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I just want to clarify something, healing magic is a sub magic of water magic AND  light magic and other means which I would not say right now, though the healing from light magic is way stronger, Arthur's inability to use light magic doesn't affect the healing magic, it only affects skills directly related to light magic.

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It has been a few days since Arthur rescued Saly from Robert and brought her to his and Lucy's room.

Saly no longer acted obedient and silent, after a lot of persistence from Lucy and Arthur, she became more open, she would ask for food when hungry and even play little games with Lucy, who surprisingly was good at dealing with children, especially with Saly.

No one came to disturb them, not even Robin, so the days passed peacefully without any disturbance or anything of the sort.

Although the ship's speed was considered fast, it still needs more than a month to reach Itas continent, but it's not like Arthur cared about that, he was more focused on finding a cure for the little girl.

every time he saw her walking in a staggering manner or saw her closed eyes, his heart couldn't help but ache, to not be able to see for a child like this is considered cruel and unfair, he even heard from her that she was blind from birth, so she never saw anything, and that made him more depressed.

Furthermore, no matter how many books he managed to read, he didn't find any solution for this issue, Zodiak's books mentioned almost everything except healing and a few other things, which irritated Arthur, I mean, how could someone such as Zodiak, known as a mythical being didn't leave any good healing spell or skill, that was strange.

He was perplexed about that matter, he didn't focus on it too much right now, what he wanted to do at the moment is cure Saly.

She mentioned that she didn't have family, or more precisely she doesn't remember having one, furthermore, he liked this cute little girl, so he and Lucy wouldn't mind, but he was still hesitating as to whether take her with them or not, after all, they would encounter a lot of dangers and maybe a life like that is not suited for her, so he didn't know what to do.

He wanted to heal her and keep her with him, but at the same time, he wanted her to have a good and safe life, and that would be impossible if she remained by his and Lucy's side.


Arthur possessed a lot of corpses since he became a parasite, he got their stats and skills, but he also got their experience in other things, be it cooking, tailoring or other things, they were not the best, but they were helpful.

For example, he would play the violin for Saly, since she couldn't see, the only thing she does is hear, so he would always play some symphonies for her, she enjoyed it a lot and would ask him to play for her every now and then.

It's a pity she can't see so he can't show her magic or teach her reading, but hopefully, her blindness won't last long, at least that's what Arthur wished.


After 2 weeks since the incident with Robert, a guard came to their room and after knocking the door a few times, he slipped a letter from under it, then he left in a hurry.

When Saly heard the knock, her body stiffened and she tugged Lucy's sleeve who was next to her, keeping her company.

Though she changed and she no longer was afraid of everything, she couldn't help but feel a little anxiousness when she heard the knocking sound.

Lucy giggled and softly said to the little girl who was tugging her sleeve.

"Hehe, there is nothing to fear Saly, we are with you..."

The little girl merely nodded but her hand didn't let go of Lucy's sleeve, she felt safe by doing that, and Lucy didn't mind, in fact, she brought Saly closer to her as if reassuring her.

The letter flew towards Arthur and landed on his hands

His control of telekinesis never ceased to increase, and a simple action like this was nothing to him.

He didn't waste time and opened the letter to read it.

'Hello Sir, I am the head of the E-clips Company, Robin, we've met already but I haven't properly introduced myself, also, I apologize for my rude behavior. Tonight, we are holding a banquet and I would like to invite you and your comrade, feel free to come if you have the time.

Sincerely, Robin.'

Arthur couldn't help but chuckle when he read this letter 'that woman can be respectful after all, then why the need to act haughty? I can't help but think she's a little spoiled..*sigh* "


After reading that letter, Arthur discussed its content with Lucy, to see if they should attend the banquet or not, after all, it's not like they had a better thing to do, so why not go?

Lucy also didn't oppose, since it was only a banquet then there is nothing to fear or worry about.

Though after firmly deciding, they wanted to ask Saly too, as they can't let her stay here alone, firstly because they couldn't bear to, secondly, they already recognized her as one of them and if she didn't want to go then they too won't, Lucy and Arthur already discussed the matter of Saly and they decided to keep her until they find a cure for her blindness and other injuries, then they'll see.

