Arthur threw the dark spears at the sleeping silver dragon, and with insane speed, they blazed through the air and struck him.

But as Arthur expected, spears like that didn't even scratch him, but the dragon seemed to have woken up.

He stared coldly at Arthur for second before speaking with an annoyed tone

"damn ants, you dare disturb Yamak even though he spared your petty lives!"

As he finished speaking, he didn't waste any second and charged at Arthur, but what was more terrifying is that he completely transformed into yellow lightning and his speed cannot be seen by naked eye, it was far more superior than Arthur's.

Fortunately, the distance between them was not small so Arthur quickly came back to his senses and teleported a distance away.

Just when he reappeared, he was astonished to see that the dragon who was in the form of lightning was already in front of him as if he predicted his teleportation, and with a simple slash of his claws, Arthur was sent flying until he hit the ground.

Yamak, seemingly sure he killed Arthur, turned his gaze towards Lucy who was very high in the sky, standing on the dark cloud, but surprisingly he didn't attack her, instead he returned slowly near his cave.

Arthur groaned from pain since he didn't want to shut off his sense of pain, and that's because if he did, he wouldn't know if he was injured or not, moreover, this pain was nothing compared to what he experienced while evolving, but it still hurts!

there was a deep cut on his chest, you could even see some bones, a simple slash from that dragon was really no joke and must not be taken lightly.

Fortunately, his vitality was special and exceptionally high, so the wound was healing at fast speed, you could see the flesh and organs healing with the naked eye.

Arthur got up and quickly created a dark spear again but this time he fused it with void magic.

To be honest the spear looked quite strange and it emanated an ominous feeling. He created around 30 or so of those spears then he willed them to attack Yamak.

As for the dragon who was leisurely returning to his home, he didn't expect the human to survive and even counter-attack.

One must know that humans who can survive a blunt attack from him are extremely rare.

This time, Yamak didn't stay still and receive the spears because he felt they are no ordinary ones and they can be harmful so he easily dodged them.

As the attacks continued, Arthur became depressed, he couldn't even hit the dragon, much less match him with speed, it seemed as if he was being played by Yamak.

The dragon's speed was just crazy, every time he moves he transforms into a streak of lightning, sometimes there is some lightning attacking him from above but he barely dodged them with [faster than death].

Arthur created more spears and weapons to attack the dragon but it didn't hit him even once, and what made matters worse is that the council members who were supposed to come back shortly are still in the cave even though 5 minutes have passed.

Yamak finally began personally attacking and tried to slash Arthur with his claws again, while he was charging at him(Arthur) with his extreme speed, Arthur decided to face him head on, since he knew even if he teleported, the dragon can predict where he will teleport to and that made him stressful and depressed, in fact even the earth dragon could predict where he will teleport, which confused Arthur but he paid it no heed for the moment as it was not the time to think about something like that.

Arthur created a flame sword this time, it was dark red and it emanated an extraordinary heat that could melt everything.

He held it firmly and used [dark burst] and [void slash], he knew how powerful the claws of the dragon were so he used everything he got.

The dragon quickly reached him, and once he was just a couple of meters in front of Arthur, he transformed back to his original form and slashed with his claws but this time you could notice some green lightning in his claws.


The impact of the sword and the claws were just earth-shattering.

All surroundings trees and rocks were annihilated, and the place of impact was divided into 2 parts, one seemingly black as if burned by flames and the other part was much less bad but nevertheless ravaged and destroyed with some green lightning striking from the sky now and then.

Both the opponents were pushed back, Arthur was gravely injured, the arm used to strike with the sword was now gone, and blood flowed endlessly, he also seemed to be breathing heavily.

In fact, that attack from the dragon was extremely strong, not only was his arm gone, even his internal organs seemed to be injured, somehow that green lightning invaded his body and injured him internally.

As for the dragon, he was less hurt than Arthur but his claws were melted and some of his arms were burned, you could see gold blood flowing from his arm.

He groaned for some time before speaking

"This flame..., you! Who are you? why are you attacking Yamak!"

