Having stayed for quite some time at the Ghost island, Arthur finally decided to go back to the Academy, with his actual speed, 1 minute or so was required to arrive at the teleportation array.

He injected it with a bit of mana and it teleported him back to the Academy, it should be around noon now so he guessed that Lucy must be practicing magic somewhere, so he rushed to her location.

At the same place Arthur fought with the holy church, there was a white-dressed maiden sitting there, apparently practicing her magic, you can see a strangely shaped magma a couple of centimeters above her hands. She seemed to be concentrating a lot, but nonetheless, all you can see on her face is coldness and emotionless, as if she was a statue of a goddess and not a person.

No one dared to even approach her for they knew what would be the consequences, first They would have to receive Arthur's wrath, secondly she was more than enough to take care of almost all of them, so they could only stare at her with lustful eyes.

While she was busy practicing, a black shadow so fast that no one could even react to it, dashed towards her with immense speed, even Lucy couldn't react in time even though she felt someone coming at her, all of a sudden, that someone hugged her from behind and all she could do was struggle for a second before she turned her head and saw the familiar face. She stopped struggling and just relaxed and let Arthur hug her, but after some time she couldn't suppress it anymore and said

"A-Arthur we're in public.."

Arthur chuckled and kept hugging her as if he didn't care
"So what, they can only stare at us with jealousy, hmph!"

Hearing this could only drop her head down in embarrassment, her ears had a tinge of redness in them, even though she protested a second ago, she felt comfortable and joyful to be hugged, it was like a behavior of an elementary kid.

After some time, he decided to let her go, but he sat next to her on the bench and just gazed around with lazy eyes. As for Lucy, she continued to practice her magic but you could notice her throwing some glances at Arthur every a couple of minutes.

To be honest, apart from reading books or sometimes practicing his void magic, Arthur didn't have anything to do, but that didn't cause to him to be bored, in fact just being next to his gorgeous woman besides him made him beyond happy, and just passing days like this is more than enough for him, but he knew the holy church just wouldn't let go and give up chasing Lucy.

Having nothing to do, Arthur laid his head on Lucy's lap and decided to take a nap, though his action may have surprised her, she nonetheless didn't say anything and continued practicing. Just a couple of days ago, he wouldn't have the guts to do what he did now, but now he knew she trusted him, he discovered that when he found her hugging him in the morning, and that she wouldn't mind him just using her lap as a pillow and to be honest he totally enjoyed the feeling, a very soft yet relaxing lap pillow.

He could feel her soft legs, and heart-warming fragrance, he soon closed his eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

Lucy, who was still practicing noticed how he quickly slept, and she couldn't help but smile, even though she didn't want to express her feelings in public, seeing sleep like that made her happy yet embarrassed. She stopped practicing and just gazed at him sleeping so defenseless. She stretched her hand and began stroking his hair gently while ignoring the burning gazes of the male students.

Half an hour passed and she never got enough of seeing his face, even her hands never stopped stroking his hair, you could see a tinge of redness on her face now and then as if she thought of something embarrassing, all of a sudden a commotion broke out and people began cheering and shouting.

"It's the princess, she's beautiful every time I see her"

"Look at that waist.."

Some students gazed at her while drolling non-stop.

"SHHH, do you want her to kill you? Last time someone disrespected her yet she crippled him and used her status to drive him out of the academy....."


A tall girl, with a long blonde hair, mesmerizing legs, and breath-taking waist was walking at the park, she wore blue tight clothes that revealed, even more, her waist and the two huge peaks. She had a look of arrogance and pride as if all people around her were mere mortals and she was an immortal... that's to be expected from a princess.

behind her was the second prince and two other women bodyguards from last time. They seemed to be heading towards where Arthur was, and you could notice the prince staring at Lucy as if he already owned her.

Since he is with his big sister and she has a lot of authority in this academy he decided to be more arrogant than ever.

They soon stopped before Lucy and the Sleeping Arthur on her lap, you could see jealousy in the second prince's eyes, and if looks could kill he would have killed Arthur a thousand times if not more.

