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Rainer stood stationary in the sky as he drew Arcane Energy from beyond into the air around him. While not existing directly in this new place, the Arcane Energy he often drew on from beyond, as the skill put it, felt extremely close.

[Arcane Awakening: Arcanum Step] was his first ability that not only differed from the original Enchantment but was significantly better with no drawbacks. He wondered if it was a result of his recent studies and if he should revisit the Runic patterns of the previous skills. Not only were the steps themselves far stronger, but he could also simply stand in the air by channeling an unnoticeable amount of power into the enchantment.

As he stared out toward the Devil, who in similar fashion gathered his own energy, Rainer did his best to hide the signs of pain on his face. His use of [Void Call] had affected him far more than he could have imagined. He recalled watching as a sphere of black energy seemed to form at the targeted center of the Devil before disappearing.

Once more, he looked at the description as he thought over the event. He noticed, too, that the ability did not cost Mana but left him with a headache that took even some time for [Arcane Invigoration] to heal.  

[Void Call: With one's will, call forth the power of the Void. Reach out toward the omnipresent existence and bring its power toward one's intended target. Consume them with the Void, or bring the power of the Void forth into existence.]

Not only Void-walking he could resist this ability as well…

Rainer frowned as he realized not even the World Tree could block his [Void-Walking]. He couldn’t fathom how the [Devil King] in front of him dealt with it so easily. As his headache partially cleared, he felt the Miasma that was persistent all throughout the air clearly entering his lungs. The amount was too small to cause damage in the short term, so he likened it as the replacement for the World’s Energy that did not seem to exist here.

For once I’m glad not to have any real skill in using Aura.

His eyes hiddenly flashed with panic as he felt for Tiamat, but found the Dragon unharmed. And beyond that, more comfortable than he ever felt her before. His previous time in a place similar to this floated through his mind, though he was brought out of his thoughts by the [Devil King] across from him.

“Void Lord,” The Devil King spoke the vile sounding language he kept, “I’d like to welcome you to the Abyssal Plane,” Different from his taunt of before, the [Devil King] sought to buy time. Just as Rainer believed his drawing of Arcane Energy outmatched whatever the Devil was doing, so too did the [Devil King] believe his drawing of Miasma outperformed whatever it was the strange fledging Void Lord was doing.

Rainer glanced up at him and noticed with [Arcane Sight] the Miasma gathering around the Devil. He now understood just as he gathered Arcane Energy to him the Devil in turn surrounded and infused himself with the Miasma in the air.

An act that actually eased Rainer’s breathing as he felt the presence of it drop. Understanding that the Devil was holding for time just as much as him, Rainer thought to get his questions answered. And if he could infuse more Arcane Power into the air while doing so, all the better.

“Thanks for the invitation,” Rainer responded his voice equal parts covered in Arcane Energy and derision, “What I’d like to know, however, is why you keep calling me a Lord of the Void. And better yet why you seem to be so, attached, to me…”

The Devil was unable to keep the grin off his face. His sharp and large mandible open on full display. To find such a weak member of this race alone and unknowing was the greatest boon he had ever had in his ancient life.

“To think a member of your race could know so little, Void Lord. I’d have thought your race to be quite protective of its young. I imagine your inadequacy was cause for abandonment,” The Devil responded. To him, all humanoid races looked the same. Whether Rainer was an elf, human or something else entirely he could not tell. But after witnessing the man’s abilities, he was certain in him being a Lord of the Void, along with what that entailed. In the end, all the Devil desired was the ability to freely travel through the Void, and all the benefits and delicacies that came with it.

Any seemingly irrelevant details, mattered not.

“Abyssal Plane?” Rainer asked.

“Yes Plane. Not so confident in your magic now are you, Lord of the Void,” The Devil responded, knowing full well the Gravity magic, he was reported to have displayed back in the world Agmar had first learned of this Void Lord, had no effect here. A plane was a far different existence.

