Arthur and Lucy soon got back to their little camp not far away from their current location, but he didn't forget to put Zodiak's body into his storage. They sat next to each other but they didn't do anything weird, when Lucy thought of what she did a while ago , her face reddened as she didn't think she was this daring, after all, they are considered lovers but that didn't mean she had to rush up to him and hug him nevertheless him hugging her back made her happy and brimming with joy as she felt comfort when she was in his arms.

They talked all night and Arthur learned that she was proficient in fire and her average stats are between 900 and 1500 with intelligence being the highest one at 1800.

Even though they sat next to each other, they only held hands but simply doing that made his heart palpitate. He didn't get to test his new strength or new skills, and he was quite interested in [godly fire].

Lucy was showing him her skills with fire as she created various things with it like fireballs, fire weapons and even a small barrier she also explained to him that depending on someone's strength the power of the fire and hotness could increase,so he tried testing his newly [godly fire] and what came out was a blood red fire , it was completely different from Lucy fire as this one excluded great pressure even though it was a tiny fire ball. Lucy who was standing next to him gaped when she was that and she bombarded him with a question.

"W-what's that !! I've never seen a fire like that, even in full mastery of the attribute"

Apparently, the color of the fire changes depending on the mastery of it, if you have [basic fire mastery] you fire would be yellow-ish, and if you have [medium fire mastery] it will be orange fire at the beginnig then changes to complete blue at the end , and finally there is the [complete fire mastery] which is the highest anyone could get and only the very best of fire mages could attain that , and the color of fire would be violet so when Lucy saw the red fire of Arthur she was dumbfounded and curious at the same time.

Arthur wasn't that much surprised because he expected something similar as the name of the skill contained the word 'god' and it had relations with his mysterious skill [orb of the fallen overgods] so of course it would be something special.

He discovered his control with fire was very good even on par with the dark magic if not more, and when his red blood fire ball approached Lucy's orange fire it totally engulfed it in a second and the red fire ball semed to get even bigger, seeing the intensity of his fire getting stronger was overjoyed to have gained this strong fire manipulation as it will help him, he soon called back his fire as it was too close to Lucy and he knew she wouldn't be able to handle even a single fire ball. His stats were ten times that of hers but those numbers don't decide the results. One can have higher stats and still lose to the scheming and tactics of his foe.

He recalled having some skill books which might be useful to Lucy so without hesitation he retrieved them and passed them to her, to be honest those skill books were not that amazing but they probably will help Lucy get stronger even a little , she is considered High LVL compared to most people but he didn't know what the level of Strength of students in the academy was so he had to boost her strength even a little, as for him?

He was sure that he would not have troubles as he knew that LVL107 is by no means little but he can't forget the fact that there might be people way stronger than him, seeing he struggled against a young dragon, so the very thought of meeting an adult one sent shivers to him even though he got stronger by gaining the stats of the young dragon and if he can fight him again he might insta-kill him either by another [hell arrow] or by using the [godly fire] as he knew this fire is by no means just a normal and it had devastating power.

Actually he tried launching a small 5 inch fire ball into a tree and holy hell was it monstrous , even with a little fire ball the impact sound was so loud that even Lucy covered her ears and not even seconds passed and what was left of the tree was mere black ashes.

Just when he was thinking about his skills he remembered he gained a skill point but he didn't read what it did , so he quickly checked it by using appraisal on it and after reading the information he became overjoyed, because increasing the level of any skill by 1 is considered incredible seeing that since he got here he never leveled any skill and got them all for free

"But if I use it on an already maxed skill will it increase or stay like that? what if I lose the precious skill point"

Arthur was in a dilemma, he didn't know what skill to chose as there was many he wanted to upgrade [godly fire] , [dark magic] and even [faster than death] at it proved very useful to him.

