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Rainer’s party, Furtak included, waited in one of the rooms attributed to them. Laneth’s father planned a small feast for not only Rainer’s group but several other members related to the Fae Courts. Two of which included Elder Taramath and Elder Laria, A high ranking Mage of their Seeker’s Circle.

Rainer had opted out of visiting the drawing room, as it was called, where guests would be entertained prior to feasts. He was interested in Fae musical instruments but ventured a private discussion as a more important task. Even sending away servants, after Laneth’s father had offered them.

Laneth himself warned Rainer that his niece would likely be present. It took a few moments for him to understand why this was a warning. Laneth only gave an apologetic smile as he went off to aid his father and to give the group some privacy.

Within the wooden room, a lush bluish grass grew as a carpet. Furtak stared out the singular window, having been in tourist mode from the very start. Rainer requested several rooms without windows, but this was the largest for all of them to meet.

“We are unwatched,” Theodore said before Elru spoke.

“Rainer, when I spoke to my father earlier I mentioned how I had used my skill to determine whether you had, or had ever had plans for Fairy Dust. And how you answered no. I imagine it was overheard.”

Rainer just stared at Elru.

“Of course I did not mention it was specifically Luna I asked about at the time but-“

“But that isn’t true…” Rainer said causing Elru to pause. “Look. Back when I first met Luna and even later the only thing I knew was that the leader of your race was not only after the both of us but had caused her a lot of pain. Not to mention the several Fae attacks we had to deal with. Let alone taking dust, after I was hypnotized in the middle of the night while taking a piss and nearly killed, I thought of genocide.”

“Of course, I don’t think that now. And honestly, I don’t really care too much about dust now. Let alone torturing some poor Fae for it. I never once thought about taking dust even from Maya.”

Maya, who currently had her sleep seal reinforced, was under watch by Delilah. Who neither wished to visit the Fae Realm, nor be around Tiamat.

“I don’t think they would ask it of you, to prove Elru’s statement. Else you could ask the same of them,” Theodore said.

Elru looked at Rainer for a while before apologizing, “It seems I did something unnecessary,”

“We’ll call it even for my previous thoughts on your race…”

Elru nodded.

“So, let’s talk about how I can get into the good graces of the people coming tonight. And how I can avoid any Court meetings in the future. The less I need to talk, and possibly screw up, the better. Honestly, I didn’t want to come here so early, but I can’t very well disappear now.”

Rainer’s original goal in revisiting the Fae Realm after dealing with Yulia was in a distant future. A future where he believed his power would allow him to circumvent politics or otherwise and simply trade for the information and Magic he wanted. But now, he wasn’t in a position where he could claim to take on the whole Fae Court let alone any stronger Fae that may exist.

The discussion went on for several hours until a presence entered Theodore’s detection range. From there, a knock on the door came, and they then followed a servant to the dining room.

Everyone was guided to various seats of the wooden table. Rainer ended up behind the chair at one end. To his right, was already a standing Fae. To his left, Kara sat, then Furtak and Elru did further.

Both heads of the tables, when entertaining a guest, were considered higher positions in Fae society. Any real discussion would follow the meal, making the seating arrangement only a formality.

Neither Theodore nor Gunthar were offered seats. Of course, this was at their request, for other than Laneth, no other Fae truly understood how powerful and unique these undead guards were as only he had heard Theodore and Gunthar speak.

They stood several feet at the back of Rainer to his right and left. Normally, bringing guards to a feast would be considered rude, but Elru recalled some old rules about Necromancy where hiding one’s undead was considered a high offense. Though when last a Necromancer was entertained in the Fae Realm may exceed the age of everyone at the table.

[Fairy, Female, Fae Enchantress lvl 14]

Rainer appraised the Fae who was standing behind the chair to his right. She had the same golden hair and orange eyes as Laneth and appeared a similar age to Luna. Which meant, she was far older than Rainer.

