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Arthur decided to go towards the biggest ship just because he wanted to, of course, he could have chosen the other surviving ships but he didn't.

The ship wasn't that far, to begin with, plus the bone dragon's body could have been seen by miles away, so when the guards in the main ship saw the incoming dragon, they freaked out and stood there, petrified from fear, after all, a dragon is a completely different thing from a Kraken, heck! it was even a bone dragon.


The guards and fighters in the main boat began shouting and preparing themselves, that shout snapped almost all of them out of their daze, they mustered what was left of their strength and courage and tightly held their weapons.

An old man who stood on the main ship with the guards gazed at the bone dragon, but he appeared calm, he raised his hand and declared

"No need, it's a bone dragon, it must surely have been summoned"

The old man apparently knew about the bone dragon and immediately guessed that it was not coming to attack, he was a mage expert and lived enough to know the difference between and a bone dragon and a normal one.

When they heard him, all guards relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief, this old man was the captain of this main ship and he was extremely strong, so they obviously trusted his words.

It didn't take long for the dragon to arrive near the main ship and land on it.

All the people backed away to let some place for the dragon or else they would be squashed to death by the dragon.

As for the old man, his gaze landed on the people on the dragon's back, especially on Arthur, he was the one in the lead, standing on the dragon's head, anyone would judge Arthur to be the leader or boss of this group behind him.

Just when the dragon landed on the ship, Arthur jumped from it followed by Lucy, Mary, and the rest. 

Arthur looked around to observe the boat and he indeed was a bit stunned, this ship's structure and decoration were on another level compared to the previous one, even though it was only the exterior of the ship, it really looked extravagant.

The old man advanced towards Arthur in a flash then said

"Friend, what brings you to our ship?"

Arthur noticed the old man from way earlier, he saw how he took care of the Kraken which attacked the main ship. 

When Arthur watched how the old man fought, he immediately guessed that his attribute is light and metal.

Metal magic was also one of the special attributes and it was pretty rare too, usually, it's not very strong in the offensive but it has a strong defensive power, it is even rumored to be amongst the best.

He didn't waste time and appraised the old man who was approaching him, he didn't do it earlier because he wasn't in range, the distance was just too far.

Bedic Qin(Human) : LVL 294

 'What!' Arthur couldn't help but exclaim, this old man was the highest person he had ever appraised, even the bishops from the church weren't this strong.

Though he was surprised by the old man's LVL, he never felt fear or anxiousness, heck! the bone dragon was enough to deal with this old man, even if he can't kill him he would most likely heavily injure him.

"Hmm, nothing special really..I paid for a trip from the human continent t to the Itas continent, I was on one of your ships, but your guards and captain abandoned us when the ship began breaking so I simply switched ships"

Arthur's opinion about this E-clips company changed a lot, this Company was by no means a small or weak one.

He heard from Mary that this company did not participate in any political fights or wars, in fact, it provided weapons to anyone who was buying, it had strong individuals that were specifically paid to protect it from any danger, plus no one from the strong powers in this world would want to fight E-clips company, as it provided them everything they needed.

He did think they had strong figures, but not to this extent, if money could buy people like this Bedic, then the powers couldn't be balanced like this, this old man must be someone special, at least that's what Arthur guessed.

Though, someone special or not, that didn't matter, he paid gold coins for the trip on a ship from their company, so if it was destroyed or whatever, that didn't matter, he will travel on another one, heck! if this old man refuses to welcome them, he would just forcefully stay here, after all, it's not like anyone can stop him? 

"Oh! So it's like that! Well, no worries, there is a lot of other ships, you can choose whichever you like, and we apologize for the behavior of the captain and guards, it's just that they were instructed to flee when in danger, don't blame them"

Bedic acted friendly because someone who can use a bone dragon must certainly be insanely strong, and of course, Arthur was the one who was controlling him, it was as obvious as the sun!

"No problem, I like this ship so I'll stay here, me and my companions"

The old man was stunned for a second before retorting to Arthur

"this....I cannot do, Friend, this ship is where the head of our company and many other strong individuals are staying, we cannot disturb them"

"I do not care about that, I said I want to stay here and I will, it's not my fault that your petty subordinates couldn't even protect the ship"

Bedic was distressed, it seems this man in front of him was quite stubborn and only wanted to stay here, he didn't think he could forcefully kick him out, he barely can handle the bone dragon, so if the owner was the same strength then he'll be easily defeated, he was wise enough to judge the situation logically.

" *Sigh*.....Alright, we will provide rooms for you, but the slaves will go to the other ship"

This was the only solution, if he refused, a fight would be inevitable so he decided to comply with Arthur's request.

