The Beastly Lightning is now available!


The Demonic Lightning is now available!


The blessing of Katrina, The Overgod of Knowledge is now available : She was the sole being who was known for her extreme thirst for knowledge, known to have created the largest library the multiverse has ever seen, she even managed to decipher symbols from the Void Era, furthermore, she was one of the founders of 'The Council of Creators'.......CANNOT GAIN THE BLESSING UNTIL YOU BREAK THE SEALS.

SEAL 1 : LVL 750 : Gain the skill [Life State]

SEAL 2 : UNLOCK Knowledge stat : Gain the skill [Saint Hands]

SEAL 3 : ACHIEVE ??? Intelligence : Obtain the key to the 9 Earths and 8 Moons.

SEAL 4 : Use The Book of the Damned....ACHIEVED...........Miscalculation...UNACHIEVED...: You cannot summon 'Radolf'

SEAL 5 : Use The Book of Eternity: You cannot summon 'Midolf'


 Just as this row of notifications came, Arthur became flabbergasted, first the weird message, then the new skills and last but not least, the blessing of Katrina, He really didn't know how to react, too many things appeared so he couldn't choose what to focus on.

After a couple of seconds, he decided to think about all of that once everything calmed down, he still didn't check his status window but 279 corpses ranging from LVL 50 to 200 must have a lot of stats, that explains why unlocked a lot of things.

He didn't forget to store all of the corpses to his storage so he can use [Death touch] on them when he's alone with Lucy, after all, he can't use it in front of the nobles and Belic, the process takes time, it's way longer than possessing bodies.

After he breathed some fresh air to calm his mind, he opened his stats to see the changes, however, even without that, he could feel that he became much much stronger, the stats he got are seriously no joke, I guess this ambush can be called a fortune to him rather than a misfortune.

He was not so heartless as to invade a city and slaughter all citizens for stats but if there was an army of evil and ruthless people out there, then he wouldn't mind cleaning them up and gaining their stats, it would truly be fantastic.

Level: 431 Class: Humanoid parasite
Strength 0 Intelligence 0
Agility 0 Wisdom 0
Vitality 0 Dexterity 0
Health 0 Health Regen 0
Mana 0 Mana Regen 0
Stamina 0 Stamina Regen 0
Attack: 0 Defense: 0
Magic defense : 0
Elemental Resistances
Enigma abilities: Telekinesis / Ancient Threads
Fire: 0 Water: 0
Wind: 0 Earth: 0
Light/holy: 0 Darkness: 0
Lightning 0 Ice 0
Shadow 0    

 'WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!' As he saw his stats, Arthur couldn't help but stagger a few steps, he even rubbed his eyes multiple times to check if he was dreaming or not.

However, after a minute passed, the stats didn't change but a notification popped up


 '....' Artur seriously didn't know what to do, since the message from Zodiak came, the system seemed to be malfunctioning, he didn't know why but it's not like it mattered because even though it indicated 0 in all stats, he didn't feel weak, he even felt like his power doubled, or even tripled, same goes for the sitting Lucy, power surged through her muscles and she felt the change in her stats.

Arthur checking his status the last time but to no avail, he walked toward Lucy and Saly, they didn't know where they were but it didn't seem they were still where they previously were, the port was completely destroyed and you can now see the surroundings.

There was nothing but sea in the West, however, when you look East, there was a forest, a big one at that, full of trees, you could see greenery as far as the eye can see, even Arthur could only see trees with his good eyesight.

Just when Arthur was a few steps from Lucy, he noticed her shocked face, she even imitated and rubbed her eyes, he could only guess that she must've seen her stats and they were '0' too, at first it was confusing why it's happening to her too, however, after some thorough thought, it's to be expected since they are soul linked.

He wanted to ask her about the system error or the other things but he pushed that for later.

Although she was shocked when Lucy lifted her head and saw Arthur slowly nodding at her, she immediately understood that she was not the only one, so she shrugged that off and kept gently brushing Saly's brown hair.

Belic and the others, who were still dumbstruck, were awakened when they heard Arthur voice

"You should know where we are better than me, so enlighten me..."