As per Fae customs, no one sat until introductions were given. At least, when new parties were in attendance.

To the right of her, was Laneth, Elder Taramath, Elder Laira, and finally Prince Yaf at the head of the table.

Rainer listened to their introductions noting the new faces especially, as well as Taramath’s change in the introduction.

“I am Elder Laria Meia of the Seeker’s Circle,” The long Red-haired Fae gave a curt bow.

“I am Elder Taramath of the Enchanter’s Conclave,” The blue dull-haired older Fae gave a bow as well. Rainer noted that he changed from considering himself as the Winter Court to the Enchanter’s Conclave. He knew from Fae customs they would introduce their affiliation as it was relevant to the situation.

In other words, Taramath was stating he was not acting as a member of the Court.

Rainer knew there would be consequences when he asked Laneth to organize invitations to Taramath and a mage of the Seeker’s Circle. But for now, he sought to gain the support of these two.  

“I am Farah Mour, of the Autumn Court,” The young Fae to Rainer’s right introduced herself.

Rainer finished with his own introduction, following Kara’s which she stated herself as Rainer’s familiar at Laneth’s prior suggestion.

They sat down and the food was brought out. There was a different meal prepared for Rainer, Furtak, and Kara given their lack of a need for ingesting Mana. Rainer did not even get a chance to speak with his intended guests before Farah already spoke. In the end, such talks of business were often left for after the meal in any case.

“I heard of how you bravely rushed into our realm to fight the Queen. When my Grandfather told me the tale it was truly…-“

She continued, going on to describe other Fae legends of which the act was similar to. Occasionally she’d scoot her chair closer to him. He learned too from Laneth; his strange Mana would likely attract Fae admirers. However, her forwardness wasn’t just self-motivated.

Rainer’s eyes nearly started glazing over and were it not for his [Acting] skill; he’d come across as rude. In fact, Laneth’s father floated a few thoughts that he could get the [Archon] as a permanent member of their family as he watched the interaction between the two. It would be strange for an outsider to not be affected by Fae beauty, he assumed. Even one that appeared far better than any Human he’s seen.

Rainer swore he’d get Kara back for grinning at his predicament as he glanced over at her. He went to drink the wine provided.

He felt a strange surge of magic inside his body as he was drinking. He started coughing up his wine as pain encompassed him.

A couple of messages flew by him, and he paid them no mind.

[Arcane Awakening] and [Arcane Invigoration] flared to their maximums but the poison attacking his body was unaffected.

“Not yet,” He whispered to Luna before his abilities took a shift. No longer were the smooth runic lines of [Arcane Awakening] present on his skin, but instead the jagged pulsating lines of [Arcane Rage].

The power tore apart his body. Trusting his companions, he focused all his will on sensing for the poison with [Arcane Invigoration] and manipulated the rampaging Arcane Energy of [Arcane Rage] toward it. He collapsed backward, breaking the chair in his path.

The energy consumed the poison, leaving behind only the damage of [Arcane Rage] in its wake.

“Father! Its Farkor’s Poison,” Laneth called out as he carefully checked Rainer’s wine.

“Summon the healer,” Yaf yelled toward a guard, “And lock down the Mansion. I don’t care who, I don’t want anyone to leave!”

Rainer switched back to [Arcane Awakening] as [Arcane Invigoration] quickly healed any damage done. His bloodshot eyes closed as he extended [Void Detection] around him. Just like when he Void-walked to Yulia in her wind form, he searched for the magical presence of a Glamour.

He found several stationary ones but continued looking. His [Void Detection] with his recent increases and his [Arcane Awakening] stretched out to close to 700 feet. And then he found it. A fleeing presence from the kitchen covered in a Glamour.

He pulsed in and out of existence as more messages flew by and a Fae seemed to appear in his hand from thin air.

[Fairy, Male, Runic Fae Assassin(2nd) lvl 3, Runic Rogue lvl 13]

Slamming the Fae onto the ground, Rainer’s body surged with Arcane-Lightning. A single fist knocked the Fae unconscious.

