The Arcane Emperor

The Arcane Emperor

by Aternus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Rainer, an amateur arcanist and college student, sought to create a new spell far surpassing the magic of the few he inherited from his grandfather. Yet the interference of an unknown event during the casting of his spell led him to be thrown through space and time.

Where status screens were accepted as normal and class distinctions were quite clear. Leveling and achieving a class beyond a simple farmer or peddler was an affair of life and death combined with years of hard training. Goblins were not the fodder that they should be, orcs filled bedtime stories in order to scare children into behaving, and a dragon? You might as well pack up and move to another country.

He, however, enters this world with the rare and powerful class of the Arcanist. How will the recently ardent seeker of magic find greater heights, or will he land in deeper depths?

Additional Tags: Game elements, Another World, Mature Themes

Cover Art: by NGT

Current Word Count: 413,193
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: New Beginnings ago
Chapter 2: I'm Sorry I Doubted you Grandfather! ago
Chapter 3: The Arcane Scholar ago
Chapter 4: A Fairy and a Broken Seal ago
Chapter 5: Fae Contractor ago
Chapter 6: Run with the Wind! ago
Chapter 7: Resistance ago
Chapter 8: The Arcane Elementalist ago
Chapter 9: Monster Hunters ago
Chapter 10: Winter's Guardians ago
Chapter 11: The Dungeon's Entrance ago
Chapter 12: The First Step ago
Chapter 13: Fallen City of Nalmar ago
Chapter 14: A Change of Scenery ago
Chapter 15: The Fog ago
Chapter 16: An Unexpected Addition ago
Chapter 17: Arcane Power ago
Chapter 18: A Vanquishing Spear ago
Chapter 19: The Horde ago
Chapter 20: Soar ago
Chapter 21: Deliverance ago
Chapter 22: Wyvern's Roost ago
Chapter 23: Domain ago
Chapter 24: Rising Caverns and Falling Flames ago
Chapter 25: Descent ago
Chapter 26: The Return ago
Chapter 27: A Temporary Home ago
Chapter 28: The Hunt ago
Chapter 29: Back to Where it All Began ago
Chapter 30: Standardization ago
Chapter 31: Final Preparations ago
Chapter 32: Advancement ago
Chapter 33: Fruit of the World Tree ago
Chapter 34: A New Wind Blows. ago
Chapter 35: The Low Road ago
Chapter 36: Toward the Tower ago
Chapter 37: A Familiar Sensation ago
Chapter 38: The Mana-Well ago
Chapter 39: Voidwalker ago
Chapter 40: Maiden Elru ago
Chapter 41: A Trade ago
Chapter 42: A Ring's Value ago
Chapter 43: Flame-Touched ago
Chapter 44: Of Mages and Arachne ago
Chapter 45: A Message ago
Chapter 46: Arcane Presence ago
Chapter 47: Druidic Magic ago
Chapter 48: The Ice Wolf Queen ago
Chapter 49: Not Even a Footnote ago
Chapter 50: Arcane Invigoration ago
Chapter 51: Devil King Agmar ago
Chapter 52: An Unexpected Destination ago
Chapter 53: A New Arrival ago
Chapter 54: The Arcane Order ago
Chapter 55: Frozen Sun ago
Chapter 56: Tiers of Magic ago
Chapter 57: The Ball ago
Chapter 58: The Soul ago
Chapter 59: Call of the Void ago
Chapter 60: Abyssal Plane ago
Chapter 61: Creeping Darkness ago
Chapter 62: The Mind ago
Chapter 63: A Serpent's Cry and A Dragon's Help ago
Chapter 64: Lords of the Void ago
Chapter 65: Plunging into Water ago
Chapter 66: The Second Trial ago
Chapter 67: Abyssal Elf ago
Chapter 68: A Difference of Time ago
Chapter 69: Death's Thief ago
Chapter 70: The Memories of a Soul ago
Chapter 71: Arcane Revelation ago
Chapter 72: Another gift from the Divine ago
Chapter 73: Home ago
Chapter 74: To New Horizons ago
Chapter 75: Magus of Cursed Lightning ago
Chapter 76: Of Enchantments and Dragons ago
Chapter 77: White Void ago
Chapter 78: A Broken Soul ago
Chapter 79: Sacrilege ago
Chapter 80: Gateway ago
Chapter 81: Void-Step ago
Chapter 82: Bard of the Moonlight ago
Chapter 83: Arcanum ago
Chapter 84: Threads of Aura ago
Chapter 85: The Wolf King ago
Chapter 86: Changing of the Guard ago
Chapter 87: Moonlighting ago
