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Soon, all 7 of them entered the pagoda and headed to a room there, although it was very neat and beautiful there, Arthur didn't pay it much attention, his attention was focused on the black-clothed woman, he was still suspicious of her and had a feeling she may sneak attack them, so even with his injured body he still walked alone without the help of Lucy.

He was still using the Minor Healing on himself non-stop but that helped him only a bit, he was still feeling pain all over his body so he canceled his pain with [Pain immunity] he didn't want to use it but in a situation like this, the pain will only hinder him.

A passive skill like this may be useful for others but for him it's the opposite, once he canceled the pain and walked properly, the healing wounds will take longer and the blood flower faster than ever.

It didn't take them long to arrive at a somewhat large room, the style seemed really familiar to Arthur, it was similar to the Chinese style houses which dated from hundreds of years ago.

Anastassia, Mary, and the others sat around a long yet short table seemingly forgetting that Arthur and Lucy are staring at them angrily.

As for Arthur he only stood there waiting for them to talk, he doesn't want to chat happily with them, it's not like he can forget what they have done, so even with the insistence of Mary, he and Lucy stood there near the entrance, Saly was also next to Lucy starring at Arthur and the blood coming out from him.

After an unknown amount of silent, Anastassia finally spoke

"I don't know what you exactly want to know so I'll tell you the whole matter... You see, even though I'm master of the clan, it is only by name, there is an internal conflict between the two areas as you may have noticed..."

She then turned her head to look at Sonia for a second before continuing

"Actually... Sonia has also a twin sister who look exactly like her and that twin fell in love with someone from the male area and she would do anything for him...... it was too late to warn you two as last year her sister replaced Sonia after you came to the academy and followed that man's order to kill you.."

Arthur was stunned for a couple of seconds as he didn't expect this, however, he didn't completely believe this.

"And where is her twin sister right now?"

"She's probably at the male area"

Arthur pondered for a bit before speaking again 

"That man, who is he and why did he give that order?"

"He is... the son of the Grand Elder of the Clan"

"Is that so... well then, I'll go over and see if that's really true, and trust me when I say this, if you are lying then even you can't stop me from killing you sister"

Just as he said that, Arthur turned around to leave the room, he wanted to get done with this matter as soon as possible.

"What are you going to do?"

Hearing Anastassia say that, Arthur paused for a second before coldly replying

"What needs to be done."

Then he exited the room along with Saly and Lucy. 

As they quickly got out from the Pagoda, Arthur turned toward Lucy and softly said

".. Stay here, It'll be done quickly."

Surprised by what he just said, Lucy turned to look at the bloodied Arthur with a worried face and said hesitantly

"I-I can fight you know... besides you are injured.."

Arthur brought Lucy to his arms reassuring her

"Don't worry, if you come with me then who is going to protect little Saly?"

Lucy couldn't help but reluctantly nod her head as she watched Arthur disappeared from her view. Saly merely watched this as she knew she isn't strong enough now, deep in her heart she vowed to train harder so that one day she can fight with him too.

Arthur already transformed into his lightning form and headed to the male area, along with the way he coughed some mouthfuls of blood as his internal injuries are still not healed.

He stopped in a somewhat quiet place to possess the bodies of the hundred or so disciples he killed, he didn't know how strong the grand elder is and he didn't dare to be overconfident anymore, not after what that woman did to him, just thinking about how helpless he was made him depressed.

There were 124 disciples and Arthur took about 10 minutes to possess them all, he felt his strength increase by a lot, and a lot of information came to his mind, unexpectedly not even one notification came which confused him but he doesn't have time to thoroughly think about it now.

He knew the stats he must've gotten from the disciples are enormous but due to the heavy injuries, he has now he can't quite know how much his strength increased.

As he searched in his mind what skills he got, he was surprised to see a strange method, there were a lot of skills required using 'Qi' and apparently, these disciples would stay for hours to absorb the 'Qi' from the surroundings to strengthen themselves.

He tried condensing some Qi in his hand and it indeed worked, it was that strange green fog he saw it earlier when he fought Wuji and that section chief.

He could also use a lot of new skills, 'Buddha palm', 'Metal Finger', they all required 'Qi' to use and seemed strange for skills as Arthur never obtained something similar to this.

Albeit all the new skills and so on, he didn't dwell on them much, it's not like he would use them now, he would thoroughly test them later when things calmed down.

He transformed yet again into his lightning form and went to the male area.

In no time, he was already in the same yard as earlier, there were some disciples sitting cross-legged seemingly training, Arthur didn't pay them any attention and immediately entered the pagoda.

It was very similar to the one in the male area, with his godly speed, he searched in the pagoda but it was strangely empty, however, he stumbled into the section chief from earlier who seemed to be talking with another old man while calmly drinking some tea.

The appearance of Arthur startled the two old men, especially that section chief who was named Yuxi, when he saw Arthur appear out of nowhere, his face turned white as he thought he came back for him.

Arthur gazed at the old men and coldly said

"I'm only going to ask once, where is that twin sister of Sonia?"

