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As they headed toward Lopel town, Arthur was delighted to see the speed of Astrith, it wasn't comparable to his or Lucy's but it was decent, he guessed his agility to be around 150.000 more or less, furthermore, it was very comfortable riding Astrith, as his back was huge and it could fit the 3 of them.

Time passed quickly and after almost two hours, they finally arrived at their destination.

It was a small town with a port, it had several buildings but none of them looked special, they were ranging from 1 floor to 3 floor buildings made from wood, albeit the town is small, it was bustling, boats were coming from every direction and merchants were busy unloading their belongings to start selling, there were also people who immediately set off to the 'elven city', which was also the only city in this continent, it was right next to the world tree and governed by elves.

For those merchants, selling their items in the elven city would be much more profitable than doing it here, so the majority of them would stay here a day or two to relax from the long journey then head to the centre of the continent, but fortunately for them, the trip would be devoid of dangers as the forest is peaceful except a few forbidden zones.

In this short trip, Arthur came to learn from Astrith that he can alter his appearance by a bit, that blue lightning would be changed to black fur, but his length or height cannot be changed, it was a pity but that would do, since he looked more like a big wolf than a lightning beast.

He didn't mind keeping him around as in this world there were beast tamers, they are known to only live in the western continent but there were few scattered here and there so the bystanders would mistake him for a beast tamer, which was for the best, plus the appearance of Astrith may scare some arrogant nobles who may come to flirt with Lucy.

The main order Arthur gave to Astrith is to use all his strength to protect Lucy and Saly, especially the little girl since she can't even walk properly.

Without questioning his master, Astrith obeyed and vowed to protect them, he already sensed that there was some connection between Lucy and Arthur when he was in Arthur's consciousness but he didn't know anything about Saly, however, he didn't dare disobey his master so he decided to protect the little lass.

Speaking of Saly, when Astrith transformed into a black wolf, Saly began praising his fur and in just minutes she fell asleep on his back, she was a beastmen so she felt a connection between her and him even though in reality there was none.

Arthur and Lucy no longer sat on Astrith's back when they entered the town, there was only the sleeping Saly still on his back, however, no matter how she moved, she cannot fall as his back was quite broad and he too, paid close attention to her so she won't fall.

Since they were ambushed and directly teleported to their destination, Arthur guessed that the rest of the ships would probably come in a few weeks more or less.

They started roaming the small town, and their appearance grabbed too much attention, especially the huge Astrith, whenever they saw him, they would stand there, petrified, there were even some people who ran off when they saw him.

Not even 10 minutes passed when some guards holding long bows came to block Arthur's way, they appeared to be elves, they looked more handsome than humans with long pointy ears and white skin, they didn't wear metal or steel armors, instead, they wore green clothes which seemed to be made of leather, it would not provide protection but it's easier to move when you wear them, there was also a symbol of a tree in the clothes which obviously was the world tree, I mean, what else could it be?

Arthur didn't even let them talk before he waved his hand and said in an annoyed tone

"I'm a beast tamer, no need to be afraid of 'it', now..can you let us pass?"

The 2 elves were startled for a second before they courteously bowed to Arthur and the others then resumed their duties, they were not as persistent as humans and had a pure heart, however, that didn't mean that all elves were kind, there were some evil and cunning ones, but it was few, as this race is known to be the most peaceful, along with the fairy race.

It didn't take them long to find an inn, it was the only one in this town so it's pretty easy to locate, Astrith was unsummoned and Arthur carried the sleeping Saly in his arms.

Lucy quickly reserved a room for them and they soon headed to it, they had nothing to do in this small town so they were going to just wait until Belic and the others arrive then wait yet again for the other ships to come.

The room was as usual, very small, a wooden desk and a chair, and a bed which would fit 2 people, no decoration or anything of the sort, it was just a simple plain room.

Arthur retrieved the familiar big bed from his storage and place Saly on it as she was sleeping, then he retrieved a sofa and sat on it with Lucy, there was nothing to do now but chat or maybe read some books.

He began using [Lost Magic] to get a better grasp on it, and after a few tries, all the created weapons were white with the usual orange veins.

