Arthur soon got up from the bed and got ready to travel, in fact with his actual speed, going to the main city of the empire where the emperor lives is an easy thing for him as he was confident with his speed.

He didn't know how powerful the people there are, but he guessed them to be at most like Bishop Arnold if not slightly stronger, and since it's only a matter of hours he didn't want to bring Lucy, plus she was resting and wasn't like him with infinite stamina.

After he wore Zodiak's robe and put a mask that he found on his storage, he decided it was time to go even though he was reluctant to let Lucy alone. 

He pondered for a bit before he created a barrier around her plus another one around the room, but the one around her was special as he fused it with void magic to strengthen it more. Actually, he didn't know if it would strengthen but he did it anyway.

Arthur glanced at the Sleeping Lucy one final time before he dashed from the veranda. He jumped on the dark cloud and used his max speed to go to the capital of the empire. Actually, he indeed used the teleportation and immediately arrived at the city but the Emperor lives outside of it, in an enormous castle a couple of hundred kilometers of the city which was known as 'Laksy'.

Once he arrived at the city, he didn't waste any time and headed towards the castle by following the map he got from the principal.

With his current speed, a hundred kilometers is just done in minutes so it didn't take him long to spot a white castle, it looked extremely large and spacious, there was a garden entering it and apparently a river behind it, he also noticed a lot of soldiers guarding it. Even though it was late at night, they didn't seem sleepy, quite the opposite, in fact, they were looking around cautiously with serious eyes.

Arthur didn't mind being noticed but he didn't want to bother fighting them, it would truly be a pain the ass and since he came here only to warn the Emperor, killing them would only be like adding oil to fire.

He tried to find a way to at least sneak to where the emperor is but the reality is sad and even if he successfully sneaked in, he didn't know where the damned man is so the only way to meet him is by making a commotion.

He landed in front of the gate where 2 guards were standing and just stood there.

the guards were startled to see someone appear so suddenly, nonetheless, they unsheathed their swords and tightened their grip on the weapons, one of them shouted at Arthur

"Who dares trespass in Lord's castle!"

Arthur looked at them coldly before finally speaking "I wish to speak with the Emperor"

"What nonsense are you spouting? you come in the middle of the night and expect to meet him"

Arthur could only sigh, this will be a long night since those guards are going to be stubborn, so he decided to not bother with such a matter and only speak when it's necessary, wasting words and time with them will lead to nothing.

With lightning he dashed towards the 2 guards and sent them flying by attacking them with his palm, he exerted minimal strength but nevertheless, some bones were definitely broken but their lives were not in danger.

The 2 guards started groaning from pain and couldn't even get up but one of them took out some crystal and crushed, of course, could have prevented that from happening but since he wanted to create a commotion he let the guards do as they pleased.

He ignored the guards and kept advancing but not even 20 meters ahead, armored guards began to show up, there was a dozen if not more coming his way. 

With his insane speed, no one could even react before all of them were either KOed or sent flying, some were unconscious and some groaned from pain but absolutely no one had been able to get up, Arthur's control of strength was almost perfect and not even one was able to withstand a simple palm attack, if he used magic, it would literally become a bloodbath.

5 minutes hadn't even passed before Arthur arrived in front of the gigantic gates of the castle, if you look behind him you would only see more than a hundred soldiers on the ground.


Inside the castle in a big hall, with white pillars and golden walls, there was a middle-aged man sitting on a throne, to be honest, he was quite handsome with blue eyes and a blonde hair; he was lazily looking at the people in front of him and resting his chin on his hand.

there were 3 people in front of him, while there was another throne next to him where a woman was  sitting, she seemed to be chatting with a maid and giggling every now and then, as for the 3 people, it was an old man with white hair that reaches down to his chest, a bald man with scars on his face and last but least is a woman who held a staff and Had a witch hat on her head, she was pretty young and seemed energetic but she kept looking at the emperor respectfully.


As they were apparently speaking about important matters, a soldier came to the hall while heavily breathing as if he was tired, he didn't stop for a second before reaching a dozen or so meters in front of the Emperor and kneeling then he respectfully said

"Your majesty, there's an intruder! even after we sent our reinforcements, they were severely beaten!"