The one with Yuxi was another section chief, he was just chatting with his friend on what happened earlier, and when he heard Arthur, he became irritated, he obviously didn't know it was the same man Yuxi was talking about, but even if he knew, he would not be scared as he is stronger than Yuxi and he thought his friend was exaggerating things.

He jumped on Arthur without replying intending to finish him off and get done with this intruder but to his surprise, just as he launched himself on Arthur, he vision darkened and he just died.

From the perspective of Yuxi, he only saw his friend jump on Arthur then his head rolled over the ground, he couldn't even see what killed him, then the corpse of old man disappeared along with his head.

Yuxi couldn't help but tremble at this sight, this man in front of him was literally a monster, he was a bit confused when he saw why such a monster is injured like this with blood all over so he had a bit of hope to get rid of him with the help of his friend but now all his hopes were crushed.

Arthur walked slowly toward the remaining old man intending to finish him off, whether he answered or not didn't matter, he would search the whole area for her.

"W-Wait! I'll tell you! Spare me!"

Hearing this, Arthur stopped and gazed at the old man waiting for his answer.

"She's most likely at the top of the pagoda, she never leaves that place as she is disliked by the female area!"

As he said that, Yuxi breathed a sigh of relief as he thought Arthur was going to spare him this time too, after all, earlier, although he slaughtered all the disciples, he didn't kill him but to his surprise, a sharp pain came from his chest and he looked down he saw a deep cut into his chest area where his heart is located.

Just like that, he dropped to the ground with eyes full of disbelief and unwillingness to die. 

From the very beginning, Arthur wasn't planning to let him off, he didn't want him to go and inform all the others plus he had a good idea.

Very soon, he entered Yuxi's body by possessing him and adjusted himself, although he possessed him, it seems the injuries he got from that woman are still present and every now and then he would cough some blood.

He intended to go around using this body so that not all the people would block him, it would be relatively easier this way.

He dashed out of the small room and headed to what seemed like stairs, he didn't run and merely walked to not attract attention and in 15 minutes he arrived at the top, it was broad and strangely calm.

Arthur didn't know what room she was in, so he planned to check them all, hopefully no one bother him but just as he was hoping that, a grey-robbed man came out of a random room, he wore a grey robe with a golden dragon on it and by Mary's descriptions, he seemed to be an Elder.

The Elder stared at Yuxi confused before saying with an annoyed tone

"Section chief Yuxi, what are you doing here? You are not allowed to come here! Go back now and wait for your punishment when I finish what I'm doing! Don't you know the rules?"

Arthur could only sigh, he just got here and an elder already showed up, he didn't know how strong an elder is, and if there was too much noise then others would come too.

He took Makaze and teleported next to elder to finish him off quickly.

Unexpectedly, the elder managed to react in time, but he wasn't able to dodge, just slightly move his body to avoid the slash of Arthur, but that was useless and the slash was wider than he thought.

He was sent flying a couple of meters with a deep cut on his chest, seeing this, Arthur frowned, he was honestly confused as a slash like this is supposed to kill him no matter how strong he is, maybe against Anastassia it wouldn't work but against him, it should be enough.

He didn't think much about it and rushed at the Elder again using his lightning form, fortunately, the elder didn't get up and was pierced in the heard by Arthur, thus like that he died adding another victim to Arthur's list.


The situation became even uglier to Arthur, this fast fight already attracted attention as there were 6 grey-robbed around him, he didn't know how they got here this fast or how they discovered them but that didn't matter anymore, right?

The 6 elders stared at their dead comrade with shock and disbelief, then they shifted their gaze to the culprit only to see it's a section chief, it's practically impossible for a section chief to kill an elder so the only conclusion they could think off is that he is a spy from an enemy clan.

They didn't daze off and attacked together each using a skill. Arthur who was going to teleport a distance to avoid them was interrupted as large amounts of blood came out of his mouth.

As he was coughing blood, he managed to somehow shift his body to the side avoiding 4 of the incoming attacks but the two other landed on him, one on his back while the other on his right arm.

He couldn't feel the pain since he disabled it but unexpectedly the attacks damaged him as he was pushed back a couple of meters, seeing this, Arthur was sure it was because of the black chains, they must have debuffed him or damaged his soul making weakened, or there is the possibility of these elders being strong but even if they were, he already possessed a whole lot of disciples which had high LVLS so the stats he should have gotten are unimaginable.

Arthur didn't waste time and launched himself on a nearby elder, he used a quick [Lone sword] on him while 5 spears were already created and thrown to the remaining enemies.

This time, the slash cut the Elder in half but the spears only pushed them back burning them slightly. He didn't know why it didn't damage them and he didn't care now, with another thought, 5 dark red spears were created and thrown at them again.

The problem with the [Ancient fire] attacks is that they are slightly slower than the others albeit having the most destructive power, so the elders managed to dodge them, however, that didn't mean the spears disappeared, they streak the wooden floor which resulted in a huge explosion.

The top of the Pagoda was in flames and the top floor was like an inferno, the elders flown to the air while staring at Arthur with fear and shock, they just witnessed how he cut that elder in half so how can they not be surprised by it?

As for Arthur, he was depressed he couldn't use the [Heavenly Arrow] but it's not like he was could do anything about it now.

