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Hello, it's me, obviously... well just wanted to say i wrote all the chapter on my phone, sure it took me ages but its better than not posting, also you may see small mistakes and im sorry about that as for the notifications they will be wriiten like this : [blablabla] because its hard to write them with the phone but ill try to find a solution. Enjoy reading

When Arthur had just slaughtered the bishop, also known as Arnold, the pope who was sitting in his office writing something suddenly stood up, well to be more precise he stared at a shattered crystal not too far away from his desk, his eyes were full of astonishment and disbelief and he seemed to mumble something with a low voice.

Actually, that crystal was a special object also known as 'life crystal' and its function is to indicate whether the last person who injected Mana in it is still alive or not, and it only brakes when the person dies because every being is full of mana and if for example they ran off it and can't cast skills they still possess mana but they can't use it, it's just like air, once you can't breathe you are obviously going to die when there is not even a single drop of mana in your body, you die...

Normally, when the person runs out of mana the crystal turns to the white colour but now it only broke suddenly, the pope was not paying attention to it so he didn't notice changing colour for some time and that's because, in the fight against Arthur, Arnold used quite a bit of mana, but it was negligible. 

The crystal was really rare, in fact almost non-existent as one may know the pope only had 7 of them each for a bishop including the archbishop, but unfortunately, one crystal was now broken and no longer functioned but he paid it no heed he was astonished to the fact that a bishop actually died. 

The pope can, of course, remember ordering Arnold to get the demon girl but her killing him is literally impossible so he could only ponder on who might have been able to kill Arnold, 'Could it be those geezers from the demon clan or that bastard elf? No no that's impossible! They are not this stupid as to rush and kill a bishop like that! Then who....'

Returning to the dungeon, just after some time passed since the fight ended, a rain of notifications came to Arthur who was busy reassuring Lucy and giving her a light hug, he was momentarily startled as to why the notifications came late but that didn't matter that much right now.

[You have killed El Kassia mid-boss 'dijin' :+2 Lvl, it will respawn in 6 hours]

[You have killed El Kassia final boss 'Raa, the Lightning bug' :+5 lvl]

[You have conquered 'El Kassia dungeon and obtained the title :   Dungeon Conqueror: +20% EXP inside any dungeon / can be stacked with other titles]

[level up! Level up! Level up!......]

Since he killed Frederic and Arnold who were both very high leveled a lot, the amount of EXP he got was enormous, he even killed the final boss but that's to be expected since the arrow was just gigantic and massacred everything in its way. 

Arthur was rather joyful his lvl became 148 and he was more close to obtaining the mysterious blessing of the Overgod, after all, he had high hopes for it to be a positive thing that can help him improve his strength, but he had a little sour feeling, he actually wanted to use [death touch] but since there is nothing left he can't do it otherwise he would have gotten double the EXP, he could only blame his stupidity, why didn't he just kill them with normal means instead of that big show? maybe he wanted to appear scary or terrifying to show off his powers? Or maybe he didn't want to appear weak? even he didn't know why he used the arrow...

Lucy also didn't mind the students who were almost all unconscious and she hugged Arthur back, him killing a bishop gave her joy and happiness, after all, seeing the beginning of the end of the organization which pursued her all her life is by no means a bad thing.

After some time enjoying each other's embrace, they finally let go. When he looked at the students, he noticed that all of them seemed to have woken up, but no one dared to speak or move, hell! none even stood up as if afraid of angering Arthur and disturbing that lovey-dovey atmosphere he had with Lucy.

He looked coldly at them and said "No need for me to explain right? Frederic betrayed the academy and attacked me as for that stupid man from the church..hmph! he got what he deserved, if you dare lie or tell anything about my abilities don't blame me if you are killed!!" he spoke with a chilly and threatening tone that made everyone tremble even more and nodded continuously towards him.

Even, Lisa who was supposed to be rebellious and wanted revenge didn't oppose, her face was ghastly pale and she cursed herself for even thinking about revenge, that arrow showed her what despair really is and just having her arm cut is nothing compared to what happened to Frederic and Arnold, not even their blood was left.

The students didn't stay there long and soon left the dungeon with Arthur, they rushed to the academy and by subset they arrived. If he wanted too, Arthur could've arrived in a minute or so but he was a council member and he had to at least accompany them, even though he didn't care zbout what happened to them. 

So with decent speed and some breaks, they arrived at the teleportation array and used it.

Seemingly relieved, the students soon dispersed and each went on their way but Arthur didn't forget to warn them a second time, he then headed for the principal's office to tell her what happened, of course, Lucy accompanied him.

The couple arrived in just five minutes or so and entered Sonia's office, she was slightly surprised to see Arthur since he wasn't supposed to come back until a week or so later. 

Without further ado, he explained what happened while changing some facts here and there, he, of course, didn't mention the arrow at it was a trump card and not even the principal had to know about it.