Arthur just nodded at Belic and said 

"They will go to another ship, but they are no more slaves since your subordinates abandoned them then they are free"

A random guard who was behind Belic, heard what Arthur said so he pointed his spear at him and said

"What are you trying to be righteous for! those slaves belong to the E-clips company, can't you see the symbol in their col.."

Before he could finish, he was interrupted as he saw all the collars fall from the slave's neck, they were cleanly cut by a sharp object.

"These...are mere objects, they do not decide if a person is a slave or not, I said they are free so they are free, you do not have the right to negotiate that with me"

Arthur glared at the guard, his killing intent soon engulfed the surroundings and the atmosphere became slightly colder, the guard felt a chill down his spines and he couldn't move, much less talk.

As for the old man, his eyes were glued to the collars, he focused on the on the part which was cut 'How is that possible! they are special collars which are imprinted with a strong seal, anyone who attempts to break them will suffer a strong rebound..."

The more Belic looked at those collars, the more he felt afraid of Arthur, he didn't even see what exactly cut those collars.

"Of course, these slaves are now free" (Belic)

With that, the slaves jumped on the dragon's back again, then Arthur ordered it to head to a nearby ship, a guard also went with them to inform the captain of the ship.

Mary also brought the kid and went with the slaves, after all, she cared for them and wanted to uphold justice, so she decided to go with them to make sure they are not mistreated.

The only ones left are Lucy and Arthur, who stood silently in front of Belic and the rest of the guards.

Just as the dragon flew away, the luxurious golden door which led to the interior of the ship slowly opened, and a lady came out of it.

Each time she took a step, her body will make an 'S' shape and her waist will sway left and right, she looked gorgeous with an enchanting face and two towering peaks in her chest area, they almost bulged out of the tight dress, they looked like two soft melons that would make any man drool.

the red lipstick in her lips made her look even sexier, plus the red robe she was wearing only added to her beauty.

"Grandpa! did you deal with the Kraken?"

Robin Qin(Human) : LVL47

 It would be a lie to say Arthur wasn't surprised by her appearance, but he didn't have any strange ideas about her, he merely thought she was pretty, but just not as beautiful as Lucy, his wife.

He unconsciously appraised her but her LVL was quite low, but she had the same surname as the old man in front of him and by what she said, she seemed to be his granddaughter.

"Hahaha, little girl, how can mere Kraken's stop this old man? it was a trivial thing, no need to be worried everytime they attack"

Robin happily went near the old man but when she saw Arthur and Lucy, plus the flying bone dragon which was not far away, she frowned and showed a confused look.

She icily glared at the strangers and said

"Who are you?"

Just as she said that, Belic softly laughed and said

"Now now little girl, no need to act cautiously, this friend was on board of another ship but it was destroyed so he wanted to stay in this one as they had already paid one of the captains for the trip, as the head of the company, what do you think?"

Though Robin was weak and had a low LVL, her ability to run the company is outstanding since she took hold of the company, it never ceased growing and expanding all around the globe, the profit she managed to earn had already outtakes her peers.

She was a true genius when it came to trading and managing business.

Even Arthur was slightly astonished when he heard she was the head of E-clips company, he didn't expect this lady to be the head, of course, he didn't look down on her but the thought of her being the head simply didn't cross his mind.

Robin kept coldly glaring at Arthur while saying

"Hmpf! what if they paid? that didn't mean they can stay on THIS ship, there are several others so just go there!"

Her attitude really irritated Arthur, nonetheless, he kept a calm attitude and suppressed the urge to beat her down(AN : just a beating, not a f*cking rape, don't misunderstand....).

"I do not want to waste my time arguing with a spoiled brat like you, I will stay here whether you like it or not"

Arthur didn't really want to cause a scene but this lady was making things different for him, he just wanted a room to stay here, not all the rooms.


Robin pointed at him with anger, she didn't think he'll shamelessly call her 'spoiled little brat', it made her enraged as it was the first time someone dared to say that to her face.

Arthur then turned to look at Belic then coldly said

"As I have already said, whether you like it or not, I am staying here, deal with it"

He then began walking towards the interior of the ship followed by Lucy, who was silent from the very beginning.

She wasn't interested in any of this, she didn't even spare a glance at anyone except Robin, for any woman, having someone who has the same beauty or even slightly less would make her feel a bit troubled, as she would consider her like a rival.

As she saw Arthur and Lucy leisurely head inside, Robin almost choked, they completely ignored her and Belic and walked inside, it's like not giving them any face.

