The calm eyes of the old man abruptly changed when they landed on the floating sword.

His control over the dark magic was better than C12 so he immediately sensed a familiar feeling from the sword, however, it was countless times stronger than his magic or any dark magic he has ever seen.

The cold and ominous feeling it emanated, how could he not know it was the same magic as his, yet at the same time different.

C12 saw the sword too but he didn't feel anything special about it, perhaps because he didn't get enough dark magic so he can't sense the sword's power, for him it was just a simple sword created from magic.

The old man stood there agape with wonder, his attainment in dark magic is considered one of the best in the A category, but even with that, he still couldn't create such a sword, also, what's up with that blue color? he never heard of the dark magic being like that? 

He started having many suspicions and didn't snap out of his daze until a minute has passed.

Arthur kept silent after he asked his question, just from the look of the old man he understood that he(Lord A) could feel that this sword is made from dark magic.

Lord A's mind never ceased thinking about a lot of ideas as to who this person is, but seeing this sword, he could only come up with one thing, without hesitation, he bowed his head toward Arthur and said

"Forgive this old man, esteemed one, you must be Lord S, your existence is a taboo for us and none of this lowly ones know about your identities"

The only thing he could think of is that this person is someone from the S category, he never met anyone of them since he joined 'Medusa', even his powers were given to him by a stone, he only knew that there was an S category, but their identities were completely unknown.

Hearing this, Arthur chuckled for a second before his demeanor turned serious and his killing intent engulfed all his surroundings, the temperature seemed to drop, C12 and the nobles couldn't help but feel fear and their bodies began trembling.

"So you think I'm that Lord S? Truly pathetic! I asked you a question, so why are you not answering it!"

His tone was heavy and his words were like piercing knives to the old man, he didn't dare to be disrespectful and even his calm behavior vanished, whether he is Lord S or not didn't matter, he was just sure that this man was from 'Medusa' and was someone above him in the rank, that's for sure, or else, how could he create such a powerful sword?

"I-It's a sword made from the dark magic..."

'So they even know the name of the magic?' Arthur became more and more curious about this organization, for them to know Zodiak's dark magic, they may have discovered it differently from him, but that was most likely not the case, dark magic is not that simple to be easily found like this, even for him, if he didn't possess Zodiak, he wouldn't be able to use it.

"Indeed it is, now let's get to the thing I want to know the most...WHY are you able to use it? you and that idiot behind you"

Lord A was afraid of Arthur that he was not an idiot, he lived long enough to know this from that, and by the way Arthur talked and his angry tone, he understood that he completely misunderstood his identity and believed him to be a person from the S category, however, if he was not from it then why is he able to create such a strong dark sword?

With that thought, confidence came back yet again to the old man, though Arthur may be stronger than him, he was not in his real form here, he was summoned by the pendant so he can only use half of his power, and even if he was killed here doesn't mean he will truly die.

He wanted to test Arthur's strength and see if he could deal with this troublesome person here, because a person like him who can manipulate dark magic to this extent is dangerous.

Lord A remained silent for a couple a second until several arrows from dark magic were created, he also created a spear and thrust at the nearby Arthur, the arrows also blazed through the air and rushed at Arthur with incredible speed.

However, for some reason, Arthur felt the intent of the old man, he could feel the arrows being created from the very beginning, he didn't know why but he just felt it, same thing for the arrow, even with the sudden attack of the old man, he remained motionless and waited for the attacks to hit him.

Soon enough, the dark arrow and the spear thrust struck him, the spear's tip hit him in his neck while the arrows in his abdomen and legs, it was very precise but unfortunately for the old man nothing happened.

As he was holding the spear, it seemed as if he was hitting an unmovable mountain, it reached his skin and couldn't even scratch it.

The arrows disappeared when they hit Arthur, his clothes remained the same without any holes from the arrows. 

Arthur grinned at the still shocked old man and said with a cold voice 

"What? Is that all you got? such pitiful arrows and a slow strike, not only did you not answer, you also attacked me, heh, you must surely be ready to face the consequences right?"

Arthur didn't care about the answers, these two fools didn't seem they were going to answer, but that didn't matter, he was not in a rush, sooner or later, he will find out.

With a quick teleportation, he appeared 20 meters from his previous location, the old man and C12 were dumbfounded and still couldn't believe the attacks just now were utterly ineffective.

