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Arthur was a bit excited about the upcoming competition, he liked those kinds of events so after some thorough thinking, he decided to join it, yes, you heard right, he wanted to enter the competition as a normal martial artist.

It didn't indicate that outsiders are forbidden from entering it, actually, many powerful individuals would join it, there are also some people would want to try their chance in it, but it's not a simple competition, there will be a lot of strong people from the clans.

The competition was kind of like a tournament, it was divided into three tournaments, one for disciples and those who joined, the second is for sections chiefs and the other is for Elders.

Anastassia also told Arthur that the winner from the disciple tournament can participate in the section chief tournament and so on, it happens a lot of times as there are some genius disciples from the clans who are considered very powerful, there were even some exceptional ones who even managed to get second place in the section chief tournament.

Arthur told Anastassia that Lucy would be attending and as for him, he is busy with some important matters. 

She was a bit disappointed, but she couldn't force him to go, it was his choice after all.

He already thought about how to enter the competition and planned everything, he had Zodiak's corpse and with some good clothes, it would be easy to hide his appearance.

Lucy already knew about all of this, it was kind of unfortunate that she can't change her appearance or else she would have joined him, but they already for something like that too.

The 2 weeks passed just in the blink of an eye, nothing interesting happened, Lucy and Arthur passed their days, as usual, either snuggling and raiding the dungeon or playing with little Saly, who with their help and Astrith's, managed to reach LVL39.

She was just leeching in the dungeon and finishing the monster when it was near death, although at first, she was unwilling, she quickly got used to it, after all, they were just monsters.

If she could kill them alone then her LVL would have been much higher as their LVLS were high too, but considering she only dealt the final blow, the experience she got was not that much.

Her lvl is low compared to others, but for normal people, she was a genius, she was very hardworking and trained every day so she never ceased to improve, furthermore, while Arthur cleared the dungeon a lot of times during his stay in the clan, she luckily found 3 medium cores of the dungeon.

It is really hard to find them as they rarely dropped from the boss, he had no use for them so he passed them to Saly, who consumed them, fortunately, her stats have risen once again.

Her overall stats were in the 2-3k, she was considered very strong, no matter how exhausting the training was, she bore with it and never complained.

Seeing her dedication and strong will, Arthur told her to rest for a few days and go with Lucy to watch the competition, training too much may lead to negative effects so why not rest from time to time?

Compared to her, he only needed to hunt a few monsters and possess them, it was really a big difference. Clearing a dungeon would only take seconds as he would pass by the monsters and they would explode into blood and gore, if they could respawn immediately then his stats would rise by millions in just a day, such a pity..

Nonetheless, in these 2 weeks, he hunted quite a few of monsters, it was not like last time but he killed and possessed a few as he went with Saly to the dungeon.

Today was the day of the competition, it was held in a big a Colosseum in a secluded place in an island South of Itas of the continent. 

Lucy, Anastassia, and the others headed there a couple of days ago to arrive in time, as for Arthur, he didn't need to do that as it would only take him a few minutes at best.

He already knew the location of the island, he went early in the morning after possessing Zodiak's corpse and wearing that familiar dark robe along with some black gloves and boots.

It was as if he was him from back then, in Willsden.

The island was nothing suspicious from the outside, however, once he got too close and stopped a few hundred meters from it he saw a couple of people guarding it, it was just a 5 kilometer radius, it was small and appeared to be a forest for travelers that used boats, they only thought of it as a deserted island so no one bothered to check it.

Arthur sensed the illusion barrier around it much like the one in the Ma clan, of course, he could break it with but a wave of his hand but he didn't, he didn't come to bring trouble but to participate in the competition.

The guards suspiciously looked at Arthur but once he told them he is here to participate, he just had to pay a small fee of 50 gold then he was allowed in.

The big colosseum could be seen from far away, and it was apparently full but people were still coming from all directions.

After inquiring about the location of the place to sign himself in the competition, he went there and did a simple strength test to measure his power, after all, they can't accept anybody who came, one must at least have a certain amount of strength.