He wanted to try the sword on something, so he took out a good armor from his storage and slash at it with the sword, however, the outcome was completely unexpected, the sword couldn't even scratch the armor, Arthur could only stare at the armor, dumbfounded as he didn't expect this.

he tried a few more times but to no avail, no matter which weapon he created, it would deal zero damage to the armor, which was pretty strange, so Arthur tried another way of attacking.

He created a white ball just like a fireball and threw it at the armor but yet again nothing happened.

Arthur became more and more confused, if it's a strong magic, then why is it not working? an armor like this would be easily pierced by an arrow from his previous dark magic so why is this [Lost Magic] not doing anything?

As he was pondering about this, a strange yet crazy idea struck him, he even wondered why he never thought about it, without wasting any time, a huge white ball was created and in just seconds it began to deform in a weird shape.

Just after half a minute, there was a sniper rifle floating above his hands, it was pure white but this time there was no orange veins in it, which was a bit strange but Arthur totally ignored that, he was eager to test this new weapon.

In fact, he tried creating the sniper using the other attributes but it didn't work and when he used the [Lost Magic], the process was very smooth, with ancient flames for example, once he started imagining a sniper rifle or simple gun from his previous world, the fire would start forming it until it crumbles, even after a few tries it still didn't work, only with this weird magic.

Just as the Sniper rifle was created, notification came......'ting'

You have gained a new stats : Creation : By using [Lost Magic] you created a powerful weapon which cannot be created at the current era


You have successfully created [Ace] : Sniper Rifle created by 'Arthur'

Bonus effect : There is 1% chance to cause a fatal-attack

You can shoot once every 3 seconds.

 'Haa?' Arthur didn't imagine a notification to pop up as everytime he creates a weapon from an attribute nothing happens, but maybe [Lost magic] is not an attribute? 

It's kind of hard to know what it is exactly since there is no information about it but with this new discovery, he began to have some thoughts.

The white sniper rifle soon changed colour to a jet black colour, however, it had the same symbol as the cane Zodiak had besides its body, Sol'khin's cane, to this very day, he still can't see it's stats, he would always try whenever he leveled up but the same notification would pop up non-stop.

The symbol in the rifle was exactly the same as the skull on the cane, even the colour was the same, when he held [Ace], he felt it was heavy, well not for him but for others it may be very heavy, it's was approximately 100Kg, quite a lot for a weapon like this, even a bazooka would be at best 10kg.



You have gained a new skill(passive) : [Basic gun mastery] : When using any type of gun or rifle, you will deal +10% damage and will gain +5% accuracy


He only held the gun yet he obtained the basic mastery, it was really funny, he didn't even know if it was a characteristic of the parasite race or it's from the blessing of 'X', well, either way, it was a good thing for him.

However, he felt a bit dejected as he was not outside to test the weapon, he didn't even know how much power it is, but that didn't stop him from feeling overjoyed, if this [Lost magic] allows him to create anything then he would truly become a god...but reality was cruel, once he tried creating a simple gun, he couldn't as a notifications kept coming again and again

Not enough mental power!


Not enough mental power!


Not enough mental power!

 'Alright, fucking bitch! no need to repeat it three times!' Arthur heard the feminine voice of the notifications too much these days and got fed up with it, it really became as useless as trash, so he couldn't help but mentally curse the system but something unexpected happened after he snapped at it.

Not enough mental power!


Not enough mental power!


It kept saying that for 20 minutes before stopping, Arthur almost burst out from anger and destroyed the whole inn, but he managed to subdue his anger, the system was clearly messing with him which annoyed him and astonished him, he thought it was a mere system with informing every person of stats or new things he did or gotten, however, never did he thinks it would retaliate and disturb him, the sound became louder too, as if it did it on purpose, fortunately, it stopped after some time or else he would have become crazy.

Once he thoroughly thought about it, he found it strange as he didn't even know what's mental power, there wasn't anything of the sort in the status window so perhaps it's related to his soul? 

As a matter of fact, when he evolved into a humanoid parasite, the system told him that his soul became weak compared to his last form, so maybe that was the case?

Sadly, no one here could answer him so he could only keep those unanswered questions to himself.