Even though he wanted to know where they were, it was almost obvious they were at Itas continent, but he wanted to confirm that, furthermore, he was only staying with Belic and Robin just for the deal to heal Saly, or else he would have gone with Saly and Lucy already.

Belic snapped out of his daze and looked around, however, his eyes were still full of disbelief and he didn't dare approach, Arthur.

Once his eyes landed on the enormous forest that stretched on all the land, he sighed then replied

"It seems were are in Itas continent, I don't know the exact location but I'm sure we are there, these special trees are only located in Itas continent"

He paused for a second before resuming his talk

"We've got no choice but to travel near the sea and not venture into the forest, there is a lot of dangerous places in there, plus, our destination is the little town called 'Lopel' it's just like 'Lumbra city', once we reach it, we'll wait for the other ships to arrive.

Though he said they were in Itas continent, Arthur didn't want to waste time in search for Lopel Town, so he turned his head to look at Belic and calmly said

"No need to waste time searching, wait for me, I'll find it then come back, I'm faster after all"

As he said that, he nodded at Lucy one final time before he disappeared from the ship.

He transformed into his lightning form and headed South at his fastest speed, he just chose South hazard, maybe it was the wrong way but with his speed, he should be able to go back easily.

He was totally dumbfounded by his speed, it really seemed to have doubled, he could see the environment surrounding him blur when he ran, he was even able to run in the air, I know, it seems impossible but he somehow managed to do it, gravity didn't affect him anymore, maybe because of his speed or another factor?

He didn't really know why but he just could do it, no need to make a fuss about it right?

Just like that, he headed South with speed that may be regarded as godly, you can't see a streak of lightning if he passed near you, only strong winds would be left, that's all.

Arthur really wanted to test his new [Lost magic] and two new lightnings types right now but it would waste time, in seconds he would cross a long distance, his speed already broke the laws of this world, he even thought that maybe in this world there is no match for him, if all dragons were like Yamak, then they would be instantly killed, as for that weapon 'judgment' he was sure as hell that he could withstand a shot from it with no injuries.

'Ah...being the only strong person is sure lonely....'

After 20 minutes of flying through the air whilst running at the same time, he found a small town with a port, the first thing that came to his mind is that this town is indeed 'Lopel', he didn't stay there that much, there was a signboard near the port which indicated the name of the town and it was indeed 'Lopel Town', Arthur didn't linger there that much, he immediately returned where he came from.


20 minutes later, he arrived at the half destroyed ship, the nobles went back to their rooms and only Robin, Belic was staying outside a couple of meters near Lucy and Saly.

Arthur appeared out of nowhere, just his sudden appearance scared the shit out of Robin, she even yelled and fell on her butt, she was chatting with her grandfather with what happened and what they should do when Arthur appeared from thin air just like a ghost.

Arthur ignored her and faced Belic while saying

"I found Lopel Town, with your speed, you could reach it in half a day more or less, as for the others, I don't know"

Though he was startled by what just happened, Belic kept a calm demeanor and smile and nodded toward Arthur, however, deep inside him, he was cursing himself for being foolish 'Belic O'Belic, you really screwed yourself right now, this freak is going to use YOU as a punching bag once he discovers you lied to him......those damn geezers probably won't be able to face him.....that freaking hand is still shaking!'

Belic brought Robin inside their office and headed to the office to talk things through, only Arthur, Lucy, and Saly were left there.

Arthur sat next to them just like earlier and resumed talking with Saly to cheer her up, though he didn't want to tell her he's going to heal her because he was not a 100% sure about that.

To avoid being heard, he used the dark cloud and jumped on it along with them and went up high the sky, Saly couldn't feel cold or pressure of course thanks to the barrier surrounding her, however, even though Arthur unconsciously created the barrier, this time, it was white, pure white, he saw a light barrier before but it was completely different from it.

He was startled by that, the strongest barrier he had was the dark magic one, so he used that but he quickly remembered that it evolved to [Lost Magic].

With a thought, he created a sword from [Lost Magic] and a white sword was formed, it was as white but it had some orange lines, they looked like veins, quite weird yet satisfying to look at.