"Guards! what are you dazing for! CAPTURE THEM!" (Robin)

Her yell made all the guards who were either drooling over her body or Lucy's came back to their senses, however, after she said that, Robin and everyone present, felt that their body couldn't move, not even for an inch, no matter how they tried, they just couldn't move a muscle, heck! even Belic was unable to move, he stared at disbelief in Arthur's direction, even with his high LVL, he was bound like this.

It was actually Arthur's threads, in a split second a lot of threads came out of his hand and bound all the enemies, no one would be able to break free if they do not have the sufficient strength, maybe someone like Yamak would be able to easily break free but not those weak people.

He was really feeling grateful, these threads are used in a lot of ways, and this was just one of them.

He didn't linger off there a lot and entered the ship with Lucy, as they were searching for a free room, they would hear moans from almost every room, of course, it was people having sex but Arthur wondered why are there so many, however he didn't bother them and proceeded to search until they finally found a large and luxurious room which appeared to be unoccupied.

Just when they entered the room, Arthur released the bound guards from the threads, which fell to the ground and disappeared in a flash.

"G-Grandpa..W-What happened?"

Robin stared at her grandfather with a bit of fear and curiosity.

"Robin, do not bother with those two, just let them stay here, you already noticed that flying beast out there right? it's a bone dragon, he most likely summoned it, even I, am not sure I can beat it, and you have already seen how he easily bound us, I couldn't break free no matter how much spells I used, they are not ordinary so better not provoke them, since they are only staying here then let them be, don't act recklessly"

Robin is indeed the head of the company, but Belic would always advise her and protect her, he was with her all day long to protect her from any assassins, as the company was a strong power, there are obviously people who would want to get rid of it, for example, other clans.

Belic and Robin were from the Qin clan, it was not a strong one but it had control of the E-clips company plus other known facilities, so its strength is decent, but not enough to fight against the other clans.

Their clan was not like the others, which had strong fighters, the Qin clan only had a few geniuses but compared to the other clan they were still lacking, even Robin was not strong albeit being an intelligent girl who managed to rise E-clips Company into a never before seen glory.

"Alright Grandpa, since you said so...but he was so arrogant, calling me a spoiled brat, tsk tsk!"

She was still feeling resentful towards Arthur, but since her grandfather told her to not act recklessly she could only obey, after all, he was the one who helped her since she was a little girl.

Belic then ordered the guards not to bother Arthur and especially not anger him, then he and Robin went to the office Robin had on the ship.

Once they were alone, Belic turned his head to look at his granddaughter then softly said

"Little girl, you are still young so you don't know what's out there, people like today should not be provoked easily, I'm absolutely sure he could have killed us in a second, I couldn't even see what bound us, a spell, a skill or whatever it was, it sure as hell didn't let me move an inch, so forget about what he said and don't act rebellious, I know you always scheme behind my back.."

Belic warned her again as he knew she was a crafty little girl, whenever someone angered her she would pay him back in any possible way, so he couldn't help but warn her again to explain how dangerous those two individuals were, he didn't even see Lucy act but she most likely was strong too and that only made the situation worse.

"But but.." 

Robin appeared distressed as it was unusual for her grandfather to seriously warn her, even if he did, he would not insist like this time.

"No buts! Did you not hear what I said or are you pretending to be deaf? They are dangerous! don't act up against them, this is an order from your grandfather!"

Hearing this, Robin could only silently nod her head, it's the first time Belic ordered her like this to she understood how serious the situation was.


Arthur and Lucy relaxed in their room as if nothing happened, he sat on a comfortable sofa and retrieved a book from his storage and began silently reading, as for Lucy she stared at him with dagger eyes and said

"Hmpf! I saw you stare at her for too long, especially those fat balls in her chest! hmpf hmpf!"

Arthur who just began enjoying the book, was startled by what he just heard, he lifted his head only to see Lucy stare at him intensely

"You must be joking! I only spared her a glance..."

It was really the truth, he merely looked at her for a second, maybe his eyes landed on her chest area but it was only for a split second.

The only conclusion he could think of is that she was teasing him yet again, but then again, if she was indeed joking then why the intense glare.

He put the book down and went to sit near Lucy who just sat on the nearby big bed.

"You can't be jealous......right?"

"Hmpf! who would be jealous of her!"

Arthur stretched his hand and began enjoying her soft breast, though it was not as big as Robin's, it was more than enough, he could never get enough of them.

"Though I prefer yours so why the need to feel jealous..."

