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Rainer sat in a chair as he fed Tiamat [Draconic Essence]. The dragonling’s eyes grew heavy with every movement of her eyelids. Slowly her serpentine eyes closed, leaving only a small black scaled creature purring in his arms. 

Nearby on the bed, both Kara and Luna who had been using him as a pillow, instead moved closer to one another. Finished feeding the little dragon, Rainer set out his hand as she climbed back into his overcoat. Walking over to the bed, he glanced down at the pair.

Maybe I should go back to bed…

He thought while smiling at the two who now wrapped around one another. Luna’s smaller height, compared to Kara, left an enjoyable sight for Rainer as the Fairy rested her head against the Wolfkin’s chest.

Brushing Luna’s hair with his hand, he found a strange but pleasant scent resembling magic enter his nose. He immediately recalled the scene of last night. Holding Luna in her adult form gave him a far different feeling than her of the past, even if in truth, she looked no different than before.

She let out a pleased mumble as she pushed herself into Kara’s embrace a bit further.

Moving the blanket to cover the two of he walked over and glanced at the corner of the room. With Laneth’s help, he received the rest of the poisoned wine.

Using [Arcane Sight], he once more viewed the magical poison within the wine. Whether it was [Arcane Awakening], [Arcane Invigoration], or [Arcane Sight], he sought a more permanent version. To always use [Arcane Sight] without fail in every situation that required it, seemed like a far-fetched goal to Rainer. 

A single mistake could end it all.

Some sort of body modification?

He thought. In the end, he didn’t think there was anything to do outside of [Sleep Learning] on this matter.

But most of all, the premise of the poison being magical had intrigued him greatly. For the possibility that magic related to poisons may exist.

All the time he had been learning new spells, his first thoughts were on a title for learning all the schools of magic. He was all but certain such a title existed and yet he received no such thing. And with the power of the Arcane, he brought his thoughts over schools of magic that may not be so well known.

Learning a spell like [Combustion] was practically suicide for anyone without a talent for Fire. Even then, it presented a large difficulty. For rare affinities, ones that don’t touch upon any of the schools of magic he knew, Rainer guessed they were simply too rare for any real progress to occur in them.

Perhaps a single mage in the past progressed these possibly existing rare schools. But for a guild? Rainer ventured he’d never meet a gathering of poison mages, if such a thing even existed, in his life.

Rainer had already warned the rest of his party on the poison within these jugs but decided they needed a better indication of such a thing. Reaching for more alcohol from his Spatial Ring on a drunken night, gave him a particular foreboding on needing a proper label. He called for Gunthar who soon entered the room.

“Sorcerer…” Gunthar said as he saw the two sleeping women in Rainer’s life before quickly looking away. Even covered by a blanket, it wasn’t hard to guess their state that lacked clothes.

“Gunthar, come here for a second, and take off your mask and hood,” Rainer said with a pallet of paints he borrowed from Laneth to his side.

Gunthar mumbled outside of Rainer’s hearing, “Those who hold out their hands in prayer, cannot choose the miracle that comes to them,”

“Did you say something?” Rainer asked as he sat next to a jug of the poisoned wine.

“No, Sorcerer…”

“In any case. Just stand there, I’ll tell you when I’m done,” Rainer said, and it took Gunthar only a moment to understand what he was doing. Gunthar did not mind, he had always been comfortable in his undead form, and found the prospect of a portrait quite entertaining.

Rainer drew a couple of random pictures on the jugs just in his mind with his finger before gaining what he sought.

[Skill Gained: General Art Mastery lvl 1/10]

Taking some paint in his hand, he drew a few pictures in an attempt to put down the likeness of his favorite Fairy. After a few laughs at his failed productions, he managed several more skills which improved his ability considerably.

Given that most skills at level 1 represented months of training, he ventured such an improvement was par for the course.

[Skill Gained: General Painting lvl 1/10]

[Skill Gained: Finger Painting lvl 1/10]

[Skill Gained: Color Theory lvl 1/10]

Now, looking toward Gunthar, Rainer drew a quite universal depiction of danger, a skull and cross bones.

After several minutes, he turned the jug around for Gunthar to see.

“So-cer-er…” Gunthar growled out.

“What?” Rainer asked stuffing down his laughter as his shoulders slightly shook.

“Why is there pink?”

“What do you mean, I just drew how I imagined you on top of your current likeness,” Rainer said no longer holding in his laughter as he joined Gunthar’s side and looked at his creation.

A well-done skull and crossbones, looking quite deadly in its creation. With the single exception of two pink marks on the cheekbones.