Arthur who was peacefully sleeping, was obviously awakened from the commotion, but he ignored it and decided to just continue his nap, but who would have thought that troubles would come non-stop, he already detected the princess and her brother coming towards him, so he couldn't help but sigh, it was such a beautiful and calm day, enjoying a nap on Lucy's lap... what could have been better than that? And to be disturbed by those kids was the worst possible way to wake up.

Christian, seeing both Arthur and Lucy not paying any attention to either him or his big sister, became enraged and shouted

"Hey, you! don't you see who is in front of you? you have to at least be respectful towards your princess."

Nonetheless, Arthur kept ignoring the shouting idiot, and pretended not to hear him, he was already annoyed he was disturbed but he didn't want to fight, for now, it was a peaceful day and he wanted to keep it like that.

"Now now, Christian, stop shouting, we are on the academy grounds and my title doesn't matter in here"

The princess spoke but you could feel arrogance and contempt in her voice. Although she tried denying the importance of her status in this academy, her haughty expression and the tone of her voice said otherwise. It was easily noticeable that she didn't even believe what she just said.

"Sorry about what my little brother said, he still is used to being arrogant, I have come today because I heard about you from my friends and about your performance in the entrance exam, so how about we talk Mr..."

Normally, seeing her like that, the princess she seemed very polite and kind, but Arthur knew better and just by her eyes and that heaven-defying arrogance, he knew she is only acting kind for whatever benefit she wanted from him, but since she is acting like that he decided to just play her game and see what she is after.

He woke up from Lucy's lap and stared at the girl in front of him

"Arthur, My name Arthur, so what does 'the princess' want from me or my comrade?"

"Mr. Arthur, how about we talk in private?"

Though she seemed extremely polite, one can see she only looked at Arthur and totally ignored Lucy even when He mentioned her, in fact, that's to be expected since demons and humans are enemies from ancient times and never ceased fighting against each other.

"No need to talk in private, just say whatever you came here to say."

Arthur replied nonchalantly rolled his eyes towards the surroundings 'ah! can't even pass a day in peace, this academy is more troublesome than outside'

Christian, who was standing next to the princess, was infuriated by the attitude of Arthur, his big sister is one of the most respected people inside and outside the academy, her strength and LVL were one of the highest and she is considered a genius, so seeing someone talk like that to her angered him.

"Big sister came all the way here to talk to you, but you are not even grateful and just speak disrespectfully towards her? even though her status as princess does not apply here, she is nonetheless one of the top-ranked students AND your senior, so you better watch what you say and be respectful!"

As if he didn't hear the second prince, Arthur just relaxed and laid down on the bench, and stared at the princess to see what she is going to do.

"Since you want to talk here, alright, I came here to invite you to join my me, you will be under my care, and if you are outside of the academy you will be even considered one of the royalty."

"Ohoho, that's indeed a good proposal, but I wonder? why did you only invite me? after all my partner talent is decent too."

Despite knowing what her answer will be, he still wanted her to say it, and affirm his thoughts, when he came here he thought the students in the academy lived without fights or disrespect towards each race, but each day passed and he never saw 2 races talk to each other, only the council had different races that talk with each other.

Hearing Arthur answer, the princess was a little joyful when she heard him say that the proposal is good, recruiting a man like him who isn't half bad would benefit her a lot, especially her father, the emperor would praise her, but when she heard the last sentence she was emotionlessly said "Filthy things have no right to be invited, even breathing the same air as me is considered a gift, so she should be thankful I didn't do anything, once you join me, you can be sure you would have enough beautiful women by your side"

Arthur frowned for a second, as he didn't expect her to just insult a demon just like that in the academy grounds even though it was prohibited, it's true he anticipated here saying something about not accepting a demon but to just insult her just like that? that truly came unexpectedly.

Arthur stared at her for a second before appraising her to see if she really is that powerful.

