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Hello, there, it's crow, well i'm just writing this to remind you that this is a story about a very op MC so yeh... if you don't like that style, i strongly advice you to drop this story.

As always, enjoy reading even though it's a bit short.

The day he regains his strength finally came, and Arthur couldn't help but feel a bit excited.

He doesn't remember the exact time he lost them, but he could only wait.

And to make it more ironic, while he was doing it with Lucy, notifications came in and he sensed his body completely recover, but he didn't stop what he was doing and enjoyed his time with Lucy.

As for her, she also noticed the changes, because normally, he would be the one exhausted at the end of the deed, but this time around, she was the one exhausted while he was as energetic as ever. 

She looked at him and spoke with a depressed tone

"So your body has recovered...."

Actually, she was happy for him, but part of her was a little bit depressed, because she quite liked taking care of him, and even bullying him now and then, but now that he recovered, she could no longer do any of that, so she couldn't help but release a deep sigh.

Arthur looked at her and then chuckled while saying

"I'm the one doing the bullying now, hehe"

As he finished speaking, he jumped on her and his hands landed on her chest, feeling it quite thoroughly and enjoying the sensation, they obviously went for another round before finally stopping.

Arthur then wore some clothes to cover himself, not that he felt the least bit embarrassed in front of her, but he was going to possess the bodies she got for him plus the ones he picked when he roamed the forest with her.

There was exactly, 364 snow wolves, 72 Yetis and 102 corpses of demon and human soldiers, and last but not least is a dozen or so of big ancient creatures corpses, which seemed quite strong and in a good shape to be possessed, because as Arthur has already tested, he could only possess corpses with a rather complete body or half complete, if all it's left from the corpse is just a hand or a head then he can't possess.


It took him quite some time to possess all of them, but in the end, he still finished them all, and was excited to see  the changes in stats, as for the skills, he picked the most interesting and looked at them

You have gained a new skill[passive]: [medium ice magic]: You can now use ice to attack or defend


You have gained an enigma skill! ; [Telekinesis]: You can now use soul power to move objects, power depends on the soul.


You have gained a new skill[active]: [advanced earth magic]: You can now use earth to attack or defend, your earth attribute is now at the max transformation: jet black


You have gained a new skill[passive]: [wind fly]: Using the power of the wind, you can fly but your speed would be greatly decreased while flying


You have gained an innate ability : [titan blood]: You have titan blood running though your veins, as titans are known to be terrific mythical beings, capable of crushing gods and devils, they have an extraordinary physique: your strength is doubled


Level: 195 Class: Humanoid parasite
Strength 273 502(+247188) Intelligence 171409(+138415)
Agility 169021(+142013) Wisdom 166398(+141261)
Vitality 159661(+130290) Dexterity 154375(+129544)
Health 180922(+146095) Health Regen 401,2/s
Mana 177410(+136015) Mana Regen 486,9/s
Stamina infinite Stamina Regen ????
Attack: 152609(+131431) Defense: 149001(+124310)
Magic defense : 24196(+18478)
Elemental resistances
Fire: 100% Water: 43%(+8%)
Wind: 35% Earth: 65%(+20%
Light/holy: 20% Darkness: 100%

 Arthur was dumbfounded when he saw his status, he stood there, mouth wide open and eyes full of disbelief, he couldn't even believe what he was seeing and checked his status window a few times before being sure, he indeed felt himself powerup, but not that much so seeing his status really did surprise him.

His strength is beyond high, he even thought it may be bugged or something similar, but after some logical thought he gave up on that idea.

Also, seeing new skills, like the enigma skills and especially the innate ability really caught him off guards, he didn't read enough books about skills, so there are many things he  didn't know, but he was sure that titan blood is by no means easy to obtain or simple, I Mean it literally doubled his strength, that's just straight out cheat.

