Once Human, Now a Parasite

by TheCrow

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Magic Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Arthur, a Rich businessman was kidnapped and tortured for months by men his wife hired. After months of this hell, he was given a second chance, a new life in a different world and, of course, Arthur would rather start a new life than stay and continue to be tortured, so he accepted the deal that was proposed by a mysterious individual, but when he finally was reincarnated, Arthur discovered he was a..... parasite?


PS: This is not a novel about a kind MC, so read AT YOUR OWN RISK.




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The Immortal Crow

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A valuable 'subject' ago
Chapter 1 : A Second Chance ago
Chapter 2 : A new World ago
chapter 3 : Improving ago
Chapter 4 : Farming.. ago
Chapter 5 : Zodiak's tomb ago
Chapter 6 : Willsden Town ago
chapter 7 : Reading ago
chapter 8 : Auction ago
Chapter 9 : Questions ago
Chapter 10 : 'A man that keeps his word' ago
Chapter 11 : Holy Knight ago
Chapter 12 : Assassins ago
Chapter 13 : Journey to the North ago
Chapter 14 : Evolve ago
Chapter 15 : Entrance exam ago
Chapter 16 : Tournament ago
Chapter 17 : Unexpected encounter ago
Chapter 18 : A bet ago
Chapter 19 : Like 'the frog in the well' ago
Chapter 20 : Seeker of knowledge ago
Chapter 21 : Ghost island ago
Chapter 22 : Ghost island [2] ago
Chapter 23 : Kneel! ago
Chapter 24 : Judgment ago
Chapter 25 : Despair ago
About releases ago
Chapter 26 : " I'm sorry..." ago
Chapter 27 : Warning ago
Chapter 28.1 : Yamak ago
Chapter 28.2 : Might of Yamak ago
Chapter 29 : A Long Winter ago
Chapter 30 : an unbreakable Bond ago
Chapter 31 : Powerup ago
Chapter 32 : Katrina, the Overgod of Knowledge ago
Chapter 33 : War? ago
Chapter 34 : Travelling Together ago
Chapter 35 : Friends ago
Chapter 36 : Dragon Rider ago
Chapter 37 : Lumbra City ago
Chapter 38 : Shadow magic ago
Chapter 39 : Kraken ago
Chapter 40 : Strange Dream ago
Chapter 41 : Saly ago
Chapter 42 : Banquet ago
Chapter 43 : C12 ago
Chapter 44 : Rinotsu ago
Chapter 45 : Heavenly Arrow ago
Chapter 46 : Astrith ago
Chapter 47 : Ace ago
chapter 48 : Loli ago
Chapter 49 : Elven City ago
Chapter 50 : O' Sweet Revenge [1] ago
Chapter 51 : O' Sweet Revenge [2] ago
Chapter 52 : Ma Clan ago
Chapter 53 : Fight and Slaughter ago
Chapter 54 : Be Gone ago
Chapter 55 : Explanation and Rage ago
Chapter 56 : Spirit Realm ago
Chapter 57 : Boy, Be Careful ago
Chapter 58 : Unexpected Encounter ago
Chapter 59 : Sacred Soul Steal. ago
Chapter 60 : The Competition ago
Chapter 61 : First Tournament ago
Chapter 62 : A Beautiful Yet Dangerous Lotus ago
Chapter 63 : The Penniless Daoist, Gobu ago
Chapter 64 : Madman ago
Chapter 65 : Struggle ago
Chapter 66 : Complete Devastation ago
Chapter 67 : Pure Dark Essence ago
Chapter 68 : The Long Awaited Day ago
Chapter 69 : Confrontation (1) ago
Chapter 70 : Confrontation (2) ago
Chapter 71 : Bloody Day ago
Chapter 72 : Hunt (1) ago
Chapter 73 : Hunt (2) ago
Chapter 74 : Hunt (3) ago
Chapter 75 : Sea Of Flames ago
Chapter 76 : No Mercy (1) ago
Chapter 77 : No Mercy (2) ago
Chapter 78 : Extermination and Uneasiness ago
Chapter 79 : Arthur's resolve ago
Chapter 80 : Underworld ago
Chapter 81 : Malark ago
Chapter 82 : Malark (2) ago
Chapter 83 : I'll Skin you Alive ago
Chapter 84 : Blooming Rose ago
Chapter 85 : The Silent Graveyard ago
Chapter 86 : Untitled ago
Chapter 87 : Treasure Pavillion ago
Chapter 88 : The Indignant Young-Woman ago
Chapter 89 : The Mysterious Man ago
Chapter 90 : Extreme Yin Body ago
Chapter 91 : Dragons ago
Chapter 92 : The Calamity ago
Chapter 93 : Exchange ago
Chapter 94 : Two Words ago
Chapter 95 : Reclusive Training. ago
Chapter 96 : Friendly Spar ago
Chapter 97 : Grand Banquet ago
Chapter 98 : Gathering of Experts ago
Chapter 99 : Overconfidence Leads to Death ago
Chapter 100.1 : Lethality of Blood Magic ago
Chapter 100.2 : Initiating The Plan ago
Chapter 100.3 : Initiating the Plan (2) ago
Chapter 101 : Ruining the Grand Banquet ago
Chapter 102 : Fusion ago
Chapter 103 : Deceived ago
Chapter 104 : All Out ago
Chapter 105 : Nothing Can Stop It ago
Chapter 106 : Desperate Situation ago
Chapter 107 : Warning ago
Chapter 108 : Rizaki ago
Chapter 109 : Mission; Protect Arthur ago
Chapter 110 : Battle of Gods ago
Chapter 111 : Drastic Changes ago
Chapter 112 : Wicked Mouth ago
Chapter 113 : Book of The Damned ago
Chapter 114 : Departure ago
Announcement ago