“And what do you mean race? And where-“

“I’m afraid the time for talking has,” The Devil paused as he inhaled a large breath, “passed!” He rushed forward, far surpassing any speed Rainer could manage with his flight spell. A black and purple Aura enhanced him, visible only to Rainer’s [Arcane Sight].

Rainer clapped his hands as if calling upon all the wayward Arcane Energy he had poured into the air. He instantly spread them apart revealing within a simple [Arcane Bolt]. And in but an instant, it was simple no longer.

The turbulent energy flowing into the spell strained Rainer’s control, as it was no longer the subdued light of the past but as if a blazing sun had formed between his palms. And so, it was unleashed.

The [Arcane Bolt] which had its speed fueled by its power soared unstoppably and slammed into the Devil. A roar of power and [Devil’s Soul Language] followed a massive Arcane explosion. An unharmed [Devil King] revealed himself in its midst.

Rainer lunged out his hand not giving him a chance to recover as his next spells already arrived.

[Arcane Combustion]

Explosions rang out on the Devil, capitalizing on the air already filled with Arcane Energy. The [Devil King] could only hunker down as the energy exploded all around him. Were he to even waste a single bit of energy on moving he felt he’d lose more than just his still missing arm.

As the last mana packet for his [Arcane Combustion]s left him, a spear formed in Rainer’s hand. With more than enough Arcane Energy for his purposes in the air, the [Arcane Spear of Holy Judgement] was cast in only a second. He launched it skyward just as the last [Arcane Combustion] exploded.

A [Spear of Arcane-Fire] then formed in his hand. His position in the air held steady by Arcanum Step; he lunged forward just as the Arcane Energy surrounding the Devil cleared. The horned foe held out his singular arm to block the spear, steeling himself in the sky for impact.

He understood for just an instant as the spear descending from the sky slammed down onto him what had truly happened.  He roared out in pain as the spear tore into his chest, and then exploded as he desperately tried to protect himself with his Devilish Aura and Miasma. All 8 of Rainer's armed [Arcane Lance]s supercharged with Arcane Energy launched right after.

Rainer let out a breath as he watched the result of his sustained assault, already arming more [Arcane Lance]s, though the appearance of new foes on the horizon kept him from using up more power right away. He already wasted quite a bit before coming here with his blood tracking spell and inadvertently using [Void Manipulation] to widen the gap for the connection.

Sustaining [Arcane Awakening] and [Arcane Invigoration], to combat the Miasma, was not an easy feat either.

He watched as the mangled Devil’s body began falling toward the ground, blimps of Miasma, trying to keep it afloat. He had only a moment to react when the body suddenly began healing, and the Devil’s pitch black eyes opened wide as he began a mad rush toward Rainer.

All eight newly armed [Arcane Lance]s fired one by one toward the rushing Devil, but the powerful magic was batted away by an Aura clad hand. Far faster than before the angry [Devil King] nearly reached Rainer.

Even at a distance of several hundred feet, Rainer felt as the Devil prevented him from [Void-Walking]. He sensed the Devil’s Aura significantly decrease only to be refilled by the Miasma in the air.

Just before the Devil, all but completely healed from his wounds reached Rainer, the [Archon] stepped back with his new enchantment and dodged the swinging arm. However, all this time Rainer was not just watching his foe approach. He was preparing.

Continually he dodged the Devil King as his Mana decreased further and further, far faster than one would assume with the skills he was using. The Devil could only attribute the decrease in Mana to the bursts of magic that came from his feet allowing the Void lord to dodge his powerful and quick attacks.

Seeing the tiring Void Lord, the Devil couldn’t keep a malicious grin off his face. The pain of the recent attacks fueling him, he swung faster and faster. He was partially weary for the massive attack used on him last time, but in equal parts not weakened by the Aural Energy, and strengthened by Miasma, he held no fear.

