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Lisa was quite happy right now, she received a good weapon which will greatly help her.

Even her father, the emperor, can't get her a weapon like this spear, after all, it was a weapon of legends.

In fact, every weapon or piece of equipment that was created by that ancient blacksmith is extremely strong and priceless.

That blacksmith was named 'Juda', not much was known about him except that he created incredible weapons, and he would engrave his mark on them, which was a flame symbol, it had some unique mana fluctuation that cannot be imitated, so basically, no one can easily copy his weapon or just put a flame symbol then claim that it's a weapon of Juda.

Though she felt happy, that didn't mean Lisa had totally gotten over her fears of Arthur, after all, it needs some time, nonetheless, her view of him slightly changed.

She knew it was her fault when she got her arm ripped off, but thankfully, her father bought a miraculous medicine that healed her, however, it cost him a tremendous amount of gold and treasures to do so.

As for Alexander, hearing what his daughter said and seeing her wave the spear left and right while flames were coming out of spear, all of this really made him stunned and he no longer had any suspicions.

Originally, he doubted Arthur, after all, he feared him but that did not mean he trusted him.

But seeing this turn of events, he couldn't help but believe his daughter, it was really a genuine legendary weapon and it was handed to his daughter just like that.

To be honest, he was still perplexed about Arthur's sudden change of behavior, but since it turned out for the better then he could only smile and just accept it, after all, it was a joyous event, with this spear, if his daughter keeps improving then she can become a strong individual.


Syth, who was sitting next to his father, was looking intensely at the spear, I mean, of course, he would.

Even though he wasn't skilled in spears, he was still slightly jealous of his sister.

He, who was more talented than her and even good at magic, didn't get any awesome weapon like her which seemed a bit unfair to him but he still remained silent.

After all, he can't just straight out complain to Arthur and blame him for not giving him a cool weapon too, only children do that and he was an adult, but he still envied his sister.

"hahaha, Mr. Arthur is sure generous, Thank you for giving her such a strong weapon, it means really a lot to us"

After saying that, the emperor personally poured some tea to Arthur and Lucy, then he passed it to them.

As for Arthur, he sipped from the cup then said

"It's nothing, hahaha, I hope his majesty can consider me his friend, that's all"

Actually, Arthur quite liked the his change of behavior, now that he interacted more freely with others and became more open, it made him feel a bit of delight.

His previous way of doing things was way reckless and idiotic, he only killed or injured without trying to solve things peacefully, he guessed that back then, maybe he was still overwhelmed by his past and he didn't overcome it.

Fortunately, Lucy was here for him and she did what he thought was impossible, she changed him for the better and supported him, he saw her past just as he saw his and neither was disgusted by the other.

Arthur really couldn't think of a life without her, actually, he can't live without her as she was his only purpose of living.


Alexander was surprised to hear that Arthur wanted to befriend him, he didn't know if it was some trick or he was just honest, nevertheless, he smiled back at Arthur and said

"Of course! I would be happy to have a friend such as yourself"

Arthur didn't dislike the emperor that much, quite the opposite, this man seemed up-right and was even very respectful towards him, but that must've been because of his visit last time, nonetheless, for an emperor to lower himself this much, it was indeed rare.


Time slowly passed and none of them talked, Arthur enjoyed his tea while Lucy also drank the cup of tea and gazed at Celcy, as if thinking about something.

As for Alexander, he calmed down a little but he still felt awkward when silence ruled over the place.

Lisa was not far away, still excited, she practiced moves and skills with the spear to get used to it.

From time to time, the emperor or Celcy would compliment Lisa to break the silence and lighten up the mood a little.

Syth, who was silent from the very beginning, was a little angry, for his father, the emperor to be this modest and respectful towards this man, just who was he?

Finally, he couldn't hold back himself anymore and spoke with a cold yet unyielding voice

"Mr. Arthur, I see that you have a sword with you, do you mind exchanging some pointers with me?"

He was quite intrigued by this guy's strength and skills, for his father to treat him this good, he must surely be strong.

But even like that, he had quite the confidence, with advanced sword mastery and advanced lightning magic, there is few people who were his match, he was practically a prodigy, even his LVL was a whopping 230, even higher than his father, only Cylmar was his match.

So that's why he invited Arthur for a spar, he wanted to see his strength with his own eyes, and if he ended up being weak, he would be extremely disappointed.


Arthur heard that so he turned his head to look at Syth, the latter was also looking at him with a cold yet piercing gaze, as for Arthur, he only laughed in his heart.

He obviously knew the intentions of Syth, but he wasn't worried or angered, quite the opposite, a bit of action to lighten up the mood is not bad.

The emperor suddenly stood up from his chair and angrily shouted at his son

"Syth! How could you say that. Mr. Arthur is a guest, not a fighting partner!"