Gunthar just stood there frozen, not even looking at Rainer who now stood by his side.

He grumbled in resignation.

“Unfortunately, Sorcerer,” Gunthar said breathing out a long sigh, something Rainer still didn’t understand as a noise undead could produce, “It seems to be accurate…”

“Now let me hold Tiamat,” The undead man said, not denying the picture’s accuracy.

Rainer gently took the sleeping dragon and placed her in Gunthar’s arms. Despite his undead figure, she happily nuzzled into him as she continued her slumber. He left back out into the hall, and even with his current enamoring with the Dragonling performed his guard duties with [Soul Detection]. 

Rainer looked in the direction Gunthar had left and shook his head still with a smile on his face; how easily Gunthar had accepted the teasing if it meant more time with the little dragon.

Letting out a long breath, he moved back to the table and took out numerous pages Luna had created for him.

Sitting down, he stared at the empty paper before suddenly coming up with an idea. Writing a few sentences, which at his new attributes outpaced likely any sort of Earthen world records, Rainer left the room and headed out in search for Elru.

He passed by Gunthar and found Elru in the courtyard sparring with Theodore. Her summoned spear and his cladded blade did not produce too loud of a sound as they clashed. Covered in either Aura or Magic making the otherwise deadly weapons blunt.

“Elru, I need your help with something!” He called out. Theodore stopped in his tracks, brushing aside the spear that was now much slower.

Elru nodded toward Theodore before heading over to Rainer. Before she could ask what Rainer needed help with, he handed a sheet of paper to her.

“Do you recognize this language?”

“No…” Elru said with surprise, “But I can read it with the Fae Skill, in any case. It seems based on an alphabet, so not too unusual, but still…” Elru then glanced at Rainer as she realized with recent knowledge that this was likely a language of Rainer’s world.

Rainer sighed, wishing he had bothered to use sleep learning to learn a character based language. The complexity of their writing systems always baffled him as for why anyone would choose to torture their populace in such a manner. It would be a perfect way to present the Tier 6 [Inferno], however.

“Theodore and Elru sitting in a tree….hmm….K…I…S…” Elru was about to read the rest before she finally understood what the interrupted and widely spaced letters were spelling out.

“Very amusing, Rainer,” Elru said a slight blush on her face, “I Imagine you plan on presenting your gifts to the Circle and Conclave in this language. As an added little mystery?” She whispered to avoid any other ears. Though, per Yaf’s order, any Glamoured Fae stayed clear of them.

“You think it’s a good idea?”

“I would say it is.”

Rainer headed back to his room having found just what language he would write in. He glanced again at the sleeping pair but shook away thoughts of joining them.

There was much work to be done.

Standing outside the wooden Mansion was the entirety of Rainer’s party. Luna already hid within Rainer’s pocket as they waited a few minutes before heading over. Being leaders of the Autumn Court, both Laneth and Yaf had already headed over, for much discussion would precede the official audience with the [Archon].

Different from before, there would not be only a small amount of higher ranked members gathered, but everyone who held at least the title of Lord would be present.

Elru, who held the title of Maiden, was just under the cutoff for joining the Court. But in fame, few compared to the well-known [Justicar]. She was a subject often discussed by members of the court due to not only her own fame but her strange relationship with the [Archon].

Rainer looked out toward the massive tower that housed the many floors related to Court affairs.

I wonder what it would look like covered in ice…

Rather thought for a moment of simply freezing his problems away and locking them in that tower. The ice created by [Frozen Sun] had a natural resistance against magic, and while it certainly wouldn’t hold so many 2nd tier Fae for a while, it would slow them down.

And from there he could simply raid their libraries with [Void-walking]. If the World Tree couldn’t block his Void-walk, he imagined there wasn’t a known spell in the world that could.

But he shook the thought away. Mostly, his friendship with Elru and possibly Laneth prevented him from taking such an action. But as he took flight with his party, he couldn’t help but have such fantasy of ignoring the Court entirely.

Elsewhere, the Court had long begun its meeting. A loud voice from the Prince of the summer court currently commanded the room.

“This Order’s goal, is it not in direct contention with all the Mage Guilds of the land?” He asked getting nods and looks in approval, “So how mighty can they possibly be if these Guilds still exist? It would be like the dominant religion of the Southern Empire allowing other religions to hold dominion. Lunacy.”

However, before this train of thought could be fully discussed the meeting was interrupted by many unexpected guests.