When the figure of Arthur disappeared and reappeared some distance away, they came back to their senses and stared with disbelief at Arthur.

Even the nobles and Belic had their mouths wide open, the sudden turn of events made them fear Arthur more and more, especially Belic, he seriously regretted making that deal with Arthur.

"......You....No matter who you are or how powerful you are, you cannot escape from 'us', just because you got some little tricks doesn't mean you can face 'us' ."

Lord A thought things through and said that after calming himself down, although he said that, he didn't believe it that much, it's just that he never saw the powerhouses of 'Medusa' so he can't compare them to Arthur, plus he was using half of his power, but even with that he couldn't damage Arthur so he concluded that even full power he at best would have scratched him.

"Hahaha, so now you're acting arrogant, I just loathe double-faced people, said little tricks? then why don't you see this and judge if it's a little trick or not..."

Just as he said that Arthur channeled his dark man and the [Hell Arrow] was activated, previously, he needed half a minute or so to completely create it but now, it was almost instant.

The big ship began shaking and some parts were drawn to the huge arrow, the atmosphere changed, strong winds arrived and the sunny sky totally disappeared, the clouds covered the sky as if a strong storm was coming.

Even Arthur didn't expect the arrow to cause this much change as last time he used it didn't cause this much mess, even its size seemed to have gotten bigger.

What's more surprising is that even without him doing it, the natural lightning descended from the sky, striking the arrow and combining itself with it, the lightning strikes never ceased and the sounds was just deafening.

An arrow formed by 3 attributes, just it's appearance caused the old man's face to pale, he seemed to have aged a lot and the spear he was holding in his hand had already fallen to the ground, he had no strength to hold it anymore, but that wasn't the end.

Just as it hit the ground, the spear flew to the huge arrow, completely fusing with it, not only the spear, the chairs, tables, everything was being absorbed by the arrow, either strengthening it or turned into nothingness by it.

Green lightning enveloped a part of the arrow but the lightning never ceased to strike from above, in fact, it increased and it even began hitting the water and small boats, completely disintegrating them.


[Hell Arrow] has transformed into [Heavenly Arrow] : the Natural lightning is now part of the arrow: Damage +300%  

Cooldown : 1 Day

Cost: 10.000 mana


Congratulations! because you created a skill containing 3 skills you received +15.000 to all stats

 The sudden appearance of the notifications shocked Arthur for a bit, but once he saw them, he felt satisfied, though he didn't intentionally add the natural lightning, it was at least a good thing, the arrow already deals tons of damage, but with the bonus of 300% it will deal even more, plus the bonus to stats was not that bad.

" t-t...this"

Lord A could barely talk as he gaped at the arrow, anyone who saw this arrow felt it's terrifying power and the overwhelming pressure.

Belic, who was standing not too far away obviously saw the arrow, and never in his life did he regret a decision as much as he did in this moment, just the mere sight of the arrow made feel immense fear, however, in a way, he was fortunate that it was not pointed at him, for the time being..

"Fuck! You're a  f-ffucking mm-monster!"

C12 was in a desperate situation. He felt that there is no way out, no one was going to save him from this, not even lord A, who he had high hopes for him(Lord A) to get him out of this bloody mess.


Lucy and Saly who were still sitting didn't feel any pressure from the arrow, even the streaks of lightning didn't touch them or strike near them, Arthur had absolute control on the lightning and the arrow so of course he would not cause them to feel uncomfortable.

"~Hmm~~ So, what do you think about this? Is it a little trick? please enlighten me" 

Arthur spoke sarcastically to Lord A while looking at his petrified state.

Even though Arthur created the arrow and all, he wasn't going to use it, or else the whole ship, or what was left of it would be eaten by the [Heavenly Arrow], not even this small port would survive such an arrow, he just wanted to scare the old man and show him what true power is.

"No matter where you have gotten that power from, remember that one day, I'll come looking for answers and not you, or anyone else can stop me"

Arthur already knew he can't kill the old man when he appraised him nothing appeared, so he was sure that he this old man was not really here, maybe it was a temporary summoning.

After he finished what he had to say, the arrow disappeared into thin air, followed by the dispersing clouds and the lightning.

Everything seemed to return to normal, the sun was as bright as ever and the sea calmed down, it's as if nothing happened.