His actions may seem stupid to others, but he knew how strong Arthur was, he can even teleport freely, so his son's provocation might anger him(Arthur) and even if it doesn't, he didn't believe his son had a chance.

"hahah, no need to be angry your majesty, your son only wanted to spar, and I would be happy to oblige, plus, some action is not bad once in a while, don't you think so"

Arthur said that while still looking at Syth, as if he was talking to him.

"Indeed, just as Mr. Arthur, we are only exchanging pointers, so no need to fret about it"

Hearing this, the emperor could only sigh and sit back, he only hoped that Arthur would be merciful.

As for Lucy, once she heard that Arthur was going to fight, her interest was immediately picked, and she eagerly stared after Arthur who walking to an open space with Syth.

She loved watching him fight, so her eyes never left his figure.

Soon, both of them arrived at where Celcy and Syth were previously sparring, it was an open space approximately 30 meters from Lucy and the others

Both of them were standing while facing each other with a 10meters distance separating them.

Syth didn't waste any time and took his sword right away, it was a green sword with a bit of whiteness in it, it had some gems on one of its edges and it looked like a decent sword.

Actually, it was one of the best swords, but compared to the spear, it was still lacking.

"Mr. Arthur, why aren't you drawing your sword? I don't want to seem like a bully who attacks unarmed men"

"hahaha, Prince Syth, no need to worry about that, I'm not going to use it"

Actually, Arthur was not purposely acting arrogant, he just truly didn't need his katana to deal with Syth

To be honest, Syth was quite angry when he saw his opponent underestimating him, nonetheless, he didn't speak any further and rushed at Arthur with fast speed.

Arthur stood there, observing the incoming prince while gazing at him, interested in what this prince can do as he appraised him and saw his LvL.

In reality, Syth's speed was quite decent, it was on par with Arnold, the deceased bishop, if not slightly faster.

He firmly held his sword and already started hacking at Arthur with precision.

As for Arthur, seeing this, he only smirked and easily side-stepped, successfully dodging the attack.

Though Syth was shocked, he didn't dare daze off, he rotated his body and slashed at Arthur, this time, his sword contained some lightning in it.

But just like a second ago, Arthur perfectly dodged the slash and the sword could only hit the air.

Syth gritted his teeth and backed away some meters, then he charged at Arthur again, but soon enough,3 lightning balls appeared out of nowhere and headed for Arthur.

This time, Syth had more confidence, first, he wanted to only use sword skills but after only 2 exchanges, he decided against that and immediately use his magic.

He was an experienced fighter and just seeing Arthur easily dodge his attacks like that made him become more serious and cautious, it seems this man is really not ordinary after all.

To be honest, it was only Syth who was surprised when he saw Arthur dodge, as for the others, they could only sigh.

Even Celcy and Cylmar combined could not win against Arthur, much less Syth alone.


Seeing the incoming lightning balls, Arthur just waved his hand and they disappeared, just like that.

Actually, his control of the lightning was incredible, these types of attacks won't even hurt him, quite the opposite, being struck by lightning would only make him feel comfortable.

He got all the talent and skills Yamak had, so his control over lightning is as if he used it for ages.

The incoming slash was also evaded by Arthur.

This time, Syth was stunned, he saw Arthur simply wave his hand and his 3 lightning balls suddenly disappeared.

He was sure it was Arthur's doing, so he began to feel more excited and fearful, excited because he met a strong opponent, and fearful because he began to feel hopeless against him after only a few attacks.

He continued attacking using everything he got, lightning bolts, sword skills but the lightning would always disappear and Arthur would dodge every single time.


After 3 minutes of this scenario, Syth could only feel depressed, but he didn't give up and relentlessly attacked.

It's the first time he encountered such an opponent, he felt admiration for Arthur even though he somewhat disliked him just earlier.

After an exchange which of course resulted in the same outcome, Syth backed away, he was softly smiling while tightly holding his sword

"Mr. Arthur is indeed strong, to think, I, with my advanced lightning magic and sword mastery, could not even hit you once, that's incredible"

Even Arthur quite liked this brat, Syth wasn't that old, to begin with but he is still skilled.

Even though earlier he was quite provocative and acted cold, that was only because he regarded Arthur as a stranger, and for some reason, his father, the emperor, had to treat this stranger respectfully, so he couldn't help but feel annoyed.

Arthur observed Syth's fighting and judged him to be a genius, because, how else would he be able to be this good, his sword mastery were top of the notch, but to say the truth, Arthur's peak sword mastery was way better.

He grasped all secrets to the sword, and wielded it as if it was part of his body, his control over his katana is beyond perfect.