His clawed hand reached out once more. The Mage was all but empty of Mana, and a victorious feeling filled the Devil. Until he finally felt the rumbling Magic cloaked by the Arcane Energy still permeating the air.

And then he froze.

He rapidly fought against the freezing magic filling his body, but he was too late as the Mage unleashed the spell that had consumed nearly all his Mana. The Mana channel connecting to his outstretched arm had reached him instantly.

Even as the Devil rushed to defend himself with Aura and Miasma his mind filled with shock. The very Miasma used to protect himself froze in the process and did nothing to impede the oncoming magic. The very Aura cladding him became no more than a shell frozen around the Devil.

The [Devil King] suddenly began descending from the sky as his control of Aura failed and his body was encased in an all-encompassing frost.

His thoughts left him entirely as a shattering rang out. The once mighty [Devil King] was no more than pieces of frozen flesh.

A powerful roar of the [Devil’s Soul Language] rang out across the landscape. Only to be met with the cries of a horde of foes on the horizon.

Rainer fired continuous [Arcane Lance]s at the flying Devils around him. Bursts of wind slammed into his flying spell, forcing him to recast it repeatedly. For him, this was the worst possible attack. Arcane mixed spells while cheaper than their former versions still cost Mana. But a persistent spell like [Arcane-Wind’s Ascent] only cost Mana to cast. Maintaining it could be done solely through a cheap expenditure of Arcane Power. Something not possible with the strange flying Devil’s interference.

Seeing the situation wasn’t ending anytime soon, he tried to escape the massive horde in the sky, Rainer had no choice but to descend to the ground and find a way to avoid what awaited him there. He only had a smidgen of Mana left, alongside a filled pool of Arcane Power. Not anywhere near enough to spam flight spells.  Nor could [Arcane Awakening: Arcanum Step] reasonably keep up with these strange flying devils without expending all his Arcane Power, even with the source so nearby it wasn’t free.

They lacked arms or legs, looking like grey-skin serpents without scales, and two leathery wings. Miasma curled around them as they flew, and they attacked with strange winds to give themselves bursts of speed and slow down their current target.  The fliers sought him viciously after the [Devil King] had died.

He landed harshly on the ground before rushing forward into the [Deviling]s. An [Arcane Blade] shot out from his hilt as he tore through the crowd towards a nearby mountain. From every angle, the recently arrived [Deviling]s rushed at him yet Rainer, covered in the Runic lines of [Arcane Awakening: Surge], was like an untouchable wraith. Every swing of his blade would leave few dead, and numerous more behind him as he rushed forward.

A fleeting thought entered Rainer’s mind; Kara’s blade style was unsuited for him. To the might of the [Arcane Blade], the concept of weak points, or avoiding direct clashes were pointless affairs. As of now, Rainer had faced only a single obstacle that could stunt his blade, the powerful divine shielding that covered the now empty palace of the Fae Ruler. Even that, he hadn’t gone full out against, so he couldn’t be sure.

The mountain soon appeared in front of Rainer, and he noticed something he missed before, an entrance. Having nothing to lose with the lack of [Devil King]s and his ability to use [Void-walking], Rainer rushed toward the dark passage. He lacked the Mana to try and fly away, nor did he have enough to use [Void-Walking] repeatedly.

Loud cries echoed in the air as flying Devils now thought to stop his approach. His armed [Arcane Lance]s allowed no such thing.

He dashed into the tunnel, the [Deviling] pursuers long behind him. That was until the flying Devil like creatures managed to drop them in front of him. He lacked any sort of energy to deal with the fliers without abandoning the use of [Arcane Awakening].

[Devil, Female, Void Worm lvl 12]

Appraising one of the flying creatures he couldn’t help but grimace at the accuracy of the name. They were a hideously looking winged serpent, more akin to an earthworm than any sort of majestic snake.

Rainer fought the ever-coming horde as he began to tire. He entered deeper and deeper into the cave, having only minutes to take a break before those chasing him once more made themselves known. With the aid of the flying Devils and their strange wind abilities, [Deviling]s were dropped off around the resting [Archon].