With [Arcane Awakening], Rainer’s attributes already equaled most low-level tier 2 melee combatants. With the addition of his [Arcane Awakening: Surge], the Fae had not even a chance to react.

However, another fist was about to reign down before an Aura enhanced Kara grabbed Rainer away.

“Wait. We don’t even know if he’s responsible.”

For a moment, Kara’s voice had only made Rainer angrier before he managed to calm himself down. He was angry exactly because of her. What if she had been the first to drink the wine? What if she was the one who collapsed coughing? He couldn’t be sure if she would have survived.

Suddenly, the Fae’s mouth began to crack with magical lines as his life faded from existence.

“A suicide enchantment…” Laneth said as his father rushed over to his side to try and identify the Fae assailant.

Opening [Arcane Sight] and activating the ring he stole from Raspard, Rainer called forth the [Devil’s Soul Language] at the fading soul.

A vivid cry echoed out as the ring absorbed the helpless Soul. The room was silent as they stared at the [Archon]. Elder Taramath once more renewed his gladness in not stopping the [Archon] from leaving that past day.

Looking back at the table, Rainer noted his formerly broken chair had reformed. He sat back down, and after using [Arcane Sight] to check the poisoned wine as well as all the food.

“Ruining such good wine…” Rainer now complained as his head cooled down. Only Laneth found it funny as he sat down as well. An action much to his father’s chagrin.

The rest of Rainer’s party looked at him, and assumed that there was no one else nearby and sat back down as well.

He had managed to calm himself down with the new messages that had appeared. Putting away such violent thoughts of going and subduing the Court as he used [Mana Reading] to interrogate them one by one.

[Skill Gained: Poison Resistance lvl 1/10]

[Poison Resistance has reached level 2]

[Void-walking has reached level 2]

[Experience Gained: 112%, 2402%]

[Calculating Excess Experience]

[Archon has leveled up to lvl 20/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 2 Attribute and skill points have been rewarded]

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 21/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 22/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 23/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 24/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 25/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

Rainer couldn’t keep a smile off his face as he looked it over. It gave his previous actions an entirely new outlook to everyone else, however.

Furtak did say a tier 6 spell was incredibly useful for a level 22 tier 2 mage like him…then what’s a tier 7?

Just like with Yulia, Rainer repeated the originally unintentional action of grabbing someone without fully leaving the Void. This time, having done so with purpose, the spell leveled up.

Rainer attributed the quick level up to all his attribute points being dumped in the [Voidwalker] hidden attribute. Alongside [Void Detection], a skill that improves [Void-walking] more than anything else, and yet wasn’t sold by the skill store. Assuming the rule of 3 skills in a store was as universal as he believed.

Slowly, everyone else rejoined in sitting. By Rainer’s side, an originally chatty Farah was made silent by the previously sudden act of violence.

[Main Quest Received: Voidwalker 2nd Class Advancement]

[Voidwalker 2nd Class Advancement: Having reached level 25 of a first-tier class, an advancement quest has been unlocked. The difficulty of the quest shall be based on the [Voidwalker] class. Warning: As this is your possible [Second] 2nd Class Advancement Quest, the difficulty of your [First] 2nd Class, [Archon] shall be compounded.]
[Rewards: 2nd Tier Voidwalker Class, Relevant Enchanted Item]

Rainer took a quick read over of the quest itself; the information displayed was no different than the first quest he ever received, apart from the warning. Something that had been aforementioned to him by Theodore when he first inquired.

A Fae wearing a white robe flew into the room, prepared for the worst. The healer tried to check Rainer, but the [Archon] just waved him away.  After confirming none of his guest’s companions drank the wine and that the rest of the food was safe Prince Yaf let him go. Not that anyone would eat anymore.

Prince Yaf could only look on in confusion at Rainer and his relaxed companions that had resumed sitting.

In the background, the Fae corpse dissipated into Mana.