"Saly, there is a banquet tonight, and we were thinking about going, what do you think?"(Arthur)

Once she heard that they were going, Saly became silent for a couple of seconds before speaking with an anxious and hesitant tone

"P-Please don't l-leave me, I'll stop bothering you about the s-songs, please!"

Saly totally misunderstood Arthur, as she didn't know what a banquet means, she knew how to talk but she learned that alone and there is a lot of words she didn't know, plus when she heard they were going to go, she thought they were leaving her and will never come back, so how could she not panic?

Seeing her panic, Arthur stretched both of his hand and carried her like a princess. Moreover, she loved being carried like that and she would always calm down once he did that.

She was small and light, so it didn't bother Arthur, furthermore, he liked carrying her, her fluffy fur had a good sensation, especially her ears, they looked so adorable, it only made her look cuter.

They didn't have clothes for kids so Saly only wore Lucy's clothes which were bigger but at least it was way better than what she was previously wearing when she was with Robert, it was a mere piece of black cloth which was dirty and ripped.

"How could we leave such a cute little girl ha? we were only asking you if you wanted to go" (Arthur)

Arthur replied to hear in a teasing manner while pinching her little nose, his way of treating her was very gentle and he didn't want to see this little girl said, maybe it was similar yet different from Lucy.

Saly's POV

Ever since mister Arthur took me from my master, I felt like every day was like a dream.

I even tasted delicious food, I think it was meat?? anyway, he and aunty Lucy treat me really nice.

I firstly didn't dare to cause them troubles, so I silently sat on the bed to not disturb them, but...but for some strange reason they get angry if I act like that, they always tell me to do whatever I want.

But I didn't want to trouble them, even when my tummy hurts, I won't tell them to give me their food, it was so must be precious....but it was yummy.....

I-I..I managed to ask them for 'meat', and they-they didn't get angry! instead, they gave me more meat and other things which I couldn't remember their names, it was so delicious, I ate until my tummy almost exploded 'poof' waaah, I wonder why they would help someone like me.....


It's been a few days, and Mister Arthur and aunty Lucy insisted that I only call them by their names without adding any honorific, but...but I can't do that! they helped me so much, how could I speak disrespectfully to them...master said never to call someone by their names or else he would beat me....*hic*.

Waah, I like it when Mister Arthur carries me, it's comfortable and warm, whenever he does that, I get very warm.........

I wish I could see them both, I wonder how they look like?........

I don't even know how I look like............


When Mister Arthur said that they were going to a 'banquet', my heart almost stopped! I don't know what's a banquet but he said they were going.......did I do something bad for them to leave me? Maybe because I troubled Mister Arthur by telling him to play songs for me? I knew I shouldn't act like that, I should have stayed silent and acted obediently.....

Or maybe is it b-because my master threatened them-m?? n-nno! it's not possible, Mister Arthur said my master is gone, he would never lie to me.......

"P-Please don't l-leave me, I'll stop bothering you about the s-songs, please!"

I could only beg, I don't want them to leave me *hicc* *hicc*, I don't want to be alone again...

Mister Arthur held me in his arms again and it felt very pleasant....he reassured me and asked me if I wanted to go the banquet with them.........'feeew' I thought they would leave me, I really can't handle being alone after staying with's like being in a dream..I could eat a lot and it's very delicious, I never got beaten and Aunty Lucy would always play with me...was it too much to hope for things to stay like this?...Maybe I have been a bad girl...

I nodded my head so they would take me...and they didn't refuse, they were very happy.

Mister Arthur put me on something comfortable, it was like the bed but it seemed to be floating...I think? since I can't see I don't really know but my feet were dangling and I couldn't touch the ground.

We left the 'heaven' I was in the last 2 weeks, it's such a good place, I want to stay there forever..but without Aunty Lucy and Mister Arthur, that place is nothing....hehe, I'll go with them everywhere if they don't throw me...

In just a few minutes, I think we arrived in a place with a lot of people, I was from the dog kin race so my hearing was not bad..but I can only hear with one ear, Master tested his new sword on me and it hurt my left was so least I can hear with my right one.


