Just when Arthur possessed the dead holy knight notifications came one after another.. 'ting'

You have gained a new skill (passive) :[Blessing]:  You are now blessed by the lord of light and holiness: +50% to all holy attacks


Because your affinity with dark magic is high, the skill [blessing] has been absorbed by dark magic and transformed into [holy resistance]: You resistance to holy attacks have increased by 25%


You have gained a new skill (passive): [Sword mastery: LVL8]: When using any type of sword, your attacks deal 20% more damage and have 10% increase in their speed and accuracy 


You have gained a new skill(active) : [holy burst: LVL7]: this skill is an advanced version of [burst attack]: You charge your hands/legs/weapon with power for 1 second then you unleash it, cooldowntime: none, cost: 100 mana


You dark magic has absorbed the skill [holy burst] and created a new one : [Dark burst] :this skill is an advanced version of [burst attak]: you charge your hands/legs/weapon with power for 5 seconds then you unleash it dealing 200% more damage, cooldown time:60 seconds, cost: 125 mana 


you have gained a new skill (passive) : [basic Wind comprehension]: Since you have understood the flow of wind and learned to be one with it, you gained +200 agility and 10% increase in speed 


Your stats have improved!  please check your status window for more detailed information


Level: 89 Class: Void Parasite
Strength 3122(+1482) Intelligence 2876(+401)
Agility 4580(+2480) Wisdom 2410(+312)
Vitality 2754(+638) Dexterity 2120(+900)
Health 2775(+895) Health Regen 31.2/s
Mana 4552(+712) Mana Regen 67.9/s
Stamina infinite Stamina Regen ????
Attack: 2953(+1372) Defense: 2592(+810)
Elemental Resistances
Fire: 25% Water: 25%
Wind: 35% Earth: 25%
Light/holy: 50% Darkness: 100%


'Jackpot ! This knight's stats are unexpectedly high!'

Overjoyed would be understatement for Arthur, he was delighted to see his current stats almost double up especially for the Agility, it became by far the highest one, he was excited to test it right now and with the bonus of [Basic Wind comprehension] it's like having +450 more Agility since it increased his speed by 10%.

He saw that his Intelligence and Wisdom didn't increase that much and guessed that the Holy night was a fighter class and not a mage, nevertheless, even with his high strength, he still believed that his magic is terrifying as it's able to insta-kill the knight without any resistance.

He thought of Zodiak and how he was a mythical being feared by everyone but unfortunately, he died because of old age 'Not even a mythical being can overcome time huh?'

He read in the ancient books that most Humans in this world have a life-span of 70 to 80 years and those with high enough level they can even reach 200 years old but that was the limit except some individuals.He also read that there are some beasts that have long life-span that can reach thousands of years old if not more, like the mighty Dragon Race for example.

The Demon Race is also an exception, they have a have a long lifespan but their reproduction is extremely slow which results in having few numbers and low populations, as years passed, their populations never ceased decreasing in number, with the war occurring, the process is only becoming faster and faster.

Once Arthur checked his status window, he quickly left the knight's corpse and returned to the old one after a few seconds as the process wasn't instantaneous. He truthfully didn't like this body very much as he was unable to feel anything, not feeling pain was sometimes a good but he still wanted to enjoy eating food so he wondered on whether to find a living body or not but he soon decided against it because if he ever wanted a body he would only want one with the same appearance he had in the previous world or something that he liked, not any random person he encountered in the street.

Immense strength and unbelievable power surged through his body, he felt as if he could destroy anything with just one punch! 

When he fought against the Holy Knight he noticed his strength was very lacking as he was not able to damage his armor with his fists or kicks but now he was sure if he could have rematch, it would definitely be different than the previous one, maybe the knight would be defeated with just a fist, or at least be injured.

Arthur got up from the stone and felt something special, he felt one with the air as if he was dragged by it and guessed it must be the effect of [Basic Wind Comprehension], he quickly stretched his body and ran with his maximum speed, however, he was unable to cope with the speed as it was very fast and instantly crushed into a big boulder forty meters ahead of him, due to his negligence and the fact that he underestimated his body by a huge margin, he was not even able to feel his body move until the moment he crashed with the bolder.

Obviously, the boulder was destroyed to dust by the strong impact and Arthur just stood there, dazed, not knowing what just happened, he couldn't believe his speed, he wasn't even able to distinguish anything when he ran, everything blurred and his head met with the rock.