“Is that the spell which allowed you to enter the Fae Realm? It is quite impressive to witness in person,” Laria spoke, joining Rainer in ignoring the situation that had just occurred.

“Skill,” Rainer falsely corrected her. Holding back such a spell would go against the entire idea of his Arcane Order and, given its peculiarities, he ventured calling it a skill would be more than believable.

“Yes…your Voidwalker class is one I have n-never heard of,” Taramath stuttered in his words as he out of habit appraised Rainer once more. It was talked about between the elders of the class that wasn’t in their records. And its previous level of 20 was all but a fact.

“Would you like to read the class description? Perhaps after we are done,” Rainer said. Part of what was previously discussed were the various ways of getting in the good graces of the people he actually needed information from.

The Courts were like a gate. Either opening or blocking his way, but in the end, it wasn’t them who’d truly determine if Rainer could get what he desired. This included the Seeker’s Circle and the Enchanter’s Conclave. Two of their higher-ranking members were in present company.

“I would be most pleased to accept such a donation to our archives,” Taramath stood to bow. After several millennia of collecting information, a new class to be added was an occurrence that may not even happen in a Fae’s long lifetime.

“As I would be pleased to offer it,” Rainer said. On the surface, he returned to the jovial mood he had for the past several days since Yulia’s death. It could be said he had even entered a peaceful time. Yet this would be assassination attempt reminded him just how frail he was. If the poison acted any faster, or if he had been any slower in using [Arcane Rage], the situation could have ended far differently.

Or worse…

He thought while glancing over at Kara. Chiding himself for taking it easy with [Sleep Learning] the past couple of days, he knew what he needed to do this night.

Back as an all but normal human, being aware in [Sleep Learning] took more out of him than being awake in general. As attributes increased, he could stay aware more regularly and even further now. While he enjoyed the rest, there was truly no need to rest as much as he did.

Until they reached a point where neither he nor his companions needed to even be on guard, he now refused to let his nights go to waste.

Safety, in a world where a spell like [Arcane Blade] could exist, was an illusion. An impenetrable defense made as if it did not exist. Even a higher level [Appraisal] left a magically hidden poison undetected.

The dinner continued, albeit with sealed Fae drinks brought up from the cellar instead of food. Though most of the guests no longer had an appetite after witnessing the poisoning attempt.

Prince Yaf breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at the change in conversation. It seemed no one planned, at least in the short term, to use this event against him.

He went to speak with his guards to make sure all knew to keep the event a secret. He hoped at least to keep the occurrence of it at the very most just a rumor.  He couldn’t imagine Taramath or Laria as interested enough to bother spreading the information around.

“I hope we can put this…interruption…behind us,” Yaf said as he looked across the table, seemingly most wanted to leave the room after the recent event.

“I have the perfect idea for that,” Rainer responded after nodding to Prince Yaf, “Laneth, do you have alcohol for Fae?” He then asked. In part, he truly didn’t blame Yaf, and in another, he knew how damaging such an event could be to him. It was a simple way to build some good faith.

“We should have some in storage for back when non-Fae guests were more common…” Laneth thought but before he could summon a servant Rainer corrected him.

“No, I mean for Fae. Like for you?”

“No...?” Laneth responded confused.

“We are perhaps both fortunately or unfortunately immune to nearly all substances of that sort,” Taramath added.

“Your glass, Elru,” Rainer said, and it was passed down to him.

Manipulating some Arcane-Water into existence, he filled her glass with the violet water before passing it back.

When it came to magically created earth or water, the substance would naturally fade over time, but in the shorter term if it was used in an enchanted building or the latter, consumed, it would be more permanent.

“A manipulation skill…” Laria mumbled as she watched on. The peculiars of the [Archon]’s learning ability were not privy to the Fae.

Elru drank the glass without hesitation. In but a moment her cheeks turned a bit red.

Curious, Laneth offered up his glass. 