Elders and other nobles poured in from both the Enchanter’s Conclave and Seeker’s Circle having finished their private discussions after Rainer’s last night offers. No one expected these older Fae that looked to be in their 60s and 70s by human standards to bother with a Court meeting.

And yet as Elder Taramath spoke, joined by Elder Laria, a new vote far different than before was brought to attention.

The original goal of the Courts, despite the Autumn Court’s minor resistance, was to offer the Archon no more than any other Fae citizen received. Access to public lectures on Body Enchantment, Tier 1 and 2 spells of a lesser danger, a public library available to all, but instantly this was changed.

Both the Enchanter’s Conclave and Seeker’s Circle pushed for a larger permission to trade with the Archon and the Arcane Order. And after several amends, the vote was passed.

Even though the Courts still held the majority, going against the two military powerhouses of their nation wasn’t on any of their minds. They could only accept the judgment after several clauses were added in for the Conclave and Circle to follow.

Looking up at the same massive tower that housed the first Court meeting, Rainer drew into his thoughts. His party members stood a way back.

This was a meeting for him alone. And while his guards certainly wouldn’t be denied, it would be more than improper. Archaic laws on how Necromancers were to keep their undead with them did not apply to what was coming.

Instead of heading to the top floor, his destination involved the large first floor of the tower. Meetings which involved the entirety of the Fae kingdom found their place here.

Just before heading inside, sans companions, a long sigh escaped Rainer. This wasn’t how he wished to spend his time, dealing with politics. He was first and foremost a Mage. Even regarding classes, he had made such a choice when deciding to level [Chronomancer] to focus in the direction of Magic.

His goal for the Fae was to come when his strength could not be denied. Where allowing him to trade with their magical branches was a means of placating any possible action from him rather than a thing that needed to be negotiated.

While his Earthen knowledge gave some advantage against career politicians, it could hardly grant him anywhere near the ability of an experienced courtier.

Thinking about the future, he understood that in the long term he alone couldn’t manage his academy and the issues that would follow. And his current party members lacked such a specialty.

Even Furtak, a ruler in his own right, governed by the nature that he was undisputed in power rather than in any sort of leadership ability. Goblins were not exactly a talented sort. Following Furtak’s death, centuries may pass before another even approaching his strength emerged.

Rainer would need help. Help he could trust.

Steeling himself and shoving down his complaints, Rainer entered the wide-open Court. Nearly a hundred Fae sat in a tiered seating as he approached the podium. Without a ruler presiding, the Court would decide based on a vote.

What exactly they were voting on could be suggested by anyone holding the rank of Prince, Princess, or Elder. The three highest titles a Fae could hold below King or Queen. Princes and Princesses were either the leaders of a Court, or their direct descendants, as Rainer understood it.

To hold the title of Elder was through merit, however. Whether it be an accomplishment such as reigning as a King or Queen, or pioneering a new accomplishment of Body Enchantment or Magic, both held merit.

Through his [Acting] skill Rainer showed not even a trace of nervousness. In truth, he worried little about the upcoming voting. He imagined his offered gifts would pave the way even if the Court was otherwise reluctant to cooperate with him.

“Adept Rainer Nvos,” Elder Taramath spoke, having been chosen to deliver the verdict, “We have agreed to allow you to hold the title of Ambassador for the Arcane Order in the Fae Realm. To trade with the Enchanter’s Conclave and Seeker’s Circle sans most restrictions. Restrictions that shall be brought up when relevant. As well Full Access to the Fae library attributed to only Court members. In exchange, a Tier 6 spell and a demonstration of enchanting an Aura Rune shall be provided. Do you accept?”

“The Arcane Order is pleased to join hands with the Fae,” Rainer said struggling to keep his face as passive as possible. He did not even need to make his case. He ventured his gifts had a larger effect than intended.

Rather it seemed certain individuals paved the way more than others; he thought as he detected a massive and dense Aura far surpassing even Theodore’s. He used [Arcane Sight] and [Appraisal] in concert.

[Fairy, Female, Aural Devastator(2nd) lvl 24, Runic Berserker(2nd) lvl 24]

Having only the Mana of an average Fae, he guessed one of the reasons why the meeting went so smoothly as he looked at the Fae who appeared to be one of the older ones he’d seen. Though, he thought, she still looked better any younger humans he’d seen thus far.

The aqua-haired Fae’s eyes flashed with Aura as she felt an [Appraisal] surpass her defenses. She did not subscribe to the Fae openness in sharing her classes. And yet seeing the [Archon] as the perpetrator, she only smiled, now more confident in her interference after this display.