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  1. Spoilers!!!


The level of hypocrisy is way too high in this novel....

"The only way he would lose all rationality and start a massacre is if someone dared to hurt Lucy, at that time, none would can wish to escape from his grasp as he will mercilessly kill them all" 

The academy tried to kill not only him BUT ALSO HIS WIFE, LUCY! WHERE IS THE ANGER? Where is the towering killing intent?Not only is he not fucking angry after almost being killed and his wife almost killed but his personality improved?? 

Mary said "sorry" and he just let her fucking go? What? Someone was a part of the group that had the intention of killing him and Lucy but she is let off because she said sorry.... the stupidity is next level for real. Not only that but Mary even had the audacity to make requests when her life wasn't taken... (not to kill the headmistress). 

He also went and apologised to the royal family of humanity, but they were the ones to provoke him, not once nor twice but several times but in exchange for that he not only didn't kill a single person but also apologised and gave out weapons and tips to the royal family.... is this even life? 

Someone spits in your face and you give them an amazing gaming computer??? 

And the worst thing is, the story was so good up until that part.... 

TL DR : My first ever review was used on a novel that had amazing potential but fucked up.

redman s trials at writting
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Okay, I'll be honest here, I really don't like your story for many, many reasons so I'll keep it brief and talk about the things I personally find to be the worst offenders.

WARNING SPOILERS for chapters from 1 to 15

1: The grammar sucks, now, I'm not an english teacher and in all honesty I suck at formatting and following several rules, but at least I try to keep the same tense in each sentence, I also noticed several randomly capitalized letters and it seems that the walls of text have yet to be breached, you also miss a lot of articles and it also seems you really like hopping from first the third person.

In the prologue there aren't a lot of errors actually, I dare say there are none, so tell me why is it that the quality just takes a massive nosedive from then on?

2:The story is stupidly flat and has an obscene amount of discrepancies, for example when he found the woman that was getting raped by the bandit leader and he thought of how he too wanted to die, but wait!

