Once Human, Now a Parasite



Chapter 32 : Katrina, the Overgod of Knowledge


Transmutation : You use natural lightning, and cover yourself with it, your stats will be increased by 25% for 10 minutes but you will receive 20% more damage

cooldown : 6 hours

cost : none


Your titan blood and dragon blood had successfully fused: LVL +50


You gained a new skill(active): [Essence creation]: With the power of natural lightning, you can create essence crystals : an ingredient for alchemy, rituals, spells,etcetera...


Orb of the fallen overgods has unlocked various lightnings types :

Demonic lightning : colour : black/ effect : it's a special type of lightning, but it's rather weak, however, it can be used to destroy all curses and seals : to unlock need 400.000 intelligence, LVL 450

Godly lightning : colour : white / effect : it's a special type of lightning, it has the most destructive power amongst all lightnings, it can slay gods and devils: to uncloked 1Million wisdom, LVL 900

Natural lightning : colour : green / effect: it's a special type of lightning, it can be used to attack the opponent with small vibrations that can cause deadly damage, already unlocked!

Beastly lightning : colour : blue / effect : it's a special type of lightning, it cannot be used to attack, instead, you summon a lightning beast with great powers, and it will obey your commands, the beast will die when it's health reach 0, and can be summoned back after a certain amount of time: to unlock,  350.000 strength, 300.000 agility, LVL 300.

Heavenly lightning : ?????????

Seven colored lightning : ???????





Level: 424 Class: Humanoid parasite
Strength 321734(+48232) Intelligence 215477(+44068)
Agility 223896(+54875) Wisdom 204687(+38289)
Vitality 199430(+39769) Dexterity 209007(+54632)
Health 256472(+75550) Health Regen 522,7/s
Mana 236060(+58650) Mana Regen 614,2/s
Stamina infinite Stamina Regen ????
Attack: 215390(+62781) Defense: 208732(+59731)
Magic defense : 24196(+18478)
Elemental resistances
Enigma abilities : Telekinesis
Fire: 100% Water: 43%
Wind: 35% Earth: 65%
Light/holy: 20% Darkness: 100%
Lightning 100% Ice 10%


The second seal of orb of the fallen overgods has been broken : The blessing of Katrina, the overgod of knowledge, is now unlocked : to get the blessing, you need to reach LVL 300 and have 300.000 intelligence

 To say Arthur was not shocked by the great amount of information he just read would be akin to lying to oneself, he was dumbstruck, he couldn't help but read the blue windows again, it's true he was delighted seeing his stats once again greatly increase, but that new blessing and those types lightnings intrigued him even more.

'Holy hell! fucking 1 million wisdom? LVL 900?....'  Seeing the conditions to unlock the lightning, he became more and more depressed, nonetheless, just having at least one type of lightning is enough for now, plus he liked that green lightning, I mean, to injure the enemy with vibrations and cause damage internally, that's awesome isn't it? and it's too damn Overpowered.

He had more trump card to use in fights now, his dark magic had strong piercing power, the ancient fire is terrifying with its destructive power, as for the green lightning, it's for sneak attack, as it only deals damage inside the body, the enemy would only notice it once it's too late, plus Arthur got all the experience Yamak had on using the lightning, so he could use as if he was born with it, and attacking with it is akin to breathing.

Arthur was now sure if he encountered the dragon once more he would be able to fight him and possibly win, no scratch that! he would absolutely win, he even doubted if there is anyone who could compete with him.

The holy church doesn't have a long time to live as he would destroy it just after he gets his revenge, if his calculations are on point, then the pope should LVL300 or even 400, and even if that's the case, he was confident in his win, as his strength now was just godlike, but he didn't dare be overly arrogant and act high and mighty because he was sure there are some terrifying monsters hiding somewhere, just like Yamak.

Soon, Arthur exited Yamak's body, but he didn't use [death touch] on him directly, first, he got as much golden blood as he possibly could, he didn't know if it's precious or not, but it didn't hurt him to do that, he also wanted to get some of his scales, maybe he would find a good blacksmith to forge some good equipment for him and Lucy.

To be honest, he quite enjoyed fighting with magic, but now, even his strength is sky-high so why not use it, if he gets used to attacking with his body while at the same time coordinating that with a precise attack from his magic, he would truly become unbeatable.

He pondered for a moment as to how to cut the dragon's tail as he really didn't have any magic capable of cutting, his fire burns or annihilates everything as for the chaotic dark magic, it only has extraordinary piercing power.