Once more he fought forward, entering deeper into the strange passage in the mountain. Support beams had soon made it clear to him that it wasn’t an accidental formation.

With a brief moment of respite, Rainer reached out for his Familiar bond with Luna. And with an application of [Void Detection] sought to determine the distance.


Rainer had grown accustomed to using the [Acting] skill in the company of others. Being alone, he had let it slip, but something told him that the skill would have failed him regardless as he froze in his jog and his eyes opened wide.

Any other sort of words or eloquence left him as he could only describe the impossibly vast distance between him and Luna with but a single word. Far.

Never had he felt such a distance with [Void Detection], not even when he had used the tracking spell to try and find his sister. His shoulders slumped as he felt not only the full weight of the Abyssal Realm he found himself in slam against him but also the tiredness from the constant pursuit he dealt with alone.

Questions entered his mind, and none could he find an answer for.

Feeling Jor nearly recovered and stirred in the invisible Rune on his shoulder, Rainer continued forward with a bit of hope. He didn’t have any real idea how he would escape this place. But for now, his goal was only to survive. And survive he would, at any cost.

No longer able to keep up his hours-long run, he sat down against the tunnel’s wall, breathing harshly. His Mana managed to recover some, but he didn’t know how long he could last. His pursuers seemed to have no interest in leaving him be, regardless of how many he killed.

Suddenly, a massive serpent entered his view.

But it was one he was all too familiar with.

“Jor…” Rainer spoke, a smile entering his face as the serpent happily twisted in the air.

He glanced down the tunnel from whence he came as his reunion was interrupted with loud screams of [Deviling]s.

“You mind buying me some time to rest?” He asked the serpent, not at all sure Jor would understand him.

Jor gave a mental confirmation, and Rainer could feel through the bond the serpent’s message. As he watched the nearly 6-foot-long, partially transparent scaly creature fly off into the distance, he thought it over. The violet familiar of his had somehow conveyed a message through the familiar bond beyond just the initial confirmation.

Why else would I have come out?

The serpent seemed to say as if annoyed with Rainer’s request.

Rainer smiled as he leaned his head back against the black rock of the tunnel. Guessing that this smile would be one of his last for quite some time.

Looking down the tunnel, he watched as the serpent, having since gained a more physical form than before, ripped apart the Devils with ease. With [Arcane Sight] Rainer watched as every part of the fallen foe inexplicably disappeared into the serpent. Not even their Soul was spared by the Devouring power of Jor.

Slowly, the serpent tore through the seemingly endless horde of Devils and out of Rainer’s view. The sounds of screeches and battle slowly left the Archon. His back leaned against the tunnel wall as he found his tired body relaxing. His hand rubbed across his cheek for a moment as he wondered how much more his facial hair would grow before he’d meet Luna again.

With the Miasma in the air, Rainer wasn’t sure if even approaching his death he’d risk summoning the Fairy here. A simple flare of [Arcane Invigoration] cleared the [Archon] of the damage, but he knew just how badly the Miasma affected the Fairy in the past. And, while certainly stronger now, it wasn’t a risk he was willing to take.

So, his thoughts turned to how just exactly he’d leave this place once more. And towards the end, he thought over just how much advancing his [Voidwalker] class could help in crossing the massive divide between here and where he wanted to go.

[Voidwalker 2nd Class Advancement: Having reached level 25 of a first-tier class, an advancement quest has been unlocked. The difficulty of the quest shall be based on the [Voidwalker] class. Warning: As this is your possible [Second] 2nd Class Advancement Quest, the difficulty of your [First] 2nd Class, [Archon] shall be compounded.]
[Rewards: 2nd Tier Voidwalker Class, Relevant Enchanted Item]

He opened up the Quest for his advancement once more. Staring at it, Rainer wondered just how people knew to head toward the World Tree Branches, or however people of Gunthar’s world did it with the Holy One. His thoughts were answered by that very question as he watched the quest change.

