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Rainer looked at the cave from which he came, slightly regretful at leaving behind all those notes on fire magic before he turned away deciding to come back later and hope that there was someone intelligent enough there to preserve them. His magic could only get so far creating spells from his manipulation skills. He walked further away, 4 armed [Arcane Bolts] at his side. 

He gazed up at the gently falling snowflakes, his breath clearly visible, yet he felt but a minor chill through his magically created clothes. Luna jumped and flew around in wonderment of finally leaving the cave. She soon landed on the snow and started drawing a picture in it.

Rainer reached down and grabbed a pile of snow before he dropped it right on top of her.

She spat out some snow in an exaggerated fashion and vibrated the rest of the snow off her with her wings. She glared at Rainer with her cheeks puffed. Seeing this sight Rainer buckled over in laughter oblivious to the large ball of snow that now formed above his head.

Dropping down at Luna’s command the harmless snowball hit him in the head. He rolled his eyes back and collapsed in a theatrical fashion, face down in the snow and unmoving. 

“Ah! Rainer, Luna is sorry. Luna went too far. Rainer, get up! Rainer…” Luna a bit too desperately shook his head.

Unable to pretend to be knocked out anymore Rainer rolls over onto his back still laughing. Luna understanding she had been played, futilely started trying to throw snow into Rainer’s mouth with her small hands.

Brought out of his laughter by a slightly teary-eyed Luna, Rainer offered a palm to her before apologizing.

“I’m sorry Luna, looks like I went a bit too far huh?”

“Rainer really did, Luna do so much for Rainer yet he plays such mean trick. Maybe Luna should just go!“

She said, sticking out her chest, her silver hair slightly fluttering in the breeze. For the first time, Rainer really acknowledged that her ears were quite long and pointed. Instantly becoming curious at the possibility of elves existing here before he answered back to Luna.

“You are already my familiar, you can’t leave.“

“Hehe, it’s good Rainer understands, so treat Luna better.”

“Of course, of course.”

Rainer leaned back laying into the snow, enjoying the sunlight on his face after a long time in the darkness. It had taken him but a few moments to be sick of the sun as he always was. Not even absence could make this heart grow fonder.

Soon his stomach started growling and he saw now as the perfect chance to distract himself from his emptiness by getting Luna to answer his questions.

“Hey so Luna, we need to talk about some things now that you’ve seen my status screen.”

“We do, Luna really needs to. What is that .1 all attributes per level? Luna says such a thing shouldn’t be possible.”

“Why not?”

“Because there are many hidden attributes, even ones Luna doesn’t know.”

“Luna doesn’t know everything?” He said a bit teasingly. Though, she ignored him completely.

“To increase .1 on all attributes means increasing ones that are impossible or only in special circumstances able to be increased. Like Charisma, Luck, Lifespan.”


“Yes, Luna thinks it's unfair too. Rainer gets [Human] bonus yet still increases lifespan so easy. Humans have to struggle and achieve much to increase Lifespan and yet Rainer does for almost free.”

“How would they normally increase their lifespans anyways?”

“By advancing to the next tier of their class, using powerful magic or magical items. Then they could also…”

“Hold on a second. What do you mean next tier of their class?”

“Rainer doesn’t even know this? Luna has to explain everything…” She said giving a fake sigh. In reality, she already knew she’d probably have to explain this. Given that Rainer spent skill points so poorly, and she still believed him to be related to heroes who came from another world. Also, even a small child would know not to spend precious skill points like he did.

“When Rainer reach lvl 25 Arcanist Rainer will get quest from World Tree to advance his class. All quests involve entering dungeons alone.”

“Quests? And Dungeons what are…”

“Don’t interrupt Luna. Luna has to teach Rainer like she teach small child. Give Luna time.”

Rainer raised his eyebrow at her comment but understood he couldn’t really refute it. So he laid back down into the snow and let her talk after casually mentioning he’s actually not from here.

“Luna, one thing you should know is that I’m not from this planet. I literally know less than a child, as you’ve said in your own way.”

“Luna assumed. Rainer’s class too amazing to be normal person. Hmm...but Luna needs a promise from Rainer.”

“What promise?”

“That if Rainer returns Rainer has to take Luna. First Hero didn’t take his fairy so fairy could stay with family and Fairy died sad and lonely.”

“Done,” he said without hesitation. Seeing the happy look on her face he rubbed her head with his finger.

Getting slightly embarrassed Luna coughed out loud before continuing her explanation.