Just as he was thinking about a solution, an idea struck him, of course, how could he forget about his sword mastery, and especially his title. As the title mentioned, he could use any part of his body as a sharp sword and attack with it, so he soon extended both fingers and concentrated a bit...


Just as he expected, around his two fingers, there was some kind of white energy, it didn't emit anything special but Arthur knew that was some kind of sword energy, he tried cutting the tale with his fingers and it indeed worked, it seemed as if he was cutting tofu and not a dragon, but since the tale was enormous and the energy sword was only in his fingers, he could not cut the tale thoroughly, so he used his whole hand and the sword energy covered it in a second.

With a simple slash, Arthur was able to smoothly cut the tale, he felt really delighted and quite licked the feeling, since he had that peak mastery sword, he decided to find a good sword and use it in battles, he didn't know why, but ever since he got that peak sword mastery from the blessing of Tul'ah, he was itching to try a sword, but unfortunately, it seemed Zodiak was not a sword fighter and he only used magic, so even though his storage contained a lot of treasures, none of them was satisfactory, so Arthur felt depressed.

He could, of course, create a sword with magic, but let's be real here, having a real sword is way better, plus if he can get his hands on a good one, it would raise his stats greatly, just Zodiak's robe.

After he finished storing the tale, Arthur finally used [Death touch] on him and once he did that, the sound of notifications telling he leveled up never stopped until a while later..

Level up! Level up! Level up! Level up!...........


Once he opened his status window again, he was shocked to see his LVL become 422, it seems the experience from the dragon was generous and he gained more than 100 LVL.

What surprised him, even more, is that Lucy's stats sky-rocketed too, first he thought she would only gain 60% of his stats and that's it, but it seems everytime he powers up, so would she.

Lucy became very excited once she saw how much her stats have risen, she started running around and testing her magic, she dashed with incredible speed at a big boulder a hundred meters or so from her current location, and with a punch, the boulder was pulverized.

Arthur could only shake his head, he felt pity for whoever would be her opponent, that person would really be transformed into the minced meat if she used all her strength.

As for him, he tried the new lightning transformation, first he activated the skill and dashed at place far away, and holy hell was it terrific, he didn't feel strange once he became just lightning and the speed was just out of his expectations, it was several times faster than Yamak, even Lucy who was proudly showing off a second ago became dumbstruck, she pouted and pretending as if she is jealous, but he knew she felt extremely happy for him, the soul link is really an amazing thing.

He tried several times, and indeed, just as the skill said, his speed in lightning form is double his speed without it, he experimented with it a few more times, and surprisingly once he transforms into lightning while holding Lucy then dashing off, she will also transform into lightning and would not be harmed, so he tried using [faster than death] while also holding her and it worked too.

Previously, he couldn't teleport her with him, but this time he was sure it was due to the soul link, and to be honest, he couldn't be happier, he couldn't help but wrap his hands around her delicate and enchanting waist and give her a long passionate kiss, it was a wonderful occasion, plus he felt like kissing her, so why not do it?

While kissing her, his hands which were holding her waist, descended a bit and landed on her butt, of course, he did it on purpose, he then started squeezing those buttocks, and damn was it a heavenly feeling, it was very soft and he couldn't get enough of that, his desires surged, and his little brother began waking up, but he knew he shouldn't do it in a place like this so he restrained himself and let go of her, though he felt a little bit bitter and relucant even after letting go.

As for Lucy, she panted and her face was flushed from the kiss, she stared at him and said

"There's no one around, so why did you stop? hmph!"

He didn't expect her to say that, so he could only retort with a lame excuse

"Well... I thought it may be inappropriate to do it here..."

Lucy snorted and interrupted him saying

"Inappropriate or whatnot, who cares!....."

As she finished talking, she jumped on him kissing him again, while her petit white hand grabbed his little brother, and this time, of course, Arthur would not show any reluctance.

Soon they were both passionately making love while ignoring their surroundings, it was as if they were in their own world, in the spur of the moment, Arthur retrieved a sofa and that was where the deed was done.

After they were done, they laid down on the sofa, still not caring that they are in the dark pit, actually, if it was a normal person they would see nothing in this darkness, but for both of them with their strength, it was no problem.

Lucy looked at him who was brightly smiling for no apparent reason and asked

"Why are you grinning like that! you look perverted!"

Actually, both of them can be considered perverted, as they do it every day countless times, especially since they got their infinite stamina, but it was only because there was no one around, they would of course not do it in the public, still Arthur was really happy about the current development of things.