Didn't he come to that new world by killing himself? Also who's the  torturer who doesn't gag the person they're hurting, or at the least have someone keeping an eye on him? you know, to prevent the guy you're trying take all the money from killing himself? Because as far as I know if he's dead she won't get any money, so my point is, what stopped him from doing it beforehand? Did he just want to take away their satisfaction? because I don't buy it, plus if they really needed his will couldn't they have found a way to forge it? I mean she has the money to hire professional torturers but she doesn't have the money to bribe a notary?

Oh and after he reincarnates he turn into a teenaged edgelord with the same 'I hate every human because they are greedy evil hipocrites who only think for themselves' he also somehow gains the title 'meatgrinder' because of his 'brutal' killing methods and honestly I don't know what kind of advice to give you on this one seeing as I struggle with making properly gory descriptions of events eitehr way it feels really exaggerated and over the top.

Okay that's enough of that, then he reincarnates and he meets the "monsters" in this order, firstly "mutated" ants, the mutation apperently comes from the fact that they are green and have scales, also they gained decent eyesight and have a language and may or may not be bipedal seeing as he entered one form a hole in its chest, then he met a boar with a red gem in its forehead, then big wolves that are strong in the moonlight and then a big bear, you see my point right? It goes from weakest to strongest also the monsters are just plain boring and probably thought up in two minutes and while I can understand that monsters aren't a big deal in your story it personally annoys me that they are just so plain and boring but well, you do you I'm still going to complain about how the monster designs were probably made by someone who stuck his head in some well of unoriginality and kept on drinking it until it got too sticky and then he spat it out resulting in this shitty piss poor attempt at making monsters.

Then he meets generic bandits,he kills them, then he meets evil prideful and haughty noble followed by generically evil church that comes with generic villainous priest and generically prideful holy knight he also meets generic love intrest. But wait! She's a "demon", I say "demon" because she's basically a human and has human feelings, you know I miss those times when the demons weren't just humans with small differences so that the evil church could appear to be even more evil and dumb but they were actual monsters grotesque and that they actually stuck with their definition by being evil, but, well it's your story and you can do what you want with it however unoriginal and poor what you want to do with it is.

3: the main character is a flat, dull, moron, he at some point praises the intelligence of a wolf because it recognizes that he is stronger and so it should run away, although that is just normal instinct found in many animals, he also at some point wonders why the earth dragon attacked him without realizing that was exactly what the wolves he hunted in his wolven form thought.

He has zero to no imagination in his use of dark magic  and just creates swords or shields or daggers with it. When he experimented making "more complex" weapons he only managed to make a chain,which to be honest is kind of boring and unimaginative for edgie mcedgelord, He also keeps going on and on about the fact that he may find stronger opponents that he couldn't beat with raw power but ultimately does nothing and basically just says "well if I do meet someone stronger me I'll just use [Cheat teleport] or try to outrun him with my [SUPERIOR stamina]" without even once considering that maybe, just maybe, the guy who he can't beat may also have high stamina/teleportation skills, so even though he is supposedly no longer carefree he still is, In other words he is a bland blob of generic idiocy and hipocrisy,this leads me to the next point.

4:The mc and most  supporting characters confirm really, really obvious things and their reactions are so cringey and over the top, for example the point on which I gave up all hope on this story is when edgie mcedgelord tells his 'great secret' to his new girlfriend, the way he does this is by telling her  this 'There was once a man who loved a women and married her, but to his surprise she was just a deceitful women who only married him for his wealth and she used the cruelest methods to get him to give all his wealth to her but he, overwhelmed by anger and revenge didn't give in and was tortured for months if not years.

He learned that humans are but greedy creatures who only seek what their desires and don't care how they reach them, this man was given a second chance by a certain being and has been reincarnated into a different world into a parasite so he decided to never trust anyone.

However, someday he saw a certain girl who reminded him of his past self so he helped her and promised himself to protect her until he could break her sealed powers which he finally did but the funny or perhaps stupid thing is he couldn't bring himself to part with her as he felt a special connection between them, so asked her to follow him for he will protect her from her pursuers.