As for telekinesis, he was interested in it, as it may be useful in some normal needs, but he didn't think it woud help him a lot in fights, anyways, it's better having it so he thanked his luck and especially Lucy, as she is the one who struggled and amassed this much corpses, his noticed his lvl also sky rocketed as he, of course, used [Death touch] on them, and considering they were not that much high leveled, the snow wolves didn't give him much, but the ancient corpses of beasts and yeti really gave generous experience.

He couldn't hide his happiness, so he brought Lucy to his embrace and gave her a deep and lovely kiss as if thanking her for all her efforts, he was one hundred percent sure he could handle the church now.

He even judged himself to be able to sustain a shot from 'judgment', but what made him the most happy is that Lucy would gain 60% of his stats with the help of the blessing, and she would be even stronger than his previous self before the incident, so he would no longer be very worried about her in fights, plus she would even help him if they ever encountered a powerful enemy.

Arthur didn't waste any time and he began using the method to link himself to Lucy so she would powerup too, he first wrote  with his blood some strange symbols and runes on her chest, near her heart area, she did the same for him using some of her blood, and just as she finished, the symbols and runes began burning yet freezing at the same time, but they both endured it and after some time, it finally ended, and he guessed it was done.

Lucy, felt a strange feeling engulfing her body, power surged on all parts of her body, and her thinking became much clearer, she didn't waste time and opened her status window to check how was the changes, but something happened which surprised Arthur, he could, in fact, see her status window, also some notifications soon came, telling him of the success of the link.

The link between Arthur and Lucy has been successfully completed: Both of them would gain 80% of the other's stats


The title : [Unseen bond] has been added to both parties: Your souls are now connected 


Level: 144 Class: Half demon\ ????
Strength 218701 Intelligence 138390
Agility 136742 Wisdom 134639
Vitality 128042 Dexterity 125756
Health 148756 Health Regen 330/s
Mana 143523 Mana Regen 348,8/s
Stamina infinite Stamina Regen ????
Charm : 25      
Attack: 122489 Defense: 120987
Magic defense : 19356,8
Elemental resistances
Fire: 65% Water: 10%
Wind: 10% Earth: 10%
Magma 100%    
Light/holy: 0% Darkness: 80%

 This time, it was Lucy's turn to be shocked, hell! her mouth was as wide open and she rubbed her eyes a few times seemingly not believing what she was, she even thought she was just having a good dream and cutely tried pinching her hand but that only resulted in her cry of pain as she didn't control her strength and used too much force to pinch.

Arthur was delighted when he saw the status window, but just as he looked at her, he noticed some changes, her skins became literally as white as snow, it seemed more clear, her features slightly changed, for example her black eyes, changed to blood red eyes like his, and she seemed to became slightly just slightly taller, though it was not noticeable, and she was still considered short.

Arthur gazed at her, as he was lost in thought, contemplating her appearance, she really looked like a celestial being, a goddess, this little change made her look even more pretty, he couldn't help but feel lucky to have someone such as her be his lover.

Lucy didn't seem to notice her change, nonetheless, she was jumping from happiness once she realized she was not dreaming and that was truly her own status window, she started jumping like a little girl, and as Arthur saw her, he couldn't help but chuckle and shake his head.

Soon after, he showed her his own status and she understood that the link made them be able to see each other's stats, but what was bizarre was that the blessing clearly mentioned the bonus stats to be 60% but the notification earlier said 80%, it really confused Arthur but he paid no heed, since it turned out for the better, then there is no need to bother with it.

There is also some special thing he felt, he somehow could feel her mood, by that I mean deep inside he could pinpoint her mood without looking at her, for example, right now, he felt her happiness, though it was very clear, the strange feeling still existed and it allowed him to feel closer to her.

Lucy also noticed this change, and she clearly saw the notifications, so she judged it to be a cause of the link and the result of the linked souls, she was totally happy and this only made her even more joyful, if it's like this, they both would know if one of them is angry or happy or anything of the sort, basically they would feel the simple emotions, and that made them feel like they were one.