Lisa Terence(human): LVL95

Her LVL was indeed high, even higher than some teachers but that didn't mean she has to be this arrogant, he stared at her for a second before coldly saying

"You should apologize to my partner while you can.."

"Apologize? you must be fucking dreaming, a filthy thing like her can only be useful to be a bed partner, in fact, I wouldn't mind taking her! haha"

Now that he is with his big sister, the second prince didn't act polite like last time and straight-up proclaimed his desire and lust for Lucy, his arrogance has reached the skies and he never ceased to lick his lips while staring at the demon girl with burning eyes.

Lucy never spoke a word from the very beginning, she glanced at the second prince with disgust for a second before just leaning on Arthur and closing her eyes seeming not caring about the situation.

As for Arthur, seeing how those 2 kids in front of him are acting high and mighty, not caring about the Academy rules about not insulting other races, and abusing their power, he became slightly angry, but soon a grin appeared on his face..

"Kneel, you are not leaving this place before you kneel and apologize to my partner"-Arthur

Hearing what Arthur just said, Lisa laughed for a couple of seconds before speaking

"Hahaha, Mr. Arthur must be joking, why must I kneel or even speak to a dirty creature like her? Let us put that aside and talk about my proposal."

She seemingly dodged the topic and resumed talking about her proposal while smiling, but Arthur didn't reply and just stared at her with a poker face.

A minute passed, but both parties kept silent, Lisa noticing how Arthur was not going to respond, clenched her hand for a moment before calming down and saying

"Since you are not going to accept, then I'm going to leave, hmpf!"

As if angry, she snorted and turned around to leave with the second prince who was also angry, he really wanted to get that demon girl but in this academy it was not that easy to get someone, if it were outside he would just order anyone and they would get it, but here his power and authority are very limited.

"I said, you are not leaving before you kneel to her and apologize." Arthur spoke threateningly at the leaving prince and princess.

Surprised by the tone of Arthur, the princess turned her head to look at him, but she snorted again and continued walking. Seeing her still ignoring his threats, Arthur sighed and decided to get more serious, to call Lucy something like that is by no mean forgivable, especially when the one who did it was not willing to apologize.

While Lisa, Christian, and their bodyguards were leaving, 3 dark blue spears appeared in front of them, blocking their way, being so close to the spears, Lisa could feel they were dangerous, the aura they emitted was like it would suck everything around it, like a black hole.

She furrowed her brows for a second before turning to look at Arthur, to think someone would dare attack her? now if she attacked it would only be self-defense, moreover she wanted to teach that demon a lesson, but to be honest, she was a little jealous of Lucy. The demon was a wizard and she was only a magician with 1 attribute, anyone would be envious of someone who has 3 attributes, including a special attribute, plus it was a demon, the race she hated the most.

the 2 women bodyguards, who were accompanying the prince and princess, were surprised when they saw the spears, but they snapped out of it and looked at the sitting Arthur, one of them advanced a couple of steps before shouting at the man

"What do you think are you doing? attacking a student in Academy grounds is punishable!"

"I am merely educating them not to disrespect others, it was them who insulted my partner."

Frederic, who followed Lucy since they left the ghost island, was not far away observing the situation, he wanted to kidnap her to force Arthur but quickly gave up on that idea when he remembered the flame spear of Arthur, his body couldn't help but shiver. Nonetheless, he kept observing Lucy from afar until Arthur arrived. Judging that he has no chances if Arthur is here, he decided to return for the time being, but just as he was going to do so, something unexpected happened and it's the arrival of the princess.

Deeming the situation interesting, he stayed there to observe the outcome, with his high stats hearing what they were speaking is nothing, and so he heard all the situation and how the princess invited him. He also heard how Arthur plainly rejected her and told her to kneel and apologize, but he didn't think it was neither stupid nor arrogant, for he had the ability to say that, a simple flame spear like the one earlier could annihilate all the park with the students in it, hell nothing was left of an adult imoogi!

