Arthur had a bitter feeling as things didn't go the way he wished them to, he wanted to free the girl from the seal but he didn't know even why he would go to such lengths to do so ,he who had been betrayed and vowed to always be alone and never trust again felt some kind of special connection with the girl.

In a way, he guessed she was similar to him but he couldn't guess in how exactly.

He knew she didn't trust him and maybe she would like to be free but she didn't have the power to so he wanted to release her from the seal so they could each go on their way.

For the time being , Arthur knew that the holy church let him go because they could not fight against him, but he was sure that later on they would come back for either for revenge or to kill the demon girl so he decided to leave the town for the time being and stay at 'that' place for a while, so he bought various kinds of foods.

He didn't hold back and bought everything that he came by and then put it in his storage, as he was going to be out of the town with the demon girl , and she needed food daily, he brought enormous amount of food that can hold out for half a year.He then headed to the town's exit accompanied by the girl.

Once they were some distance away from the town, Arthur created a [dark cloud] that could fit him and the girl. 

When the demon girl saw the 'cloud' she was taken aback slightly then continued to gaze at it for sometime curiously.

Arthur chuckled as he saw the girl examining the cloud, he then said

"Get on the cloud, it's much faster and I don't want anyone following us"

 He then jumped on the dark cloud and waited for the girl to follow him, he thought he could travel by foot with the same speed as the cloud but he would have to carry the girl and that seemed inappropriate and maybe she would not want to be held by anyone.

The girl finally jumped on the sturdy cloud, but as the cloud rose up high into the air, she seemed to be anxious and shaking a little, Arthur guessed she must've been acrophobic or never been so high up in the air, as for him?

 He was never afraid of heights as he traveled a lot when he was a business-man because the job required him to make a lot of contracts in various countries.

Even though the dark cloud had incredible speed, Arthur didn't use the maximum speed as he was afraid the girl would fall off with her fragile physic, but he was surprised to see that not only she had gotten used to the dark cloud, she also was not affected by the current speed.

"She must have a good amount of strength, huh?"

It took them 15 minutes to reach the entrance of the cave, Arthur landed the dark cloud and got off it followed by the girl who understood they reached their destination.

Arthur didn't waste time as he entered the cave and began walking forward.After 30 minutes or so they finally arrived the empty room which was previously Zodiak's tomb.

The demon girl looked around, surprised to see that they arrived at an empty room as she expected some kind of hideout but not an empty room.

Arthur noticed the stunned girl and said 

"I will try to find a solution to your seal, meanwhile we will be staying here since the holy church is chasing us and I don't want to bother with them"

 Just as he finished speaking he waves his hands and retrieved a large bed and some other furniture form his storage ring.

He also took out some food for the girl and put them on the bed, then he proceeded to read the ancient books he got from the tomb hoping he will find some kind of clue as to how to break the seal for the girl's powers.

The demon girl saw Arthur reading books and trying to find a solution for her so she had complicated feelings about this black-robed man she didn't know why would he go to such lengths for her but she soon seemed to realize something and shook her

'You mustn't fall for his plays! He must need something from you otherwise he wouldn't help you'

She soon sat on the large bed which was luxurious and made of gold , but she didn't seem surprised by it and she was used to seeing this black-robed man have many incredible and expensive things, just by buying her for 2 million gold coins showed that he was by no means someone ordinary.

 As time passed and she saw how strong he is by easily beating the old man from the church , and his strange dark cloud which seemed able to fly with high speed so she concluded that even with her powers back she might not able to escape from him so she began very anxious and she didn't want to be held prisoner ever again.

A day had passed since they arrived at this room but Arthur didn't stop reading even for a second, he didn't feel tired or bored, and the more books he read the more he discovered new things.

Finally he could find a clue to break the seal, it was said that to break a seal cast on a demon, you either have to kill whoever cast it or you can overpower the seal with a stronger magic which will immediately break the seal, but it was noted that anyone who can seal the powers of a demon is usually very strong so it was considered impossible to break the seal with a magic more powerful than it, but Arthur was overjoyed as he knew he was considerably strong so he wanted to try this method and maybe it will work.

He turned around and looked at the demon girl, who surprisingly was asleep, after 2 days or so without sleeping she seemed to not be able to hold it anymore and fell asleep while sitting on the bed.

She seemed to be shaking a lot so Arthur guessed she must be having a nightmare of some kind but nevertheless he didn't want to wake her up as she stayed awake for 2 days or maybe even more so some sleep will help her a lot.

Arthur decided to experiment with his magic until the girl wakes up.