Chapter 88: Neutral City ago
Chapter 89: Blood on the Walls ago
Chapter 90: Creature of Shadow ago
Chapter 91: Manipulator of Reality ago
Chapter 92: First Impressions ago
Chapter 93: Elemental Awakening ago
Chapter 94: Of Arcane and Frost ago
Chapter 95: Avatar ago
Chapter 96: Weaknesses ago
Chapter 97: To the Land of Demons ago
Chapter 98: Demonic Dungeon ago
Chapter 99: A Split ago
Chapter 100: Destination ago
Chapter 101: Opening the [Sleep Learning] Space ago
Chapter 102: A World of Mana ago
Chapter 103: Frontline ago
Chapter 104: Reunion ago
Chapter 105: Matters of the Soul ago
Chapter 106: The Strength of the System ago
Chapter 107: Balance ago
Chapter 108: Ready for War ago
Chapter 109: Borrowing Natural Laws ago
Chapter 110: A New Energy ago
Chapter 111: Blade of the Void ago
Chapter 112: Void-Being ago
Chapter 113: Auction ago
Chapter 114: An Unassuming Chosen ago
Chapter 115: Fight or Flight ago
Chapter 116: Receiving the System ago
Chapter 117: Family Gathering ago
Chapter 118: Ancient Aspects ago
Chapter 119: Changing ago
Chapter 120: Seeking New Dungeons ago
Chapter 121: Passives ago
Chapter 122: Arcane Domain ago
Chapter 123: Black-Fire ago
Chapter 124: A Ghost in the Snow ago
Chapter 125: Remnants of the Northern Empire ago
Chapter 126: Remnants of the Northern Empire(2) ago
Chapter 127: Preparing for the Dungeon ago
Chapter 128: A Living Poison ago
Chapter 129: Godling ago
Chapter 130: Celebration ago
Chapter 131: Mage-Fist ago
Chapter 132: Coronation ago
Chapter 133: Seeking a Seer ago
Chapter 134: Manipulating the Body ago
Chapter 135: Gold to Crimson ago
Chapter 136: Sarah's Trial ago
Chapter 137: Let the Hunt Begin ago
Chapter 138: Collecting ago
Chapter 139: Leaderboard ago
Chapter 140: Arcane and Void ago
Chapter 141: Fighting for First ago
Chapter 142: Transformation ago
Chapter 143: The End of the First Stage ago
Chapter 144: The Second Stage ago
Chapter 145: Attrition ago
Chapter 146: Regeneration ago
Chapter 147: Core ago
Chapter 148: A Land of Frost ago
Chapter 149: Soul Resilience ago
Chapter 150: Rest Area ago
Chapter 151: Order of the Elements ago
Chapter 152: Failed Creation ago
Chapter 153: Drifting Isle ago
Chapter 154: Round 1 ago
Chapter 155: Round Robin ago
Chapter 156: Visiting ago
Chapter 157: Final Round ago
Chapter 158: A Life for a Life ago
Chapter 159: A Pairing of Arcane and Void ago
Chapter 160: The Last Fight ago
Chapter 161: Final Reward ago
Chapter 162: Preparation for War ago
Chapter 163: An Empty Field of Grass ago
Chapter 164: Flee ago
Chapter 165: A Light from the Moon ago
Chapter 166: The City of Wealth ago
Chapter 167: Copying Memories ago
Chapter 168: A Changing of Soul ago
Chapter 169: A Third Avatar ago
Chapter 170: A Badge and a Coin ago
Chapter 171: Informant ago
Chapter 172: Transportation ago
Chapter 173: Meeting the Invasion ago
Chapter 174: A New Enemy ago
Chapter 175: Repository of Souls ago
Chapter 176: The Four Towers ago
Chapter 177: A New Guild ago
Chapter 178: Rushing Forward ago
Chapter 179: Runes of Mana ago
Chapter 180: The Worth of a Mage's Life ago
Chapter 181: Of Gods and Empires ago
Chapter 182: New faces, Old Enemies ago
Chapter 183: An Invitation of the Elements ago
Chapter 184: The Second Tower of Conquest ago
Chapter 185: Soul Assault ago
Chapter 186: A Difference in Quality ago
Chapter 187: Swift Vengeance ago
Chapter 188: Violet Death ago
Chapter 189: A Quick Escape ago
Chapter 190: Uri ago
Chapter 191: Weak Training ago
Chapter 192: Stirring the Pot ago
Chapter 193: Gilded Feathers ago

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Vowron Prime

This story inspired me to become a writer

Reviewed at: Chapter 169: A Third Avatar

No joke. Aternus, if you're seeing this(please tell me you are), I want you to know that this story singlehandedly inspired me to become a writer. I have the honor of being Aternus' very first patron, back before he even had a patreon setup, because I was obsessed with this story.