Arthur already told his skills to Lucy which was listening like a little child, it didn't seem necessary but he felt he should do it and after asking for her opinion on what to level up she answered him after pouting cutely with her beautiful face

"Seriously such a cheat to be able to earn a skill point and can use up to 4 attributes! that's so unfair but since [void mage] helped you in your last fight why don't you give it a shot"

Lucy's personality seemed to have gotten a 180 degree change after what happened last night but truthfully Arthur adored her cute behavior and wouldn't mind even if she kept her cold demeanor, when he heard her reply , it indeed struck him , why didn't he think of [void magic] after all he underestimated a lot and without it he wouldn't have won against the young earth dragon, but he still hestitated because he thought that [void magic] is still in primary LVLS and can be leveled up easily but other skills which cannot be leveled such as [faster than death ] or skills which already have reached max lvl like [dark magic] seemed more appealing.

After thinking for a long time, Arthur decided to use the skill point on [godly fire], though [dark magic] is indeed very strong and what it had special is it's penetrating power, it can cut through almost every but what [godly fire] had was destruction power .

A small fireball of a few inches did that damage to the tree so what if he did an enormous fireball? what would the results be and after all some of his dreams when he was a kid is to be fire mage, it seemed really cool and powerful. Once he used the skill point he had, a sound entered his ears followed by the appearance of the familiar blue windows...'ting'

You used a skill point on [godly fire]

The skill [godly fire] has been upgraded to [Ancient fire]

[Ancient fire] : this is a unique skill , the ancient fire is the mother of all flames and it has a big destructive power with extreme hotness

it can absorb any other type of flames as long as the host has sufficient intelligence and +200% damage if faced with any ice or water attribute

cost : none

Arthur was very ecstatic as at first he was doubtful and hesitating because there was a possibility that the [godly fire] would not be upgraded and he would have lost a skill point which apparently is very rare to obtain, hell! even the pope of the Holy church might not be able to obtain one even though he is very powerful.

Arthur didn't waste time as he quickly formed a small fire ball but this time its colour was not blood red instead it was dark red with some grey in its edges , and the heat was just unbelievable, even though it was him who created this little fire ball he could feel it's hotness was several times more than the [godly fire], he threw the fire ball to a large tree 20 meters or so away from him...'BOOM' this time the tree was turned to ash immediatly and what surprised him more is that even all the tree in its entourage were either turned to ash or destroyed beyond recognition.

Lucy's mouth was wide open this time as she rubbed her eyes several times to check if she was not hallucinating or dreaming then she turned toward Arthur and ran up to him excitedly
"So you upgraded [godly fire] , thi-is is incredible, I've never seen such flames"
She extended her petite soft hands and held his with excitment and happiness as if she was the one who got the skill and not him.

He looked at her joyful face and deep black eyes which were staring at him with warmth, he unconsciously patted her head as it had become a habit of him and of course, she didn't refuse him, quite the opposite, in fact, she seemed to really like being patted.

Both of them continued chatting all day long about various things, each second passed their relationship deepened and they became, even more, close but Arthur did not try to do any obscene thing and only held her hands, and he was satisfied with that and didn't want to ruin it.

The very next day the finally continued on their journey, they both sat on the dark cloud and chatted non-stop, with his current speed Arthur could run up to 50km/sec which is almost mach 3 speed as to speak the dark cloud cannot be seen by normal people when it's going full speed and they would only speed a dark blur , they continued to travel for approximately 13 hours a day , Arthur would let the girl sleep and eat and he didn't forget to bring the luxurious bed he had in his storage as to make it more comfortable.... as for him? With infinite stamina he didn't need sleep and but he still gazed at the beautiful sleeping maiden near him everytime she slept but he didn't dare do anything.

A week passed since they resumed their travel and they finally arrived at North of the human continent at a city called Govore city , it had a big port which was full of all kind of boats , Arthur also noticed that the city was very prosperous and it had many visitors but that must be because of the incoming Nemia academy entrance exam which will be today .

Arthur entered the city with Lucy who was beautifully dressed in a red robe which added to her beauty and made her look like a Goddess, of course whenever they passed in the city everyone would gaze at her.
She seemed to return to her emotionless attitude when in public but Arthur didn't mind it as he knew that this kind of attitude will let others think she is but a cold maiden and they would not dare talk to her or even approach, they would only stare at her with lust and amazement.