He started by creating some weapons with his dark magic and trying to create complicated ones, and he easily succeeded as he was able to create a 30 meter long black chain made of dark magic, he noticed too that the chain had some black flames in it, they seemed hard to notice as the chain was black too, he guessed the black flames were the one from the 'dark flame ring' but to make sure they were from the ring, he retrieve a long sword from his storage and held it , and noticed there was indeed black flames in the edges of the sword, he tried slashing in the air with minimum strength and saw black flames shot out from the slash 2 meters ahead until they disappeared.

He also tried summoning skeletons and then killing them but unsurprisingly he didn't get any Experience for it so he sighed and gave up on the idea to level up non-stop by summoning and killing skeletons.When he was in the middle of doing some tests with his dark magic, an idea struck him so he quickly turned around and appraised the sleeping demon girl.

Lucy(Demon) : LVL44

But just as he saw the window which showed the demon's level name he appraised again focusing on the window and as he has guessed another window showed up.

Lucy(Demon) : LVL44
Status: bound by holy magic

'I must really be stupid to not appraise a second-time sigh...' 

After secretly blaming his stupidity, Arthur checked the status and he was joyful of the results as he could see the Health, Mana, and Stamina, he also noticed that her stamina was very low but that was to be expected after staying 2 days or even more without sleeping or taking a rest.

He tried appraising the window again but nothing happened nevertheless he didn't give up just yet, as he tried appraising every single status but still nothing showed so he stopped any further tries.He continued with his dark magic experiments waiting for the girl to wake up...

After 2 hours or so, while Arthur has gone back to reading books since he was bored of training and trying things with his magic, he heard a cry which came from the large bed.


The girl's cry surprised Arthur who was engrossed in reading, he turned around and saw the girl awake and breathing very quickly.

She looked around a couple of seconds then breather a sigh of relief, she glanced at Arthur and realized he was looking at her, but when she looked at clothes, she noticed that she was not wearing the grey cloth anymore and her face and other parts of her body were exposed, fortunately, her important parts were still covered, at least.

She guessed that the grey cloth fell off from her body because of her habit of moving a lot when she is asleep , but she didn't bother putting the grey cloth on again as she was only with black-robed man and she was sure that he would not touch her because if he wanted to he would already have done it.

The girl sat on the bed, picked some food which was put on a nearby table and began eating it slowly.

Arthur saw the petite girl eating so he waited for her to finish then said:

"I might have found a method to break the seal so I'm gonna try it, ok?"

The demon girl just nodded toward Arthur but her eyes had no emotion as if she was expecting him to fail.

He walked toward her and when he was a couple of centimeters away he extended his hand and released dark magic which looked like a black fog , it invaded the girl's body who seemed surprised by the action of Arthur but didn't do anything , after all even if she wanted to protect herself from the dark magic invading her body she couldn't do it as her powers were sealed , so she just stood there, gazing at Arthur.

The dark magic began entering the girl's body slowly, and after a couple of seconds he couldn't it push it further as some kind of barrier was blocking the way, he tried forcing the dark magic to break it and suddenly heard a notification 'ting'

Do you want to break the Holy barrier using you dark magic Y/N cost: 500 mana


Just as he accepted, 500 Mana was used and he heard a 'Puchi' sound and his dark magic continued to invade the demon's body but he quickly called it back and in an instant, all his dark magic which was in the girl's body exited it and then disappeared into thin air.

Lucy's POV

After coming to this room, Lucy just ate and sat at the bad without doing anything, after all, there is nothing to do in this isolated room and she knew that there are enemies outside so she just stayed there quietly. 

She noticed that the man was focused on reading books to help her and truthfully she was grateful but she just couldn't bring herself to trust him not even a bit.

She was very tired after staying awake for almost a week, she Stamina higher than an average soldier but she couldn't stay awake forever. She tried to resist the sleepiness but after so much struggle she couldn't and fell asleep without realizing it.

She was in the same room the men she loved and other people from the church tortured her and had their fun with her, she looked around and was terrified to see them gazing at her lustfully and laughing evilly, she couldn't hold her body from shaking.

Lucy vowed to kill them all but facing the men who betrayed her heart and used her she couldn't even muster up the strength to move, she noticed she was still bound by the same chains as back then and the men was approaching her with eyes filled with obsession and lust.

As he was coming towards her slowly she couldn't help but scream "NOOO"

Seconds passed and nothing happened so she opened her eyes and saw a different room, she was sitting on a large bed, and breathing heavily, she checked her surroundings as to make sure it's real and then sighed 

"Mmust've been a nightmare again...." 