After receiving this kind of injury, the dragon became cautious, and  he couldn't help but ask for the identity of his enemy, because someone who can hold his grounds against a dragon and even injury it is by no means someone weak, he surely must be known in this world, so why would this person come here to attack him?maybe for his treasures?

"My identity is none of your business, as for why I came here? well let's say it's for entertainment"

Arthur had only wanted to distract him for some time but even after a decent period of time, those bastards didn't come back, 'Did they run away? Or they encountered some problem? Nevertheless, I'm only going to distract him for a few minutes before running with Lucy, this dragon is out of my league...' 

Arthur adjusted his body, and prepared to continue fighting, his vitality was helping him and his wounds were slowly but surely healing, even his lost arm will regenerate but that will take a more or less an hour, so he has to fight while missing an arm.

This time he created chains from chaotic dark magic and void magic and made them chase the dragon to bind him, actually using the chains against big targets is very efficient, but unfortunately the dragon kept dodging.

After multiple tries, he managed to wrap the chain around Yamak's leg but somehow he broke it with a whip of his tail, which astonished Arthur as it was the first time some weapon created by 2 attributes was destroyed, though he was surprised, he didn't dare daze off because a second can decide his life or death, one must know a single slash from the dragon did 7000 damage, as for the last attack, it did 12000, so it's to be expected for him to be seriously injured, after all, he was in the bring of death.

He gave up on the idea to bind him and created flame spears which lengthened 10m, and once the dragon saw them he became extremely alert, heck! he even backed off a bit.

Yamak knew how dangerous those flames are, and he obviously didn't want to face them head on like earlier.

Creating flame spears didn't consume mana so Arthur abused the hell out of it and created spears, arrows, swords, and threw them at the dragon, but to no avail, when Yamak transformed into lightning, Arthur could not cope with him(Yamak), and all of his attacks missed, the dragon even kept being passive and  didn't dare approach Arthur.

Finally, Arthur got enough of this prolonged fight and decided to retreat, the council members didn't seem they were going to come back anytime soon, and he is being attacked by the streaks of lightning, and to be fair, being struck by hundreds of them did injure him.

If one looked at him, they will only see a bloodied figure, even his black robe was covered in blood, he was wounded all over, and the injuries spanned from minor cuts to deep bloody holes which looked painful.

Lucy who was watching the fight from afar in the sky, was clenching her small hands until blood came out, she gritted her teeth and blamed herself for being weak, if she was strong enough to fight beside him, he wouldn't have been this gravely injured, whenever she saw him in this state, her heart ached, she regretted coming to this academy, because if coming to the Academy makes him suffer then there is no meaning to it, she knew he is doing this for her and it pained her even more.


Back at the academy, Sonia was in her office and surprisingly Mary, Mach, and the female elf was in front of her.

"Big sister! Are you sure we have to do this?"

Mary seemed anxious and unwilling for what about to happen and even with her blind trust to her big sister, she couldn't help but ask.

The principal seemed lost in thought and tapped her pretty white fingers on the table as if she was struggling with something.

"What do you mean by that, Mr. Sonia's decision is wise! who would want that monster living with us, plus what if he turns against us? that would be our disaster, you are still young so you don't understand! Hmpf!"

The female elf snapped at Mary and shouted at her as if lecturing her, so all Mary could do is look down and shut up.

The principal who was silent from the very beginning finally spoke and said

"Mr. Mach, what do you think about the current situation"

Surprisingly, she asked the silent Beastman who almost never talked, as wanted to hear his opinion, actually he was one of the first members of the council and his opinion is important for her to make a decision.

"Mr. Sonia, actually, I think it was not wise to do 'that', but it's too late right now and we can only proceed as planned"

Once she heard that, Sonia could only sigh and wave her hand saying

"Alright, I will contact Mr. Molrid"

She then took a crystal and injected some Mana into it and after some seconds, a connection was established between another crystal which obviously belonged to the demon Molrid.