Due to the top floor being burned down by the flames, all the elders in the surroundings came in a hurry and soon the sky was filled with 23 Elders all gazing at the red flames and the man inside of them.

As Arthur gazed at the elders who surprisingly could fly, he wasn't shocked that much as it was no time to be shocked, he could sense his state worsening for some reason, maybe this fighting is not letting his recovering ability properly function.

Among the flying Elders, he spotted one who was holding a red-haired girl, who looked exactly like Sonia, she appeared surprised and confused at what just happened. She was just in her room when all of a sudden, an elder appeared next to her, he held her and flew to the air, then at the next second, she heard a deafening explosion.

Arthur cannot fly like them but he can use his lightning form to speed in the air, it seemed similar but it was different.

His eyes already changed to jet black and his killing intent arose, his only target now was that red-haired woman, all the elders are mere obstacles.

Unfortunately, he cannot teleport at a certain position in the air or else he could instantly kill her, but he didn't give up, in his lightning form, he dashed at her direction while green streaks of lightning struck from the sky, they were all aimed at the elders.

There were just so many streaks of lightning so the elders who were going to intercept the incoming Arthur were busy evading them, however, Arthur didn't just do that, he also created all kinds of weapons from [Ancient fire] and [Eclipse magic] and launched them at the elders so hinder them and buy sometime.

His speed was insane as he was already a dozen of meters from the red-haired woman who was being held by the elder, who was surprised by what just happened, he saw how the attacks were only focused on the others and nothing happened to him, furthermore, he saw the yellow streak of lightning come at him.

His face paled as he turned around while holding the woman and prepared to flee.

Just as Arthur closed on them, several Elders who managed to dodge his attacks came at him using various attacks, the streaks of lightning weren't fast enough to hit them as they moved together to block this monster.

'Tsk! annoying bastards!' Seeing the incoming opponents, he changed his direction toward the closest enemy and in lightning speed pierced Makaze in the old man's heart, it was just too fast for the poor old man to react, he just instantly died.

Arthur didn't stop at that, he quickly left Yuxi body and immediately possessed the old man, to gain more stats and perhaps attack them by surprise.

All they saw was how the yellow streak of lightning changed back to Yuxi then he stabbed the old man, then they saw Yuxi fall from the sky so they charged at him.

As for Arthur, it took him a couple of seconds to adjust himself to the new body, then he charged at the fleeing elder yet again.

This time, the fleeing elder who didn't say what just happened, was relieved when he saw a comrade coming to help him protect the 'miss' but to his surprise, his 'comrade' pierced his heart with his bare hand, as if that wasn't enough, he felt all his organs and bones shattering and turning into dust.

Arthur used Natural Lightning to pulverize that elder then held the red-haired woman who was still shocked and looking at him with a pale face.


The elders who rushed at Yuxi who was falling, were relieved when they checked his and saw that he is definitely dead, however, when they turned their head to look at the fleeing elder to check if he successfully brought the miss to safety, they were surprised to see the supposedly 'dead' elder holding the miss by her neck and there was no trace of the other elder who was supposed to protect her.

They didn't waste time as they flew in the air and headed there to see what happened, by as they were half their eyes widened as they saw the elder who was holding the 'miss' by her neck, literally beheading the poor woman with his bare hands, however, what seemed more surprising is that black flames were coming out of his body.

Arthur was already very enraged as he held her and couldn't control his urges to kill her, he wanted to tell her that he is alive and well then see her surprised face then slowly kill her but he couldn't do it, he killed her brutally but it didn't satisfy his thirst, so he turned to look at the incoming elder with a grin hanging on his face.


It has been an hour since Arthur went to the male area, and there were several sounds of explosions and streaks of lightning, even though there was a distance between the two pagodas, Anastassia, Lucy and the others could hear those sounds.

Lucy and Saly were standing outside along with Anastassia and the rest, they were waiting for Arthur, Lucy was very worried as for Anastassia, she was just curious about what would happen.

She no longer considered Kali, who was Sonia's twin sister, her little sister as she already betrayed her and all the female area when she went to that 'man', so she didn't stop Arthur but seeing his bloodied state, she wasn't sure he could handle all the elders, after all, she didn't see him fight.

Lucy finally couldn't handle it, she held Saly and dashed toward the male area, and was surprisingly followed by Anastassia.

In no time, they finally arrived at the scene but this time, Anastassia was dumbfounded, her eyes were locked on the red figure standing in the middle of a somewhat big square near the pagoda.

All the ground was dyed red as the man was standing alone there, on his knees and staring at the sky.

Lucy was the first to rush next to Arthur, seeing his state, tears couldn't help but flow from her eyes as she was worried about his state.


No matter how she called, he wouldn't respond, and after some observation, she noticed he was unconscious, although his eyes were still opened, he seemed to have fallen unconscious.

Saly was hugging Arthur while crying as for Lucy, she fed him all the healing potions she had, he was bloody all over, even his face was no exception, and if one looked around they would see pools of blood here and there, however, there was no sign of a disciple or elder.

Anastassia was still shocked as she looked at this, she couldn't sense anyone nearby, not even one breathing soul, the only one left was him.



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