He started running trying to get used to his new speed. Slowly but surely he got the hang of it, his speed doubled if not tripled in comparison to last time. Previously, when he tested it, he approximately ran 8.5Km/minute and now, when he tried, he ran 15km/minute, it was not double his previous speed but it still was amazing and if you calculate it, it's a mind-numbing 900Km/hour and that is almost a Mach 1 speed, if anybody from his previous world knew about this, they would just call him crazy or wouldn't believe him, hell! Even Arthur himself didn't dare believe it if not for the fact that he is the one who is able to exerce that much speed!

The demon girl who had long since healed with the exception of a few minor injuries, which were healing at a speed the naked eye could see, stared at the disappearing Arthur and rubbed her eyes, after all, to her, he seemed to disappear and reappear in a different location, it was the same as the teleportation but different at the same time, she knew that it was his speed and not teleportation but she still couldn't believe it as it was the first time she saw this kind of speed.

Arthur was ecstatic due to this joyful powerful, when he got used to his speed, he was sure that  unless he encountered some godlike opponent, he wouldn't lose to anyone. Furthermore, even if he couldn't win, he still has several ways to escape using his incredible speed or with [Faster Than Death].

Next thing he tried was his Strength, he created a Dark Sword and the moment he held, he felt as if he was one with it, the two of them were like one existence, as if he was training with it from the day he was born, [Sword Mastery] was really amazing for it had many benefits for him, he didn't regret possessing the Holy Knight for even a second, on the contrary he thought that if he didn't do it, he wouldn't have gained so much stats and if he encountred someone way stronger than the knight he would only have to run or use magic, however, although he won using his Dark Magic, he didn't want to excessively use it as there may be a time when he would be unable to and he would have to rely only on his physical strength.

First, he used [Dark Burst] to charge his power and after 5 seconds have passed, he slashed with the dark sword in his hand at the air, when he executed the slash, all you could see was a blur, as his speed at attacking was insanely fast, soon a strong dark wave was created by the slash, it was a 2 meter long dark arc which had black flames at the edges of it, the force of the slash was so amazing that a small crater was formed by the pressure of the attack, the dark arc continued forward and annihiliated everything on its way, trees were destroyed and boulders were crushed and it finally stopped after crossing a distance of 100 meters. This was but a mere slash using [Dark Burst], imagine if he went in an all-out death battle, the result would be more astonishing.


Arthur seeing this laughed coldly 

'I pity anyone who would be my next opponent!'

He wanted to do more tests but he decided against it as there may be reinforcements still coming and he didn't want to bother with them. Dealing with one Holy Knight is no problem, even two or three can be managed but if it's a whole army or a few dozens, then it would be troublesome, especially when he had to keep an eye on the demon girl too.

He turned around and headed toward the demon girl, who had already stood up and gazed at him with surprised eyes, she tried to keep an expressionless face but the shock was just too great. For her, someone who fought almost all her life, an existence such as the Holy Knight is uncomparable yet such an existence was flattened and killed like an ant when it faced Arthur.

"How about you follow me for a while until things calm down or we get away from this area. After what happened, it's rather likely that a lot of forces stationed by the Holy Church would roam the surrounding town and cities, hiding would not be an easy feat, especially when you are unable to defend you. The Holy Church won't let you off easily, they seemed to really want to capture you.., in fact, you were lucky I had given you the bracelet and you were close to my location, if you had been very far, I would have arrived very late to save you."

Arthur paused for a second then said

"... Think carefully, after all, you have nothing to lose if you followed me, in fact, there are many benefits but it's up to you."

The girl seemed to think about what he said, she hesitated for a long time before nodding her a bit unwillingly, however, Arthur could've sworn he heard her click her tongue and mutter with a low voice

 'Tch! To think I am unable to fight against some trash from the Holy Church!!'

"Alright then, it's decided! We should hurry up and leave this place as they are probably on their way!"

The demon girl just nodded her head again without speaking, affirming what he said. Arthur saw her reply then thought for a moment as said to her 

"Wait here for a moment, I need to bring my furniture and other things from the cave, in meantime, keep heading West and stay cautious as they may be lurking anywhere, I'll be right back!"