Surprisingly, the sword didn't emanate any ominous aura or anything of sort which astonished Arthur, he guessed the sword could be excluding a strong aura, however, this one looked like a normal sword apart from its appearance, albeit his confusion, he never looked down on it and was sure that this [Lost Magic] is better than the chaotic dark magic, it was the fusion of the void and dark magic, so it couldn't be weak right?

Next thing he tried was the Demonic lightning, a black lightning spark appeared in his hand, it was nothing special but from the description it said that it can break curses and seals, which is good, however, he had the cape which made him invulnerable to the curses, but you never know, maybe there are things the cape can't protect him from.

He used the beastly lightning next, as the notification said, this one cannot be used to attack but to summon a lightning beast.

Just as he concentrated and activated the beastly lightning, blue lightning streaks came from the sky non-stop, but there was literally no sound, just blue lightning striking in front of them, high up in the sky.

The blue lightning finally stopped striking, but only after a beast lightning was created, it looked like a huge wolf, probably 3 meters in length and 2 meters in height, with two red eyes and the rest of the body formed of blue lightning, it looked really ferocious and overbearing.

"This one greets master"


Both Arthur and Lucy were stunned by what they heard, normally, a beast shouldn't be able to talk except a few unique monsters or mutated beasts, however, this one just talked after a few seconds of his birth.

Arthur naturally knew the beast was talking about him, who else did create him apart from him?

The beast was flying mid-air, his huge body was bigger than the dark cloud so he couldn't fit it, but it's not like it mattered as he was able to fly.

"Good good, so you are able to talk....and fly"

"Naturally, this one was created by you, this one'master"

The beast spoke with utmost respect which kind of bothered Arthur, so he waved his hand and replied

"Do not call me 'master', my name is Arthur."

"This one can't do that, you are this one's master."

Arthur felt hopeless, he knew insisting would only lead to a headache so  he decided to give up on this matter and ask another thing

"Alright, then what's your name?"

The beast remained motionless and stared at Arthur whilst responding

"This one does not have a name..."

"..*Sigh* then your name shall be Astrith!"

The beast's eyes seemed to flash for a second as it heard it's new name, it inclined its front legs as if bowing to Arthur then respectfully replied

"This one thanks master for giving it a name"

Arthur merely nodded at the beast before he began thinking about something, he just wanted to test the blue lightning and had thought a simple beast would be created, just like a skeleton.

"So, you can hide? or go back to the blue lightning and then wait for me summon you? how does it work."

He felt that it would be troublesome to have him with them all day, just his appearance would scare everyone.

Just as Astrith heard him, master, he dived into Arthur's chest, then after a few seconds, he got out from his chest, the process only took 10 seconds at most.

"This one can enter master's consciousness and wait for your call, this one can only leave your consciousness if master allow me, just now, master unconsciously or consciously let this one out."

Arthur comprehended everything when Astrith entered his consciousness, as he was going to come out, he felt like he could either block him there or allow him to come out, it seemed complex but it's rather simple.

"I understand, for now just stay here until I re-summon you"

"This one obeys"

Arthur then descended to the ship along with the others. The nobles, Belic and Robin already readied themselves and were going to head to Lopel town, after all, they can't just stay here.

When they saw Astrith, some of them couldn't help but cry out, since it's their first time seeing something like this, even Belic had his eyes wide open and stood there agape with wonder.

Arthur just waved his hand and casually said

"Do not mind him"

Since Astrith now had a name, he felt it would be degrading to call him a beast or 'it', he was indeed a beast, but he just felt like not doing that, there were some humans who deserve to be called 'it' or beasts more than him for what they have done..

"You go at your own pace, we'll arrive before you but we'll wait for you there, I accomplished my end of the deal, time to accomplish yours"

Just as Arthur said that he, Lucy and Saly jumped on Astrith's huge back and they disappeared into a streak of blue lightning.

Since Astrith was considered Arthur's subordinate, more or less, why not ride him? it would be convenient and he wanted to see this beasts's speed and power too, plus Astrith didn't mind so why not do it?

The Lightning didn't hurt either Lucy or Saly as per Arthur's orders, he didn't need to create any barrier as he knew Astrith wouldn't dare hurt them.

Just like that, they made their way toward Lopel Town...




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