The years have passed somewhat since then, and my ability to spot defects in a story has improved, but even so, this story will always hold a special place in my heart. The adventure, the powers, and moreover - the incredible complexity of the protagonist's powers(while never coming across as confusing) - it all wove together to form a beautiful, magical experience.

Thank you so much for sharing this story with the world. It was the very first story I read on RR, and it has played such a pivotal role in shaping who I am as an author today - words are not enough to express my gratitude.

Horizon_0 -

Waiting for chapter 194!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 193: Gilded Feathers

it was a fun read. The concept was very interesting, I enjoyed a lot of the humor and there was almost no grammar mistakes which make some novels an absolute nightmare to read.

Overall. it was a refreshing read the plot probably could be better, but for all its flaws I enjoyed The Arcane Emperor very much and hope to see more in the future!!


Something I loved reading back in the day

Reviewed at: Chapter 188: Violet Death

This was probably what caused me to stay on this platform. I was reading chapter after chapter again and again, loving each moment of it. I've likely read this through and through a whole five times in the last two years. 

It's on a class of its own. Real legacy stuff. Might not stand up to the new giants, but is special in its own way. Nice magic system, enough experimentation to satiate a horse, and more than just a diverse range of spells. Void is still my favourite.

And the characters are nice as well. With so many of them, you'd think that the story would fall to the curse of shallow personalities. But it doesn't. I can believe that these people are people, that they have goals and desires of their own. If that doesn't tell you enough, I don't know what does.


Started strong, but loses sight of main conflicts

The story was good for the first 50 chapters. Rainer leveled up, he had a quest, and there was actually a chance that he could have died. Then he finished the quest, got tier 2, and that's where I dropped then story. Unfortunately, the author was releasing longer and longer chapters. Now, that may seem like a good thing, but not if the plot slows to a snail's pace. This mini arch was not good for the novel because Rainer's character development halted. The skeletons, Kara, and Luna were not further developed. With no character development, no major problem to center the plot around, the story stumbled to a halt.

Rainer's abilities even began to feel tedious. He learns all these new spells, but never actually uses them. Every chapter began to boil down to: "He wants something? Oh, let him have it, and if it is a skill, then at max level too. We'll just write it off as the sleep learning skill."

So with no character development, each chapter made me wonder, why is it in the novel? Is it simply to force the plot? A chapter should exist because the plot needs it to exist. Chapter 55, for example, could easily have been reduced to a time skip, where Rainer's new skills are just listed. Then, we could have a shorter, more focused chapter on whatever the heck Rainer actually wants from the Faeries


I really enjoy what kind of story is where the main character learns more about the world like a scientist and gains power through science for the science equivalent for that story. Sure there's an element of luck to this story as there is with every main character / protagonist for the part that makes things interesting is the growth through knowledge.

The story reminds me of Mages are OP because I'm both stories the main character focuses on discovering the rules of the universe. Additionally, there are social bonds formed which I enjoy and the morality situation is not too crazy.

I'm a fan and I hope the story continues.


A magic scholar on a journey to master his study.

Unlike in most stories where the protagonist ends up in another world he did so thanks to his own power and not a plot device summoning that just happens for no reason other than to allow the plot to take plce. Even if it was not intentional it opens up a lot of potentional directions this story can take from there that would not be possible with the cookie cutter plot devices.


The MC has the perfect mindset for a great story of magic study and adventure, he doesnt lack determination in pursuit of his goal and the most important : he does have a goal.

With a good balance of righteousness and ruthlessness the MC is not overly cruel or softhearted and makes the right choices to survive in a ruthless world while coming out on top in a conflict. He is neither the hero nor the demon lord but has his own designs on what to do with the world he ended up traveling to.


His companions are a rare mix of individuals that promise a lot of trouble due to their background , perfect for keeping the action running wherever he goes. Their personalities are authentic and diverse enough to make even casual conversations entertaining and their interaction doesn't get dull or repetitive.


Overall its an interesting story that hooked me since the first chapter and hasn't let me down ever since. The only reason I'm giving  4.5 stars to the story score and not 5 is because his ability to learn in his sleep is on one hand unique but on the other hand quite lazy and overpowered. His goal is the mastery of magic and all he has to do for that is sleep.