They both didn't waste time roaming the city instead Arthur asked the guards at the entrance of the city about the city about the location of the teleportation array.

Even though it was costly he didn't mind because he got enough gold and the entrance exam was today, so even if he went by boat there will not be enough time.

Once they arrived at what seemed to be a big square in the middle of the city, there was a long line of people who seemed to wait for something and at the very front there was a burly man who seemed to be in his thirties and just behind hit there was a 5 meter radius circle with runes inscribed at the ground and every time a person stepped on it they would disappear . When Arthur guessed saw that he immediately judges it to be the teleportation circle so he went with Lucy at the end of the line and started waiting for their turn.
He noticed that all the people who were waiting were wearing luxurious clothes full of jewelry and had arrogant looks, they looked at the city's citizens who were passing by with contempt and complete disgust as if they were looking at animals and not humans.

Arthur just ignored those kids but he still didn't forget to appraise some of them and he was shocked to see that the average level was between 25 to 35 with some of them being above 40.

They surely had strength to back up that arrogance of theirs but he didn't worry about them as they seemed weak compared to him but he was worried about Lucy as she may not be able to handle herself so he decided he would not leave her side even in the academy as people there might be even more powerful and even if the holy church can't touch them there they may use underhanded means.

Lucy's looks attracted the attention of these noble kids and some of them tried to talk to her but where completely ignored so they didn't dwell on it but still kept looking at her with burning eyes, they didn't dare to be forceful because they knew she was going to the entrance exam and if so she must be a powerful figure and talented too or else why would she go to Nemia academy after all not everyone can attend it.

One hour passed and their turn finally came, the burly man looked at the black-robed figure in front of him and a petite beautiful girl who was beside him and he too was dumbfounded by her beauty but he soon snapped out of it and said

"20.000 gold coins per person."

Arthur was surprised by the enormous price nonetheless he handed the burly man a magical back containing 40.000 gold coins and prepared to step in the teleportation array with Lucy but at that moment he heard cheers and girl cries from behind him so he turned around to look at what was going on.

A handsome looking young man was walking towards him, he wore a blue robe which had a golden dragon symbol on it, he held a fan in his hand, is facial features were kind of babyish, big eyes, soft skin, and a small nose nevertheless he looked handsome and would even be considered an idol in Arthur's previous world.
This young man just ignored the queue and headed directly towards the burly-man

"It's lord Christian, he's the second prince, ohhhh I wish I can marry him, he's so handsome." random girls just shouted their affection to this man but they were ruthlessly ignored as if they didn't exist, some guys were looking at him jealousy but fear as they didn't want to offend him, after all, he is the son of the emperor and a prince at that

"So he's finally decided to join Nemia academy? I heard he was a talented mage, it's rumored he is a dual-image and can use water and wind magic "

"Not only that, apparently his LVL is very high, I'm sure he will enter the Nemia academy without doing the entrance exam"

Arthur was curious about this 'prince' so he appraised him 'ting'

Christian Terence (Mage) : LVL46

His level was quite high compared to the others but Arthur knew that LVL wasn't everything, a low lvl mage can win an against a high lvl mage if he got good skill and better fighting experience. Once the burly man saw the 'prince' his attitude change completely and he spoke respectfully toward him
"Lord Christian, please enter the teleportation array you don't have to pay !"
No one from the long queue spoke to complain about waiting for hours to get to the teleportation array while this prince not only didn't wait like them, he didn't need to pay, of course, a lot of them were displeased but they couldn't offend the prince, he is the Emperor's son!
He is getting this treatment only because he is still at the human continent but when he enters the Nemia academy's island all his status would mean nothing because of there only strength matter no matter who you are before you came here, as long as you are strong you will be respected and well treated there.

Seeing what just happened, Arthur frowned
"No matter if it's my previous world or this one, it seems some things never change.."

