, he didn't dare look as he knew Lucy was gazing at him with piercing eyes.

It's not like he was flirting with Silent Flower or wanted her to become his woman, he approached her for different reasons, but it seems Lucy misunderstood or is being jealous for no apparent reason.


From the very beginning, Silent Flower impression on Arthur was not that bad, she just felt he was a bit strong as she saw him fight earlier, she didn't think he could win against her, but he was decently strong and after he helped her, he seemed like an friendly and kind person, although it seemed strange as to why he covered his face.

The two chatted for a couple of minutes before they stopped, they only talked about simple things like the participants and the bandaged guy, Arthur discovered that it would be hard to make her speak of her strange ice so he stopped talking and resumed reading his book.

The silence was awkward but he didn't mind that and acted normally, as for her, she closed her eyes and seemed to be trying to treat her shoulder.

The one hour was finally done and the next match was announced, Arthur was extremely overjoyed as he heard the announcement as his opponent was Gobu.

He finally gotten what he wished for, he really wanted to see what will the great actor do when he realises his opponent has seen through him.

Arthur jumped on the new arena followed by Gobu who acted the same. Arthur didn't know how strong a Heavenly Realm person is, but he knew he is strong, at least compared to others, however, he didn't dare to be reckless so he decided to fight seriously, he would only use Makaze, if it gets hard then he will use his dark magic and the others.

He wouldn't use his full speed as he it but he would fight seriously, at least he wouldn't hold back his attacks.

Soon, the two of them were on the arena, Gobu was barely standing as if he would fall at any moment, as if Arthur, he already took a special sword stance while holding Makaze.


Anastassia, who was watching the next match with depressed eyes because her clan was out was shocked once her eyes landed on that black katana.

There is no way there are other swords similar to Arthur's, with just one look, she was sure it was the same sword, so the one holding it must be Arthur.. 

'damned fool! Why would he disguise himself to join?' She was irritated because he not only participated disguised but also because he beat the only clan member still in the competition, plus, why would he even participate, with his strength, it's a piece of cake to win the first tournament and even the second.


Once the 20 seconds were up, Arthur used [Petal Footsteps] to rush at Gobu, who was dumbstruck by the speed of his opponent.

The speed Arthur displayed was just slightly slower than Anastassia, so Gobu who was preparing himself to start the act was caught off guard.

As he was rushing at the daoist, Arthur already used [Lone sword] 2 times and sent 2 slashes ahead of him.

This time, the bald man didn't dare act and retrieved a golden shield from his storage.

It was a big gold shield which was 1 meter in height and 10 centimeters thick, it looked dazling as a bright light came out of it.

Even the calm Tenhi who was leisurely watching the fight was stunned 2 times in less than 5 seconds, first because of the fast and powerful attacks of Arthur which were very fast, then by the golden shield, he couldn't help but mumbly


Once the two slashes of Arthur struck the shield, they vanished, it was not cut or destroyed, and that greatly shocked Arthur, however, he didn't dare back away, instead he increased his speed even more.

Even if it was a shield, it was not a normal one for it to be able to block a slash from [Lone Sword], it's true he didn't use all his strength but he used quite an amount that would even injure a Spirit Realm.

With his godly speed, he appeared behind the still startled Gobu and thrusted his sword at his back with accuracy and fast speed.

Somehow, the golden shield which was put in front of Gobu, appeared behind him and blocked the thrust of Makaze, but this time, it didn't stay put, but it was pushed back a couple of meters, pushing Gobu with it.

Although astonished that Makaze couldn't go through the shield, Arthur didn't stop there, instead, he used Natural Lightning which descended from the sky and kept striking Gobu.

The bald daoist was completely with what just happened, he still couldn't believe what he is seeing, he just thought of Arthur as a regular participant, maybe slightly stronger than others but he by no means did he think he was a Heavenly Realm like him.

As to why he thought he is Heavenly Realm? Well, obviously it's because with that kind of speed and power of attacks! Only people in that Realm or above could perform like that and show mind-numbing strength.

He desperately dodged those lightning but a few of them hit him, it didn't hurt for a couple of seconds until he felt his inside twist a bit and the pain followed that.

With no way but to take out his few treasures, he retrieved yet another shield which was purple and held it in the air, he then quickly mumbled some few words and the purple shield floated above him, completely blocking the streaks of lightning.

Then he flew high in the sky, to avoid the incoming Arthur, but the latter was coming at him even when he flew and his speed seemed to increase even more.