It seemed Lucy also gained his infinite stamina, and she too noticed that too, she grinned evilly and jumped on Arthur who was still enjoying the view of her body, she, of course, could somehow feel his desires, and with infinite stamina for both them, that only meant one thing...

Like that, they passed the night making passionate love, but even with not being tired, they still slept after doing it sometimes, sleeping is not necessary for them, but they quite enjoyed sleeping, especially in each other's embrace, Arthur's hands would always be enjoying the sensation of her perky and soft butt, it was just heavenly, as for her she would call him a big pervert, but she would not push him away, quite the opposite, she would press herself even closer to him.

Like this, they would sleep, with Arthur enjoying the feeling of her breasts pressing on his chest.

Morning soon came, and they both woke up at the same time, the first thing that happened was Lucy leaning her face closer to him and kissing him intimately, and would only let go when she had enough, Arthur would be out of breath, still enjoying that feeling of her lips.

Arthur was in no rush right now to leave, so he and Lucy soon wore clothes and exited the cave, actually, they started sparring, Lucy wanted to get used to her new strength, and their speed was really inimaginable, in fact a normal person seeing them from afar would literall see nothing, even simple punches and kicks would cause the trees behind Arthur to be broken in half from the force of the attack.

Soon, she got used to it, but it was really a pity she could not use her magic on him, as magma and fire won't do anything against him, so she could only use her physique to spar.

Arthur, made sure to teach her thoroughly, and every now and then he would sneak behind her and touch a private spot, then back away and pretend nothing happened, as for her, she would only pout and say it's not fair fighting against him as he was clearly stronger and more experienced than her in close fighting, nonetheless, the next second she would coquettishly laugh and attack him again, to be honest.

She quite enjoyed that feeling, the feeling of beeing strong, and fast, her control in attributes became smoother, and she can do voiceless magic, just like him, even when using curses, so how could she not be delighted.

The next day, both of them left the cave, and used the dark cloud to go the huge pit, Arthur wanted to search for the Yamak, because if he died, it would be a huge harvest for him.

Everytime he thought about that lightning he skills, he drolled, I mean, whenever Yamak transformed into lightning, he would be so fast that Arthur could not even follow him with his eyes, but of course right now, with his new stats, his speed was even faster than Yamak, but that didn't stop him from wanting to possess the dragon.

They reached the huge pit rather quickly, and the dark cloud, descended slowly, while Arthur started focusing his gaze around, searching for the dragon or his corpse.

In a matter of minutes, they reached ground, it was extremely dark, but both of them had god like dexterity, so there was no problem, and they could see clearly, they jumped down from the cloud, and resumed the search and surprisingly, they quickly found Yamak, or to be more precise, his corpse.

Even when Arthur tried appraising him, the dragon didn't seem to move, so he presumed he is dead, but it's amazing that his body was able to sustain the damage from the blue light.

As to be expected from a true dragon. Arthur was very excited, before possessing the dragon, he looked around to confirm if there is any danger nearby, but it didn't really matter that much as Lucy was near him and with her current strength, she is unbeatable.


You have successfully possessed Yamak


You gained a new skill(passive): [Advanced lightning magic] ; you can now use magic to attack or defend


You gained a new skill(active): [Natural lightning] : it's a special kind of lightning gained after thousands of years of amassing normal lightning, it can be used to attack the enemy with strong vibrations that injure him internally


You have gained a new skill(active): [lightning step]: you can use lightning when you move, transforming into it, and your agility will double when you are in that form


You have gained a new skill(passive): [dragon blood] : you have dragon blood running through your veins, you gained the skill :  Transmutation


your stats have increased, check your status window for more details



A note from TheCrow

cliff hanger, but nothing i can do about it, i'm tired, tomorrow i'll post the next chapter, so stay tuned and ty for reading.........

good night

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