He wasn't going to stand there and let the so-called prince go before him while he and Lucy waited for a long time so he spoke with a cold voice
"We arrived first, and first come first served. You will have to patiently wait for me and my comrade to pass first."
Lucy who was near him turned her head to look at him but she didn't say anything, as for the long-line behind him, almost all of them were full of disbelief for they didn't think someone would dare speak so boldly like that without any fear if the consequences.

"He's done for, I'm telling you he is totally done for, to say something to the second prince it's like slapping him in the face"

"how could he say something like that! is he insane or doesn't know what the word 'prince' means?"

Many people started pitying this black-robed man as someone who dared to say that to the prince of all people, he surely won't have a fun time. Christian who was going to enter the teleportation array stopped and looked toward Arthur who was still wearing the black robe and covering all of his body, he raised his brow for a second before turning his head towards the burly-man expecting him to resolve this matter.


The burly-man shouted at Arthur while saying a lame excuse, as for the prince he just had a smug smile on his face as he stared at Arthur but he suddenly saw Lucy which was standing behind him so he couldn't see her when he was passing because of her petite frame, he obviously was amazed at her beauty , he licked his lips while having a disgusting look in his eyes

"ah ah , senior Jack, no need to be angry at this young lady, after all, she didn't do anything wrong"
The prince seemed to ignore Arthur completely as if he didn't acknowledge his existence and kept staring at Lucy. The burly man noticing Christian interest at the girl, so he turned toward Arthur and said:

"WHAT DID I SAY? go back to the end of the line as for your companion, Lord Christian has to take a liking to her so she will go with him."

Arthur was beyond angered when he heard that, he couldn't hold himself back and was going to behead this burly-man with the prince but just as he was going to act he felt a soft thing touching his hand, it was Lucy who held his hand while smiling at him.

She shook her head and said softly as to not let anybody hear
"No need to make enemies before even entering the Nemia academy let's just wait again, I know this seems unfair but we will get our payback once we are in the academy."
his heart warmed when he heard her speak so he just nodded at her turned around to walk back to the end of the queue, Lucy also followed him without letting go of his hand and completely ignored the prince who was dumbfounded at her actions.

"Hey you, I said the prince has to take a liking to you so you better stay here!"

the burly man ran toward Lucy intending to grab her hand and bring her forcefully but he soon froze up as he felt immense fear. He glanced at the black-robed man and he could've sworn he saw 2 red blood eyes shining from his covered head, he didn't dare advance any further and retracted his hand and stood there awkwardly without uttering a single word.

Christian noticing this, also glanced at Arthur and felt the overwhelming killing intent coming from him, it would be a lie to say he didn't feel fear but he was confident, not in his powers but in his backings, he was a prince and his father was the emperor so what could this insignificant man do to him? even if he is really strong, Christian didn't think this black-robed man would dare kill him so he just waved his hand while snorting and walked toward the teleportation array.

Arthur and Lucy waited again for an hour before they were again at the front of the queue, he didn't have to pay since he did pay earlier and the burly-man didn't say anything either, actually to use a teleportation array all you had to do was inject it with a little bit of mana and that's it , it will take you to your destination, so doing that Arthur and the demon girl were teleported to the Nemia academy .

The teleportation was only a couple of seconds before they found themselves in a big square filled with people , there were thousands of people and they all seemed from different races , there were what seemed like elves , they had long pointy ears and all looked beautiful, also there was what seemed like beastman and various other races which included demons too , but every race seemed to be grouped together and you couldn't see any race talking with another one except for a few insults here and there especially toward the demon race as it was the most hated one because of the nature of demons.

Arthur noticed that the second prince was here not far away from him accompanied by 2 beautiful women who wore armors, they seemed to be his bodyguards and came here before him. To be honest, he was quite surprised as he didn't expect this prince to be here, normally someone with his status would have an acceptance letter from the academy without doing the entrance exam.

He heard from Lucy that all people with acceptance letter from the academy would not teleported here instead the teleportation array would sense the mana injected in the letter and would send the one who got it to a different location from this one , so he was curious as to why the prince did not have one but he soon shrugged that idea of, after all, it was none of his business but he didn't forget what happened earlier and would certainly get his revenge.