As he finished speaking he turned around and headed toward the tomb to retrieve what he left, he couldn't just leave them, after all, to him they seemed useful but if other people saw them they would droll non-stop and greed would control them, because even the big bed he put there was made of a special material that can not be found at the present time. Only some royalty or high officials would have luxurious beds like that.

With his speed, it only took him more or less a  minute to arrive at the tomb, in a span of a single minute he can run approximately 15 or 16Km.

Arthur soon retrieved everything and left the room which became empty, it didn't take him long before he arrived next to the girl, who was surprised to see him back so soon, she thought he was an enemy who sneaked up on her so unconsciously or perhaps instinctively, a fireball was thrown at him. It was too late for her to divert its direction or stop it, Arthur was surprised at first but he just he waved his hand and instantly made the fireball transform into dispersing flames which soon disappeared. Lucy didn't give an apology as from her perspective, it is his fault that he appeared so suddenly, Arthur didn't press on the matter either, they both acted as if nothing happened, however, if it was someone other than Arthur, such fireball would have seriously injured the target. 

Arthur was only able to disperse the Fireball because the difference in Stats between her and him is too big, with a small Dark Barrier around his hand, he pushed the fireball to the side.

The duo didn't linger there and headed back to Willsden Town.

Arthur wanted to headback to the town one last time to buy clothes for the girl , truthfully he had a lot of clothes in his storage but they were only for male , and even if there were some for women , with the petite size of the girl they would be much bigger than her , also since the holy church was on his tail he didn't have to hide the appearance of the girl anymore as he will be leaving the town soon and even if there is some trouble , it couldn't be worse than the holy church.

with decent speed, they arrived at the entrance of the town, The guard was surprised by the beauty of the demon girl but he soon regained his senses and gazed at Arthur with jealousy and envy but the latter just ignored him after paying the entrance fee for himself and the girl.

They entered the town and started roaming around searching for a cloth store.

Arthur couldn't remember seeing any building resembling a cloth shop so he just kept searching for the girl following and after one hour or so of searching they found a little shop in the edges of the town, the shop was actually a small house but Arthur knew it was a cloth shop because there were various kind of clothes laid outside with prices put on top of it.

The owner of the little shop seemed excited when he saw Arthur and the girl come towards him and checking the clothes, it seemed he didn't sell very often so seeing customers made him happy.

"Hello esteemed customers , what would you like to buy? we have everything here."

the shop owner who was a middle-aged man with a small black beard glanced at the demon girl and was stunned to see her beauty, no man could resist to not look at her, she had long silver hair , charming and alluring eyes they seemed cold but they would attract everyone who saw them , her size was petite but you could see she was developed , her skin was as white as snow and her hands seemed soft , but the middle-aged man did not stare for a long time as he was afraid to offend her or the men next to her so he soon averted his gaze and said

"Young mistress, I see that your beauty has no limits , I have clothes that would perfectly match your appearance it would make you even more charming how about I show you?"

The demon girl didn't seem interested and just stayed silent, so Arthur turned to her and spoke: "Go see if there is any cloth you like, you cannot stay in this ragged cloth ".She seemed unwilling but nevertheless, she still followed the owner of the shop into the store to see the clothes.

Arthur followed after them but he just stood at the entrance and waited for her to finish choosing and after a couple of minutes the girl came out wearing new clothes , she had black leather boots , a simple blue dress which perfectly sweeted her and made her body look even more voluptuous, he stared at her still amazed that she can become even more beatiful even with simple clothes but he soon turned around and if he had a normal body you could even see him blush, after all he too was a man and even with his cold attitude he can be affected by beauty.

"haha , esteemed customer she indeed looks more alluring but unfortunately she didn't want to try other things ..." . The girl turned around and looked at the owner angerly as if he said something unnecessary. Arthur saw her react like that and chuckled as it was the first time he saw her act like that but nevertheless, he turned toward the owner and replied "Thank you for your help, give me all the clothes you have with her size " 

The old man was full of disbelief by what Arthur said as he didn't expect him to say something like that but he hastily ran toward his shops and in a matter of minutes he came back with hands full of clothes, some seemed luxurious why the others were simple daily-clothes.

"E-esteemed customer ,t-this all i got with her size , please check if there is anything you like."

Arthur looked at the cloth for a second then glanced at the girl but she was not even looking at the clothes as she seemed uninterested by the clothes but he just said

"How much for all of them?"