After that, they began their journey and someday they were ambushed by a sneak-attack so he protected her from the attack and after defeating the opponent, he knew that he felt a special thing for her and didn't want to deceive her so he decided to tell her the truth about himself because he didn't want to be a deceitful and lying person like most humans are...'

And her reaction is to get teary eyed and 'wear' a sad expression, he basically told her his life story up to now and I'm guessing she got moved by how similar their stories are maybe by the fact that he was tortured by an evil woman and so she's sad, to me this just feels so incredibly fake and disgustingly dumb, why would she care about a random thing that took care of her for like two weeks and why would she just eat it all up and believe in him despite the fact that it just sounds like a piss poor attempt at getting in her panties or whatever they wear in this world? 

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against romance, actually I really enjoy good romance despite it's rarity and I can even point a few good ones out like copyright's moving castle or spirited away by copyright, okay let's not get carried away. As I stated I enjoy romance and despite preferring good romance I can still settle for something average or even slightly sub par in case it appears but your romance is  just poor, plain, explained by 'a weird attraction/feeling' instead of actual well made love story it all happens in the same chapter, and to 'prove' how 'pure' and true his love for her is, edgiemcedglerod just gives away the fact that he is a parasite, so like I previously said he's entirely too carefree, he already knows people are evil and by following the example of his wife he should already know that 'bad' people are often good at wearing masks, so tell me why would you reveal your weak parasite body to someone you met a few weeks ago!? Actually though, is the parasite body weak? He never really explained wether his true form was his main weakness or not.

5:Like most stories yours has a message but unlike most stories yours is basically common semse like 'people are greedy!' or 'you should pay attention to who you talk to' and 'humans can be really evil' and to that I say, NO WONDER EINSTEIN! Honestly even 11 year olds know that the 'real' world isn't all dreamy and that people can be massively huge dicks and assholes, well, their levels of 'assholishness' are nowhere near those of edgie mcedgelord's previous wife  but she is just a massive overexaggeration of all that is considered immoral, but here listen to this small piece of advice, give some brain matter to your villains make them more understandable instead of making them flat pictures of greed, pride, and all that is vile, in a few words make them actual characters.

--Edit I jumped ahead in the story from chapter 15 to chapter 51 just to see the changes that had occured, sadly nothing major the grammar kind of got better but not much then I saw the auction situation where he just did the same thing he did to generically pridful noble 1 to a random elven noble and before that he just eavesdropped on generically haugty elf villainess who also lacked an actual character I think I have used the word generic,bland,dull and idiotic more times in this review than I ever did in my whole life until now. Also the story doesn't fail to deliver its edginess with the whole 'psycopath' title gained by just cutting off elf villainess's arm and saying that he enjoyed her screams while also screaming really cringey and edgey lines which really reminded me of why I really hate his half assed personality and his personal hate for most of everything in existance also if he got that title from just cutting her arm wouldn't that mean that most soldiers who have a shred of patriotism and love for their own country get it too? I mean they do kill their enemies and enjoy it so why not? Also the lines about 'I amwike so pwobably a monstah' really took any will I had to keep searching for any sense in this story fade away, I originally skipped to chapter 51 because I hoped the story had gotten better but it turns out that basically nothing new happened, the mc is still just a blob of generic hate for everything, he reminds me of  spoiled child he has many things most people would want, he has love, friends, riches and opness yet he seems to only be able to focus on 'how gweedy those bad peepoz are' and he keeps looking at everything in such a dumb light he has this weird complex  and some sort of retarded sense of justice he thinks is right and I mean apparently the elf woman betrayed you so okay, kill her, but at least try to avoid being edgie mcedgelord.

The whole thing you're pushing as the message of the story is just common knowledge, also the mc sees 'greed', 'avarice' and 'corruption' everywhere even when he spends a massively huge sum at a random tailor's shop expressing his disgust at the shopkeeper's 'greed' or when he kills generically haughty noble number 1 and one of the maids begs pathetically for her life and he just goes and assumes she's just a gold digger who uses people without any real basis other than she's begging him while offering all kinds of bribes, so wanting to stay alive ang trying to find reasons to the person to consider sparing you is 'greedy' 'vile' and 'evil'? He is just a self centered dickhead with a retarded sense of 'justice' and what should and shouldn't be often times throwing away all of his own morals to do what he wants.