“So second tier classes as Luna was saying. Once Rainer gets lvl 25 in any tier 1 class he can go to any dungeon and attempt the quest for second tier advancement. But most who reach lvl 25 never do this.”

“Why not?”

“Luna is getting there, so impatient. Quest very difficult and not something a lvl 25 farmer can do. And while non-combat classes may accept the help of a single person, they must not have their current primary class set as a second tier class. Their stats will also be temporarily lowered to when they first reached lvl 25. Very few willing.”

“Even most combat classes won’t attempt second job as getting lvl 25 took most of life, and they’d rather enjoy being strong than dying."

“But to the rare few that achieve second tier classes so long as they had a combat class, they are equivalent to some of the highest members of society. Though a blacksmith or enchanter who reaches second class? Kings would fight over them. Don’t even get Luna going about third tier..."

“Now Luna done, Luna explain enough, now Luna needs to make sure Rainer isn’t stupid with his attribute and skill points. So much work for Luna…”

“Wait first, how do I change my class or get subclasses?”

She stared at him, clearly annoyed at her interrupting student.

“Luna will get to that. First skill points where Rainer really screwed up. At level 10 you unlock the ability to get with skill points class-related skills.”

Rainer stared at her with a blank look on his face.

Why didn’t I get a manual when I came here?  He couldn’t help but complain internally.

“Hehe but Rainer is lucky. Normal classes don’t get skill points per level. Only by mastering skills and spells, and a few titles.”

“It's also best to save attribute points until you unlock hidden attributes from class, also available at lvl 10. Though like lvl 3, lvl 9 increases the experience required very much. Not that the cheater Rainer has to work hard. Though Luna is cheater too, getting level 6 so easily.“

“Now Luna will explain how to change classes. First only those with second tier class can have two primary classes. To change class you need only go to dungeon entrance and you can change. A class must be at least lvl 2 to become sub-class. Subclasses can be twice as many as primary.”

Rainer frowned a bit at needing to go to a dungeon entrance. In the first place, if countries existed wouldn’t they be monopolized?

“What happens if you can’t get to a dungeon? If people block their entrances?”

“Block the entrances of natural and demonic dungeons, yes. But, blocking World Tree created dungeons, which are often treated as shrines, would be declaring war on whole world. They’d lose their classes as well.“

“But Rainer has Luna. As a Fairy, Luna can change class for Rainer whenever. But Luna doesn’t recommend this. You need to wait one week to change back. Rainer would be very weak without big Arcanist Class bonus.” She said with a bit of concern.

Rainer had been a bit excited at getting another Primary Class, but he’d have to wait on that for a while. Though now he was curious at what he even had available.

“Gaining a warrior class, how would one do that?” He asked.

“For all classes, certain talents can unlock them, Luna thinks this was how Rainer gained Arcanist. Luna has never heard of Arcane Affinity.”

“Otherwise getting a sword skill high enough could get tier one class [Swordman].”

“Or fighting in an army, getting the title, and participating in enough training could get [Soldier].”

“Some are only for certain Races. Mage class are only for those with the Affinity Attribute Unlocked and at a high enough point. Rainer’s is actually low even after leveling… Ah, but Luna says don’t be sad. Everyone will think Rainer much much weaker than Rainer really is. Big advantage.”

“Can you check what classes I have available?” He said excitedly wondering if he would have gained something from his two titles.

“Luna will open class change screen for you but don’t change.”

[Primary Class Change, Current Primary Classes: [Arcanist lvl 6/25] ]
[Available Tier One Primary Classes: [Mage], [Fire Mage], [Pyromancer], [Summoner], [Enchanter], [Peddler], [Merchant], [Magic Scholar], [Physician]]

[Sub-Class Change, Current Sub-Classes: None] ]
[Available Tier One Sub-Classes: None] ]

[Physician] had brought a bit confusion to Rainer, though if he counted the fact he was a biology major it was likely his knowledge exceeded most of this world’s doctors.

He was actually quite regretful he had only used [Sleep Learning] for memorizing and understanding knowledge when learning biology with a few physics concepts for his wall-walking research.

The chances of him making a gun or a car in this world were about 0. Introducing any significant technology wasn’t a possibility without a team of geniuses at his disposal and many years of research. Rainer considered himself to be quite intelligent when it came to magic, but he understood his limits.

[Pyromancer] Rainer noticed was by far the best class he had available besides [Arcanist] but, in the end, it couldn’t compare. 