Lucy didn't respond to that, she only let him massage her chest while moaning sometimes though this time they didn't end up doing it, it was not because she was angry at him or anything of the sort, in fact, she was happy with what he said and couldn't be more overjoyed, but the two of them just didn't feel like doing it, so she merely let him do as he pleases.

The two of them passed the night in the room, no one bothered them, and it was for the best, Arthur continued reading the book after he enjoyed groping Lucy's breasts to the fullest.

She fell asleep as she wanted to continue her previous nap, and he resumed reading the book.

But, as he was silently reading the book, he remembered about the thought that had struck him earlier.

He wanted to build something, more accurately, make a mercenary or even an academy, he saw how powerful the Nemia academy was, it's probably because of the Ma clan controlling it, nevertheless it was feared by all the powers in the other continents, so if he established an academy, with his power and Lucy's it would be easy.

He liked traveling and he was planning to do a lot of that, but an academy or something similar would be interesting, first, he would have a place to return to, and it would have a power strong enough to face up against other continents, if not stronger than them.

Of course, it was only thought so he wanted to thoroughly think about it then decided what to do, for now, he was going to deal with Ma clan and the holy church then he will see if he is going to do that or not, it depends.

Arthur read a book for about an hour before joining Lucy in bed, he hugged her then went to sleep.


This time, in his sleep, Arthur had a strange dream, it only lasted a couple of seconds but it was nonetheless a dream.

He was in a small wooden house, it was very small but it felt really familiar and warm, he was chopping some wood while a melodic voice came from behind him

"Honey, it's almost time...."

It was the only thing he heard before the strange dream ended and he suddenly woke up.

Lucy was still soundlessly sleeping, as for him, he was sweating a little, he quickly changed his clothes and got back to sleep yet again, however, this time, he didn't dream of anything strange like earlier and only woke up the next morning.


Both of them got up from bed early in the bed after a deep kiss, he wore a blue robe which perfectly suited him, as for Lucy, she wore those sexy tight clothes, which made her look like a true demoness who would steal anyone's heart.

Arthur wanted to go outside to breathe some fresh air, he noticed that this ship is not like others and there were only guards and not a single slave, so why not enjoy the view outside.

They soon left their room and headed outside, the ship was really big with a lot of rooms and a big main room which had some round stairs, a red carpet was put on them which made them look more stunning, an enormous chandelier was on the roof, at night, it provided light with some special magic, there was also some beautiful paintings on the walls, they looked very fascinating, the one who made them must surely be a famous artist.

After a couple of minutes, they were finally outside. Their appearance raised the alertness of all the guards, they stared intensely at Arthur but none dared to bother him or even talk to him.

As for Arthur, he didn't pay them any attention too and leisurely walked with Lucy.

He noticed that there were people he didn't see yesterday, they seemed to be nobles or something similar, they wore luxurious clothes and had a lot of jewelry, there were women and men, and when Arthur appraised them, they were all between LVL20 and LVL30, it was high but not high enough.

Nobles had money to buy elixirs and mercenaries to protect them in dungeons while they killed monsters so it's rather easy for them to LEVEL UP, but even with high LVL, their fighting strength can be considered weak.

Every one of those nobles had some bodyguards, and Arthur was honestly surprised when he saw the bodyguards LVLS, they were all above LVL130, they emanated some a slight pressure and looked like experts.

The only possible explanation for this is that these people were very important, or else why would they have such strong bodyguards, there really was a lot of powerful people out there.

The Nemia academy was considered powerful because of its council member and principal, very few knew of the 'judgment', but those who knew didn't dare attack, they may have people stronger than even the principal but they still didn't have the courage to attack as their fear from that weapon stopped from doing so.

The strongest bodyguards he saw were 2 twins, they were both LVL 143 and had green hair, they were handsome and appeared more like a nobles than a bodyguard, what was worst is who they were protecting, it was a fat ball of meat, this guy was seriously so fat that from afar, you would see a round ball, he looked really disgusting.

Even though he was wearing some luxurious clothes, you could see the sweat on them, his look was disgusting and sweat was coming out of his forehead every now and then, he would take some cloth and wipe it but that didn't help much.

He was sitting on a chair that almost broke because of his weight, but he didn't seem to mind it as he put all his weight on the poor chair, if it was a human, he would surely be squashed to death by this fat pig.

Next to him was sitting what seemed to be a female beastmen, she wore a collar so she obviously was his slave.

Even she looked disgusted by her master and couldn't handle staying next to him even another second, but she couldn't go against him so he obediently sat there.

The pig had his right hand holding a chain which stretched from the collar of the slave, as for his left hand, it was caressing the naked thigh of the girl.