To most people it did seem like the prince only wanted Lucy for himself , but Arthur found that unforgivable for he was very protective of her and didn't even want anyone looking at her but he didn't want to cover her appearance as she may not like it so he just let those people gaze at her but if someone dared to touch her or take her forcefully he will surely cut that person's head off.

3 hours passed since they arrived at this big square and more people seemed to be coming here every second , it was packed with various people and when Arthur appraised them he was quite surprised as there was a lot of hidden tigers in this crowd of people , he found some people with lvl higher than 50 and the highest he saw was a skinny demon with a lvl of 54 , in the appraisal it was indicated that he was a mage so Arthur was curious to see his strength.

There was big stage not far away from the square, from the moment he came in , Arthur noticed this stage but it was empty so he didn't pay it that much attention but now some people walked on the stage , most of them were middle-aged and surprisingly they were different races but they chatted happily among themselves, they sat on the chairs and gazed at the big crowd of people as if assessing them and distinguishing the strong from the weak.

Arthur appraised those people on the stage and was surprised to find out that most of them had been beyond lvl 70 with the highest one being 86, it was a middle-aged man who seemed to be from the beastman race , he had a long sword attached to his back and some scars on his face, he gazed at the crowd with excited eyes.20 minutes or so after these people come on the stage, the second group of people came in but this one seemed special, they were exactly 9 people and when they came on stage everyone from the crowd closed his mouth and did not dare speak. Of course, Arthur appraised those 9 people and was dumbfounded when he saw their LVLS

Lamorti Schink(Elf) : LVL146

Morin (Demon): LVL158


All of the 9 people LVLS was higher than the last one, there was 2 elves, 3 demons, 2 beastmen and 3 humans and the highest leveled one was a demon male who was LVL166 , truthfully Arthur didn't expect their LVLS to be that high ,but after some thought, he judged it to be reasonable after all the Nemia academy was a great force and none of the 4 continents dared oppose it, so it is to be expected that they have powerful people. Arthur thought of the people he encountered from the holy church and thanked his luck he only encountered weak ones if he stumbled upon someone like one of those 9 he was sure he wouldn't have gotten out alive.

Those 9 people, walked up and sat on 9 golden chairs which were in front of the normals chairs which the others people sat on. Just as those people sat, a figure entered the stage and considering it the last person to come after a long time.
Arthur guessed this person must be thei chair-man or something like that so he was expecting an old man with a long white chest or something similar but what he saw was totally the opposite , it was a red-haired woman , her hair was dark-red and stretched to her waist , her voluptuous body would steal the gazes of everyone and her facial features were the definition of beauty ,she was wearing a witch hat and held wore a green robe which added to her charm, Arthur would be lying to say he was not stunned but by no means did she attract him , he simply didn't expect the chair-man to be a young woman so he appraised her to make sure she really was the principal or not

Sonia Ma (human) : LVL189

"Holy shit, lvl 189? "He was now completely sure she was either the principal of the academy or someone who has a great status in this academy because her lvl was many times higher than the other 9 people. The young woman walked to the center of the stage and gazed at the crowd as if examining it and soon began talking

"Greetings, I see that this year's participants are abundant, However, not everyone would be able to succeed. Only people with great talent would be accepted, there will be 2 tests to pass the entrance exam. The first one is to test your aptitude and see your lvl, and the second is a tournament for the people who passed the first test."

As she finished speaking, everyone from the crowd was surprised , usually the entrance exam would be an aptitude test and some sort of race of treasure finding or even dungeon exploring but this time it was a tournament and that meant that even fewer people would pass compared to the past so many of them had a burning eyes full of desire to succeed and become a student in this academy.

The principal sat on the chair near her and gazed at the crowd of people with curious eyes, and after some time, people who were apparently from the academy came in and started shouting

"Choose a line and wait for your turn to test your aptitude, no pushing or fighting or you will be immediately disqualified"

Soon people began to form long queues and waited for their turn.


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