The emperor who appeared non-caring a second ago furrowed his brows and spoke with interest 

"Ohhh~ an intruder? that's indeed interesting, and to take down my soldiers, he must be up to something if he showed himself like that, Buzo why don't you go there and see what's happening"

Buzo was the general of the army and one of the most trusted subordinates of the emperor, he was that bald man full of scars, he had a huge build and was full of muscles, one must say he was rather intimidating, especially if he stood before you, but that's to be expected of someone who fought in a lot of wars.

"Yes, your majesty! Your subordinate obeys! Plus my body has been itching for a fight, I just hope this intruder doesn't get beaten before I arrive there."

As he finished speaking, Buzo made a courteous bow towards the emperor and headed towards the existence of the big hall, but just as he was approaching the big door leading to the outside of the hall, it(the door) got completly destroyed and parts of it were sent flying every where.

Everyone one present was momentarily startled, including the Emperor too, even his wife who was  chatting happily a moment ago stopped talking and directed her gaze towards the source of the sound

a black robed man who wore a strange mettalic mask was walking slowly towards their direction.

Buzo who was the closest one to Arthur came back to his senses quickly and rushed at the black-robed man.

After some beating, one of the soldiers finally told Arthur where the emperor is, so of course Arthur wouldn't waste any second,  although soldiers kept coming non-stop, they were easily disposed of and in just minutes he appeared in front of the big door leading towards the hall but he heard the conversation the emperor had with Buzo due to his insanely high dexterity and guessed the one addressed to by Majesty should definitely be the emperor, he breathed a sigh of relief and destroyed the door blocking the way.

Once he entered he saw a middle aged man sitting on a throne, a woman next to him, there were also other people present but he paid them no heed.

Just as he was approaching the emperor to finally talk to him, a bald man with a huge build rushed at him, to be honest his speed and the aura around this bald man were quite unique as Arthur judged him to be someone who has been through a lot of battles but anybody can conclude that if they saw Buzo.

In no time Buzo arrived next to Arthur and threw a punch at him, but to Arthur, the attack speed of his opponent was a joke! heck, the Bishop Arnold was faster so someone of this caliber was just weaklings to Arthur and though he could evade, he didn't, he also threw a punch while not using too much strength.

When the 2 punches collided, you could only hear a loud cracking sound and in a half a second the collision came to an end but the result was not how the emperor and the others had envisioned.

Buzo was sent flying with extreme speed until he crashed into a nearby wall, and the hand which was used to punch was completely broken, even it's shape right know looked weird, the injury seemed quite serious as some bones can be seen, he was unconscious and didn't seem he would wake up anytime soon.

The emperor's eyes turned serious as he saw what just happened and he unconsciously clenched his fists, he turned his head towards Arthur, only to see him slowly coming to his direction.

The young women wearing the green robe and witch hat ran to Buzo with a worried face as she kept looking at his horrible injury, as for the old man next to her, he turned towards Arthur and gazed at him, but Arthur could hear him chant some incantation in a very low but quick voice, and when he appraised all of them he noticed that the Emperor was the second highest and this strange old man to be Lvl242 while the king is 211 and the women with the staff is Lvl199 as for that bald man he's Lvl197.

Having proved his strength, Arthur thought it was uncessary to continue fighting so he spoke with a cold yet threatening voice

"I have come tonight to speak to the Emperor, not to fight, I have only been defending myself, now if you could stop attacking and let me talk."

Seemingly surprised to what he just heard, the emperor who was also named Alexander Louis the II, frowned and seemed to be deep in thought as to how to handle this situation.

As for the young-women, she became angry and yelled at Arthur

"Haa? Who do you think you are? Barging in here and hurting people including Uncle Buzo and claiming it to be only self defense, plus you speak disrespectfully to our majesty" just as she finished she lifted her staff and began quickly chanting..

Not even 5 seconds passed before a violet fire speak appeared in front of her, as expected of a mage working under the emperor, she could control the highest flame excluding Arthur's of course.

The spear radiated some heat and pressure and it soon flew at Arthur, but the latter didn't lift his hand to defend and just let the spear hit him.

But what surprised the onlookers including Celcy, the young women who threw the spear is that the violent spear only hit the black robe and nothing happened, not even a scratch but that was to be expexted since he had immunity against all flames.