He didn't need to pay anything for the entrance which surprised him but what Arthur didn't know is that simple strength test was considered very hard, but he only needed to pretend to punch at that brown rock then a number showed on the crystal near it.

He was an extremely low amount of strength so to not attract attention and it seemed his control over his strength is as perfect as ever.

Of course, there was some who used martial arts or magic to attack the rock, everyone can do whatever they wanted, they just needed to pass.

Actually, this competition is not made by the collaboration of the several participating clans, it was made by the Locus Clan, Anastassia didn't say much about it except that it was the most powerful one and that its master is known to have exceeded the Heavenly Realm, it didn't arrogantly control the other clans because if all the clans help each other they can manage to defeat the Locus Clan.

However, that didn't mean that it(Locus Clan) is on equal footing, it had many strong individuals which made it a terrifying force not to be messed with.

Arthur noticed that the guards outside and the people measuring the strength of the applicants are all dressed in violet robes or violet clothes with the word Locus imprinted in it so he immediately knew they were from that clan.

To be honest, he didn't care about it, he just came here to have some fun so there is no need to meddle with them.

Each participant had his own waiting room, they can also go to a certain place which is near the big arena, all participants who are waiting for their turn can observe the matches from there.

Arthur directly went there, just when he exited the long corridor, what faced him was a big stone arena, probably 200x200 meter, it was broad, the Colosseum was 100 meters high and full of people sitting on the stone chairs, they were already cheering loudly.

All those people were either random people who knew about this event and exclusively came to watch or disciples from the various clans.

70% of the Colosseum was filled with people, however, there was an area where it was kind of empty, there were old men and women sitting there, just as he saw Anastassia sitting there with several Elders from the Clan, he knew it was some kind of VIP area where the Elders of the clans sat.

It was divided into 4 areas, there was an area where the Ma clan sat, the other three is for the Xi Clan, Yan clan and the Aristocrat Yun Family.

Also, there was a special place above that place where the place looked more luxurious, just one look and Arthur guessed that it must've been a place where the host of the competition will be staying.

He observed the several clans which apparently were strong, the Xi Clan Elders wore a red robe with a fire lizard symbol on it, Anastassia previously told him that this Clan is known for having powerful fire magicians and warrior which excelled in using close-combat fire attacks.

As for the Yan Clan, it was like the Ma Clan, it was known for having strong disciples, it is also known that they are the descendants of the White Tiger of the West which is a legendary beast known to have ascended to godhood and left this world, same thing for the Azure Dragon of the East, Black Turtle of the North and last but not least is the Vermillion Bird of the South.

Four Legendary Beasts which defended this world from what was known as the 'Calamity' Ten thousand years ago.

The Aristocrat Yun Family strangely only has female disciples and Elders, it was a mysterious clan, not much was known about it except that they used ice magic and they were very skilled at using it, there was even a time when the young master of the Yan family took a liking to the direct disciple of the Aristocrat Yun Family, however, he was crippled as he fought her after making a bet with her.

Since it was a fair fight, the two clans didn't fight but an enmity was grown since that time and they were on guard against each other.

Arthur used the name 'Moonstar' as his nickname, every participant from outside was allowed to give whatever name he liked, it's not like there was a rule against that, he couldn't come up with anything but that so he went with that.

The first Tournament was obviously the one for the disciples as to be expected, after all, they were the weakest ones.

There was a big board on the Southern wall of the Colosseum, and in it there were all the names on the of the participants, the names written were extremely small but almost everyone could see them as it was not a bothersome matter if someone had just a bit of dexterity they could see them, even someone such as Saly could see them.

Arthur almost immediately found his name, his first enemy was 'BegMe' who also seemed to be a participant, if not then his name would not be like that, it didn't matter anyway, his blood was boiling.

Maybe for others, it may not look like it an exciting thing when someone with strong power fights against weaklings, but he can adjust his power so he can fight on par with them and enjoy some fighting even if it was for a little bit.