Who could have thought he and Lucy would be this close, have sex whenever they feel like it, share everything and be strong enough to not fear any church or enemy. He quite liked this turn of events, in fact, he loved it, he noticed their personalities change dramatically, but that change was for the better.

In fact, he liked his attitude now better than his attitude before the incident, he was now more open and talkative, just like Lucy, and to be honest, he regretted somethings he did in the past, for example, hurting that princess, even though she was very arrogant, he didn't have to be that ruthless, a simple spanking would have been enough, after all, she was only a child.

He always viewed the bad side of the world, and only looked at the bad habits of the people, he treated them all coldly, even if it was a kind person, he didn't care and considered that that person has some bad in him.

Basically, he saw the bad side of the people more than the good side, which was really idiotic, but that was his character, he was tortured for a long time, and his point of view towards  the world changed, so you cannot blame him for what he has done, nonetheless, he decided to try to change, and only act ruthlessly against someone who deserves it.

He even decided to seek that princess, and apologize for what he have done, sure she might not accept the apology, but he would feel at ease if he did that. Maybe this change of attitude and his decisions now would make him be betrayed by those people who treated kindly, but he didn't care for he had Lucy and he was surer than ever that she will stay with him forever, so he turned his head towards her and seriously said :

"Lucy, I want to talk to you about an important matter."

She also noticed how serious his tone is, so she stopped teasing him and listened carefully.

Seeing that she was all ears to him, he breathed some fresh air then said :

"Would you become my wife?"

Though they loved each other, and can be considered lovers, or even more than that, he still wanted to ask her that question, and even though he knew what her answer is going to be, he nevertheless felt a bit of anxiousness, after all, any man who proposes to the woman he loves is bound to be nervous.

As for Lucy, she stared in shock for a second, before smiling coquettishly, she didn't respond, instead, she lifted her head and imprinted a kiss on his lips, then she retracted her face and said with a happy tone

"How's that for an answer, Dear..."

Arthur smiled back at her then retrived two simple rings from his storage, he put one of the rings on his right hand, then grabbed her small white hand which looked delicate, then he put the remaining ring on her finger, he felt that doing that may be useless to others, but to him, it was a moment to be proud of, doing that is akin to claiming her to be his woman and any other man can't and defintiely should not lay his hands on her, heck if he even dared to talk to her, Arthur would show him what Hell really is.

Lucy almost died from happiness, this moment to her was very precious, she even began about the time when she will brag about her husband to everyone else, especially that man who did all those things to her. She was excited for the moment she meets him, oh that would be the day she does her revenge and make him suffer for all he did to her, but she was in no rush, and for the time being, getting revenge on Sonia was more important, heck! she would do anything as long as Arthur is with her.

The newlyweds didn't linger off a long time relaxing on the sofa which was in the middle of nowhere, instead, they prepared to head off and exit the pit since there is nothing left to do here.

But before leaving, Arthur decided to do a full swoop around the pit, as one may know, Yamak surely had treasures and even with the blast from judgment, there may some treasures which survived, just like Yamak's body.

With their speed, the pit which spanned hundred of miles was crossed in a short amount of time, especially when he used the lightning form, it was as if time stopped, everything was in a VERY slow motion, and if people saw him they would only see a yellow streak of lightning moving at an insane speed.

They circled the pit a few times, until Lucy spotted an object stuck to the ground, without delay, Arthur brought her and went to the object's location, and what they found was really astonishing, it was really his lucky day, he even thought of the possibility that he may be blessed by the gods or heaven itself.

What was on the ground was a sword, or to be more precise, a katana, a dark katana, even its steel is made of black steel, which had some grey in it. The ground around it was jet black too, and right next to it was a black sheath, which obviously was its sheath but it's was strange how the katana and the sheath somehow remained close to each other even after the blast.

Once he was close enough, Arthur stretched his hand and pulled the katana from the ground, then appraised it.

Makaze, evil wind : An ancient katana, that has been laying here for thousands of years, due to its high affinity with darkness and lightning, a mountain was formed on top of it, and lightning would descend, striking the base of the mountain and nourishing the katana.

It's origins are unknown

LVL requirements : none

Stats required : none

to equip you need to have at least [advance sword mastery]

stats : Depends on the owner :  calculation............ :  +25.000 agility / +15.000 strength / +25.000 dexterity

Unique skill(passive) : [Devourer] : this katana can devour any kind of sword and by doing that its stats would significantly increase, you need to know that it needs to feed to strong swords to increase its stats significantly, otherwise the increase would be very low.