Very much looking forward to seeing just how capable he was in Body Enchanting. And whether her long-held wish would be fulfilled, just a year before she would attempt to cross the dreaded border between level 24 and level 25 of the second tier.

With the meeting a success, Rainer exited with a smile on his face as the Court continued to handle votes relating to the selection of their next leader.

Leaving the tower, Rainer was met with his party as well as Laneth.

“Rainer, could we speak in private?” The Fae asked. Rainer noted anxiety across the Fae’s face and nodded to his request, following him away from his party. Just as during the Court meeting, Rainer had not yet removed his [Arcane Awakening].

The Fae looked out in the distance as he thought over his words. His back remained turned to Rainer as he spoke.

“I have made a mistake, Archon,” Laneth whispered before Rainer nodded at him using [Arcane Presence] and [Void Detection] to assure they were not overheard. He couldn’t help, however, but note the enunciated use of the word [Archon], “In a heated discussion I have accidently,” Laneth paused as he recalled the [Archon]’s rage as he tore through their Divine Tree before readying himself, “Revealed the falsehood of your order’s existence to my father.”

He stood completely still. Even then, his mind still focused on the Rune that would draw his sword into existence.

Rainer looked at Laneth with a raised eyebrow. He couldn’t understand why the Fae was so nervous and stiff as if admitting to a girlfriend about an affair.

“You know Laneth; I think you underestimate just what you did for me,” Rainer started speaking as Laneth looked back at him with confusion. Not a trace of anger was present on the seemingly vengeful Archon, and he even had a small smile on his face.

“Without your help, let alone escaping the encirclement of Fae, I may not have even been able to leave the Fae Realm. And without that…” Rainer glanced back toward Kara and the rest of his party, “Those I held dear to me would have surely perished…or worse. You helped me save the woman I love,” Rainer said his face turning serious as he walked toward the Fae.

“A Fruit, or anything else, cannot even compare. You revealed this secret to your father by mistake? Hell, I wouldn’t even be angry if you did it on purpose. You saved Kara. And for that, I can never repay you for as long as I live,” Rainer said, his mind filled with thoughts of the Devil King gripping her as he did to him. He truly could not express his thanks to the Fae, or rather Friend, in front of him.

Laneth had stared at the [Archon] in shock before he looked back toward the Demon hiding as a Wolfkin. The mood shifted as he surpassed laughter as he saw her looking away to the side. Her tail displayed just how much of the conversation she had overheard. He ventured she might be mistaken for a wind mage at this rate.

A small Rune lit up under Laneth’s ear, as he turned the [Archon] toward the slightly bushing Wolfkin. Rainer gave a slightly embarrassed smile as he saw the speed of her tail moving back and forth.

“You know, I’ve always had trouble reading women. Maybe I ought to date a Beastkin of some sort?”

Rainer felt the familiar presence of a sound blocking magic and recalled his first meetings with Kara. It had certainly been helpful, not that he’d ever admit such a thing.

“Should I be worried?” Rainer suddenly said.

Laneth paused for a moment before describing the rest of the conversation with his father. When he had brought up a warning to his father not to blackmail Rainer, for the first time in decades, he heard his old man laugh but as usual, call his youngest son a fool.

Apparently, the idea of blackmailing a rogue mage who on a personal vendetta killed not only one of the strongest Fae to have ever lived, but did it through the Divine Protection of their World Tree, was the stupidest thing Yaf had ever heard.

He wondered where his son even got the idea. Yaf was all but certain if he even brought up the slightest mention of blackmail the [Archon] would just smite him and be done with it. From his view, the Enchanter’s Conclave and Seeker’s Circle would only look better at him as all the accomplishments of the Arcane Order would be on a single 19-year-old instead.

It was hardly a thing that could blackmail anyone.

Instead, Yaf used the knowledge to understand that getting on the good side of the [Archon] was easier than ever. He already prepared some Magicite along with sent out hunters for any sort of Draconic monster immediately after the meeting. Magicite being something he viewed as difficult for any Rogue Mage to get.

As Laneth finished speaking, Rainer smiled, glad Prince Yaf understood how useless that information may truly be. And that he wouldn’t need to do anything to Laneth’s father. Not that he would, making the situation involving blackmail difficult.

In the end, Yaf had, of course, no idea how much Rainer considered himself indebted to Laneth.

“He’s gathering Draconic Monsters for me?” Rainer asked.

“Yes, but…”

“It’s not like it’s a magical contract.”

Laneth smiled and switched the subject.