[Pyromancer lvl 1/25: Wielder of the true fire. Abandons the other elements in pursuit brighter flames. 50% general improvement and growth to Fire spells and skills. 30% decrease in Mana Cost of all Fire spells and skills. +2 Intelligence, +.5 Affinity]

The fire mage the goblin was, even weaker.

[Fire Mage lvl 1/25: One who focuses on Fire Magic. 20% general improvement and growth to Fire Spell and skills. +1 Intelligence, +1 Affinity.]

However, the goblin seemed to be stronger, which lead to an important point for Rainer.

“Can you increase Attributes without leveling?”

“Luna thinks it’s very difficult. Though compared with getting to higher levels for most it is easier. Not for Rainer of course. And now not for Luna either. Speaking of which Luna is hungry.”

“Fairies eat?”

“Yes, fairies eat. But to think Rainer comparing fairies to pixies. Luna’s feelings very hurt.”

“So what do you eat? I’ve never been this hungry in my life,“ He said, completely glossing over Luna’s “hurt” feelings.

“Mana of course, though we can’t eat from what is given by other Fae. Our mana is a little different..” She said as if it was common sense. Rather, Rainer didn’t understand how that could be considered eating at all. 

“Luna has only ever been given mana by mo..The Fae Queen, who’s an exception, and from mana crystal. Rainer is Luna’s first.” She shyly spoke the end of her words.

“Should I just give it to you same as before?” He replied, disregarding her innuendo.

“To ask like that, a maiden needs to prepare her heart.”

“But you just said I was already your first, what maiden?”

“Humph Rainer has no tact.” Even after saying that she still sat down on his hand and awaited his mana.

Just like when he was healing, but with a smaller amount, he slowly moved his mana into her and with now having [Arcane Energy Manipulation] at a higher level than before, he noticed the minuscule amounts of Arcane energy in his mana. It felt different than normal Arcane energy but it was certainly still the same energy.

Soon after the mana poured in Rainer heard a small moan come from Luna who had her eyes closed, followed by her cheeks reddening a little. Rainer had not noticed too much before, given her size, but she was a truly stunning girl. Looking as if she was in her late-teens she had a lithe and elegant figure and a small nose. 

After she moaned a few more times, Rainer in an effort to ignore it, reminded himself that she was only 7 inches tall, though that brought other instead he just devoted his whole focus in keeping the mana flow steady.

Giving a sigh of satisfaction Luna immediately flew into Rainer’s overcoat pocket after a quiet thank you, her face still red.

Rainer still had plenty to ask her, but having his major questions answered, and, more importantly, learning the significance of the various points he has was content with his current knowledge. 

Now onto his current The cave exit had been at the base of a mountain and to the left was an open field of snow, interrupted only by his inability to see farther and rolling hills.

To his right was the start of a forest, with trees similar to pine, dotting throughout before becoming thicker deeper on. His best bet would be to head into the forest. While his clothes kept him warm, it was still a little different than proper winter clothes. He’d only stay warm for so long and a forest to block the wind and some of the falling snow it would be his best bet.

Checking on a sleeping Luna to make sure she was alright, he moved forward towards the forest. He contemplated exactly what he would eat. He had an ability to use fire, but it's not as if you can just kill an animal and then simply cook it. There were preparations to be done, steps to follow. None of which he had a clue on apart from the fact that said steps existed at all. And Luna, who didn’t actually eat, wouldn’t be much help.

Finding some form of civilized inhabitants would be his only hope. Combing through the trees he had finally come across a clearing with an odd scene.

Surrounding a single large black boar were a group of 11 people. All dressed in an assortment of armor alongside fur coverings. All except a single one of them who seemed to be the primary one facing down the boar.

She wore but a single wrapping of cloth, thigh-high black leather boots, and beige cotton pants underneath. Two empty scabbards at her side belonging to the two steel blades in her hands. Though what attracted Rainer’s attention was her black wolf ears and tail.  

[Wolfkin, female, Blade Dancer lvl 5]

She was the highest leveled out of the group as Rainer noted. None of his other appraisals showed anyone higher than level 3, which given the barrier to entry Rainer had recently discovered, made sense. Their classes were also far simpler being either [Warrior]s, [Hunter]s, or [Archer]s. He actually found that impressive, as with all he learned it wasn’t exactly a simple feat achieving just this much.

Inadvertently Rainer stepped on a branch and the closest [Archer] swiveled around and aimed at him.