Edit after chapter 25: changed score to 5 , MC doesnt get the easy way out of training for the more difficult spells anymore and gets off his lazy behind to actually train.


1. Style - good visuals of magic and other fantasy elements. Not a complete waste of a "game system" with an explanation that is passable. As a backdrop to main character it does just fine... or it would've if the main character was different.

2. Grammar - competent, occasional typos are rare and not disturb9ng the reading flow. Sentence structure is not great though. Fine, but not great. For a web novel is just fine.

3. Story - it is a power trip. OP powers, fast power up, very impressed locals. Power trips rely heavily on the main character and cannot survive on the story. So this score is a function of the next (and final) one.

4. Character - Rainer. The Main Character. The reason this story sucks. 

He, as a person, disgusts me. He has no morals. He pretends to have them, but he has none. And not in an interesting way but in a way a spoiled modern brat that never considered or was faced with a hard moral choice in his entire life can be immoral. Where morality just never formed.

Spoilers ahead.

He murders his travel companions he traveled with for days because if they live they may increase the danger to a girl he lusts after.
He murders non-hostile people for personal gain and justifies it by saying they would've attacked him later.
He considers committing genocide because his adopted pet fairy was hurt in the past by other fairies.
He shortens a person's lifespan by a matter of years because of a racist remark towards his girlfriend.
He proposes a deal with fairies that want to take away his pet fairy while intending to just kill them all and take his payment for free justifying it by "they will do the same anyway so I better strike first". Completely ignoring the fact that if they bring the promised item that would mean they intend to honour their side of the deal.
He "refuses to live constrained by the laws of society" and he seeks Absolute Power to gain Absolute Freedom to not be constrained by those laws.

And despite all that a girl that can feel souls states in her inner monologue that he is "a good person".
He is not a good person. He is a very bad person that is declared by the author to be a good person

I can be interested in reading about a villain's path to power. I can even root for him, if he is honest about what and why of his actions. Or I can enjoy expecting his actions catching up to him.

But Rainer is declared by the author to be a good person that just can be ruthless in protecting his loved ones. That does not work with the way he discards any pretense at morality the moment it becomes convenient or advantageous to him.

Morality is something you have to suffer for. Suffer the consequence for sparing a potential threat that have not harmed or attempted to harm you or yours yet. Suffer from guilt of doing what had to be done. Suffer loss or fear of loss as consequences of your actions. And in return you get other people putting their trust in you and letting you intomtheir hearts.

Laws of society is the price of being a part of it. To stand above them is to place yourself above society. It is to place greater worth onto yourself than any other. The ones who cannot afford to do so but do it anyway are called criminals. The ones who can afford to do so are called tyrants.

But the greates sin of Rainer is the sin that is unforgivable for a main character of a power trip. He is weak. He is a powerful mage and grows more powerful at an unfair pace but he is weak as a person. He has no convictions. He has no ambition. He is weak in character and so trying to insert myself into the mold that he is left me with a slimy feeling of being a formless slug.


Conflicted. Has a lot of potential, but it's choppy atm.

Seeing as I haven't been on in awhile, I was somewhat surprised to find that a new story had risen to #1. I wanted to see what the hype was about, so I decided to start reading.

First of all, I want to make it clear that I'm writing this review as if I were reviewing a professional work, and not just a story written on here. I've read several stories on here, and this is definitely one of the better ones in comparison. Yes. It's trope-y. Yes. Some of the characters lack depth, but there are definitely some good elements blended into the story.

Now for the actual review. 

Style: Due to the nature of the story (a in-depth magical researcher in a world w/ status windows), this is resulted in some problems. The magic is explained in detail (which I like), but that also becomes an issue. After the initial flair of the details, I found myself starting to just skim over the magic expositions. While a lot of detail is given, it's not necessarily presented in an entertaining way. Yes, we hear about his failures in his sleep world, but nothing in detail. It's generally just *failure failure failure* *poof* *epiphany* and it works right away. I'd personally appreciate more on how the epiphany came to be (adjustments of past failures) rather than exposition on how certain aspects of magic... feels. I may be biased, but inset laws and playing off of those always seems far interesting than. "This feels right. Lets wing it." It may be too late to change this though.

As for the system, I'm a strong believer that systems disrupt the flow of the story, since I have an extremely hard time imersing myself in a world with status windows and stuff. It's just not relatable or remotely realistic. That's just me though. Personally I think you did this alright, but it feels like a limitation.


Grammar: No serious complaints. I never found this a huge deal unless it made the story literally unreadable tbh.

