Once Human, Now a Parasite



Chapter 62 : A Beautiful Yet Dangerous Lotus


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The next matches were slightly better than the ones on the next round as it the fighters were better, but that's to be expected considering they won the first round.

There were martial artists, mages, and some dual classes but the most common one was mages.

It is known that not all people can use 'Qi', so that's why there was not a lot of martial artists from the participants.

Of course there can be some fighters and people who use normal close combat skills using mana, but the techniques which required Qi are stronger, this didn't apply on all cases but generally, the techniques and skills with the Qi are better.

Most of the participants were mages, and that's totally normal as mages can kite and even without Qi, people can still deal a lot of damage and possibly one shot someone.

So although there were people unable to use Qi, they relied on their talent for magic to become great mages and came here to try their luck and show their flashy skills.

The matches proceeded normally, the bandaged guy and the pretty woman won easily like the last round.

As for the bald daoist who was named Gobu, he won exactly like last time, he struggled against a girl from the Yun Clan before pushing her off the arena, simple yet effective.

The audience opinion about him seemed to decrease, they didn't like his way of fighting as he was always evading and didn't attack, he would sneakily come from behind and strike so they kept booing him.

Very soon, the 15 matches were done and the 15 winners were given another half an hour pause.

Since there were 15 people, there is a person who would be left alone without an opponent so they decided to let him fight against a random person from the winners of this round.

This person was decided by luck, and apparently, it was a disciple from the Ma clan, it was a short girl who appeared to be shy but Arthur knew she was powerful, just previously she nearly one hit her opponent, too fierce!

As for Arthur, his opponent was a person from the Xi Clan.

The matches were even more exciting, the skills and techniques used damaged the arena, but fortunately, it was a large one so it didn't cause any problems.

Arthur's match was decent, he won again by attacking consistently with his kicks and punches while using some wind cyclone and tornados every now and then to suppress the enemy.

It worked perfectly, plus he was weaker than Diyun so it didn't take him long to lose

The third round was finished after an hour of fighting, the shy small girl won against a random person who also won in the third round, he was disqualified because he lost to her and she proceeded to the fourth round.

Same thing for Gobu, the bandaged guy, and that pretty girl.

There were 7 participants left, the girl from the Ma clan, Arthur and the 3 other monsters and 2 final people, one was a girl from the Yun Family while the other was the dark robed person from earlier.

Arthur was surprised when he saw this dark robed person proceed to the fourth round, nonetheless, he had already decided not to let him leave this island alive, that's for sure.

This time's competition was surprising as usually, the people proceeding to the fourth round and 70% disciples from the clan, but this time, the majority were participants coming from outside.


Yet another half an hour was given and the names and opponents were arranged.

Arthur's opponent was the little shy girl from the Ma clan, and surprisingly, the bandaged guy and the pretty girl who was named 'SilentFlower' were against each other, as for Gobu, he was against the guy from the Xi Clan, while the girl from the Yun family will fight later against a random winner.

Arthur's name was called first followed by Mia, the shy girl's name, she kept an embarrassed look as she slowly walked to the arena.

Arthur also headed for the arena and waited for the time to pass so the fight can begin. To be honest, he wasn't interested in fighting her, well fighting anyone from the Ma clan generally, because it's needless, he wanted to fight others, why not was he not put against that guy from the Xi Clan, he appeared to be pretty good, his purple fire was very strong and his attack seemed accurate and his decisions were perfect.

Arthur observed him from the very beginning and was a bit interested in him, unfortunately, he will lose against Gobu, that's for sure.

The 20 seconds soon passed and Mia rushed at Arthur using [Petal Footsteps], she was fast as she dashed towards him while throwing her punch at him.

Arthur easily blocked that punch with his palms but what special about this girl is that she is fast at attacking, she continuously attacked him as if she was boxing, but no matter how fast her fists were, they were unable to pass through his palms.

With each punch, he noticed her attacking speed increase a by a small amount and after dozens of punch, it became incredibly fast, this girl was really talented, if he was not her opponent but someone else, maybe she would have won, of course, if her opponent is not Arthur or either of the 3 other monsters.

Arthur decided to finish it fast so he lightly kicked her abdomen and sent her flying, he defended from the very beginning so Mia gained a bit of confidence but his high-speed kick which was like lightning surprised her and she couldn't react in time to evade or block.

She somehow managed to stabilize her body at the edges of the arena and crouched down holding her abdomen and showing a pained expression.

She only groaned for a couple of seconds before she adjusted her body and stared at Arthur with fear and excitement.