“This…rather than offering anything else, giving us a few barrels for the ball will make the Courts your best friends,” Laneth laughed.

Everyone else declined the gift, apart from Farah, who, after the little scene, felt as if the common human expression from stories, “I could use a drink” was quite fitting. Oddly, instead of breaking down her inhibitions it instead reminded her just how much she talked the [Archon]’s ears off. Causing the Fae to resume her previous silence, albeit slightly redder.

After recovering from their short alcoholic afflictions, the rest of the now defunct dinner was spent in the Courtyard as Rainer discussed a time to visit both the Enchanter’s Conclave and the Seeker’s Circle with both Taramath and Laria.

“You…are willing to give a tier 6 spell?” Laria asked in shock as Rainer brought up a gift.

“I heard you only had spells up to tier 5. As I said before, our order’s goal is quite simple. Consider it a gift. Anything else you wish to offer me, I’d be happy to offer something worthy of it in return. I shall properly present it after the meeting with the Court,” Rainer said, as Laria prepared to leave.

In the end, both offers depended on how the Court meeting tomorrow went. And with both being present at the meeting Rainer’s offer of further cooperation to Taramath and the spell to Laria, meant he had two allies who cared little for anything but supporting his way to them.

An event, they’d both be present for. The meeting which would preside a ball that would encompass a far larger number from the Courts.

They both said their goodbyes as the party came to a close.

With the guests having left, Rainer, Luna, and Gunthar headed back to one of the rooms to feed Tiamat. The rest of the party was in the courtyard working off the stress of the previous event in sparring.

Both Theodore and Gunthar used [Soul Detection] for each group. Rainer used [Void Detection] for its ability to easily find Glamoured Fae. Previously its range had been below [Soul Detection].

Tiamat rested in Gunthar’s arms as he fed the little Dragonling from a vial of [Draconic Essence].

Luna sat atop of Rainer’s head as she, far easier than before, used her flames to consume his armed [Arcane Bolt]s.

His thoughts drifted as he stared at the creature in Gunthar’s hold, but he never stopped using [Void Detection]. The current view, reminding him of one of many he needed to protect.

Instead of falling asleep as usual, Tiamat growled out a few complaints. Setting her down on the table where Rainer currently sat, she seemed to grow content.

She stretched out her tiny, not yet fully formed wings, as she then tried to walk across the wooden surface. Her four legs were wobbly as she made careful steps, but in just a few moments she seemed natural. Though her small size left the steps to still have a pleasant awkwardness to it.

Rainer started to form a copy of Tiamat from an Arcane Weave. Tiamat’s eyes widened at the strange creature, not yet understanding that it was her. She moved back and forth as the Weave mimicked her.

The two dragonlings, one real and one not, ran slowly across the table. Tiamat chased her not yet known mirror image. After only a few minutes her eyes grew heavy as she subconsciously walked straight towards Rainer, seeking her usual bed.

Rainer welcomed the Dragon into his overcoat as she relaxed within.

“Gunthar, I’ve been thinking. What if we traded your Nalmar methods of rearing Wyverns, that likely apply to any Draconic offshoot, in exchange for help finding Draconic monsters we can get the essence from?”

“Gunthar?” Rainer asked the seemingly paused undead.

“Huh? Oh yes, sounds perfect Sorcerer.”

“What sounds perfect?” Rainer asked.

“Exactly,” Gunthar responded as he left the room, “Then I shall be outside as always.”

Rainer just shook his head with a smile. Gunthar sat outside down the hall in meditation as usual as he operated [Soul Detection].

“Luna,” He said, to the Fairy currently sitting on his head, “You haven’t had any Mana since I returned your Fire to you.”

“Ah, Rainer is right,” The Fairy said flying down from his head and sitting in front of him on the table, “Luna is ready.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you were your normal size now?”

“Luna…thinks it might better this way,” The Fairy said as her cheeks started to blush.

“What happened to teasing me once you were bigger?” Rainer asked.