Arthur was overjoyed, seeing the result of the appraisal, he became delighted, he didn't regret the decision of swooping the pit for more treasures, it seems the gods have not forgotten about him, that is if they even existed, but that didn't matter, as he had the weapon now, he soon put in its sheath and put the sheath on his waist.

He felt dignified and proud as if he looked really cool, Lucy could only chuckle when she saw him like that, of course since he can see her status window, she can see his, plus she can see whatever he appraises so that gave her a huge advantage.

Once he readied himself, Arthur thought of trying the unique skill he got from the blessing of Tul'ah, and that is [Lone Sword], as the description says, it a simple but deadly attack. He held the sheathed katana, and used the skill, he didn't much power, just enough to see how it is, and oh my god was it earth-shattering.

His figure blurred for a milli-second before reappearing, the sword slash was also white, but very thin, he could almost not see it, the slash was so fast, that he could not follow it, heck it was faster than him in lightning form, and once it hit the wall, it cut it in half and kept going, as the pit was huge, and the slash continued to cut everything until it stopped after a certain distance, the results were surprising.

Very soon the wall started collapsing, so Arthur just backs off with Lucy. He then again tried the skill again, since it didn't mention any cost of cooldown, then maybe he can abuse the shit out of it?

And indeed, he can, he just concentrated a bit, and his figure blurred again, and just like that, 3 sword slashes almost invisible to the eye were created, plus it seems he could control the length and power of the slash with ease, which made him more cheerful, even Lucy was clapping excitedly at him.

With the bonus of peak sword mastery plus Makaze, his stats would rise a lot, his future enemies would sure have it rough, that's for sure!

Arthur and Lucy quickly left the pit using the dark cloud and returned to the cave, in fact, they were not going to leave now, instead Arthur wanted to stay one more week and of course, Lucy happily agreed.

Days passed peacefully, they enjoyed their relaxing life, at night they would either snuggle or have sex as usual, as for the day, they would either spar or separately train. Lucy's control over her strength became really good, and her magic never ceased increasing, either in power or precision. 

As for Arthur, he adjusted his control with Makaze, his new katana, and in just a day he managed to grasp it, he had the peak mastery, so it's like having trained sword his entire life, what's more, he enjoyed roaming the forest and just slaughtering the monsters with just a slash from his sword.

He even encountered an imoogi, which was LVL195, pretty strong for one of it's kind, but with but a [Lone sword] the poor beast was cut in half, he could not even resist, the attack was too sudden and fast, the last thing he saw was lightning coming his way and stopping not too far away from him, then his vision darkened and he died.

With much hunting, Arthur rose his Lvl by 2, not too much but that was enough, as his stats also increased but also that much, approximately 12.000 for each stats. He also read books about sealing and memorized some spells to use them, it seemed the books that Zodiak left were indeed amazing, and he managed to obtain quite a bit of useful spells that can greatly help him.

The last 2 days, he tried to fuse the void magic with others, it indeed worked, but that didn't change the power a lot and it consumed a lot of mana, only when fusing it with chaotic dark magic did it really became a frightful result, as for the others, it was useless, and for some bizarre reason, whenever he tried fusing two attributes together, he couldn't, every time a notification would pop up telling him that it's impossible to do that action, though he was a bit reluctant, he still gave up on that idea.

The remaining days quicky passed and they packed all of their belongings and readied themselves, Lucy wore an enchanting white dress that reached to her knees, her chest area was quite developed, and if one saw them, they would definitely want to feel them or even squeeze those round balls, with blood red eyes and silver hair, she really looked like an unparalleled beauty that could destroy kingdoms and start wars.

As for Arthur, he wore long black pants, with a black shirt, and some kind of strange cloth that resembled a vest, he didn't really like it, but Lucy personally picked the clothes and insisted on him wearing it saying that it suited him a lot so he could only obey but in one condition, it's that he picks her clothes too, so she immediately agreed.

After one final look, they both set off, he wrapped his hand around her waist and dashed using her lightning front, and the destination.... well it was obviously the academy grounds! 

'Sonia.. ahh Sonia! Do you dare plot against me and my wife? even though all I did was help you, and didn't oppose your orders, you dare try to kill me? fine, let's see who will be dying because my revenge would be bloody and your petty followers would save you when I arrive!'





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well, you all seem to be pressed for the revenge, I don't know why........... *,...,* anyway, ty for reading, point out any mistakes you see and i'll fix them AS SOON AS I CAN.

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