“So, looking forward to the Ball?” He asked.

“Ah hell…” Rainer said before sighing, eliciting a fit of laughing from Laneth once more. He found Rainer’s earlier suffering at the hands of his niece quite entertaining.

Rainer headed to the Seeker’s Circle first, as much of him being named Ambassador relied heavily on his Tier 6 spell and his willingness to display the Aura Rune. His visit to the Enchanter’s Conclave would be tomorrow and after tonight’s ball.

He understood that he technically hasn’t learned to enchant Fae yet and hoped to explain how quickly he could learn it without revealing too much about the [Archon] class.

He had already written [Inferno] in a book constructed by Luna. Compared to [Frozen Sun], [Inferno] was just at the border of reaching tier 6 while [Frozen Sun] was a true tier 6 spell. Not that the experience gain would be any different.

Comparing [Frozen Sun] and [Inferno] to their mass destruction tier 5 counterparts, Rainer gained a moderate understanding of their differences.

Tier 6 spells of mass destruction were flexible. While [Inferno] lacked the single target ability of [Frozen Sun], it could still be focused into pillars of flame across the area of the spell. Whereas every tier 5 spell Rainer had found in Nalmar could only be used for a wide area, and equally across it, with some variation in the total size.  

Reaching the Seeker’s Circle with Laneth leading the way, Rainer noted a circle of tall towers of a variety of colors and the usual white stone of the Fae city, surrounding a large building in the center. Waiting for him at the entrance of the walled off circle was Elder Laria.

Within the circle of towers itself, were numerous strange trees that let off a feeling of Magic to Rainer. Opening [Arcane Sight], he glanced at them, noting the strange vein like magic that coursed through their bark and across their bluish leaves.

Laria expression of excitement was not hidden in the slightest as she approached Rainer.

“Good to see you again. Your help in Court was truly apricated,” Rainer said, giving a small bow like any other Fae.

Elder Laria returned the bow, doing her best not to rush the [Archon].

“Shall we be started right away?” Rainer asked much the Fae’s glee.

In a wide-open part of the more private spell library of the Seeker’s Circle, Rainer placed the tome he recreated on the Tier 6 [Inferno]. The Great Sage personal notes simply wouldn’t do. With Rainer’s experience in Mana Packet usage and a more powerful Tier 6 in his spellbook, it wasn’t hard to write a proper tome with the numerous ones he’s seen.

Laria took the tome first, holding it as if it was her firstborn, much to the jealousy of her peers.

Crossing the gap from Tier 5 to 6 had long since puzzled the mages of the Fae. Added on was that compared to the societies Rainer was used to, Fae Mages did not hold the highest status. This belonged to powerful users of Spirit Magic and Body Enchanters.

Nonetheless, their sheer military might could not be ignored, and with the Enchanter’s Conclave, they played a significant role in expediting the meeting in favor of the [Archon] being able to trade with them more openly.

While they were all distracted by the now greatly treasured tome, Rainer took out tomes for each of the Tier 5 spells of Nalmar.

In truth giving such military might was a questionable action, but with his new increased [Void Detection] range, he’d welcome a Mage ignorant enough to use such a long cast time spell against him. In fact, the only reason Furtak's even sped up powerful ball of flame hadn’t spelled an early death for the Goblin against Rainer was the lack of ability to reach him in a single Void-walk.

Added on was the fact that Elru told him the Fae already had a quite a collection of Tier 5 Magic.

He saw little downside in sharing these.

“For trade,” Rainer said pointing at the new tomes, “All tier 5 spells from the schools of Fire, Light, Water, Wind, Tera, and Lightning. ”

After getting a closer look at the Darkness tier 5 spell, Rainer decided not to share that one. It’s possible abilities in the hands of a race like Fae even surpassed his usual relaxed attitude on sharing.

Laria managed to pull herself away from the newly received [Inferno] to speak with Rainer.

“Feel free to peruse anything in this floor. Spells from tier 1 to 5 are available, but for anything more personal to certain Mages…will require a more direct trade. There is also some higher ranked spells relating to mind and tracking Magic I’m afraid are not a part of the deal.”

Laria looked toward the [Archon], but he didn’t seem to show any issue with the revelation to her relief.

“Our specialties range in Wind, Tera, and Illusion,” She added.

Rainer nodded as he looked out over the small, but filled library.

He, of course, had no doubt more was removed than claimed. [Mana Reading] had shown Laria’s words as not the full truth but it didn’t take much for Rainer to make that assumption even without that point.