[Voidwalker 2nd Class Advancement: Having reached level 25 of a first-tier class, an advancement quest has been unlocked. The difficulty of the quest shall be based on the [Voidwalker] class. Warning: As this is your possible [Second] 2nd Class Advancement Quest, the difficulty of your [First] 2nd Class, [Archon] shall be compounded. ]
[Current Nearest Location: Abyssal Dungeon]
[Rewards: 2nd Tier Voidwalker Class, Relevant Enchanted Item]

It’s that simple, huh?

Rainer thought to himself before grunting in annoyance. How would he have any idea what an Abyssal Dungeon even looked like let alone where to find one?

His eyes gently fluttered between consciousness and unconsciousness as the adrenaline of battle faded. He wasn’t sure what it was that let him feel so relaxed in this situation. He knew the source, Jor. But how exactly the serpent managed to instill such confidence in that he could sleep without a worry? How could he know? Added on was that he originally got dragged here in the middle of the night and that his head was foggy from using [Void Call] even after healing.

It didn’t take much for darkness to take him.

Rainer entered the white void of [Sleep Learning]. The fogginess in his head disappeared instantly in the White Void.

“It’s not meant for humans, huh…” He said aloud as he thought over the backlash from using [Void Call]. At the time, he couldn’t imagine using it with more power, or more frequency. At least, not without imagining his death in the process.

The [Devil King] had spoken of Void Lords as a race. Rainer knew once more, and not for the last time; his magic had crossed such boundaries. Just like Body Enchantment. Just like his future hopes for using Glamour and Magical Construction. Just like his hopes for copying Tiamat the moment she breathed fire like a proper dragon.

Or whatever a Dragon who looked as evil as her, despite a cute and endearing appearance Rainer couldn’t deny in the slightest, breathed out.

[Voidwalker] was perhaps not a class found amongst Humans. Not that Rainer particularly worried about it. If anything, he was exalted. If they can use these abilities naturally, then he would simply surpass them by doing it intentionally. His self-created Aura Rune on Kara was already proof of such a belief.

It’s time to prepare this place. With what I now know about Spatial Rings having their own Void, it shouldn’t be hard to allow this place to let me Void-walk.

Rainer thought as he closed his mind and focused on [Void Manipulation]. If he had any hope of getting home, he saw only three paths in front of him. One was to improve his Void abilities to where he could navigate better. Two was to advance the [Voidwalker] class itself. And three, and what he regrettably viewed as the most likely solution, was to do both.

He, of course, had hope that this so called Abyssal Dungeon was somewhere nearby. Which would only matter, after he assured that he would be able to obtain a better class than something like [Grand Voidwalker] through training. He couldn’t imagine [Void Seer] or [Void Grasp] granting him that far better class in the same way [Arcane Rage] had done. This left only [Void Call].

He still had the Fruit intended for Quera’s mother as a backup. That would truly be his last resort. In the end, if he died or got stuck here he couldn’t help the Fairy. But Rainer was all but sure after feeling the vast distance required to reach Luna, that advancing to something like [Grand Voidwalker] would not be anywhere near enough.

A copy of a Spatial Ring appeared in his hands. Now with [Void Detection], he stretched out his will accompanied by [Void Manipulation] towards the ring. And more importantly, towards the small space attached to it.

He realized right away why he couldn’t use [Void-walking] properly in [Sleep Learning]. There was nowhere to go. Or rather, no Void to cross. The White Void was both the world itself and the place he was crossing. He didn’t understand why it kicked him out of [Sleep Learning], but he couldn’t imagine another reason.

So, he would create a true replication of the Void and attach it to his [Sleep Learning] space. He knew just from looking at this place; it wasn’t exactly the same as the Void, even with its similarities. Whereas the space inside his ring didn’t seem to be different at all, apart from its size.