The old man who seemed to be muttering something since a while ago was astonished when he saw what just happened but nevertheless, he smirked and shouted 

"Cubic earth cage."

This particular skill was quite famous in this world and powerful earth mages could use it, like fire, earth magic is divided to basic medium and advanced and each has a specific colour, yellow for basic, brown for medium and jet black for advanced, of course, this skill is only used by people who achieved advanced earth magic and it is known to be one of the most binding logic as it is almost impossible to break free from the black cage for earth magic is known to be the best for defense.

The old man cast the skill a spheric black earth surged from the ground and enveloped Arthur from all sides, from afar it looked like a black dome.

As he saw the cage, the old man breathed a sigh of relief and nodded as if praising himself but not 10 seconds passed before Arthur appeared in front of the old man, with no time to react, he(the old man) could only stare with disbelief at the black robed man in front of him.

Actually, Arthur could have easily broken that pathetic cage, hell even his dark barrier was tougher but he just teleported away, he also created black chains and made them bind the old man and Celcy to stop them from attacking recklessly and aimlessly like that, after all, it would be a waste of time and truthfully he didn't come here to play.

No matter how the old man struggled or how many magic spells he used, they were all useless and he couldn't free himself so Celcy also couldn't escape her bind, she could only stare maliciously at Arthur.

Now that everything was calm, Arthur walked until he was 4 meters or so from Alexander he stood there waiting for the Emperor to speak.

Alexander was truly afraid, he was strong, that's true! but not as strong as Gen the old man who was bound by chains, and seeing Arthur just teleport like that, made him realise he is really someone dangerous and if he came here to assassinate him then he could only await his death, but he noticed earlier that the man in front of him said he was only here to talk so he decided to go along with that and see where that leads

"W-what do you want?"

To finally get a reply, Arthur was quite joyous, finally, someone talked instead of attacking, it seems the emperor was indeed a rational person.

"finally speaking huh? Well I've only come here to warn you."

"Warn me? Sorry but we do not even know you."

"Whether you know me or not, keep your dogs away, especially your children, anyone from the royalty who dares disturb me again would die with you, you better watch your  subordinates and tell them they provoked someone they should not have to!" Arthur's tone was quite threatening and contained some killing-intent.

Even though Alexander didn't know exactly what happened, he couid grasp the general idea and it seems someone provoked this man, and this someone is surely from royality, he honestly didn't have any choice right now since he didn't know everything but he swore he would punish who ever was this reckless and idiotic to provoke this man.

"Thus friend, you need not worry, no one will ever bother you" even though he was an emperor he spoke respectfully as he didn't to just die like that by angering this man.

"Since you understand then I have nothing to do here, also don't call me 'friend'or I'll cut your tong-"

Before he could finish, the woman sitting beside Alexander, the queen could no longer hold her anger and shouted

"Who the heck do you think you are, you are in front of the emperor, just because you are a little strong you dare be this arrogant, wait until the holy church come and we will see if you dare be this bossy!"

She was flaming with anger and looked with contempt at Arthur, even though she saw him easily teleport and bind Gen and Celcy, she still shouted at him.


a loud slap noise soon came, Arthur came in front of her and slapped her with his hand, she was even sent flying a couple of meters. There was a red hand sign on her face and it seemed a little swollen, she was utterly shocked and could only hold her cheeks and glared fearfully at Arthur.

Even Alexander was angry by what happened but he remained silent and held back his emotions.

Arthur then turned around to leave but just after some steps he said 

"Remember, if I ever saw one of your dogs annoying me or my companion, not even God can save you, much less a petty church."

Just as he finished speaking he disappeared from the hall, the chains binding Gen and Celcy also are gone and the hall became deathly silent.

Finally, Alexander sighed and spoke with a loud tone 

"Gen, immediately investigate who is this, since he mentioned my children then they must know something, go ask them, also if anything happens just withdraw, we do not want to provoke someone like him."

Gen just nodded and swiftly left as for Celcy she brought Buzo and left, but you could see she was still angry by what just happened, but some fear nonetheless grew in her heart as she saw how powerful Arthur was, at least she didn't get slapped......

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