Lucy got up from the bed and ate some food which was on the table, the food was quite delicious as the black-robed man bought every kind of food he found in the town, so she filled her stomach until it was full and when she finished she heard the man speak

 "I might have found a method to break the seal so I'm gonna try it, ok?" 

 She just nodded towards him to expecting anything as she knew the one who sealed her powers is terrifying and there was no way to break the seal just by some 'method' he found in a book.

The man came close to her then extended his hand, some dark fog was created from who knows where then invaded her body, she could feel the cold feeling coming from this dark magic. Demons are beings of darkness and when they a born they get a small affinity with it so she knew that it was slightly similar to the Darkness Magic, but at the same time it wasn't, it gave a ferocious feeling like it would devour her body at any second.

A couple of seconds passed then she heard a 'puchi' sound and she was showered with a lot of notifications...'ting'..

The seal binding your powers have been broken!
All your stats have gone up!
The skill [demonic boost] is now available to use!


...A lot of notifications came telling her that all her skills are available to use and when she checked her status windows she saw that her stats have gone up to what they previously were before she was sealed. Lucy rubbed her eyes multiple times as to check if she was still dreaming but fortunately she was not, the black-robed men somehow successfully broke her powers even though she had no hope for him to succeed. She could feel the power in her body after a long time being so weak and fragile, her face gained some color and some small wounds and bruises healed slowly.

Arthur's POV

He noticed that his attempt was successful so he was happy, he saw the wounds on her body healing up and her face gains back some color, she seemed even more pretty now as her skin became even whiter and her eyes became more alluring and charming.

He realized that he gazed a bit too much so he coughed and said

 "So? Is the seal broken? Are your powers completely back?" 

Despite knowing he succeeded, he had to make sure that he had done it without making any side-effects.

The demon girl nodded towards him and then extended her hand and a ball of fire was on top of it.

 She moved the ball of fire to show him she now had recovered and was no longer blinded by the holy seal. Since she now had become strong again, Arthur guessed that she will go on her way, but deep in his heart, he felt a connection, even though it was thin and he still couldn't trust her after he had unsealed to her, there was an almost non-existing spark between them.

 "Good, since your powers are back, you can handle yourself if the Holy church came, but you should be cautious as someone of the old man's caliber isn't a person that you could defeat."

The girl nodded towards him and you could see anger and hatred in her eyes when he mentioned the holy church so he guessed they must've killed her family or done something to her.

"thank you"

The girl said those two words then headed back to the exit of the room. Arthur looked at her back walking further away then said

 "Wait! I want you to take something."

 He said that whilst throwing a glowing bracelet at her.

synchro Bracelet effect): As long as 2 people wear the same bracelet and if the bracelet of one of the 2 people is destroyed, the other one could pinpoint where the bracelet was destroyed.


The girl caught the bracelet, looked at it for a second before turning towards Arthur and nodding, after having worn the bracelet she quickly left the room.Arthur stood there lost in thought, he felt empty and a little bit alone, even though he didn't interact a lot with the girl when they were together, she still accompanied him everywhere and got used to it so now returning to being alone felt kind of unpleasant.

He who passed months alone in a desolate room now felt lonely after accompanying a girl for a couple of days, he couldn't believe what he was thinking 

".. Me? Feeling lonely? You must be joking! Being alone is better than being betrayed!"

 Soon after he went back to his desk and resumed reading the books, after all, there is nothing he could do except reading books or practicing with his dark magic.

approximately one hour has passed since the demon girl left and Arthur was still reading books but suddenly he felt something in his wrist so he looked at it and saw the synchro bracelet glowing red, so he quickly knew that it was the sign indicating the destruction of the other bracelet, he received information in his mind telling him where exactly the bracelet was destroyed and it seemed that it was not very far from here, actually it was the bandit camp he had destroyed.

Without wasting any second, he quickly ran out of the room with his full speed and sprinted toward the exit of the long corridor.

While using his full speed, Arthur was just a blur whenever he passed you only feel the air moving and soon he exited the corridor, but he didn't stop instead he increased his speed even more while thinking 

'How could the bracelet have been broken? With her power and LVL she could handle anything even the priest of the holy church ... did she perhaps destroyed it on purpose?'

With his incredible speed, not even after 10 minutes of the destruction of the bracelet, he arrived at the place where it was the bracelet was supposedly destroyed.

He could see traces of battle, trees were destroyed and huge craters were here and there but surprisingly there was no one.

While Arthur was examining the place, he suddenly heard loud noises not far away from him so he rushed towards it without hesitating and in just seconds he arrived at the scene.

He saw the demon girl standing not far from him, she was bloodied all over, her appearance was slightly different as her hair was violet and she had some kind of tattoos in her arms.