Although this may not be the 'message' and I may have either taken it as such or I may have misunderstood certain things. So let's say it's not the message but the result of the mc's 'tragic' back story that's full of plotholes, so he doesn't trust people because he was betraed by his loved one and then subjected to inhumane torture by hopefully newbie torturers, hopefully newbie because  well I don't think any kind of experienced torturer would leave him ungagged for no reason, actually scratch that, not newbie torturers but amateurs with half a brain each who have been gifted with the knowledge of hurting, so I get it, he doesn't trust anyone but he kind of does? I know I'm repeating myself here but well if I'm going to try my hand at a review I might as well do it as well as possible, although I may have used a few naughty words here and there, so back to the point, There is none, this story has no point at least as far as I have read it and I don't mean to say he should drop it I mean to say that he should actually find a point, a message, something we should learn other than 'people are greedy' and those things, something that makes your story truly unique because  just having one kind of original idea isn't enough in my opinion to make a story special. 

Because of these few points I could barely go farther than chapter 12 and I had to stop at chapter 15.

Oh, and, BHordzkile or whatever your username was, I really don't think anyone would be jealous of this really, really fucked up flaming pile of shit of story.

So  I think that these scores are appropriate

Grammar 3/5: the improvement is visible and although there are a lot of mistakes either in the tense or in the form it's readable and I've seen plenty of worse.

Characters 1/5: they are simple characters that could be thrown in literally any setting and would still fail to be interesting, well at least they are true to themselves, well at least most of the time.

Style 0.5/5: I feel as though this story is forced in many sections including the assasins part as well as the priest part, it just feels unnatural and too fast paced I had problems thinking about the style of this fiction seeing as most of the time it's pretty grabled up and well, it doesn't really convey anything the use of terms is pretty basic and well it feels like any other story you could find here on rrl.

Story 0.5/5: generic wish fullfilment with no real changes outside of the extremely predictable love story, no threat except for maybe the dragon but even then he still managed to take out a convinient plot device in time to save himself, which makes me wonder why he didn't think of mixing magic when he first practiced doing it.

overall 1/5: I believe this score is sufficient considering the lack of decent characters, intelligence, and most importantly creativity in this story.




  • Overall Score

Garbage story.  In almost all aspects.

The English is awkward and you have to make it all flow in your head because the author simply can't write in English.  

The story is basically a wish fufillment story with a shitty world and a pretty boring cast.  Also, the protagonist does a complete 180 in chapter 34, that makes you wonder what the previous 33 chapters were for.  It becomes a completely different story, for no reason at all.  


Not worth reading at all.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Things you should take in consideration to able to enjoy this history


 <Review at chapter 61>


This history had an amazing potential, but unfotunately was not able to keep it up.

I guess the author changed his mind as where he wanted the story to go in the middle of it,unfortunately even forgetting the premises that made the readers interested in the history in the first place.


Grammar review:

I think it will be the only thing that will get my praise in this review. The quality of the chapter keeps going up, but it would be great if you could find someone to help you with proof reading and grammar.

Story review:

The idea is kind of "original" but unfortunately lacks a main plot, better describe this as "A slice of life of a OP MC".

Character review:
The MC lacks a strong caracter, or depth. My guess is that because of some criticisms to the MC personality, the author tried to make him more likeable. Breaking the first thing who have caught my attention in the summary "This is not a novel about a kind MC, so read AT YOUR OWN RISK".