The rules were simple, if one of the two fell from the arena or was knocked unconscious then it's the win of the other one, pretty simple, it was prohibited to kill or cripple but 'accidents' could always happen.

The first tournament didn't begin until the host clan, the Locus Clan members finally arrived.

There were several golden armored guards followed by the clan master, he was a middle-aged man with a golden hair, he appeared to be his forties, he emanated a strange majestic power and wore a white golden armor which suited him and made him look even more handsome.

Arthur already appraised all the present Elders from the other clans but their LVL was not that high, however, when he appraised this man, he was a bit shocked by the result.

Tenhi Larin(Human) : Deity Realm

 The reason he was surprised is because he didn't expect him to be a deity, he could feel some mysterious aura coming out of him but he couldn't guess what it is.

Even the guards were above lvl 1000, which means they were in the Spirit Realm, of course, they must be no common guards for them to be able to be next to such a strong individual, furthermore, why in the bloody hell would he need guards when he is this strong? Is it perhaps for show?

Tenhi walked leisurely to his sit and sat, then he looked at the clan master and Elders of the several clans, he nodded his head at the clan masters then he turned his head and said

"Thank you all for coming! Ha ha ha, I cannot wait to see this year's champions! I'm sure it will be as exciting as ever, let the competition begin"

He wasn't a man who would pass minutes talking non-sense, just a couple of words to start the competition and brighten the atmosphere was enough.

Loud cheers and yells from the came from the disciples who came to watch, they were very excited, every fight would be thrilling so wouldn't be excited?

Arthur merely sat there, there were some nervous participants nearby, some were trembling while others coudn't wait any extra second to begin the fight, there was also some similar to him and kept silent, a couple of individuals caught his attention.

The first was a bald man who looked like a Buddhist, he wore a ragged yellow robe and went around the area saying to every participant

"Hello, this penniless daoist is hungry, could you contribute a little by donating some gold?"

Most of the people ignored him while there were some who were angered and attacked him, but to their surprise, he swiftly dodged and went to the next person.

The next person that Arthur was interested in was a girl, she looked to be around twenty more or less, she wore tight grey clothes with a violet sword behind her back, she maintained an emotionless face as she closed her eyes and sat cross legged in a cornor, perhaps she wmeditatinging or using some similar skill, no one bothered her as everyone was busy with their own matters.

She wasn't particulary beautiful, she had that natural charm but nothing was too outrageous or stunning like Lucy, nevertheless, she may be considered a beauty for some people.

The third person was a bandaged guy, he had bandages all over his body as if he was a mummy and mumbled some words every now and then, he would cautiously looked left and right every two seconds as if afraid, Arthur could feel some strong aura coming out of him.

The girl and the bandaged guy were in the Spirit Realm but the bald daoist was surprisingly in the Heavenly Realm, Arthur was momentarily surprised by that as seeing a person in the Heavenly Realm here is very rare.

As Arthur kept observing the participants nearby, his eyes landed on a black robbed man not too far away, once he saw him, he furrowed his brow for a second before mumbling 'huh.. so they are here too, annoying fucking pests... well let's ignore them..'

Except for those participants, there were also the disciples from the 4 clans who were respectively staying in their clan's area, each clan only had 5 disciples who participated and each one of them was considered a genius.

Arthur merely glanced at them then ignored them, although there were some who seemed strong, he was more interested in the three he found here.


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So, I know many of you won't like the routine of : Arthur goes tournament, wins, gets prize, goes home and I assure you it won't be like that, while there may be fights, there will be many exciting things and amazing fights, I'm sure you won't be disappointed, hopefully ^_^.

I hope you enjoyed today's chapter, tomorrow I'll post a chapter as I'm free, see you then, good night to you all beautiful and amazing guys and girls.

PS : I know the appearance of many strong individuals is kind of strange, but it will be explained, I will not leave a single thing unexplained and if by chance I do, you could point that out in the comment and I will either reply to it directly or explain it thoroughly on the next chapter's Author note, and If I don't do that, then it means the thing you asked have to wait for a while as it will be explained when the times comes, I hope you stick with me until the end.

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