Story: Lots of complaints about the early chapters. The MC's thought process isn't explained enough when it matters. Esp during the whole "kill everyone to protect Kara and the fairy" dungeon sequence. The action when analyzed was logical, yes, but it lacked the foreshadowing leading up to it. Even if the MC has been established as logical, it felt like he just went full sociopath on us. As for the end goal (school), it was introduced in an odd manner and it currently feels insubstantial. He hasn't talked about funding, recruitment, or a concrete curriculim yet. It's mostly been 1 on 1 interactions that slightly relate to it.

I enjoy that there's signs of foreshadowing where you drop certain plot points down as foundation for the future. Instead of just leaving them be, you constantly reference back to them (ex. wyvern egg, and the cook) in casual conversation.

My biggest complaint about the story, however, is tied to the characters. Unfortunately I can't grade story and character seperately.


Character Score: MC is somewhat fleshed out, but still has moments where he seems robotical. How do I put it? He's too "logical" and "perfect". Flaws about him seem to be superficial and forced in rather than genuine and problem-causing. Everything seems to play to his advantage rather than him working towards it. Does he work? Yes. It doesn't seem like he does though. Nothing has seemed like a genuine threat to him thus far aside from the lich in that quest, and even then he blew past him easily when it came down to it. Tatics seem lacking and are much closer to brute force. I commend you for creating a MC that actually thinks and works towards a defined goal instead of creating another glorified slice of life (a problem a lot of stories on here has), but I can't help but feel that there's a lot of untapped potential here.
Unfortunately the biggest character problem isn't the MC. It's Kara. Initially I was quite pleased to find a female character and love interest that isn't just a personified blob of fanservice (not that I'm accusing the author of doing that now). She was just as strong as the MC and had some defining character traits, but it didn't stay that way. Even before the MC advanced to Archon, she was already fading into the background. She fell in love with him what almost seemed like instantly after the kill-everyone incident. Most of her supposed budding love was off-screen. Rather than someone who brought any insight or competence to the table, she quickly descended into nothing more than extra mobility due to her wolf form. As soon as the MC advanced, she disappeared all together. Soon enough, she brought nothing to the table that the MC himself couldn't bring. You see that she's upset about it, but it doesn't seem to be anything serious. Instead, she just happily plays the role of the girl that needs protection (her power might not fit that role, but her personality is starting to).es, you can argue that Kara brings a side quest to the table, but there's been very few signs of it thus far (until recently). This was honestly quite upsetting for me to see. I'm hoping a new arc fixes this.

Other characters:

Theo and Gul(whatever I can't remember his name. SkeloBro it is.) are well done. Theo brings experience and knowledge to the table. SkeloBro plays the straight man and the side quest role. They both have definitive character traits (Theo less so, but mainly since he was introduced later). Good job here.

Luna. Eh, personally I don't like these types of characters (cutesy kids stuck in mature bodies), but she brings her healing magic to the table, and the side quest. No serious complaints here without being extremely biased.

Other fairies: Reason I'm grouping them like this is because none of them have been all that fleshed out. The author has the issue of not being able to flesh out characters in an efficient manner without dragging it out and requiring them to have a lot of screen time. I advise the author look into short stories and see how characters are fleshed out near-instantly with minimal screen time.


Overall: My Review title.



Reviewed at: Chapter 193: Gilded Feathers

I just want to say, thia book was a defining story for me! I never got tired of it, I only wanted more! It could've gone up, down, in, out, or sideways! I WOULDN'T HAVE COMPLAINED! 



.... So, Aternus-sama, if you don't feel like continuing this from here, please consider rewriting it? Because this book deserves a full and hearty life Q,Q

It seriously has the potential to be as good or better than the longest best stories on here, so think about it? You'll have all the Patreons! \;D


The aspects I like best about this are the process/descriptions of the 'epiphanies' the main character constantly has, and, surprisingly, the romance.

The sleep learning is a good cheat; it's unique and overpowered, but well-defined and is abused to its full extent. It also allows the MC to do what he does best, experiment with magic and make steady improvements. And we get to read about all of this, since a large part of most chapters is just him sleeping while training in his mind. This is a good thing, because the magic system is great and any innovation that the MC has makes sense and is naturally built up to. He learns things that are only possible with sleep learning, and it's quite fun to guess what he'll improve next and watch the progress.

This is also one of the best 'harem' novels I've read, mostly because it's a true polyamorous relationship and not just jumping from one girl to the next. They have developed personalities and continue to be part of the story the entire time.

I have no complaints with the other parts too. The plot keeps me interested, the fights are exciting, etc. Everything you'd want from this type of story.