Saly agreed on going to the banquet, so after Arthur put her on the dark cloud since she can't walk properly and it may be painful for her to walk, they left the room and proceeded towards the main room in the ship.

A couple of minutes were enough for them to arrive at their destination. 

It was a luxurious room, tables and chairs of famous brands were scattered, nobles wearing expensive and elegant clothes were either chatting with each other or drinking some wine.

Arthur was stupefied by the 'banquet', it was well-organized and it didn't lack anything. 

It didn't take long for them to find a free table, Lucy sat on a chair and put the cute little Saly on her lap.

Though the nobles glanced towards their direction, none dared to come talk with them, after what happened previously, who would have the guts to talk to Arthur, they were terrified by him, however, there were some unique people who appeared nonchalant and resumed their matters after glancing at them for a split second.

Not all of them were present that day, they indeed heard what happened from their friends or rumors, but seeing is believing, right? since they didn't see with their own eyes then they won't feel what the witnesses felt.

Arthur didn't come here just for a breath of fresh air and some 'fun', he wanted to discuss with Robin and maybe ask her something, since she was the head of a famous trading company, she must have a lot of resources so why not ask her? though her answering will depend on her and her only. Arthur didn't treat her kindly or respectfully so he had some doubts if she will respond to his questions or not, if she doesn't then so be it, there was no need to make a fuss about it, he isn't going to sweet-talk her for favors.

He spotted her almost instantly, she was wearing a golden dress, her curves were exposed and her body looked more erotic than ever, however, he didn't focus too much on it.

He turned towards Lucy and nodded, the latter understood his meaning and smiled, he already told her he's going to talk with Robin so there was no need for words between them.

He then patted Saly's little head while saying

"I'll be right back okay? Lucy will stay with you"

This time, Saly was more relaxed, with a 'Un!' she nodded her head and brightly smiled, she didn't feel as worried as she was earlier, she herself didn't know the reason but she just believed in Arthur's words.

Arthur didn't waste time, he headed towards Robin, who was chatting with some nobles with Belic by her side.

She noticed Arthur coming her way, her body stiffened for a moment before calming down again, the smile never left her face, she ended her conversation with the nobles and turned towards the incoming Arthur.

"Sir Arthur, so you came...I hope this banquet didn't disappoint you"

Robin naturally learned his name from Koez, she questioned him about Arthur and how he met him, but all she got were ' I don't know', that irritated her but she didn't dare vent her anger on Arthur, she actually felt that was he did was right but excessive, it's true Robert was heartless towards his slaves but that's how all nobles act, if you kill everyone who acted like that then there will be no end to it, literally.

Albeit her anger, she took care of the slave of Robert, that young female beastman, she made her a free person and sent her to another ship, informing the captain to give her some gold and send her on her way once they arrived at their destination.

Arthur stopped in front of Robin and Belic, he smiled at them and replied

"Indeed, it's a good banquet, I'm amazed, but I didn't come here to enjoy it, I want to talk about some matters with you, I wonder if you can spare me some of your time?"

Honestly, Robin was startled by what she heard, nonetheless, she kept her smile and spoke yet again, however her mind was confused, 'Why is this bastard acting kind and respectful all of a sudden? multiple personalities? or maybe he's insane? anyway, since he's come here to talk then it's alright...I think?'

"Of course, of course, Sir Arthur, please follow me"

She then led him to a nearby free table, and the three of them sat, Belic was silent from the very beginning but he was suspicious of Arthur, however, he didn't act nor did he talk, if a fight broke out because of a reckless thing he did, then he can only wait for his death, a monster like Arthur is out of his league, even Lucy can pulverise him....

Once they sat down, Robin stared at Arthur with her two crystal eyes, if it was any other man, they would already be enchanted by those eyes, but unfortunately it was Arthur, he had Lucy, and even though this Robin was a beauty, he didn't have any strange ideas about her.

"So, Sir Arthur, what would you like to talk about?"