After being betrayed almost resulting in the death of the MC and his wife, the MC pardons one of the culprits without further investigation, and even agrees with one of the conditions imposed by this culprit to tell the whereabouts of the mastermind behind the attack.Now I would like you to remember that the MC was tortured for months, everyday without rest, but didn't even spare 5 minutes to think this over and forgave someone who tried to kill him for the second time.His wife supported this idea, or rather offered him this option. Now I'd like you to remember that Lucy was raped day in and day out for almost 3 years, and just like that offered forgiveness to someone who tried to kill her and her husband, this someone once tried to kill the MC after he killed someone who tried to rape Lucy.

After all that he goes to the emperor palace to ask for forgiveness of his acts against the princess.Giving the princess a legendary weapon, teaching the first prince valuable tips and giving him too a legendary weapon.Now the thing to remember is, the princess insulted his wife, threatened to kill the MC, and conspired to kill him.


To summarize this review in a simple pro/cons list:


1-Fast paced, be it on the MC status growth, the romance or even the lack of sense in some parts.

1- Don't mind the lack of plot.
2- Don't mind a lack of depth to the characters.
3- Don't mind with the snowballing of the stats value, who seems to confuse even the author sometimes.

  • Overall Score
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The grammar is terrible,

I could understand what was being said but the grammar was worse than machine translated. 

I even got a headache from trying to read.

Good story idea but changed into something stupid.

Don't see any style. And the mc who has been tortured for 5 months forgives someone for trying to kill him like it's nothing. Let's witnesses live and is just straight up stupid.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Re:Monster Without the Quality Writing or Lore

Poorly written rehash of Re:Monster fiction only without character development, conflict that gets resolved too easily and a boring overpowered ability that made Re:Monster not as enjoyable as it could have been.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story had great potential but it was completely ruined by the writing. The grammar is really terrible. He doesn't even capitalize the first letter in his sentences through certain chapters.

Even if you look past the poor grammar, the writing itself is bad. The story is unnaturally fast paced. I felt like I was reading a picture book without pictures. The sentences are structured poorly. Style definitely needs work as well  

The story interested me because I haven't seen any other parasite reincarnation stories on this site, but it really wasn't a worth it. It is barely readable I guess, if you're really bored. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

It's nothing worth spending your time on, standard wishfullfilment fantasy with nothing to differentiate it from the mass. Every unique trait of the story that was hinted in the beginning is rapidly abandoned. The ability to possess others quickly turns into standard stat points absorbtion, hatefull mc with trust issues quickly reveals his secrets to a character he knew for a couple of days. The story seems to cantain all the cliches of all the web novels, the mc buying slaves, the evil holy church that descriminates against other races, the arrogant and petty noble that decides to kill the mc since he did not give him face (ignoring every sign that the mc is powerfull, even when they are painfully obvious).


All said, read only if you don't have anything else to do.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

For a readable story either rewrite it or proof read it.

A below average re:monster fanfiction with an overpowered main character who had a sad past.

The grammer is primary, which is sad because the premise is actually intresting (could be because  im a sucker for nonhuman main characters.)

No style to speak of and no notacible lovable characters anywhere.

I do not recomend it, even if you have a lot of time to waste and nothing better to do.

To the author I am being harsh because your story could have been great. Take a break for a day or two then go back and read what you wrote you'd be surprised. You have tried to write a really hard story, I mean how many bestselling books have you seen with a nonhuman protagonist? People will hate me for this but you should think about either writing an easier story to start with or continuing with this story that is currently on the track to nowhere.

{Could'nt read it all so i skimmed through most of it.}

Now I feel horrid... Excuse me while I go hang myself.

Barry The Eldritch Horror
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This Review was made 3 hours after chapter 6's release.


The whole idea of this fiction intrigues me, I mean I can understand being reincarnated as an undead, goblin and other monsters but a parasite? It's a great idea.


I'm giving the character score 2 stars since by chapter six I've only seen the main character and he doesn't like other living things much.


Of course as you've mentioned you don't have a proof-reader so grammar isn't the best but if you'd like one then I'd be willing to do the job for you.


I'm looking foward to the next chapter releases, but if you fix the grammar problem or take me up on my offer to do the job then I can tell you now. It'll turn from looking foward to the new chapter releases, to being unable to wait for them.