Since this prince seemed like a good person and didn't even give up even after understanding that he cannot win, Arthur decided to truly teach him some things and maybe give some advice, after all, he liked the kid's behavior so it wouldn't hurt him to help a little.

It's quite ironic though, who would have thought that him, who never trusted anyone, killed in cold blood and interacted coldly with people, would decide to give a little help to someone except Lucy.

Maybe he matured? Or his heart softened? That didn't matter, what really mattered is that he changed and learned how to forgive, and here he is now deciding to help.

"I see you are an interesting fellow, so I'll teach you a few things."

Arthur then retrieved a simple steel sword from his storage then he held it with his right hand.

His stance changed and he excluded some pressure, him holding the sword appeared elegant and refined and that's exactly what Lucy adored.

Even Syth was surprised by what happened, he was overwhelmed by the pressure but he didn't back off and instead mustered his strength and fought this invisible pressure.

Arthur rushed at Syth using enough speed for his opponent to barely see him, in a second he crossed the distance between them and slashed with his sword.

Syth was startled as he could not react in time, he only unconsciously lifted his sword to block.


Syth sword was thrown to the ground and he backed away a few steps with a slightly pale face.

"Your offensive is good but it seems you are lacking in the defensive....pick up your sword and attack.... what are you dazing for, a man should not give up because he lost once."

Syth was surprised and came back to his senses, he didn't expect Arthur to lecture him like that.

Back then, he couldn't hold out for even a second, that attack of Arthur was overwhelming and powerful yet it had some precision in it, it cannot be described, it really seemed like he did that movement for millions of times.

Syth walked next to his sword and picked it up, he had a bitter feeling as he was embarrassed from losing like that, nevertheless, what Arthur said was right and he shouldn't give up easily.

Once Syth picked his sword, he charged at Arthur while attacking with his sword and magic again.

But Arthur got rid of the magic and once again knocked the sword out of his hand

"No, you rely too much on your magic, try distracting the enemy first, then attack them from behind with your magic, the way you are fighting now is too shallow, it's like reading an open book, anyone can predict what you are going to do next"

Just like that, Syth would attack again and again, everytime his sword would fly out of his hands and every time he would pick it and attack again.

"You should control your strength, don't just attack with your full power.."


"Your blocking is horrible, trying side-stepping or using a barrier to decrease the damage."


"This skill of yours takes ages to charge and it's very obvious, I could have killed you a thousand times now.."


An hour passed, and Arthur never stopped lecturing him, over and over until Syth was panting heavily from exhaustion, he was a normal person, he had a lot of stamina, but he couldn't fight all day like Arthur.

He had some scratches here and there but they were only superficial.

Even Alexander and the others were surprised by Arthur, they didn't expect him to spend a whole hour just to lecture Syth.

"It seems you're at your limit, good, maybe if you practice every day like this, then you would surely become better because now, your reflexes are lacking."

Arthur stored the steel sword and walked up next to Lucy and sat there as if nothing happened, he took a sip of the cold tea and spoke again

"Though I was harsh, that was only because you indeed have some talent in fighting."

Syth was really happy right now, even though he was so tired and he could barely stand up, the beating he took opened his eyes and helped him a lot.

Arthur pointed a lot of his flaws and taught him a few tricks, never had he thought that this 'spar' would benefit him this much.

Arthur's sword skills were beyond his comprehension, they were flawless, delicate yet deadly, and compared to him, Syth skills were considered just average.

Syth bowed his head for the first time in a long time and said

"Thank you very much, Your help benefited me a lot, also I would like to sincerely apologize for my behavior earlier, it was rude of my part"

Syth now understood why his father valued this man and treated him with respect, it seems he is extremely strong and mysterious as well.

Even Alexander, his father was surprised, for his son, Syth, who never bowed his head to anyone but him to do that to Arthur indicated how much he was feeling grateful.

Actually, even the emperor himself was overjoyed right now, it seems Arthur did indeed change, plus Arthur said that he liked Syth's character and even helped him, so what did that mean?

that means there is a chance of building a good relationship with Arthur.

"Hahaha, no need to be so thankful, the only thing that matters is that this hour did benefit you, even if it's by a little"

Arthur chuckled, then he returned his attention to his tea, still enjoying it even though it was cold, then all of a sudden, he seemed to remember something and said to Syth, who just sat on the chair to relieve some exhaustion.

"Oh, by the way, that sword does not suit you, in fact, it hinders you and you cannot release your full potential if you use it"

Arthur's words surprised Syth, he looked at his sheathed sword in a complicated manner, he used it because it granted a lot of stats and was powerful, he never thought that it was unsuited for him, after a couple of seconds, he breathed some fresh air and responded

"Mr. Arthur's skill with a sword is formidable since you said that then it must be the case, I will look for another sword"

Hearing that, Arthur nodded continuously at Syth, his view of this kid never ceased to escalate, he really followed his advice without questioning so he couldn't help but feel slightly moved.