Seeing Arthur creating a different kind of spears, Frederic became anxious 'What the fuck? A dual mage!' Athough he was very fearful towards Arthur, this situation was a one of a kind chance for him, if Arthur a council member dared to attack a student, that would result in a heavy punishment, but knowing Arthur's behavior he didn't think a punishment would stop him from massacring those people, so he decided to rush there and stop him.

"Hey what's happening here!" Frederic shouted while he appeared next to the princess, but when he was close enough to the spear he could feel the ominous feeling it emitted.

"Uncle Frederic! thank god you're here, This 'Arthur' is trying to attack us!"

Lisa, having no shame, quickly blamed Arthur and accused him of attacking her, even though all he did was create the spears.

"Calm down and explain the situation."

Frederic pretended not knowing the situation and tried to resolve it in a peaceful way, even though he was a little shocked for he didn't know 'Arthur' was the name of this black-robed man.

As he said that, the princes began complaining as if a child complaining to a parent, Frederic was considered one of the royalty and close to the princess, so every time she has a problem she would always complain to him and ask him for help. Of course, while telling what happened, she changed things and made Arthur look faulty.

"I see, so you tried to invite him but he disrespectfully rejected you and demanded you kneel and apologize for insulting his companion?"

Frederic pretended to think for a second before resuming his talk "He shouldn't have attacked you but Lisa, you must know that he became a council member and you, accusing him of that, is disrespectful too."


Lisa stood there shocked, not knowing what to say, never in her wildest dream did she think the man she wanted to invite was a council member, how long was he in this academy? less than a week! but he is already a council member and everyone knew that to be a council member you need to not only be approved by every member of the council, but you have to be extremely strong.

She began to regret acting recklessly, acting arrogantly and not being respectfully towards a council member is punishable, after all, he is considered her superior and she MUST respect him. She began fidgeting not knowing what to do.

Frederic noticing her change in behavior, waved his hand and said

"It's fine, just apologize to him and go for now"-

Though she loathed the idea of apologizing and still didn't believe this 'Arthur' was a council member, since Frederic gave her a way out without being punished she must take it, she clenched her fists and hesitantly said

"I'mm ss-sorry.." though she said that, you cannot even feel a tinge of regret in her tone, it seems as if it was forced. Once she finished speaking she turned around and prepared to leave, the second prince also apologized but like his big sister, his apology seemed more of a threat than an apology, as if warning Arthur if he didn't back down he will regret it.

Hearing them, Arthur didn't do anything, not even his spears disappeared, them apologizing like that is not even the least bit satisfying, plus he said that they should kneel and not even someone like Frederic can stop him.

"Seems like you are deaf so I will repeat myself one last time, none of you are leaving before kneeling and apologizing SINCERELY towards my partner."
As he said that, more spears were created and blocked the way the princess and Christian were heading at. The sharp and chilling edges of the dark spears were pointed at the duo, making them unable to advance a single step.

"Arthur, what do you think you are doing! attacking a student in broad daylight? they already apologized so you should let them go!"

Frederic shouted at Arthur without even respecting him and calling him 'Mr.Arthur', after all, every council member should respect one another, even Zephir the head of the council doesn't dare act arrogant or disrespectful. Frederic wanted to cause problems to Arthur since he can't capture him with his own strength.

Arthur just ignored Frederic and kept the spears pointed at Lisa and Christians.

"Lisa you don't have to worry, just go! he won't dare attack or else I'll have to attack him too" though Frederic was truly afraid of Arthur, and knew that with only one attack he can be dead but he had to show his strength in front of the students and not lose face.

Some time passed and still the spears didn't disappear, as for Lisa and her brother they too didn't dare to move for the spears were just too close to them and they can't pass unless the spears disappear. Seeing this Frederic got no choice but to act even though he is weak compared to Arthur, he got no choice but to attack.

Just as he was going to attack, dark blue chains appeared from the ground and bounded him from all angles, his legs, torso, and arms were all covered in chains, they emitted same pressure and feeling he felt from the spears. No matter how Frederic struggled, it didn't help, he was literally bounded and couldn't move a muscle.