Not moving from his sitting posture Rainer felt the attached Void of the Spatial Ring. His consciousness filled the relatively small space in an instant.

He went in and out of such a state as he tried to get a sense for how the Ring was connected to this space. Looking now at himself, he tried to find this same connection. But instead of his body, he focused on his Soul. More specifically that small difference he felt that separated him from not only any other Human but others as well.

Finally, he was hit with an understanding. He stood up and extended out his hands for no other reason but to try to get a stronger grasp on what he planned to do.

His Soul shuddered for a brief moment as the strangeness was replicated and the world shifted for a brief moment as the White Void of [Sleep Learning] obtained its own Void before returning as if nothing had changed.

[Void Manipulation has reached level 3]

Rainer let out a breath of air at how smooth the process had gone. He opted against fully creating another Void type space and decided to simply replicate the one that already existed with [Void Manipulation]. It had been easy enough connecting the two spaces. All that was left was to see how [Void-Walking] worked.

He vanished. And yet instead of waking as before, he appeared several dozen feet from where he had been standing. Not that one could tell the difference amidst the endless white space. Flexing his fingers his body lit with [Arcane Awakening] to its maximum and he spread out [Void Detection]. Focusing for a brief moment, he vanished once more.

Endlessly, he flashed in and out of existence as he crossed the endless Void. Every Void-walk he tried to go faster, tried to pass through the Void quicker or cheaper, but above all else, he practiced. Thousands of Void-walks cast out as he tried anything to improve the spell. But soon he realized he wasn’t even improving.

No matter how he searched through the newly created Void, no matter how many times he walked through it, he couldn’t see an easier way of [Void-walking]. [Void Manipulation] made the journey easier, especially without the worry of a certain [Devil King] blocking his path, but the Mana cost for using [Void Manipulation] wasn’t much of an improvement.

Instead, he focused on leveling the two skills that he viewed as the most important to achieving a proper 2nd tier class from [Voidwalker]; [Void Call] and [Void Manipulation]. Most of the stronger [Arcanist] 2nd tier classes required [Arcane Manipulation]. So he saw [Voidwalker]’s as no different. A fleeting thought even involved somehow creating an Arcane version and seeing where that brought him.

But for now, he focused his task on [Void Call] and [Void Manipulation].

Rainer created numerous boxes around him at varying distances. Staring at one only a few feet away from him, he brought his will forward and called forth the Void. In an instant, the box was consumed by a swirling black sphere of energy, darker than any existence he had ever seen. Though truly, he saw it for only a moment before he was forced to grimace in pain.

He forced open his now bloodshot eyes and repeated the task, grimacing from the pain in his head. One by one the boxes around him vanished into nothingness, consumed the power of the Void brought forth. [Arcane Invigoration] worked in concert with [Arcane Awakening] as he tried to stem the damage wrought.

He checked his Soul for carefully to make sure [Void Call] had no effect on it. And after confirming that as true, he continued.

The distance of the skill seemed limited. It was enhanced but did not require [Void Detection]. Despite the 700-foot radius of his [Void Detection], the skill worked at most at the distance of 30 feet.

At the 12th consecutive use of the skill, and achieving pain that sent him to his knees, Rainer’s consciousness suddenly vanished. Along with an improvement of the skill with the aid of his [Archon] class bonus.

[Void Call has reached level 2]

He refreshed automatically upon death.

Yet rather than be stunted, only Rainer’s laugh could be heard throughout the white void of [Sleep Learning].

He could not imagine a skill more suited to his abilities than one that quite literally killed him. The pain left him reeling, but he was undeterred. With every use of the skill, that he now improved and guided with [Void Manipulation], he gained familiarity. And now instead of many uses, he focused on a large area of effect, refreshing his body instantly after use.

Every attempt he sought to improve not only how far the skill could be used but also the area that [Void Call] could affect. [Void Call] also had a major flaw in Rainer's view compared to [Void-walking]; Spatial Fluctuations could be felt prior to the ability. A flaw he constantly sought to minimize. 