He retrieved a violet sword from his storage, it had a snake engraved on it and in its sheath, there were some words: 'Heavenly Snake'

"Then you can make do with this one until you find a better one..."

Without waiting for his reply, Arthur threw the violet sword at Syth, who unconsciously caught it.

The weapon emanated some strange aura, and its demeanor was more overwhelming than the spear.

This time, none knew of this sword or if it was legendary or not, but it's aura alone was enough for them to understand how precious it is.

Syth was dumbfounded, he didn't think Arthur would give him a sword and a powerful one at that.

"T-thank you, Mr. Arthur"

In fact, even Arthur didn't know why he became this generous and gave him the sword but he just did it and it's not like he regretted it.


They passed one more hour with the emperor, but this time, the mood seemed to become much better as they chatted about simple things such as fighting, the garden, and flowers which Lucy liked, the emperor even started naming each and every flower.

Finally, Arthur decided it was time to head back so he bade them farewell and disappeared with Lucy.

All they saw was a yellow streak of lightning flash by and disappear in a split second.


Soon, they reached the inn and went to their room, it was almost night and it was a long day so they decided to stay in their room.

"Who would have thought you are a good mentor, hmpf! why didn't you teach me too!"

Lucy was pouting again, she turned her head away from him seemingly furious.

As for Arthur, he grinned and said

"Don't worry, I'll teach you too~"

He then appeared behind her and groped her chest from behind while kissing her neck.


Actually, she was only teasing as usual, because if she really liked sword fighting, she wouldn't be embarrassed to ask him and he would teach her everything.

The heavenly feeling of her chest was as incredible as ever, never would he get enough of it.

He groped them until Lucy was panting, she tried not to moan but some cute cries would escape from time to time.

They soon engaged in passionate and affectionate sex but this time they went at it until very late at night.

After having finished, they both laid on the familiar bed which Lucy retrieved from her storage.

They liked doing it only on that bed, it had a special meaning for both of them.

They were both laying naked next to each other, Arthur was wrapping his arms around her waist and would sometimes squeeze those soft buttocks, as for her, she was stroking his hair and smiling.

"Do you think what I did was excessive? Should I not have given him the sword?"

Arthur asked for her opinion about today's matter.

"No...that kid was not bad, I think he deserved the sword....but how come you didn't give me, your wife, anything?"

As she said that, she pinched his cheeks but in truth, she didn't put force into it, in fact, it felt warm and good to him rather than painful.

In just seconds, that pinch transformed into a gentle stroke, her alluring eyes stared at him lovingly, she lifted her head and kissed him, for her, that was the best way to express how much she loved him, no matter how much they kissed or had sex, it was never enough.

Neither of them was ever tired of the other, and not once did they reject anything from the other, no matter how he touched her, she never struggled, she let him do as he pleases and she actually enjoyed that, she never told him to stop or even thought about doing that.

And even him, no matter what she did or how many times she kissed him, he didn't push her away, moreover, why would he do that? He loved her so dearly and seeing her hurt would pain him, plus he would never forgive himself if he hurts her.

Their tragic past was long forgotten and they already started their new life.

Today was the first day they interacted with people since the incident and even made friends, they may not be real friends but they were at least acquaintances.

Arthur kissed her back, and after some time they separated, but Lucy didn't seem to have had enough so her lips pressed on his yet again.

Only after fully enjoying it did she let go.

Even Arthur liked that feeling, her delicate lips, and that just cannot dislike kissing her.

"...Lucy, I love you..."

He then hugged her tightly without letting go.

She also wrapped her hands around his back, hugging him back while saying

"I love you too..and that will never change"

And in that position they fell asleep, enjoying the warmth of each other, for either of them, sleeping in each other's embrace is the best thing they can wish for.


Morning came after a long night of love and warmth, they both got up from bed after some snuggling.

They wore their clothes and readied themselves, today they would be leaving this city and heading to the Itas continent.

Lucy wore some tight clothes instead of a robe or dress, these clothes revealed her body and showed the alluring curves and the perky butt.


As they left their room found Mary waiting for them in front of her room, silently waiting.

Honestly, Lucy felt a little embarrassed as maybe Mary heard her moans but it was too late to regret it now, not that she regretted doing it though.

The trio didn't waste time roaming the city and immediately left it, heading towards Itas continent.

Actually, Mary told them that because of the war that happened between the academy and the Holy Church, the magic arrays leading from a continent to another were blocked and to travel they will have to go by boat.

But Arthur was going to slowly travel by foot and when they arrive at the sea, they would ride on the dark cloud, it's way faster and better than a boat.

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