Mia loved fighting, especially when she met opponents stronger than her, so she rushed at Arthur yet again, but unfortunately for her, he wasn't in a mood to fight her so with a speed much faster than her, he rushed at her and while doing that, four walls of flames were created around her, completely shocking her as she thought he was only good at wind magic but those flames were clearly purple.

After he did that, he willed them to encircle her and strike her at the same time, however, she clever and jumped high in the sky to avoid them but that only resulted in being struck in the back by Arthur, who jumped behind her with lightning speed and attacked her without giving her enough time to react.

This time she couldn't stop her body from hitting the ground out of the arena, as she stared at him with shock, she was depressed as if this wasn't a tournament she would have continued the fight, it's such a pity, she pouted and headed back to her clan's area.

Arthur walked back to his previous place and gazed at the arena waiting for the next fight, he really wanted to watch the fight between SilentFlower and the bandaged guy.

Luckily, the next match was that fight so he relaxed his body and stared at the two of them, he really wished for something to eat right now, it's as if he was in a cinema about to watch a movie.

The two of them soon faced each other, the bandaged guy named Tianqi kept mumbling some nonsense while SilentFlower coldly stared at him, this time she unsheathed her double blades and prepared herself as she knew her opponent was simple like the others.

Those bandages were very fast and strong, the pierced several barriers like they were paper and even broke bones easily.

Just as the waiting time was done, the bandaged guy used the same attack to strike the girl, the bandage headed for her with fast speed but this time, it was blocked.

SilentFlower elegantly slashed her double swords at the bandage, her attack contained a hint of ice yet when Arthur saw it, it was clearly ice but it had a pink color.

The bandages were cut this time and some of it was deflected to the site, as for her two slashes, they transformed into two ice arrows which were aimed at the bandaged guy, their speed was faster than the bandage and they emitted a freezing aura, Arthur could feel it from that big distance.

The bandaged guy didn't move but the bandages got left his body and created a thick wall which blocked the arrows.

The wall was so thick that even after the arrows struck it deep into it, it couldn't pass through, no matter how much bandages left his body, they never ended.

SilentFlower didn't stay still and had already appeared near Tianqi who didn't seem surprised or startled by her speed, the bandages were already around him, forming another wall from that direction while some of them transformed into sharp spikes and attacked Silent Flower.

She sent several slashes at the spikes and avoided some of them, and in just seconds, she was in front of the thick wall of the bandages, she crossed both the blades and muttered something with a very low voice.

The crossed blades shined for a second before the ground turned into a weird colored ice and the thick wall was covered with ice, then with a hack from her, it crumbled.

The legs of Tianqi were covered in some ice as it was the cause of her previous attack, he was greatly slowed and before he could back away, the wall already crumbled and Silent Flower slashed with both the blades in a weird manner and to make matter worse, 3 ice arrows came flying at him from behind.

She was really strong and capable, not only did she managed to break through his strong defense, she even counter-attacked and managed to attack him from both sides, she was really powerful.

With not enough time to defend against those two incoming attacks, Tianqi lifted both of his hands and the white bandages in his hands turned black then they blocked the two slashes of Silent Flower, they wrapped themselves around the blades with insane speed and froze them in mid-air.

Of the 3 arrows, one of them managed to strike his back as for the 2 others, they were blocked by a black bandage.

The arrow didn't heavily injure him, nonetheless, blood leaked out from the bloody bandages and he couldn't help but become alarmed.

He discovered that this was not a normal ice, the arrow dissipated and the ice invaded his body trying to freeze him from the inside, even when he tried to fight back he could barely hold on, after all, he had to fight her back too.

Seeing the arrow hit its target, Silent Flower smirked and back away 10 steps, the bandages were no longer wrapped around the blades.

When she looked at the bandaged guy, she frowned a little before regaining her usual expression. The bandages on his head came off a little and showed a blonde hair and a blue eye, unfortunately, only part of his head was shown so apart from his right eye and half of his hair, nothing else was shown.

Even Arthur was shocked, he expected an ugly person behind the bandages or at least some hideous scars and not some blondie with a blue eye, maybe the other part of his face was injured, who knows? What intrigued him more was the bandages and the ice, he was the fight with his blood boiling.

Very quickly, all the bandages turned black and some violet fog was coming out of it, the aura was chilling and he emanated an intimidating pressure.

Silent Flower was not surprised by this, she expected him to have something up his sleeve and it seemed he finally became serious so it's time for her to become serious too.

She put her blades on their sheath then she drew some strange symbols in the air, and in just 10 or so seconds, a blue circle with a star inside it and some strange runes appeared mid-air where she was waving her hands a moment ago, the runes and symbols were pink coloured and began to shine brightly until it vanished inside her chest.