“Ah, Rainer misunderstood. Luna is not yet full size.” She responded.

“She’s not?”

“No, Luna is actually only half size. In truth Luna is meant to be a giant,” She said waving her hands to emphasize her future size.

“Oh, so I should most certainly take the time to tease you now?”

Rainer laughed as the Fairy darted behind him. Catching her would, in fact, be an easy affair but he pretended to struggle.

“Is Rainer okay with a smaller Luna for now?” She whispered as she hid behind his head.

“Of course,” Rainer responded. He felt a shifting of magic, before a fully sized Luna ended up on his lap, her facing him.

“Then, for now, you can do with this smaller size of mine.” She said at her full 5’6’’ height.

Rainer moved her straight silver hair behind her ear. His hand moved across the tip of it as a bit of Mana transferred between them.

“Quera explained it to me, but I’ve never exchanged Mana. If you lose an arm, I can always patch it up,” Luna said as her hand went down her shoulder.

Given her light tone, Rainer was sure she was joking with her last statement. Though realizing who was in front of him, he grew a little less certain. But as he felt her Mana, he let go of any reservations.

He stared shocked at her as he felt her Mana exchange with his. Violet eyes looked back him as they closed. She hugged him as she pressed her cheek to his and a powerful energy went between the two.

Luna’s rough breathing and light moans entered his ear as he felt her breath on him. One hand wrapped around her back as another surge of Mana went through her. Luna lost herself for a moment, her hand leaving his shoulder and the Mana intended for him instead floated away.

“Not…fair…” She complained as she went about her efforts once more. Her lithe body struggled in his grasp as she sought to send Mana in return.

A repeated exchange occurred between the two. Both their breaths turned rough, the power flowed between them.

Luna cried out and Rainer saw his vision change. He felt, in that instant as the Mana washed over him, as if he witnessed the very essence of the energy. The single moment extended for what seemed like hours.

She collapsed in his arms and a heated breath fell against him. As they sat for several moments a long breath escaped the both of them. Rainer picked up Luna, and they kissed as the Fairy attempted to return the effort. The Fairy seemed far more embarrassed at this exchange then the previous.

After a fire had washed over the two of them, they headed to bed.

Rainer put his overcoat to the side as to not bother the sleeping Tiamat. The two slept together at first, though Luna sending Rainer mana in her sleep had caused him to slightly move her away, least he never fall asleep again.

Returning from the courtyard Kara joined the pair, though slightly waking the sleeping Luna as she laid between the two. Rainer was still awake with Luna occasionally crawling over in her sleep to transfer more Mana, as he then put her back on the farther side. He wondered if he should ask her to return to her small form.

“Rainer…” She mumbled as she channeled Mana into Kara. The Wolfkin’s ears twitched as she let out a small moan from the Fairy’s touch. Yet, she did not even try to correct the Fairy as Luna continued and then fell back asleep soon after.

Rainer, however, was still awake and glanced over at Kara who had sneaked into between the two that were sleeping a distance apart.

“Should I call you Rainer too now,” He whispered.

“Shut up. If she mumbled Kara while using Mana, I’m sure you wouldn’t have said anything,” Kara said, now ducking under the covers.

“How was sparring?” He said joining her.

“Good. When are you going to get me new enchantments?”

“Hopefully I’ll be meeting with the Enchanter’s Conclave tomorrow. And hopefully we can leave after a quick and easy discussion and trade,” He said.

Kara covered her mouth as she laughed. Neither of the two expected such an easy end to their trip in the Fae Realm after tonight’s dinner.

“You know, back when Elru was still a little drunk she mentioned an enchantment for the rare Fae that engaged in physical acts rather than just Mana exchanges,” Kara spoke.

Rainer grinned as he kissed Kara goodnight. A small exchange of Aura and Mana had ensued before a tired Kara decided to head to sleep as well. She turned toward Luna as she contemplated the new status of their relationship.