"You are also a member of the council, so I thought maybe you had a reasonable thinking but I guess not huh?"

Arthur spoke with a calm yet cold voice, he didn't even move but the chains appeared, Frederic also noticed he did not even do an incantation or anything of the sort.

Lisa seeing this, was now scared stiff and truly guessed she provoked someone she shouldn't have, nevertheless she didn't kneel because her pride didn't let her do so, she was confident he would not dare hurt her, after all even if he is a council member, hurting a student was punishable and even if he did it he wouldn't kill her or seriously injure her. She turned towards him and spoke

"I'm not kneeling! nor am I apologizing to this dogshit creature beside you, since you are not letting me leave, fine I'll just stay here and wait for the principal to come."

She put her hands on her hip and took a provocative stance, but all of a sudden one of the spears floating near her rushed at her with speed no one but Arthur could see.

The spear formed a hole in her knee, but without waiting for her even to respond the spear attacked her other knee, and with that all she could do was fall down in a kneeling position, overcome with pain, the only thing she could do was scream in pain as bloody holes were on her knees. Even though Arthur hurt her, he controlled her spears and didn't seriously injure her, after all, if he wanted to he could've made her disabled and unable to ever walk again.

Christian, dumbfounded by what he saw, unconsciously kneeled with shaking body, he knew now that Arthur didn't care about them, and by seeing how his big sister was kneeling and screaming from the pain he didn't want to be in the same situation so he gave up on his pride and knelt towards Arthur.

"I'm going to f*cking kill y-you..." While screaming, Lisa cursed Arthur but she couldn't stand as the pain was agonizing and blood was flowing non-stop from her knees.

"You could try whenever you want, but now kneel and apologize to my partner or else your hands will be next."

Christian, being the coward he is, knelt towards Lucy who was still leaning on Arthur not caring about the situation, and apologized with tears on his face, after all, he cared for his life and even being disabled scared him.

"I, I'mm sorry, please forgive my insolence, i should not have called you that"

Even after saying that, Lucy didn't seem affected and didn't speak, for her no matter who, she didn't care about them and hated them all, especially human males, before she encountered Arthur she didn't trust anyone, hell she didn't even accept help from anyone, even someone who seemed remotely kind, and now she only trusted Arthur and seeing some kneel in front of her didn't bring her joy but her heart softened when she knew Arthur did that for her just because they insulted her.

Christian soon became anxious, seeing Lucy not saying anything, his thoughts drifted and he thought maybe it wasn't enough and Arthur would just injure him like he did to Lisa, so he just kept kneeling without saying anything, he didn't even dare move or breathe heavily for fear of Arthur's wrath.

As for Lisa, even though she was kneeling, she didn't apologize nor she say anything. "Your brother has atoned and apologized, what about you Princess? you got 5 seconds, after that it would be your arm"

She looked at him angrily and spoke "F*ck you, wait till my father hears of this and you and this filthy b*tch are dead, you hear me? DEA.." before she could finish, a spear pulverized all her right arm, nothing was left except her bloody shoulder. Having her arm turns into minced meat off, her screams become even louder and all the people in the surroundings had fearful eyes, even the 2 bodyguards didn't move for fear of simply dying just like that.

Though she just cursed him, Lisa began to fear for her life, her right arm is now gone and if she didn't treat them soon, she will be disabled, and if she died now how could she get revenge on this bastard, she decided to put away her pride and just apologize for now

"I'm sorr-yyy.."

She said that while kneeling towards Lucy, who was also looking at her with cold eyes. Strange thoughts soon struck Lisa, what if this demon didn't forgive her? if so then she dead for sure and no one could save her!

"It's fine"

Lucy just waved her hand as if accepting the apology, she then continued leaning on Arthur's shoulder as if nothing happened.

"Now you can leave.."

Arthur's voice soon followed, allowing them to leave, the bodyguards soon came back to their senses and held the princess who was shivering from pain and took her to the Academy's infirmary to get healed as soon as possible, as for the second prince he followed them soon after...

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