He didn't care about the surroundings and kept stroking her thigh while licking his lips every now and then.

Arthur coldly stared at the fat guy but didn't do anything, this was the kind of people he hated the most, buying a slave then forcing him to do anything he wants.

He didn't feel a pity for all slaves, but he pitied this girl, to have a disgusting freak for her monster must have been a nightmare, in bed he would surely suffocate her with his weight, truly a poor girl.

He and Lucy approached the pig, and once they were near him, the twins who were protecting him blocked Arthur's path while coldly glaring at him.

They heard from the guards that there was a special someone who came and he is dangerous but they didn't know his appearance, plus they assumed Arthur was a noble, as he clearly looked like one, he was handsome and looked clean and wore a luxurious blue robe, so how could they not think he is a noble.

Seeing the twins block his path, Arthur didn't particularly mind, he stared at the fat pig and said

"Hey you..."

Arthur already appraised the fat guy and he saw that his name was Robert Yan, quite a good name but didn't suit someone like him.

Arthur loathed guys like him but he didn't want to act rashly and just kill or injure him just because he hated him, he just wanted to give an option to the girl beside him, that's all.

He was probably a couple of meters away from Robert, so the latter heard someone call for him, he lifted his head which was contemplating the girl's body and stared at the origin of the voice, once he saw it was a well-dressed young man with a beauty next to him, he became quite cautious, there was a lot of powerful figures like him on the ship, and he didn't know all of them, so he couldn't act recklessly, however, that didn't stop him from looking at Lucy's body with eyes burning from lust.

"Y-Yes...What do you want?"

He only replied after fully enjoying the view of Lucy's alluring body, even with his fat stomach which covered his lower body, you could see a small tent in his lower body.

Arthur didn't like anyone looking at Lucy like that but since it happened a lot of times, there was nothing he could do, it's not like he had to take out the eyes of every one who could see her, but to have his wife sized up by this disgusting pig irritated him, nonetheless, he remained calm and responded

"I would like to speak with your slave for a second, do you mind?"

Robert was startled by this question, but since it wasn't an extravagant request and it wouldn't hurt he decided to accept Arthur's request.


He still didn't know what is this man and beauty next to him, but he didn't dare offend anyone even though he had a very special status, his old man told him many times to think about his actions before acting, plus his mind was already thinking about Lucy and how would she be in bed, he just couldn't get her out of his head, just like Robin, every time he saw her he would become excited and his desires would surge up, he would release it on his slaves all night long.

Robert gestured for the girl next to him to stand up to talk to Arthur, of course, she didn't dare disobey, she slowly went next to Arthur and softly said


Arthur brought her a little away from Robert and the bodyguards then said

"If you want, I can free you from your master"

She thought he would propose to be her master or buy her for a night, just like any other noble would do, but never did she think she would hear this.

There was a time where someone asked her the same thing, and she accepted, that person tried to fight against her current master, but that only ended up with his head on a stick, and she was beaten by her master so severely that she couldn't move for a week, that was a nightmare for her that she would never forget in her entire life.

When she heard him, she was grateful that Arthur requested her help, but her heart couldn't take it if she was beaten like last time and kind people would die for her sake, so she shook her head to Arthur while saying

"I'm Okay...."

Though Arthur really wanted to help her, he couldn't do it forcefully, plus since she didn't want help and said she was alright, there is nothing he could do, he already tried to help her but she refused, he could only sigh and say

"Alright, just tell me when you need help, even a scream would be enough.."

Arthur wasn't this soft usually, but after what happened to Lucy and after he saw her past, he couldn't handle seeing other women being forcefully raped or do something against their will, it's just that something like that angered him and made him loathe slavery even more, truly a disgusting system which only brings pain and misery to people.

People would play with the lives of the slaves and use them as if they were toys, people like that are even worse than animals, one would truly think if those people are devils and not actual human beings.

Actually, in this world, it was humans who made the slavery system and only them who used it, demons never used it and elves did not use it either, only those greedy and crafty humans resorted to such low and sinister methods so to subdue enemies and people against their will.

Even in his previous world, humans were no less cruel than this one, they slaughtered, tortured, made wars, killed so many animals to the point that almost all of them went extinct, to this very day, Arthur could remember what the old lady from the orphanage always said to him

'We humans, if we are given the choice to live without violence, we are also given the choice to center our meals and harvest around slaughter, slavery or war. Unfortunately, we have chosen slaughter. We have chosen war, we were dumb enough to choose something that would only bring our end, for the sake of what? Just the greed for 'power'....'