The middle-aged man didn't know what to say, but he quickly snapped out of it then replied "iii-it's 102 gold" . Actually, the price was a good price for all the these clothes , a gold coin for a normal citizen can hold him for half a year so 102 gold was considered a huge sum for small shops like this one which didn't sell every day.

Arthur waved his hand and a magical bag was retrieved from his storage, after checking the amount of gold in it, he threw it toward the owner and took the clothes that were put on a table next to him  , he quickly put them in his storage ring with just a wave of his hand and left the cloth store followed by the beautifully dressed girl as for the middle-aged man kept thanking Arthur and bowing non-stop to express his gratitude.

Not even after walking 5 minutes , with his high dexterity and fast reflexes he noticed that he was being attacked as fire balls and arrows which seemed to be filled with liquid in the head were shot towards him but their speed was very slow compared to the speed of the holy knight and he noticed that the attacks were only aimed at him and seemed to totally ignore the girl beside him.

In fact, the attacks were very accurate and probably made by professionals. Arthur didn't even move as he waited for the attack to reach for he knew they would do absolutely no damage, those kind of attacks are pathetic and would not even hurt the demon girl who was much weaker than him.

Finally the arrows and fireballs hit him but the poisoned arrows just crushed when they hit his black robe and the fireballs distinguished, there were people passing and were surprised by the attacks and closed their eyes when they saw the attacks about to land on the black-robed man , but to their surprise when they opened their eyes they could see the black-robed man safe and wasn't even wounded so they wondered if they were hallucinating but they soon realised they weren't crazy as they noticed that other people were stunned too.As fpr Arthur , he assessed the situation and quickly found the assaillants , there were exactly 5 of them and they were hiding in dark places 50 meter or so away from him , they all wore black clothes and masks on their faces.

Without waiting for them to react , Arthur used [faster than death] and appeared in front of the closest black-clothes individual,the assassin was scared shitless by the this black-robed man that he and his comrades were supposed to eliminate easily but he didn't expect his attacks to not even scatch his clothes but to be found out so quickly by him, just as he was going to turn around to run for his life he blacked out and died just like that.After having beheaded the assassin Arthur used [faster then death] again and beheaded the 3 other assassins and when he was next to the final, he didn't kill him instead he just chopped his left leg and said 

"Who hired you , you have 5 seconds or death awaits you"

The assassin was screaming from pain , and stared fearfully at Arthur as he was shaking and saw death doors waiting for him so he tried to answer him but he couldn't do it as his mouth was shaking and couldn't utter a single a word.




Just as Arthur was going to finish his countdown the assassin with a shaky voice "w-wwwait i'll asnw-weer you , don't k-kill me pp-please!! it's Lord F-ffeylord h-hee made a c-contrract  with u-us as llong as w-we k-kill you , h-he will r-reward us with a lot of g-gold coins" .when he finished speaking the assassin didn't dare move and waited for black-robed man  to let him go. 

Arthur thought about what the man before him said and his eyes turned cold "as expected , if you don't eliminate a source of trouble ,it will always come back for more!" . He then beheaded the assassin as he wasn't going to let him go in the first place .After killing the last assassin he used [faster than death] and appeared next to the girl who didn't look particulary surprised as she was used to ambushes and she knew that a single attack like this could kill the black-robed man.Arthur started walking slowly and spoke "I've changed my mind , we will stay at the inn tonight and leave tomorrow , i have some matters to resolve before going"

The two headed to the inn and half an hour they finally arrived.The landlady welcomed with a smile but she soon became stunned as she saw the celestial beauty next to Arthur , she didn't expect him to  bring such beatiful girl with him as he seemed the loner kind.

After buying some food and letting the girl eat it, they headed toward their room.night has come, so Arthur decided it was time to act, he turned to look at the girl who was unexpectedly sleeping defenseless on the bed, he was going to tell her he will comeback but because she was sleeping, he thought it was needless to wake her up for something so trivial.

He used [faster than death] and appeared out of the inn, and soon he started using [faster than death] to head toward the noble district.He preferred using instant moving rather than his speed , even though no one could see him if he was using his speed he still wanted to be cautious and use teleportation to arrive to his destination.With his mana regen he would use it once every 3 seconds without losing a mana , so in a matter of minutes he arrived at the noble district.