On the opposite side of her was Theodor, who was grinning and laughing happily and beside him was a red-haired guy. He was quite handsome, he had a two-handed sword on his back and seemed very carefree, his eyes brows were shaped like a swords and his eyes filled with haughtiness and pride. He gazed at the girl and said 

"HAHAHA to seem we were able to find you by tracing that mysterious black-robed man, I guessed that it must've been you who was with the that guy back then because it is not usual to find a demon so much deep in this continent, truly luck is on my side, to be able to bring you back will get me so much rewards and promotions haha you don't even know your worth filthy thing"

He then dashed towards the girl and struck her in the stomach with his knee, she was sent flying until she hit a big boulder and fell down , she tried to stand up but to no avail, she didn't have the strength too, she just kept coughing up blood.

Arthur quickly appraised the red-haired man as he saw he was quite strong , after all, to win against a LVL44 demon you have to be a lot stronger than it considering demons are more adept at magic than humans.

Holy knight :ReinLVL51


His LVL was the highest Arthur have seen so far, and his speed was almost like his speed so he was considered a strong opponent.

Arthur used [faster than death] and appeared in front of the demon girl who was shocked to see him but then quickly realized that her bracelet was destroyed not long ago.

Rein saw Arthur appear out of nowhere and was stunned for a second but soon furrowed his brow and looked toward Theodor, but he was shocked to see that Theodor was shaking from fear while looking at the black-robed man.

"hey Theodor, is this him? the one who cut your arm so easily? "

Theodor seemed to come back to his senses and said hastily

 "Y-yes lord Rein, he is indeed the one but please be cautious as he is strong and he can use teleportation too"

Rein ignore the last sentence of Theodor as he was confident in his skills and power, he turned to look at this black-robed man curiously and said 

"Hey, you! Why don't you join the holy church? Since you are supposedly powerful, your position will not be bad, you don't have to protect this dogshit slave of yours, we can offer you a lot of beautiful women"

After waiting sometime Rein noticed that he was not getting a response and felt shame for being ignored so he shouted at Arthur

 "Do you realize that by protecting this filthy thing, you are making all the holy church your enemy? fine since you won't respond then excuse me for being impolite."

Just as he finished talking, he took the big sword from his back and dashed toward the black-robed man.

Arthur checked the girl behind him and noticed that she was heavily injured, it seemed the holy church wanted her alive for some reason, but he doesn't have the time to think about this right now. 

He saw the holy knight dash toward him so he too runs toward the knight and blocked with his bare hands the incoming attack of the big sword.

Arthur wanted to test his physical body and how much he could hold up without using his dark magic.

 Once the sword landed on his bony arms, he didn't feel any pain nor was he pushed back, instead, the sword seemed like it hit steel and couldn't move an inch deeper.Rein was surprised to see that his attack was just stopped by bare hands, but he didn't dare relax as he quickly run back, but Arthur didn't let him the time to run as he rushed towards him and kicked him in his stomach , the kick sent Rein flying a couple of meters but didn't do a lot of damage, when the kick landed on the stomach Arthur noticed that the armor he was wearing was special as it was very hard and he felt quite numb in his leg.

His strength stats was quite low compared to his other stats so he kind of guessed his physical power to be average in comparison of his dark magic.He wanted to know the limits of his physical strength and speed so that's why he didn't use any magic during this clash.

Rein stood up quickly, he didn't seem affected by the kick but nevertheless he had shocked eyes as this was the first opponent except for his 'master' to be able to fight back against him.

He looked at this black-robed man with curious eyes and wondered why he didn't use his magic as he heard from Theodor that this man could use teleportation and create a powerful dark sword.

The holy knight stood there appearing to be lost in thought so Arthur just dashed towards and him and kept hitting him, the fight soon escalated and both opponents began hitting each other, but they seemed to be on par.

After some time , Arthur noticed that his speed was slightly slower than his opponents and he was quite stunned because he didn't expect someone to be faster than him, also the attacks of the night seemed to become rougher and rougher while his attack is the same his fists and kicks are doing close to no damage to the knight as he seemed to get up every time he was sent flying.

Theodor in the back didn't dare to interfere in this fight as he could do anything, he didn't believe his eyes when he saw the black-robed man fight on par 'Rein' as this holy knight was quite famous in the holy church to be very strong. 

The old man soon thought of something and began chanting "You ,who is watching us from above , you, the lord of light and holiness, please grant us your power to aid our comrades" soon a bright light came emerged in front of the old man and soon landed on the holy knight who was fighting with Arthur.

Just after the light fell on the night, his speed and strength seemed to increase a lot and Arthur was pushed back by his attacks.