In a way, it is true that other beings can be evil and sinister like humans, but humans excelled in those things, when one mentions humans, they would mention their cruel acts more than mentioning their good actions, which truly is a sad thing, 'one would always remember a famous war between humans us but would not remember a peace treaty between nations' This thought was always on Arthur's mind, he felt ashamed to be human in the past, at least he is a parasite now..


Anyway, the female beastmen soon went back next to her master, who was still daydreaming while gazing at Lucy's figure, who in return, didn't spare a glance at him, he made her feel so disgusted that she wished to go and punch him to death, but of course, she didn't do that.

Arthur and Lucy went to a near bench and sat there to relax a little, he didn't pay Robert or his slave any more thought, he wrapped his hand around Lucy's back and made her lean on him, and just like that, both of them relaxed why staring at the beautiful view of the sea.

As for Robert, he felt envious when he saw Arthur act that intimate with Lucy, he gritted his teeth and regretted accepting his request earlier, but what done is done and there is nothing that could change that, he turned to look at one of the twins and said

"Go bring me that little girl from my room, now! I feel like playing with her now"

When he mentioned the little girl, the slave beast men next to him felt a bit of anxiousness and pity towards that little girl that Robert mentioned.

One of the twins nodded and headed inside to bring the girl as for the other one he stood there, still doing his job.

Roughly 5 minutes passed and finally the twin brought a little girl with him, she was following him while staggering every now and then, one of her hands were holding the bodyguard's sleeve.

She was about 5 years old, with a slightly long brown hair which looked messy and a bit dirty, she had multiple bruises and injuries in her small body and her eyes were closed, she was most likely blind so that's why she was holding the sleeve of the bodyguard, to not crash into anything, after all, there were many nobles, and causing them troubles would bring a disaster for her.

She was a beast, with dog ears but she surprisingly didn't have any tail, she also didn't wear any extravagant clothes, only a small black cloth that covered her body.

Her state really looked horrible, she was even younger than the kids Arthur brought yet what she has been through must've been worse than them.

Once the little girl appeared in front of the fat pig, she bowed and said with a low voice


Her voice contained a bit of fear and anxiousness, she was truly afraid of her master.

When he saw the little girl in front of him, Robert suddenly slapped her, the sound of the slap was quite loud as almost all the present people looked to see the origin, once they saw it was a slave and the fat pig, they ignored it and resumed what they were doing, after all, none wanted to provoke him.

"F*ck, every time I see you I want to beat the sh*t out of you...take this *slap*"

Even though he was a noble, he used such vulgar words and kept slapping the little girl who didn't even have the chance to get up, her small lips and nose leaked some blood as the slaps were powerful, especially when it was a noble who had high LVL, well technically he didn't have a high LVL, but she had a fragile body, and even with his meager strength, a slap from him would still hurt her a lot, she was a little kid after all not an adult with a sturdy body.

Arthur, who had his back facing Robert and the rest, didn't see the scene and only turned his head when he heard the slap, and what he saw now really enraged him a lot.

Previously, he gave a choice to the slave, however, she didn't accept so he could only give up, but now, it was an entirely different thing.

Even if it was the previous him, he would still feel angered by this sight, he indeed hated everyone as they were bad and greedy but little kids like this one didn't do anything wrong, heck! they don't even know right from wrong.

They barely lived enough to be able to talk and move and had yet to discover the world, so he couldn't blame nor hate them, in fact, he would like to help them if they are in a bad situation.

It's also true he didn't want to bring those kids with him, it's just because they were free now and they looked alright, they could handle themselves and provide food and shelter if they work, but this little girl was a slave, not only was she blind, so she cannot enjoy life to it's fullest, she also is a slave, that only made it worse.

He really couldn't hold himself back, the little girl's state was horrible, even some of the present nobles pitied her, what this fat pig what doing is extreme and ruthless.

Robert bought this slave not too long ago, he didn't use her as a sex slave as he wasn't into little girls but he enjoyed beating her up, whenever he was angry, he would whip her or just slap her, it was a stress relief toy for him, there was even a time he had to spend a potion to heal her or else she would die, he hated that but he used it nevertheless just to keep beating her more, though she begged him to stop at first, as time passed, she stopped doing that and accepted her fate.

He quite liked her begging and struggling and when she stopped, it angered him even more and he became more violent and vicious, he truly was a sadistic fat pig.


"How about you stop?"