Although the daoist's speed was not that fast, he had that golden shield which would teleport at every place Arthur slashed or thrusted his sword, the priest would be sent flying 50 or so meters until he stopped and adjusted his body.

He couldn't even counter-attack as Arthur speed was too fast for him to be able to accurately hit him.

The golden shield protected him from all direction except above, but he had the purple one to do the job from that direction, they two shield had similar runes and symbols except the purple one was a bit smaller.

Arthur increased his speed even more until he was like a black blur, the audience was flabbergasted as they saw the flying priest get pushed a couple of meters every second by an invisible force.

Arthur tried his best to attack him but the shield kept blocking so he finally raised his speed and strength to the max and decided to use powerful skills.

The Godly lightning would take 10 seconds to hit which is a big amount of time in a battle like this one, he first prepared a Godly lightning which will be followed by a 10m ball of ancient fire to strike Gobu from above then he flew around Gobu with his full speed making the enemy unable to locate his exact position.

Even the calm Tenhi stood up from his chair and stared with widened eyes at Arthur, even him someone in the Deity Realm can barely keep up with him, much less Gobu who was depressed right now as he never thought he would encounter such an enemy in the first tournament.

As the 10 seconds were up, a white thick streak of lightning came from above, as it was descending, it fused with the ball of red fire and transformed into a 15m red and white arrow, it's speed was outstanding as it struck the purple shield, Arthur also appeared in front of Gobu and used [Dark Burst] to slash at the dumbfounded bald man.

Unfortunately, even with his godly speed, the golden shield appeared in front of the slash and blocked it but this time, but the impact of the slash and the arrow on both of the shield made a deafening explosion.

The shockwaves were ravaging as even though they are fighting high up in the air, the shockwaves broke the arena and the colosseum, some of the nearby spectators fell unconscious or were sent flying from the power of the impact.

The golden shield managed to block that powerful strike of Arthur but the purple shield only lasted for a second before it broke in two, almost all the arrow vanished, it was now only a 2m arrow, it struck the pale-faced Gobu who created a metal shield from his magic just in time to block the arrow but it was not that effective as he was sent flying down until he struck the broke arena.

He was quite lucky as he hit the center of it, but it was broken into pieces and a huge crater was created from that impact, it couldn't be called an arena right now, it was just scattered rocks.

Gobu barely managed to stand up as there was burn marks on his face and shoulders and blood leaked out of his lips, he stared at Arthur with a anger and some fear, that arrow was reduced to just 2 meters but the damage it did to him was serious.

He could feel some of his organs to being melted by that fire and his bones were crushed by that lightning. Not only his opponent was a monster in close-combat, he was a freaking Wizard and could use a special type of fire and lightning.

Arthur was delighted by the outcome, he expected no less from that arrow, now that the purple shield is gone, the streaks of nature lightning resumed attacking Gobu who started dodging.

He looked more pitiful than ever, with a burnt clothes and sorry state, he previously was acting but now he was dodging for real, he couldn't help but laugh at himself as he wanted to try fooling Arthur too.

Arthur didn't just stay in the air, he rushed at the bald man with his fastest speed and attacked with slashes and kicks, he didn't want to win by pushing him out of the arena he wanted to defeat him normally, furthermore, the golden shield annoyed him and he really wanted to break into to, but unfortunately he was unable too, even with a slash supported by [Dark burst].

He appeared behind Gobu and was ready to slash yet again when he felt extremely heavy and was slowed down by a huge margin, and to make thing worse, the golden shield appeared in front of him and brightly shined then the elephant symbol which was imprinted in it seemed to move and an illusory image of the creature came out of it and slammed into him.

It felt like he was struck by a mountain as he was sent flying, for someone with his defense to be sent flying like this was really shocking, that attack was very powerful as he almost fell on the ground out of the 'arena', so long as he flying, even if it's out of the arena range then it's alright but if he touched the ground then he's out.

Some of his bones appeared damaged, but it was nothing serious, fortunately.

Gobu, who thought the attack now was enough to win, stared at Arthur with eyes full of disbelief as he really couldn't believe this was a person in front of him.

The golden shield is a strange artifact he had gotten his hands on and it is by no means weak, it can defend against attacks from a person in the Deity Realm and it's offensive is great too, that attack can slaughter Heavenly Realm people like chicken so why was he not dead? It only left one conclusion and it's that Arthur is certainly a Deity Realm.

Tenhi could not calm down, this fight was not like anything he had seen before, that previous attack of the golden shield could even hurt him, and what's with that speed of the black-robed man? He began to feel suspicious about the two of them and was on full alert, he must investigate properly their identities.


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