And at that moment, all the arena ground turned was frozen by the ice and she transformed into ice, literally, all her clothes were gone and she turned into an ice pink woman, well it was pink yet purple, a little of the two, she held both of her blades which turned into ice too but they were normal ice and charged at Tianqi.

She really emitted chilling cold and even the audience began feeling it, her speed more than doubled and with but a simple slash of hers, a big ice wave would be created, it was terrifying.

Tianqi also wasn't weak, his aura was not suppressed by her ice and they both clashed creating explosions and craters all over the arena which was already frozen.

The only place which wasn't frozen was where he stood, and whenever he moved, the ground he stepped on would either be melted or the ice would disappear, he became more and more ferocious as the battle continued.

They were equal in power but because she somehow could use the cold environment and the frozen arena, she held a slight advantage, ice spears or arrows would appear out of nowhere to attack him, it was endless, furthermore, she used strong skills to overwhelm him but his black bandages were like a vacuum, sucking out the power of her attacks and making it almost non existent.

It continued like this for almost 10 minutes when suddenly, Silent Flower backed away and stared at Tianqi angrily, he was pretty persistent and even with her personal ice domain, she couldn't win, it was almost time for it to run out so she could only use her strongest attack and gamble on it.


Tenhi, who was enjoying the fight from way earlier, was smiling as he looked at Silent Flower 'To be able to create an ice domain since a young age, truly a genius ha ha ha.... however, she's unlucky to be against that guy' Then he looked at Tianqi with a somewhat interested gaze, he too didn't know what those bandages were even with vast knowledge and it would be a lie to say he wasn't interested, maybe if he won he'll ask him to join and then ask him about it.

Silent Flower threw both of her blades up in the air, they floated a couple of meters above her head, she then closed her eyes and lifted her hands and soon, all the ice in the arena began to concentrate at the same location which was where the blades floated.

Tianqi looked at this from afar and didn't waste this opportunity to use his black bandages to secretly attack her, a lightning fast back spike came flying at her but it was completely blocked by an invisible barrier.

He continued doing that but it didn't work as the invisible barrier blocked everything, and after 30 seconds passed, the ice began forming and its coldness seemed about to freeze the whole Colosseum, some spectators were even trembling while others stared with awe at the big pink lotus flower with now was formed.

it 70meters in height and 10 meters in length, pretty big and beautiful, truly too beautiful yet it emitted a freezing aura, Arthur stared at it with curiosity and excitement.

He wished to fight her as she was really strong, just this fight made him not regret participating in this competition.

Tianqi backed away several meters as he felt the terrifying pressure and coldness coming out of the big lotus, it was very dangerous so he had to take the appropriate measures.

The bandages began unfolding and soon a black sword formed in front of him, it was floating and had some black bandages in its hilt, the rest of it was made from the violet fog but now it seemed much denser, the sword was created in an instant but you could notice Tianqi staggering as he created it, it seems the process to create it quickly did something to him, maybe a backlash of some sort?

Silent Flower then mumbled some final words to finish her attack then waved her hand toward Tianqi and in the next moment, the ice lotus flower was thrown at him, it wasn't that fast but nor that slow either, although it's slow, Tianqi had no place to escape and he didn't intend to do so, he gritted his teeth and willed the dark and violet sword to charge at the incoming attack.

Compared to the big lotus, the sword was very small, but at the moment of the impact, an ear-deafening sound was created and the arena split in half, strong waves of ice were emitted from the lotus as for the sword, the violet fog formed some sort of invisible wall which stopped the lotus from advancing further.

Albeit the violet fog creating a transparent wall, the lotus began suppressing it and slowly advancing toward Tianqi, but surprisingly, 2 other similar swords flew from his position and struck the lotus completely stopping it from advancing.

The clash remained like that for half a minute, and just 30 seconds, the arena was broken in half with a huge crater formed under the impact of the attacks and a ringing sound was coming from the lotus.

It suddenly lit up and exploded creating a big explosion, only a small portion was left from the arena and the 3 swords seemed to vanish.

Some of the spectators were hit by the impact too and some had some parts frozen, Arthur glanced at Lucy to check but nothing happened, a simple barrier was created by her which protected her and the nearby people from any harm.

Dust was around the arena, blocking the view of almost everyone and the had to wait a couple of seconds for it to vanish and went it did, they saw 2 figures, one was kneeling on the ground while coughing blood non-stop, there was even a bloody wound in his leg, while the other was struggling to get up from the ground while having her hand burned up and there was a deep scar near her shoulder.

At a closer look, the bandaged guy was still in the arena but Silent Flower was out of it, although she first tried to get up, once she saw the wall of the Colosseum so close, she knew she lost so she stopped struggling, as for Tianqi, he breathed heavily as he swallowed a couple of pills and tended to his wounds.

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