Lucy gazed at the sniper rifle in Arthur's hand in astonishment, she indeed saw his memories but not literally everything, just fragments and it was fast paced so she couldn't focus on everything, so when she saw this strange weapon, it immediately interested her.

Arthur chuckled and passed her the heavy weapon, however, for someone like her, with immense strength, it was not that heavy for her but she could felt it's weight, she stroked it a few time and held it in backwards, it was really a funny scene, since she didn't know about it, she naturally don't know how to use it.

"W-what's this..."

Arthur took [Ace] from her and held it in his hands in a practiced manner then he put his left eye on the scope and said

"It's a weapon from my previous's called a sniper rifle, apparently, the new magic I got lets me create things..I think?"

Lucy obviously saw the whole process of its creation so she understood what he's talking about, plus he told her about the [Lost magic] and the 2 lightning types he unlocked, but seeing the sniper rifle now, she became interested in it, maybe she was the kind of person to love military weapons?

There were things even Arthur still didn't grasp, like what about the bullets? must he create them or are they already in the weapon? 

Since he didn't try it, he didn't know yet, but sooner or later, he would understand how this [Lost Magic] works.

Lucy try imitating Arthur and held the sniper rifle, but she found it uncomfortable and her interest soon vanished, however, Arthur laughed while saying

"Hahaha, don't worry, there are other weapons I maybe can create, there surely some that may suit you, don't feel dejected"

As he said that, he imprinted a deep kiss on her soft lips and didn't let go until he enjoyed that sensation to his fullest.

But just as he was going to let go, Lucy's tongue had already invaded his mouth and she sucked vigorously, as things turned out like this, he didn't hold back and his hand snaked under her skirt and dived into her private part, as for his other hand, it began squeezing that round and soft chest.

Just like that, they ended up doing it a few times, however, they were careful as to not wake up the sleeping Saly, after all, it would be embarrassing if she woke up by Lucy's passionate moans.


A few hours have passed since then, Arthur wore some clothes and began using [Death touch] on all the corpses he stored, his LVL was too high so they didn't give a lot but when he finished them all, he managed to become LVL489, again thanks to the blessing of 'X' or else his LVL right now would be very low, maybe like Lucy or even lower.

Saly had woken up when Arthur was in the process of absorbing the corpses. she didn't disturb him and obediently sat next to Lucy, chatting with her, the little girl became cheerful and very close to Lucy and Arthur, almost inseparable, Arthur even wanted to train her a bit, but it's a shame she's blind now so it was not possible yet.


The next morning, Belic managed to find Arthur's room so he came to inform him that he finally arrived with the others, but he was still feeling fearful, even more now when he saw how long the distance they crossed and Arthur managed to cross it twice in less than a fucking hour, so how could he not feel afraid of his speed and strength after all he saw in that ambush from 'Medusa'.


Just when Lord A was killed by Arthur, in an underground room was a sitting old man, he was sitting in a meditative stance, however, all of a sudden, he was sent flying from an invisible force, he hit the nearby wall and fell on his knees.

He coughed blood a few time but you could notice his hands trembling as he was mumbling some things with a very low voice, almost non-existent

"T-that.....I-I must inform the others....M-MMoonster...I-I have t-to..."

He got up and left the small room in a hurry, though he was killed by Arthur, it only damaged him a little, the injuries will heal in a week, but what he saw would never leave his memories, just the mere sight of the arrow made him shiver, it was as if a god created it and not a mere human.

From the trembling, he fell a few times as he was heading to inform his superiors, the fear was still lingering in him and the sight of the arrow just couldn't leave his mind, he was powerful, very powerful yet he never could create something like that, heck! he believed no one can do that, fortunately, he was not in his real form or else he would have been killed easily.

After 10 minutes or so, he arrived in front of the statue, it was a rock statue, the figure was a woman as you can see that by the two huge peaks in the chest area, and the somewhat curvy waist, he didn't dare look at it as he kowtowed and said

"O-Our Lord...Please hear me....I..."

Just like that, he informed the statue which was motionless and devoid of life, he didn't leave any details, even describing the features or Arthur without missing a thing, the statue would shine slightly every now and then, however except that, nothing happened......

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