Even though the Strength of the holy knight was increased his attacks still didn't even scratch his opponent , so he became quite fearful of this individual , in contrary of this Arthur was quite joyful as he knew his vitality was very high and because of this his defense was impenetrable , so he was delighted to see the attacks of the holy knight cause no harm to him.

With the increased speed of Rein, Arthur could no longer fight on par with him, as even though he had a strong defense continuing to fight like this would lead to nothing , he thought of fighting until his opponent has no stamina left but he quickly decided against it as he noticed that the demon girl's state seemed to have gotten even worse, so he quickly used [Faster than death] to teleport away from the rampaging knight .The skill cost 150 mana peruse and he could regenerate 58 mana per second so he could use the skill every 3 seconds and he would not lose Mana.

Rein saw The black-robed mana teleport away and was a little surprised as this was the first time he saw this kind of instant teleportation because usually it takes a little-chant at the very least but this man just used it instantly if he had chanted he would've heard it.

The holy knight stood there gazing at Arthur, but you could see in his eyes contempt and pride even though was struggling against his opponent and couldn't win he still didn't give up his haughtiness and considered himself the best.

Arthur was very calm as he watched the holy knight and finally said 

"Time to finish this little play, I've grown bored of it.."

 When he finished speaking he created many dark daggers, there were hundreds if not thousands of them in the air, it was a terrifying sight to behold as even the holy knight was shocked and you could see the disbelief in his eyes.

Arthur just waved his hand and all the spears attacked the holy knight with lightning speed, the opponent couldn't even react before he was stabbed continuously by the dagger, his armor was pierced easily by flying dark daggers and he died without even being able to scream. 

Some moments passed and all you could see was a lot of holes in the ground as the daggers continued all the way deep into the earth so Arthur just willed for them to disappear and looked toward the holy knight or what remained of him.

All his body was filled with holes, and he no longer had his right arm or both his legs, he helplessly tried to resist the attack with his sword but the sword was literally turned into dust by so many daggers.

 Arthur looked at his broken armor with sad eyes as he wanted to try because it seemed really special, he heard a small notification as killing the holy knight gave him 2 levels which was quite good.He breather a sigh of relief and thought back to how the holy knight who was surpassing him in terms of speed and strength couldn't even resist against his dark magic and thought back to Zzodiak who was a terrifying existence back in the days 

"if I ever meet him, even in the afterlife i, better thank him huhuhuhu" 

Arthur chuckled but his it seemed like an evil laugh with his cold voice, he then suddenly seemed to remember something and looked toward Theodor.

After a minute or so the crystal changed color and some kind of light began enveloping the old man, he soon breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Arthur was also looking at him with strong killing intent "he noticed me !!!"

Arthur quickly created a long dark sword and used [faster than death] toward the old man . unfortunately he had to use it twice, but all it took it less than a second to teleport next to the old man, he soon slashed at the Priest who holding a white crystal and emanated a bright light. the sword slash only hit air as the old man seemed to completely disappear into thin air. 

Arthur knew that he was not successful in killing and the priest and stood there in anger 

"dammit ! he escaped, how could I've been this careless, he will only bring more troubles for me .. " 

He then headed toward The demon girl who was laying on the floor with a pool of blood next to her, she looked dumbly at the dead holy knight and couldn't belive what just happened.

Arthur searched in his storage for a potion as when he was searching for the first time he found quite a lot of miraculous healing potions.

He soon retrieved some kind of elixir which had a red blood liquid and passed her to the dazed girl, who did not respond to the action of Arthur so he said 

"You should quickly drink this otherwise your wounds would only get worse you know?"

 His sound seemed to snap her out of it and she more so looked at the black-robed man in front of her with a bit of mixed fear and gratitude, she took the elixir of him and gulped it down in one go.

Not even a minute passed and she noticed her wounds healing at a rapid pace, but she wasn't amazed because after what just happened and the fight she just witnessed, she couldn't be amazed by just miraculous healing elixir.

Arthur saw the changes in her body and the wounds healing, there were some serious ones like a big cut in her waist which even exposed her bones but with the help of elixir it seemed to get slowly get better 

"I didn't expect less from a potion found in Zodiak's ring" 

He walked toward the dead corpse of the holy knight and thought of something , then he quickly sat on a small rock next to the corpse and soon he left his current 'body' and with fast speed headed toward the holy knight speed, as he was a parasite and could get the stats of this strong knight he wouldn't mind doing so after all he was already dead but he didn't plan on staying on that body as it didn't have either leg and even missed an arm...


You have successfully possessed Holy KnightRein 
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