Arthur didn't waste time anymore, with a simple slash he beheaded the old man, who was still silent and petrified after his head fell down, it immediately disappeared along with his body, as for C12, he was struck by one final green lightning which instantly killed him.

Since Arthur wanted to possess the corpses now and there were witnesses, he transformed into his lightning form and began possessing them, however, Belic and the nobles could only see an almost invisible streak of lightning rush from corpse to corpse.

Arthur would take a couple of seconds to possess several corpses, he had gotten used to the feeling and can now enter and leave a body way faster than before.

There were exactly 279 corpses, including C12's, and it took him approximately 300 seconds to possess them all, no one moved or dared speak, they just watched the lightning disappear and reappear from a place to another.

Lucy knew what he was doing so she continued to chat with Saly, who also didn't bother with what happened that much as she couldn't see so obviously she wouldn't be able to see the lightning or the arrow, Arthur even made sure she won't feel a strong pressure.




You have gained a new skill(passive) : [advanced water magic]: you can now use water to attack or defend


You have gained a new skill(active) : [Rinotsu]: By compressing a volume of air to a small size then unleashing it, it would create a devastating explosion: power depends on owner's wind magic attainment and his intelligence stats

Cooldown: 10 days

Cost: none


[Rinotsu] has been absorbed by [Orb of the fallen overgods] and changed to [Rizaki]


You cannot use [Rizaki] until you unlock [Space magic] and have over 1.000.000 intelligence / ???????


Just as Arthur was pondering about this [Rizaki] and [Space magic], another long notification came 'ting' 

Another portion of Zodiak's power has been unlocked: Your [void magic] and [Chaotic dark magic] have fused together into [Lost magic] 


[Lost magic]: A very ancient magic used in the first era, you can now use it to attack or defend.


You have gained a new enigma ability : [Sixth Sense]: By using it you can locate any being within a radius of 100 meters

The range increases depending on your stats.


You have gained another portion of Zodiak's stats, please check your status window for more details



WARNING! WARNIN...! WARNI....Ahh I managed to decode it...well emm, I don't know who you are, but I'm sure you must be someone who managed to obtain [Lost magic] whether by yourself which is an almost impossible case or by using the things I left scattered in Astria...I can't say a lot because this b*tch is trying to interfere but remember one thing! DO NOT GET DISCOVERED! They will come for you sooner or later..WARNi...find the...WARNING WARNING...


Initiating System Reboot...............System Reboot successful.



Sitting on thrones made of creepy skulls, 'X' was leisurely humming and playing with a human skull, he appeared to be lost in thought but he was indeed in a good mood.

 "It's been more than a year right? I wonder what little Arthur is doing? hahaha~~ he must be a crawling baby right now, right? Hahaha I'd love to see that...why not give him a visit...maybe help him out a bit?" 

Just as he said that, he disappeared from the big gloomy hall and all that was left was the fog that was encouraging him.


He appeared in front of an enormous planet, several times bigger than the earth, he gazed at it for a couple of seconds before he disappeared yet again.

His divine sense already covered the whole planet in search of Arthur, he already can recognize anyone by just sending them one time.

However, even after a first and second divine sense, he found...nothing! his humming halted and some dark fog emanated from his silhouette.

"What's the meaning of this? How can't I find him?"

'X' started teleporting non-stop all over the planet, he appeared in front of every baby on this planet but he still couldn't find what he was looking for.

"It's impossible! Even if he was reincarnated to a beast, he should still be HERE! WHY! WHERE IS HE!"

His demeanor completely changed and he seemed to be a different person.

He came back to his castle and sat on his throne, however, he was still angry and confused.


Just as he called that name, a figure with two big wings and a horn coming stretching out from his forehead appeared, he was kneeling on one knee and his head was dropped down, not daring to look at 'X', just from the tone of his master, he understood he was furious.

"Immediately search every planet in Zutis! do you hear me? Every planet, search for him, you need to find him! FIND HIM"

Belos already knew who his master was talking about, with a final bow he vanished from the hall, he knew his master was very angry and he could be 'accidentally' killed by his hot-temper.

As for 'X', he crushed that skull he was playing with it earlier and roared, just by that roar, the whole castle shook and the dark fog emanating from him increased even more.

'I don't know how you managed to escape....but I'll find precious little are my subject after all....hahaha~~~"


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