“Sir-Adep-Ar-Arcsirdept,” A Fae bumbled out over to Rainer’s left. He noted the young male and showed a smile to him seeing how nervous he was. Though, he just wanted to start skimming through the library in preparation for [Sleep Learning].

“M-Might we have your thoughts on the d-d-differences between the 5th and 6th Tier?”

Several nodded in agreement though he could tell others didn’t believe someone as young as him had much to say on the matter. In the end, even those surer in the [Archon]’s capabilities felt this was a gift from his order and not at all from him directly.

“When it comes to spells of mass destruction, it’s both complex and simple...” He said pretending to be absentminded as if the question was of little importance.


And with that word, he headed off to pursue the tomes in front of him. Several of the Fae mumbled as if seemingly in revelation. They had noted the capabilities of [Inferno] and with his comment quickly understood. Several even made a mental note when it came time for more personal trading to share far more than they intended.

Most rushed off to work on Tier 5 spells they had created in the past. With such long lives and a longer-lived society, even lacking the ability to create a Tier 6 spell, their Tier 5 spells were numerous.

Laria looked at the [Archon] for a moment before deciding just to leave some of her apprentices behind in case he required assistance or headed to areas disallowed. They weren’t instructed to stop him by any means, but there were others who had such orders.

Her vision turned focused, however, as she watched the [Archon] starting skimming through the books as if casually flipping the pages out of boredom.

Mind Magic?

She questioned. Methods of accelerated learning were known but came with powerful side effects. And above all else, she did not sense even a hint of something resembling Mind Magic coming from him. Only the gentle hum of the strange violet Runic lines that gently glowed on his body.

Sighing, she left the room, Tier 6 [Inferno] in hand. Fire affinities were not at all common among Fae, but their interest encompassed the simple fact it was a Tier 6 spell.

In truth, she wished for a purely open exchange. She imagined this Tier 6 spell wasn’t even close to all what this Arcane Order had. But even if they convinced the Courts to open most of the library to the [Archon], certain magics were vehemently off-limits, with even most of her peers agreeing.

As one who wished to pursue the deeper mysteries of Magic, she could only see this as souring future relations. The [Archon] would not be oblivious to how much was kept to him, she ventured.

But unable to do anything, she resigned herself to her fate apart from some thoughts on just what it took to join this order, recalling the Fire-Touched Goblin that followed the [Archon].

Deciding to leave personal trades for a later time, Rainer finished skimming through the tomes he was most interested in, before leaving the rest for later. After a short talk with Laneth, Rainer wanted to go back to Furtak’s city but return soon after for the Ball that would introduce him as an Ambassador.

After some flight, he carried his party through the Fae Ring. Rainer wished to interrogate Maya, before figuring what to do with her afterward. Leaving her alone in such an unsure situation for too long bothered him.

His thoughts steered toward the possibility of raiding Raspard’s Guild, conclave, group, lair or where ever the Devil Summoner came from. Welcoming a guilt-free opportunity to acquire new Magics by force, Rainer hoped to learn more about everything Raspard had done.

Whether it was the use of the Soul ring now holding two Fae souls or the strange Devil Transformation, he knew there was much he might learn from the deceased man.

“Have you decided on your Attire?” Elru asked as they flew within Rainer’s flight spell.

Rainer nodded, choosing to later assist Luna in creating formal attire of his world that would go with his enchanted coat. It had been Elru’s suggestion to keep it on open display given its strength would automatically contribute to prestige. 

His and Kara’s Spatial Rings didn’t hurt for that matter.

The Ball was set to happen quite late at night, starting at 2 a.m. Even if many a Fae desired sleep, he remembered that as magical beings they did not actually need to. Nor did they particularly care for night or day in their pursuit of it.

He wondered if he should just skip the Ball, but with the Enchanter’s Conclave meeting scheduled for tomorrow, he almost felt like there was cheating involved in forcing him to attend.

His complaints were only met with teasing from Kara.

“What should I do about all those beautiful Fae chasing after the one I love?” She said. The annoyed look on Rainer’s face during dinner along with his general disinterest beyond the novelty of a new race left her lacking of any jealous feelings, as well as being entirely unhelpful in assisting Rainer in avoiding his fate.

Rainer smiled at her gentle ribbing, hearing her return his words to him that she had eavesdropped. In truth, he had not a clue if the word even meant anything significant in this world.

But he’d take it either way.

A note from Aternus

Fan Art:

>Luna< by Zegabite

>Rainer, Luna and Gunthar< by bigtree



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