“Who's there!” He yelled in a language Rainer hadn’t heard before but due to his shared skill understood. None of the others even reacted, with attentions still focused on the boar.

Rainer lifted up his hands in the universal sign of surrender cursing himself for assuming they were friendly simply because they were human. 

But to Rainer’s complete surprise the [Archer] stared in shock at him for a moment before quickly kneeling down and apologizing. Likely the [Archer] determined he was a mage from the 4 armed [Arcane Bolts] around him.

“Lord Magus, I am deeply regretful to have aimed my bow at you. Please allow me to return to help my comrades.”

“Go,” Rainer said quickly. The boar had just now charged the Wolfkin. She deftly evaded him, slicing into the sides of the beast. The boar continued blowing past her and charged one of the [Archers] further back.

Rainer reacted immediately, seeing these people as his source of food, and deftly fired an [Arcane Bolt] that weaved through the trees before slamming into the boar knocking it off its feet. As just a normal but high level [Arcane Bolt] the beast had been injured but not killed.

But contrary to Rainer’s expectation of them rushing in to kill they all only stared at him as if waiting. Appraising the boar, he didn’t see a reason to steal their kill and just yelled for them to go kill it.

[Monstrous Black Boar, male, Adult Monster Boar lvl 2]

“Come on it's yours, go ahead.”

All but one faltered for a moment, the Wolfkin. She charged in and sliced open its neck with her blades.

[Shared Experience Gained 52% of kill]

[Experience Gained .7%]

Rainer breathed out a sigh wondering if he actually helped them or made it worse. Though it seemed to turn out for the best as one of the men approached him.

“Thank you, Lord Magus for your assistance, and for allowing my friend to take the kill. We are grateful.”

He gave a stately bow to Rainer while speaking.

Rainer thought they were misunderstanding his status, but he didn’t particularly see a reason to correct it. Taking up an elegant tone Rainer tried to ask for some of the boar’s meat, his stomach bringing him discomfort.

“Do your plans include feasting on the flesh of the boar? I should like to partake in such a thing.”

This, however, did not seem to be the right thing to say as everyone stared incredulously at Rainer. Even the Wolfkin, who had previously only been focused on performing some sort of dismantling on the boar, gave him her attention.

Well oops?


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LullMaister @LullMaister ago

Ease of life is love, ease of life is magic.
Utility magic 4 life.
Think of all the potential skill, attribute points and spells! hih~hih~hih Arcane cleansing. Arcane cooking. Arcane sweeping. Arcane sentient cleaning broom of major cleanliness. Comfy arcane garments and armaments. hih~hih~hih

A note about arcane blades, they need to be anchored to something to work. What would happen if the Arcanist would anchor the arcane blade to a arcane bolt? OF COURSE to make the bolt chop all of the groceries. hih~Hih~Hih

DocteurNS @DocteurNS ago

"Well ooooops" indeed.

Did he blow his cover by asking to eat the flesh of a monster? Or does he simply sound silly?

LullMaister @LullMaister ago

You appear out of the shrubberies, with a charming smile and a helping hand. As you help the fine lady up and pick up all the groceries.
You finally ask: "My fair madam, what a fine bag of groceries~ Mind if we dine?"
Clearly she, the fine beastkin, swooned by your charms, ;) as are all. hiH~hih~Hih Everyone is staring, at you, with an enchanted gaze.

Actzoltan @Actzoltan ago

Thanks Aternus for the chapter.

Errant @Errant ago

I'm loving your story so far. Keep up the good work.

Oeiltheend @Oeiltheend ago

Great chapter!

I assume that the [Soldier]-Class is far easier to gain than the [Warrior]-Class and thus gives far less power. It's actually cool that you distinguished the two completely different occupations.

Swan-san @Swan-san ago

Thanks for the chapter~. *Cough* Get him those physical classes *Cough*


Aternus @Aternus ago

03/10/2016 14:46:05Oeiltheend Wrote: [ -> ]Great chapter!

I assume that the [Soldier]-Class is far easier to gain than the [Warrior]-Class and thus gives far less power. It's actually cool that you distinguished the two completely different occupations.

Yep i wanted strong class variety. Though directly weaker is hard to say. Yes in total stat gain warrior gives more but solider as planned gives more endurance than warrior so even if warrior gains more total stats per lvl an army of warriors may not be superior in a long march/campagin and drawn out fight vs soldiers.

Thanks for reading and taking interest as always.

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