The thought of sharing Luna with Rainer as well gave her a strange comfort about their relationship she didn’t understand.

When it came to exchanging Mana, she learned any relationship was common among Fae, and Luna certainly hadn’t shied away from teasing her and Rainer back when they first got together. She soon drifted off, leaving Rainer alone in his thoughts.

Just before falling asleep, Rainer spent 50 skill points to raise [Faraan Runic Language]. The whites of his eyes showed themselves for a few moments before he regained consciousness.

In his view, learning [Frozen Sun] served several purposes. The spell itself worked for both mass area and single target, a unique effect amongst the otherwise spells of mass destruction that filled the Tier 5 and 6 ranks.

He realized something when he leveled [Arcane-Spatial Domain] in reality. That if he leveled the normal version in [Sleep Learning], leveling its Arcane infused alternative likewise, in reality, became a far quicker affair.

An affair, that granted experience.

He went to see the cost of the next level of [Faraan Runic Language].

So it’s based on the skill’s tier…

Rainer thought. Level 7 of [Faraan Runic Language] cost 600 skill points. All too similar to the [Human Anatomy] which upped its cost by a factor of ten when he tried to level it to 8. The difference being, the cost spiked happened a level earlier.

Sleep took him as he planned his night.

Entering the white void of [Sleep Learning], after several days amiss, he set straight to work.

He created a copy of the extensive notes for the tier 6 spell, [Frozen Sun]. He peered over the notes themselves once more, even as they were firmly rooted in his mind, before returning to the Magical Formula and the chant itself.

Reading it over for nearly a minute the product of his recent skill increase showed, but the backlash still struck.

Already operating both [Arcane Awakening] and [Arcane Invigoration] at their maximums, he hoped his healing skill would cure the pain. However, he was left wanting as it recovered no quicker than usual.

He wondered what the mental pain he received from reading runes above his usual truly meant. But he shoved away such matters.

Focusing back on the task in front of him, his concentration reached a point where he couldn’t spare any to use his Surge ability. With every painful backlash, Rainer grew closer to understanding the spell. His recent accomplishments with Arcane and Ice assisted in his understanding.

When he had learned [Arcane-Ice Manipulation], different than usual, he brought out the element of Ice from the Arcane rather than the alternative mixing of the past.

Time flew by unknowingly as he was undeterred in his task. The prospect of a spell capable of freezing even magic, as well as conquering a wide area brought about not only his desire for strength but his initial desire that led him to this world in the first place.

Above all else, he desired to simply learn this new magic.

After likely several hours, Rainer found that the formula was cemented well enough into his head that he could begin trials. No other mage would attempt such a quick transition, and he was quite well aware as to why given his hundreds of fake deaths in learning the Fire spells of the Great Sage.

The spell brought in a new concept, a Mana Channel. Different from a packet this was a direct connection of Mana to the target. Through which a massive amount of power would be moved. The most difficult part was managing this amount.

A single screw up could lead to the channel backfiring and the spell maiming the caster instead. Yet this warning in the notes only made Rainer grow in confidence. Any spell that was difficult to learn because of its risks was as if it called out to him instead.

To others, this meant months or years, if not longer, of testing and learning similar spells. Of studying the runes nightly even if they had long since fully learned them.  

The original reason for why he chose to learn [Frozen Sun] instead of any lesser tier 5 spell dealt with this very concept.

Rainer sighed as even amongst his renewed vigor and his loneliness within this white void, the idea of a chant brought him displeasure. But the Formula was too complicated for him to alter it without first having used the spell.

The end of the chant rang out.

“I feel the shining rays upon my skin. I see above that which is called immutable. And yet I claim a higher power. An Eternal frost that denies such an existence that dominates the sky above.”

“I shall freeze even light itself!”

“Frozen Sun!”

He paused for a moment as his Mana stormed through the Mana channel and prepared to spread out the spell over a wide swath of land. His [Arcane-Ice Manipulation] aided him in his efforts. But…

The spell backfired, and Rainer’s body became encompassed in a powerful frost in an instant.