Arthur appeared to Robert and the little girl, since he was holding Lucy, she was teleported with him, he held Robert's hand, stopping it from slapping the girl, while gazing coldly at him, strong killing intent emanated from him, this time, he was beyond angry, as black-hearted as he could sometimes be, there were times he just couldn't sit and watch, not after seeing a helpless little girl like this, being beaten like this with no way to defend, her state was miserable.

When he appraised her, he saw she was named Saly and was only LVL1, she never LEVELED UP, and her stats probably never increased, a body full of bruises and injuries with some scars here and there, and add to that she was blind, if that's not miserable, then I don't know what is.

"Hiiii!!!" (It's like a cry of fear and it's not 'hi')

The fat pig fell from the chair, his body was trembling as the glare and the killing intent was directed at him.

The twins sensed the change in atmosphere and the sudden appearance of Arthur but they couldn't react in time, but that didn't stop them from charging at the close Arthur, they unsheathed their swords and slashed at him with perfect coordination.

But, the next second, all they could feel is their body beeing sent flying until they hit the wall of the entrance leading inside the ship.

They didn't know what happened, but they felt immense pain in the abdomen and they both started coughing blood, the damage was to their abdomen but their ribs were broken with some shattered bones, even their shoulders were broken, of course with this sort of damage, they couldn't possibly get up.

It was Lucy who interfered this time, she saw the state of Saly and sympathized with her, she also felt the rage of Arthur and totally understood how he felt, from the soul link she felt how angry he was at this fat pig in front of her.

She only needed two quick punches and it was enough to deal with those twins, she didn't want anyone to disturb Arthur from whatever he is doing.

Robert already pissed his pants as he saw his two precious bodyguards easily defeated.

"Let me ask you a simple question....Why did you beat her like that? it's not like she disobeyed you right?"

Arthur finally spoke, however, his killing intent never ceased to increase, even the surrounding people didn't dare make a noise.

Robert was scared shitless from Arthur, but after some seconds, he seemed to remember his status and that he is from the strong Yan Clan so he regained a bit of confidence, but that didn't stop him from still feeling afraid of the man in front of him.

"She's my slave, my property, I can do anything with her! Who are you to judge my actions?"

Arthur laughed evilly when he heard that then spoke again

"HAHAHAHA, SO she's your slave then you can beat her down?"

"Y-yes! So what?"

"And why exactly did you beat her?"

"I already told you, she's my slave, whether I beat her or not, that's my own business."

Seeing that Arthur was only talking and didn't do anything beyond that, Robert gained even more confidence.


Black ancient threads came out of Arthur's hand, they emanated some black fog, they soon wrapped around all the fatty's body and held him in the air, he was floating a couple of centimeters in the air and his limbs were stretched like a star.

(AN : You know that knife or ball game when someone is put in a wooden circle in the star shape then someone throws the knife or ball at him? it's like that but without that wooden circle, if you don't know then google it)

The threads were tightly holding Robert, and as he started feeling some pain he began wailing like a pig.


Arthur loosened the threads a bit then looked at Robert, waiting for his answer.

"STOP STOP! I'll tell you!..."

As he said that, Robert panted for a couple of seconds before speaking again

"I did it for fun okay? I liked beating her, is that e-enough?.."

This time, he felt afraid, he no longer had the confidence from earlier, he knew Arthur was dead serious and if he angered even more, maybe even his life would be in danger.

As he said that, Arthur was going to speak again but what interrupted when a small hand held his foot.

Slay, who couldn't muster the strength to get up, crawled a little before she managed to reach Arthur, she softly said

"Mi--Mister, I-I'm a-alright, f-ff-forgive m-master.."

She couldn't even talk properly as her voice was low and almost non-existent.

Hearing this, Robert became a bit happy, he looked at Saly and said 

"That's right! Tell him Saly, you like being beaten right, right??"

In the spur of the moment, he created an idiotic and lame excuse to make Arthur calm down.

Saly was still small, but she had been a slave since she was born, and there is one thing she learned, is that her master is like a god, and she must obey him no matter what happens, she learned that the hard way and since then she never dared to fight back or retort to him.

So that's why she begged Arthur to stop, for her, Robert is a god, she was blind since birth so she couldn't see but she could hear and whenever someone defended her, that only ended up in him being killed, she would always hear that person die and Robert laugh evilly, so even though she heard the cry of Robert, she still thought he was a god, a scar of years cannot be removed in a second.

She sincerely wanted to stop Arthur from fighting Robert or else he would end up like the others, after all, she is blind so she can't see what's currently happening.

Arthur heard what she said but he didn't reply to her, he kept staring at Robert

"A lame excuse, can't-fool me since you enjoy beating her then I also enjoy beating you"

As he said that, he punched the fatty on his big stomach, he didn't put much force into it, just enough to hurt him yet not kill him.