He started entring mansions one after another searching for the one Feylord was living in.After going through 7 or so mansions he arrived at big one which seemed like a castle and his gut told him that this is the one. in a 2 continuous [ faster than death] he was already in the building .what he saw was a luxurious hall , white stairs and a big red carpet made by a special animal fur but none of that impressed him as focused on his hearing to affirm if this was Feylord's home or not.

Soon after, he heard a shout coming from upstairs "WHAT! YOU SAID THEY COULDN'T KILL HIM? INCOMPETENT FOOLS, WHAT IF THEY SPILLED THE TRUTH AND TOLD HIM THEY WERE HIRED BY ME?" it seemed Feylord was shouting at somebody and with anger. Arthur smirked and used one last teleportation as he appeared in the same room Feylord was staying in.

Arthur could see there were Feylord and his two maids standing behind him and in front of Feylord was a kneeling man who was in a full-plate armor .His appearance caused all the present in the room to stare in shock as if they were dreaming , especially the young noble, his face turned white and he backed away from fear

"W-what are you doing in here!! this is a restricted area !!" The noble didn't even know what to say, he didn't even question Arthur how he appeared out of nowhere .The full-plate soldier who was kneeling quickly appeared in front of Feylord and readied himself to fight as he stared with fear and caution at the black-robed man in front of him.

Arthur didn't want to waste time talking so he just created a dark spear and willed it to attack the soldier who was protecting and 'poof' with lightning speed the black spear created a hole in the chest of the soldier who had a eyes full of disbelief , he soon fell on the floor , dead without being able to resist for even a second. The dark spear just stood centimeters away from Feylord who fell on his butt and couldn't even scream .didn't even anything killing the soldier as if he was killing animals , his past-life taught him that humans are many times worse than anyother being , their greed and desires can push them to do things inhuman ,he even wondered why this supposed 'god' who is watching them from above created such monstruous being ."men is really the cruelest animal" Arthur sighed and walked toward the petrified Feylord who didn't was backing away on all fours as he didn't even have the strength to stand up to run.

"D-don't you dare kill me! do you know who I am? I am A NOBLE! YOU WILL BE PURSUED BY MY FAMILY! I have connections to royalty, do you think they will let you off easily!!!"

Those threats didn't affect Arthur as he continued advancing slowly towards the young noble .Feylord noticing that his threats are to no avail so he soon changed his tactic and said

"Right right ! Do you want money? women? I can give you all and you can keep that demon girl! Ican give you everything, you just have to say the wor..."

before he could finish his sentence the dark spear smashed into his head which killed him instantly.A rthur stopped in front of the corpse of the noble , disgusted and with eyes full of contempt. He looked to his headless corpse and noticed a ring in his hand which resembled a little his storage ring so he guessed it must be similar to his.He took the ring from his finger and put it in his storage to check it later.

Arthur turned toward the 2 maids who were scared shitless and crying, they didn't dare move as they knew if they did they will be killed. One of them quickly kneeled and said

"please don't kill me !! I didn't do anything to offend you, my lord ! if you want I can serve you, I can warm your bed too, I can be useful please don't kill me!"

Truthfully, He was going to kill them both to erase evidence but when he saw what the maid said he was even more disgusted, humans will really do anything to stay alive. Just by what she said, he knew she was someone who will cling to someone with power and use her body to have benefits and would abandon them the second they have a better opportunity. He glanced at the second maid but she didn't say anything as she looked at him with fearful and tears flowing from her eyes.

He killed the first maid who begged him not to kill her but he decided not to kill the second maid as when he questioned her, he found out she was from a poor family and worked for the noble to be able to help her family as they were struggling , true she sold her body to the lustful noble  but she used for the sake of her family so Arthur just let her live and told her to leave the mansion fast and not say word of what happened or he will come back for her.

Soon he left the mansion and returned discreetly to his room in the inn.Once he arrived there he found the demon girl awake and staying silent on the bed apparently waiting for him to arrive. He sat on the chair and softly said: "everything is resolved now, we'll leave this town tomorrow morning". the demon girl nodded coldly towards him.

Arthur suddenly remembered something and retrieved the ring he took from Feylord , he infused mana in it and discovered that it was indeed a storage ring but it was a lot smaller than his, actually it can be considered an upgraded version of a magical bag it had a space of 30x30 and had some items scattered here and there . What picked his interest is an envelope which seemed rather special, when he retrieved it and examined it he discovered it contained a little bit of mana so he appraised it 


Nemia academy acceptance letter 

He frowned as he didn't know what this Nemia academy was, he didn't even read any information about it in the ancient books so he wondered what it was.H e decided to question the demon girl about this academy as maybe she has some information about it so he turned around and asked 

"Do you know what is the Nemia academy?" 