"Mr. Molrid, is everything ready?"

After some seconds without a response, Molrid hastily replied

"Yes yes! Mrs. Sonia, it has been completely charged, and it can fire 3 shots, indeed after a long time without use, it has accumulated a big amount of Mana."

Even after hearing that, Sonia was not happy, quite the opposite, in fact, she was depressed, she could only sigh.

She never wanted this but her 'big sister' told her that him staying in the academy would only bring its destruction, even that demon girl was dangerous.

Actually Sonia was from a very secretive and powerful clan that not many people knew of, and the clan controlled the academy for a long time, she usually took all decisions about the academy herself, but sometimes her big sister, who also is the current clan master, would order her to do things in the academy and she can not disobey for she knows that her sister is NEVER wrong, and disobeying her is like betraying her clan and her own family. Plus; between Arthur and her big sister, of course, she would choose her sister, after all, blood is thicker than water.

And this time, to her surprise, her big sister ordered her to get rid of those two at all costs, and there was no room for denial, and if she didn't, her sister will personally come, and see exactly how her sister handle things, so she decided to just be done with it.

To be honest, Sonia didn't dislike Arthur, even though he acted cold and indifferent, she knew he was kind and you could see that by the way, he treats Lucy, he is overprotective and never leaves her side, so killing him like that made her feels evil and disgusted with herself but there is nothing she could do.

For someone like her sister, the holy church or whatever are just ants so even if she killed Lucy, her big sister told her that she will handle the church, so there is no need to be afraid of it being angry because she killed the person they were looking for.

She mustered her courage and seriously said 

"Use it! Fire at the ghost island, exactly at the lightning mountain!"

When he received the order, Molrid didn't delay any further and fired the gigantic cannon, also known as 'judgment', surprisingly the cannon immediately fired, in fact, the cannon was enormous so obviously the attack would be crazy big too, what was special about this weapon is that it fired a special kind of mana which annihilates everything in its way.

Though it's strong and it can indeed erase something like the holy church HQ from existence, it cannot completely destroy ghost island but it was enough to destroy the lightning mountain along with the other mountain in a radius of 200 kilometers around it, and even after that, the land would be poisoned, so there is absolutely no way to survive such a terrifying thing.

The cannon fired a blueish light, the light was very bright and the pressure it emanated was no joke, someone with a normal strength would piss their pants seeing it, as for its speed, it was even faster than Yamak.


Arthur has decided to retreat so he had to distract the dragon until he dashes to Lucy and bring her with him.

First, he created many flame spears and threw them at the dragon to lure him into a specific location, while the spears were doing their job, he began creating the hell arrow, and in no time it was created.

As always, the arrow looked terrifying, even the silver dragon narrowed his eyes and felt a little fearful.

Though it made him feel some fear, he still didn't back off, actually, he doubled in size and transformed into a green lightning dragon, streaks of green lightning never ceased to stop hitting him, and every time it did, he became more and more powerful.

As the 2 opponents prepared strong attacks and readied themselves, and as Arthur was going to fire that spear at the currently green lightning dragon, his expression abruptly changed, and panic showed on his face.

Even though he didn't have any strong skill to detect danger, he knew a disaster was coming and once he turned his head he saw a bright blue light coming towards him, it would engulf everything surrounding him including Lucy and Yamak.


Sensing the great danger, he teleported 4 times to arrive in front of Lucy and immediately began creating a large barrier, but unfortunately the time it took him to teleport was barely enough and when he was going to create that barrier, the dazzling blue light already arrived.

He had high intelligence and wisdom so he could clearly think but there was no absolute safe solution, if he used that skill that made him unkillable he would surely survive but what about Lucy? will she survive if he covered her with his body while using that skill?

He was in a dilemma and was running out of time, 'live together, or die together!' While thinking that, he hugged Lucy while covering every inch of her body and faced his back to the light, preparing for the impact, last thing he did was commanding the arrow and willed it to charge at the blue light, as for the dragon, he dashed at the blue light while roaring....




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