One must know that Arthur only trusted Lucy and no one else, yes he is working for the principal and yes he is a member of the council but he didn't have even the least bit of trust, quite the opposite in fact, he judged the principal to be a manipulating b*tch, she may not look like it but she surely is as crafty as a fox and as wise as an old man, heck! He even heard that she is over 150 years old even with her appearance so she must be an old woman inside.

Though she was surprised a lot by what she heard, nonetheless she dismissed Arthur while praising him on what he did but once he left she couldn't help but sigh and feel a bit of fear, she had some suspicions on him being more powerful than her but now that she heard he killed both Frederic and a bishop, she was certain he can kill her too so she began having some regrets on inviting him in, because if he turned against the Academy it would truly be a disaster.

Add to that she just lost a powerful council member, but that was life and to be totally honest she knew Frederic wasn't the kind of guy to get along with others but she didn't expect him to attack Arthur so she thought of the possibility of him holding some grudge against Arthur...


having been dismissed and with nothing better to do, Lucy and Arthur went to their private room, since night has fallen and Lucy was a little bit tired from all the fighting in the dungeon, Arthur asked her if she wanted to rest and she agreed so they ended up going back home.

Arthur was fine even after all what happened, he even was a bit happy to get rid of nuisances, but something bothered him a little and that's what Frederic said, apparently some people want his head but even though he opposed some people they weren't that powerful and all have been dealt with except the holy church...

While Arthur was laying on the bed Lost in thought, Lucy who has just gotten out of a warm shower, laid beside him, she was still a bit wet and wore black pyjamas that made her look extremely enchanting, the clothes were tight and showed some of her round and perky butt and developed chest, though it was not big, it was not flat either.

She noticed him dazing and blushed for a second as if she thought of something embarrassing.

Lucy finally mustered her courage, grabbed Arthur's hand and put it on her chest, as for him, what just happened snapped him back to reality and shocked him, he could feel the soft feeling from his hand and it would be a lie to say he disliked it.

"Lucy, you...."

He was rather confused as to why she suddenly did that, after all, he knew her body was a taboo for him and he only hugged her, though hugging can be extreme he never touched any strange places, in fact he always kept his urges in control, one must know having a beauty like her sleeping beside you and not doing something is crazy, no normal man can do that, and Lucy was well aware of that, that's why she decided that tonight will be the night she finally gave her body to him, after all, she knew he was a man that truly loved her and even after a long time didn't even ask for a kiss, he only hugged her, but every time he did that, she noticed he would look at her as he wanted to check if he angered her or not by doing that. 

"i-it's okay, you can do it" 

Though she tried to hide it, you can notice some shaking in her voice and Arthur definitely sensed that he guessed she wanted to satisfy him and give her body to him and that really touched him, for her who treasured her body after what happened to willingly let a man touch her and at her breast. That required an immense courage and determination and she lacked none of both.

Seeing her beautiful and long silver hair, extraordinary body and charming curves that would attract all men, urges began to surface, and he couldn't help it, gazing at her body plus touching her soft breast made his face flush red and his mind to shake, though he didn't do anything, moreover he retracted his hand which was touching her breast.

Though it would be a lie to say that seeing her like that didn't excite him and that he didn't think of eating her up, but he just couldn't do it, he knew she was willing but just from her eyes and heavy breathing he knew she still had a bit of trauma and that really pained him so doing anything further would only cause her harm.

Lucy was surprised by the turn of events, she lifted her head and noticed him smiling at her, sometimes passed without him doing anything so she guessed that he wasn't going to do anything and at that moment she could no longer control her suppressed emotions and started sobbing

"Arthur..*hikk* I'm sorry, i-i..."

She cried silently while apologizing to him, he knew she tried her best and he really didn't blame her, he extended his hand and wiped the tears from her face, then he patted her face gently while saying

"There's nothing to be sorry about Lucy, you know I'll always love you" 

After hearing that, her crying seemed to have increased and she kept at it until late at night, he couldn't anything but stay by her side.

Unknowingly, when she was sobbing she hugged tightly and leaned her head on his face and just like that she slept after crying silently for some time, seeing her sleeping face and swollen red eyes, Arthur chuckled then hugged her back and stayed like that for quite some time.

It was 2 am or so when Arthur got up from the bed after gentling putting down the sleeping demon, he struggled for a bit to free himself from her grip as she tightly held him, as if he would disappear, after some effort he managed to free himself and give her a blanked to hug.

After some Thought earlier, he seemed to have thought of who might want to harm him and that's humans, after all, he was only on the human continent and never went to the other continents and he killed Feylord who was rumored to have royalty backing, and since he had enough power right now, it was the perfect time to visit this Emperor and warn him to stop harassing, he wasn't sure if Frederic was from the royalty but the best way to get rid of the enemies is to kill their leader so he decided to threaten the emperor and tell him to keep his dogs near him and stop sending people to either harass him or Lucy.




A note from TheCrow

I know, a short chapter but thats really all i could do for now, i hope its better than nothing at least

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