Thousands of attempts went by before Rainer was forced awake. And these attempts did not go unrewarded.

[Void Call has reached level 3]

[Void Call has reached level 4]

[Void Manipulation has reached level 4]

Rainer only noticed these messages as he felt himself leaving the [Sleep Learning] space. He was otherwise far too entrenched in his practice.

Feeling a slight heat in his shoulder, Rainer awoke just in time to see the tail end of Jor enter the strange Rune. He glanced down the long tunnel, and noticed a complete silence, but his bond with Jor told him otherwise.

The serpent had certainly done its fair share of slaughter, but the invertible horde did not seem to be stopped, only delayed. He would need to figure out why they were after him at some point.

He glanced down below him and noticed Tiamat no longer rested in his coat but walked around in front of him. Panicking for a brief moment, Rainer saw the little Dragon coughing. He thought that his initial assumption of her being okay with the Miasma laden air was wrong until he saw the result of the coughing.

A powerful black and violet beam left the dragonlings mouth. It burnt a small scorch mark onto the gray and black stone beneath the Dragon. Tiamat looked up toward Rainer, a veritable smile on her reptilian face as she seemed to ask for praise.

Rainer complied to her wishes as he thought over what just occurred, and the Mana pool of Tiamat’s that had noticeably increased once more. He could feel the raw power within the Dragon. He could see it in her bones, her body, her soul, and most clearly, her blood. And his original assumption on why he didn’t understand anything about the [Draconic Runic Language] had been confirmed.

It wasn’t a traditional language at all. He started thinking of this assumption when first extracting the [Draconic Essence]. The Draconic power in the blood drew to his Mana far too easily, as if they belonged with one another.

He knew some of the rules of the language from the 1st level of the skill but didn’t know a single letter, that had not changed. But he was wrong in assuming there were letters at all. Instead, the [Draconic Runic Language] was a raw expression of magical might. Of the boiling power of draconic blood.

He rubbed the little dragonlings head, as he helped her into his arms. She let out a content purr, quite happy at Rainer’s praise of her accomplishment, regardless of the actual circumstances.

Leaving the ideas for just how he’d use his discovery to his advantage for later, Rainer stood up.

He rubbed his shoulder in appreciation for Jor, holding Tiamat in the other. She did not seem to want to go back to sleep nor into his Overcoat. Looking at her wide crimson eyes, he found himself indulging her, at least for the time being.

Rainer rolled his shoulders lightly, before heading deeper into the mountain. A defensible position was needed. And while he still didn’t understand anything about Jor, Rainer felt the serpent would recover in only a few hours, leaving him comfortable in a bit of exploring without having to worry about tiring.

Jormungand was an absolute mystery to Rainer. He knew the serpent was never meant to leave the Trial, that much was made clear when the very Trial itself tried to reclaim his familiar. And too somehow the presence of both Devil and Divinity within the seemingly endless stomach of the beast, who was less transparent and far larger than before, had changed the serpent.

Sighing aloud, he fully realized his situation. For however long he remained here, Rainer had a feeling his life would not be an easy one. He gave one final glance toward his back and out of the tunnel before he started jogging forward.

He paused and then took out the [Fruit of the World Tree] and glanced at it for a brief moment before returning it to his Spatial Ring. The power provided by the worst of the 2nd Tiers wasn’t enough to cross the massive gap between here and Luna. That sort of far could not be crossed with such a small boost alone, Rainer ventured. And even if it was enough power, Rainer isn’t sure he could take that bet without a far greater motivation beyond heading home just a bit earlier. Luna showed no distress as of yet through the bond.

His focus returned to the dark tunnel in front of him. Only the gentle light and hum of his armed [Arcane Lance]s filled in the air. Soon the steps of his feet joined the hum.

Wherever this path led, he could only hope it was somewhere better than the horde of Devils behind him.

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