For the first time Arthur saw the girl gape at him with amazement , but she soon snapped out of it and replied with her melodious voice "Nemia academy is a place where all talents from all the continents, they gather up and study magic or fighting classes , usually the academy only accepts nobles,royality or very talented people" Arthur listened carefully to the girl as to not miss any important information

"the academy was formed a thousand years old and it has immense authority as none of the powers in the continents dare to offend it , and it is said that everyone attending it is considered equad and power is determined by strength and even a royality will be regarded as a simple student there and he cannot use his backing to oppress othrs and if they did they will be severely punished if not kicked out of the academy . Normally if you want to enter the academy you need to pass the entrance exam which is extremly hard or have an special admission gotten from the academy" the demon girl seemed out of breath so she paused for a second to rest as she was not used to talking this much but she decided to tell Arthur all the information she got on the academy as she deemed him to be a little trustworthy and she noticed that she began to open up to him even if it was a little bit it still changed the whe thought about him . After a couple of seconds, she resumed 

"Nemia academy is located at the center of the 4 continents on a big island, the whole island is owned by the academy and no army from the others continents is allowed to step on this island otherwise it will be considered an invader. Usually, the academy does an entrance exam once every 6 months but the accepted people are very few but extremely talented in either magic or close combat strength."

Arthur was amazed by what he heard as he didn't know of the existence of such institution and it seemed to be the perfect place for him to stay , since no one dared to offend it , the holy church would not chase him or cause him trouble there and  it will be a good experience to go there and check it out , he also noticed that the demon girl spoke of the nemia academy with expectation and longing so that added another reason for him to go there. He looked at the girl who was out of breath and spoke 

"The Nemia academy is the best choice for us now, not only the holy church would not dare chase us there, we will be able to learn new things and maybe you will be strong enough to defend yourself against the holy church, so what do you say do you want to come with me there? " he looked at the girl with warm eyes , he didn't know why but he wished for her to accept his offer as he didn't want to leave her alone...


the girl nodded and her lips curved a little for a second forming a smile if you could barely call it that , she seemed more energetic after hearing that their next destination would be the Nemia academy as she always longed for it but couldn't go there as the holy church didn't stop chasing her and even if she went she didn't know if she had enough talent to be able to pass the entrance exam..


Just when Arthur killed Feylord , in very far place from willsden town there was a very big castle , decorated with gold pillars and a gigantic garden filled with all kinds of flowers, in this garden there stood a man who was drawing non chalantly and enjoying his time , this man looked like a robust middle-aged man and had short black hair and a scar on his neck all the way to his left eye which looked injured .

Soon after a skinny tall man who was dressed like a butler came running towards the middle-aged man and said 

"My lord, the light in the life crystal of Mr.Feylord has been shut, it seems he died not long ago!!"

The hand which was painting trembled for a second then the middle-aged man screamed angerly toward the butler "WHO ! WHO DID THIS ! TELL ME WHO KILLED MY SON !"

The poor butler couldn't respond, he just extended his hand and showed the middle-aged a crystal, in this crystal, you can see a floating dark spear in front of you and an approaching black-robed man, you couldn't see the exact features of this figure as he was hiding it with a black good. The crystal showed what happened a few seconds before the death of Feylord, the Robust middle-aged man was shaking from rage as he took the crystal as he smashed the painting he was drawing and roared towards the butler

"IMMEDIATELY SEND MEN TO INVESTIGATE WHO KILLED MY SON! DO YOU HEAR ME? IMMEDIATELY!" the butler bowed and quickly left to carry out the orders of his lord.

This middle-aged man name was Edward Omond and he was from the royalty, Feylord was his illegitimate son but he cared dearly for him and he took good care of him, he provided him with skill books , money and elixirs to boost his magic powers .

Edward didn't have any sons beside Feylord so the death of his only son pained him and ignited an uncontrollable rage within him "you dare kill my son? just wait and see the day you will beg for your life in front of me! see how i will skin you alive !" Edward grinned evilly and turned around to enter his castle with a red face filled with anger and craziness.


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