Arthur leisurely crossed his arms, leaned his back on the chair and replied

"First of all, I will not apologize for what I did, that fat pig deserved what happened, so don't expect an apology, I have come here today to ask you about something if you can do it, I assure you that you will receive of equivalent price"

Although Robin was irritated by what he said, she didn't yell or burst out in anger like last time, she has already learned her lesson, she suppressed her angry emotions and decided to take a calmer route

"Ohh..I wonder what Sir Arthur would want from me~~"

She said that in a coquettish manner, however, that had no reaction whatsoever on Arthur, he just fixed his eyes on her and kept a solemn face.

"I will spare you the useless talk, do you know any method of healing blindness and other deep scars"

As she heard that, Robin glanced at the sitting Saly, she was sure he was talking about her, but what perplexed her is that why would he go to such lengths for her? he only met her 2 weeks ago, right?

Robin was startled by his demand, however, that didn't stop her from smirking and replying

"What if I do?"

Arthur's cold eyes changed for a split second before regaining their coldness yet again.

"I'm willing to pay for it, just name whatever price you want"

Robin was ecstatic right now, an opportunity to pay back what was done to her finally came, he wanted something from her, and she actually had a solution for what he asked but it was not easy to do it, so how could she just accept Arthur's offer, he, who mocked her, and caused a mess in her ship.

"I'm sorry, but we cannot help yo.."

Before she could finish, Arthur interrupted her and said

"10 million gold coins!"

Robin seriously stared at him for a couple of seconds before softly laughing while replying

"Heheh~~, Sir Arthur, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but even if I accepted your request, 10 million gold coins would never be enough, to cure blindness requires a very strong healing spell or skill"

What she said what completely true, normally, only extremely rich nobles would afford to obtain strong healing spells for missing limbs or recovering from deafness, blindness, etcetera...

Arthur didn't seem fazed by what she said, he unhesitantly spoke again

"100 million gold coins!"

This time, Robin was stunned, this amount of money is by no means little, even some nobles would not reach that amount, only royalties, and other special figures, so she began to ponder about his identity.

"I'm so..."

"1 billion!"

Yet again, he interrupted her, but the amount he said made her and Belic stand agape, mouth wide open.

1 Billion gold coins are such an astronomical price, even she wouldn't dare joke about such an amount.

The E-clips Company had at most a few hundred billion, it's a lot but that was obtained after a lot of generations, though Robin managed to earn a lot, a billion gold coins is still a freaking huge sum. It's true the company's money is in the hundred billion, but that didn't mean she can use them however she wants.

Robin couldn't reject like earlier, he heart was swayed by the amount for a second, but she soon snapped out of her fantasies about the huge sum and was about to reject yet again when all of the sudden, she heard Arthur speak again

"Just tell me how much you want, 100billion? 1000 billion? name a price, I can give you legendary weapons too.."

For him, such things as those treasure or gold coins, he had a lot of it, so much in fact that he could not use it in this lifetime or even the next one, especially the gold.

For the weapons, there were thousands of them but not all of them were good, however, even the worse weapon can amount to a few hundred million in the auction.

As he finished saying that, he retrieved a long red axe, it was the work of 'Juda', since the Emperor recognized then Robin would surely recognize it too, he decided he would do anything to cure Saly, such useless items are really not worth for him, her regaining her sight and get rid of her scars was a better thing for Arthur, he couldn't wish for more. 

Seeing her staggered walking, no matter how many times, he would feel sad, her state was as miserable as one could be, she couldn't even see! how can it be much worse than that? she's only 5 years old! not 10 or 20, just 5! how can a kid like this handle all of that...even when Arthur suffered that tragic torture, he was already above 30, however she was but a small and fragile child.

Once Belic and Robin's eyes landed on the red axe and that flame symbol, they couldn't believe what they were seeing, Belic unconsciously snatched the axe from Arthur's hands and began examining it, he was a mage expert and he lived long enough to see one of 'Juda's works, so when he saw a similar one, how couldn't he be astonished?

"This...this is real!"(Belic)

He didn't need to test it, just by holding it for a few seconds, and sensing that strange mana fluctuation coming from the flame symbol affirmed his guesses.

He couldn't help but turn his head to look at Arthur and ask

"You...just who are you?"


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