He repeated it endlessly, quickly refreshing his body at every failure. He had a slight fear the spell could affect the soul, even if it wasn’t listed, and so the moment of the Mana channel burst, he refreshed his body.

Several more hours passed, and after many painful moments of frost backfiring onto him, he wondered if perhaps he should try what they considered the advanced version of the spell. Even as [Ice Manipulation] increased in level, his struggle didn’t change.

[Ice Manipulation has reached level 3]

Creating a box with Arcane Weaving he threw it outward. Suddenly, he realized his connection to the Weave was nearly identical to the Mana channel he sought to create. And with his recent increases in [Arcane Weaving], he found that connection was far more clear to him.

Add on [Arcane Sight], and he now had created an example of what he struggled to form.

Borrowing this, it now took Rainer only a few more dozen tries before the moment he finished his chant, and a pleasant message entered his view.

[Spell Gained: Frozen Sun lvl 1/10]

[Ice Manipulation has reached level 4]

[Title Gained: Wielder of Ice and Frost]

[Experience Gained: 0.1%, XX]

Rainer smiled as the Arcane Weave in front of him froze. He even felt his connection to the Weave broken, and while the frozen state itself would wear off, any Magic likely would dissipate in the process.

He ventured that even its Arcane version would likely have a long cast time and a heavy cost, but now versus other spells of such a nature, he had a defense.

And soon he awoke.

He found Kara on his left and Luna had somehow during the night crawled over her and ended up on top of him. The light Fairy wasn’t too noticeable, but the little Dragon that escaped his coat and was now chewing on his hair, made its presence known.

He gently grabbed the little dragon with his one free hand.

“I’m not food,” He whispered to the black scaled familiar. She only made a purring noise as if pleased he was now awake.

Slowly Rainer escaped the grasp of his two partners and went to feed the little dragon as his thoughts drifted to the meeting that was happening later today.

Within his private study, Prince Yaf and his son, Prince Laneth, stood across from one another.

“How do you think I should make amends with [Archon] Nvos?” Yaf asked.

“I don’t think he’d care if you didn’t-“

“It’s not just about him anymore. Do you not understand the consequences were the full account of what happened tonight to be revealed to the public? That with not only the [Archon] present, but with Elders of the Enchanter’s Conclave, and the Seeker’s Circle, I allowed a guest to be poisoned?”

Laneth thought for a while before throwing his father a small favor, and hopefully Rainer as well.

“As you know his Dragonling is a special creature. Apparently, he needs monsters with a Draconic Bloodline to help nourish the little girl. If you were to provide them…”

“Thank you, son. That is perfect. I can call our Court to send out a hunting party with our best and bring back anything even rumored to be descended from Dragons.”

“Honestly, he’d probably appreciate that way more than as just an apology,” Laneth added causing his father’s face to brighten.

“Which Court do you think tried to frame us?” Yaf asked, shifting the mood.

“Does it matter?   Hell, aren’t you more worried Rainer might come to suspect you?” Laneth responded and saw his father enter deep into thought so he took the opportunity to try and leave the room.

A sigh sounded out behind him.

“Are you truly so disinterred as our Court may fall to ruin? As your family struggles?”

“Are you truly so callous as to not care what your previous plans had done to my very niece you tried to pimp out today?”

“We have not had a ruler from our family for quite some time. Why do you fight me on this? Do you wish to see your future children die before their time because we are no longer deemed worthy of trading with for a [Fruit of the World Tree]!?” Yaf said as his fist landed on the table.

“And what about future children that grow up without a father!?”

“And none of that needs to happen if you would simply use your influence with the Arcane Order!”

“There is no Arcane Order!” Laneth yelled before his eyes opened wide.

A note from Aternus

Fan Art:

>Luna< by Zegabite

>Rainer, Luna and Gunthar< by bigtree



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