Robert screamed from the pain, he was not used to fighting and hated pain, so when the punch struck him, he yelled non-stop.

Arthur didn't stop and kept punching him in his legs, arms, abdomen, face, everywhere, he didn't leave any place, it's like he was a punching bag.


The golden door leading to the inside of the ship opened and Robin accompanied by Belic came out running.

"Stop!! What do you think you are doing!" (Robin)

They both rushed at Arthur and the bloody body of Robert, his face was now unrecognizable, chunks of meat was missing from his body and he looked gory and disgusting as blood flowed endlessly from various injuries he had.

Lucy interrupted both of them as she appeared out of thin air and blocked their way

"I advise to stay back, he is only getting punished for what he has done, if you come any closer don't blame me for being ruthless"

Even though Robin and Belic heard her they still rushed at Arthur trying to stop him.

Metal needles appeared out of nowhere, there were thousands of them, they looked sharp and terrifying, with a thought, they rushed at Lucy, who was calmly looking at the incoming attack.

A 10m magma ball appeared, the pressure and heat it emanated was overwhelming, it's speed was also shocking, in a split second it melted all the incoming needles and headed for Belic and Robin.

Startled by what just happened, Belic grabbed Robin, who was next to him and backed away with all his speed.

He was smart enough to see that the magma ball was enough to melt him and Robin, and if he had been a second slower then it would have been their doom.

A magma ball from someone who has 150.000 intelligence is not the same from a magma ball of someone with 10.000 intelligence, they are entirely different, one was obviously way stronger than the other, Belic managed to think fast and guess that it was not a mere magma ball and its strength is horrifying.

He quickly understood that Lucy is out of his league, she was way stronger than him and he would not be able to beat her, heck! he almost died a second ago by just one move from her, that explains everything.

Robin still didn't give up, by seeing her grandpa's face she realized that this silver-haired beauty is also dangerous and they could not pass and forcefully stop Arthur so she could only look at him(Arthur) and shout.

"Stop! You have injured him enough, he is from the Yan Clan! It will be troublesome if you hurt him further!"

She was right in a way, the Yan clan was equal to the Qin clan and had a decent strength, though it was not THAT strong it had some strong people and killing their young master, who was Robert, would only bring trouble to her and Arthur.

The Qin and Yan Clan have a good relationship and if the young master got killed in their care, their relationship would obviously disappear and they will probably become enemies, they would even suspect her clan of assassination, and she definitely could not afford that.


Arthur looked at the gory body of Robert, he calmed a little but he still felt irritated, he stared at the fatty's face, with intense killing intent and said

"You must have regretted your actions right? Or you probably didn't, maybe you just feel fearful towards me and that's it, or maybe you are angry and want to kill me? No one knows what you're thinking but I wonder what it feels like to be beaten like this? Does it feel good? Painful? Agonizing?.......that's exactly what you have been doing to this little kid, except, you did it every day, I'm sure of that, after all, that's what the likes of you do, they feed off the suffering of others, they enjoy making others miserable and look down on everyone.......that's all there is to it, nothing more, nothing less......"

".....You made people despair, perhaps many people died by your idiotic and sadistic methods and beatings, you must have enjoyed it right? feeling superior and having someone else's life in your hands? that's what I'm feeling right know......."

"......You probably think that I'm a monster, beating you like this, Well I suppose I am, but your thoughts or anyone else's don't matter as I don't care what you or anyone cares, but know that what I did to you is nothing compared to what you to her, if I'm a monster then you're worse than that..."

As he said that, Arthur stretched his hand and began strangling Robert

".....Ahh, I wonder how does it feel when you know you're about to die? You know what makes me disgusted and angry even more? It's that there are people like you still breathing in this world, they are oppressing and using others lives like toys, it really makes me feel sick and outraged, but sooner or later, they will meet their fate too, sooner or later...yes.."

The fatty couldn't scream anymore as he didn't have the strength to do so, but he heard Arthur and the only thing he did was laugh, he laughed as if he turned into an insane person and even with Arthur strangling him he still laughed...

Arthur could only sigh and mumble

" *Sigh*....Indeed, the only real laughter comes from despair."

As he said that, he exercised more strength and after a couple of seconds, the laughing stopped and his body stopped twitching, Robert died like that, with a simple squeeze of Arthur's hand.

His corpse, or what was left of it fell on the ground, which was now a pool of blood, the sight looked really gory and disgusting, however, no one dared to make a sound, not even breathing heavily as they watched what happened....

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