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A low growl reverberated across the still room. In the turmoil of Delilah’s mind existed two opposing forces. Her primal half seeking to bend the knee before a creature of such majesty, and her rational mind, one that understood that it was but a baby in front of her and refused to view it as an existence surpassing her.

“She says she has to excuse herself,” Furtak translated, as he in confusion watched his friend leave the room in a huff.

Delilah’s exit did not, however, alter the mood.

As Rainer sat against a wall holding the now sleeping [Eldritch Dragonling] in his arms his thoughts were filled only with care.

“Do we have enough [Draconic Essence]?” Rainer asked before anyone else could question the mythical existence resting in his arms.

“We…do not,” Theodore responded.

As explained to him, the purpose [Draconic Essence] served was two-fold. One was to naturally increase, and possibly cause a later evolution of a Wyvern’s natural Draconic nature. The second replaced the after-birth care which involved the Wyvern’s mother.

She would transfer her vitality to her child, something that would take her quite some time to recover from.

“I imagine were such a child born to the [Scaled Wyvern] of before…she’d consume herself in transferring her vitality,” Gunthar said. Even with the gravity of his words he still knelt over Rainer watching the small black dragonling with care.

Rainer sighed. Then there were two possibilities. One was to somehow return to Nalmar and have Gunthar and Kara reenter the dungeon, alone. Or, more likely, find some source of Wyvern or Draconic related monster here.

“How long can we last with the amount we have?” Rainer then asked.

“A few weeks at most I’d guess, but I truly have no idea…”

“Does the [Draconic Essence] have to come from a Wyvern?” Elru spoke up after some thought.

“I don’t suppose it does…”

“Us Fae have a detachment of riders who venture beyond our borders and out into what cannot truly be called the Fae Realm anymore. One of the mounts they use, though quite rarely, we call Feryar. From what we know they descended from Dragons.”

“Would you know where to find wild ones?” Rainer asked.

“It may be difficult. Perhaps it’s best to bring the question to Laneth?”

“So then onto a more important topic,” Rainer said with a serious tone. He paused for several seconds before finally mentioning just what held more importance.

“She needs a name,” He said.

Given Kara’s look, were he not holding the small dragon in his arms he may have come to harm.

“I was thinking Tiamat. Quite a famous name for a Dragon in my world. Fits such a powerful little one perfectly,” Rainer said before wondering how he’d feel being named after one of Earth’s many mythological figures. He certainly wouldn’t be happy as Zeus Nvos. But perhaps, without having the Earthen knowledge of the name he’d enjoy it.

“Maybe Isabelle. Since Elle is kind of like Eldritch…” He spoke to himself. He then remembered the original meaning behind Isabelle and found it quite unfitting given his own titles.

“It should be your choice, Sorcerer,” Gunthar spoke. Rainer looked at him in surprise given his earlier excitement, but he imagined then too, that this familiar bond meant more in their culture than just master and servant. Given its requirement of needing an unhatched Wyvern to bond to, the weight could be quite large.

No one disagreed with Gunthar’s words. However, Theodore reached out his hands toward Rainer. He held out his leather covered hands expectantly without saying a word.

With a light laugh, Rainer carefully handed over the little Dragon. Gunthar looked on from the side and, after some prodding, Theodore reluctantly handed her over.

Rainer couldn’t help but liken the scene to a delivery room.

The Dragon suddenly awoke while in Gunthar’s embrace. It stared for quite some time at the two violet flames within Gunthar’s eyes. One could see his shoulders deflate as he worried his undead nature would bother the little dragonling.

But after a long glance, she only made a pleased purr and returned to sleep. A small noise left Gunthar, but before Rainer could comment once more, Gunthar beat him to it.

“Not a word, Sorcerer,” Gunthar added as quietly as he could.

Rainer thought back to the name. She was a dragon. A legendary creature even by this world’s standards. There was no reason to have her name limited to only, or two, or three, or six.

But for now two will do.

“Kara, you should choose a name as well. We can let her pick what she wishes to be called.”

Kara did not even think for a moment as if she had already chosen one, “Lesha”

“Lesha Tiamat Nvos,” Rainer spoke to the baby dragon in Theodore’s arms. His familiar screen immediately altered and displayed her new name. He couldn’t help but be a little surprised as he thought over the ramifications of naming another.

“Hey, what about my last name?” Kara then asked not expecting him to add that part.

“What about it?”

“Well I accepted her as a familiar first,” Kara said grinning and taking the baby dragon from a reluctant Gunthar.

“Yeah, but when you get married in this world, who’s name do you take?” Rainer had asked before he realized the question was far too leading.

Kara, however, let that go.

“I suppose Nvos is more fitting,” Kara spoke. Tiamat nestled in her arms as if finding her presence comforting. 

“How do you change your name?” Rainer then asked. He wondered if it were a more permanent thing.

After being explained to that it only required thinking of the name category in the status screen, he thought of things children would do but only laughed. It seems in this world one’s name in their status screen didn’t particularly mean anything. 

Meaning identifying someone could only be done in the same way as his own world of past. Though, he thought, there had to be magical means of doing so here.

Elru suddenly became confused as to why Rainer wouldn’t know such a basic thing.

“Rainer, how come you didn’t know that already?”

Rainer scratched his head awkwardly as he looked at Furtak and Elru. Judging from what he knew of Fae he ventured it may even be a plus.

“I’m from another world,” Rainer answered, “One without the system. No levels, no skills being displayed, no attributes. No wolves the size of a house or undead walking around. “

Probably…At least the mythologies are way too close…

Rainer thought as he looked at Furtak, and then Elru who apart from her currently hidden wings resembled an elf all too common to his world’s fantasy stories. 

Neither Furtak nor Elru seemed to respond. To Elru, she was familiar with old stories of Heroes, as was Furtak. As his race was often on the receiving end. They were villains of his bedtime stories in a history long since past.

“Well, you’ve seen my teleportation ability, right?” Rainer then said, seeking to clear up any misconceptions on his method of arrival.

“Yes…it’s extremely strange. There is not a single warning or sign of you doing it. It goes against everything I know of teleportation magic….” Furtak answered.

“It…” Rainer wondered if he should take the chance to alter the story a bit. Gunthar, however, did not give him a chance.

“The Sorcerer screwed up. Instead of walking through a wall he accidently walked into another world,” Gunthar spoke.

Elru laughed a little, but Furtak placed a hand on his forehead as he thought back to the experiments done in his house.

Rainer sat down and leaned against the wall once more. They had left in the middle of the night, and from there till now he had yet to sleep. With his raised attributes, he hardly required the same amount as before, but he still preferred his daily rest.

He never knew when that would no longer be available.

“Kara, you mind watching over Tiamat while I take a nap?” Rainer asked as he took out another vial of [Draconic Essence].

Gunthar was about to step up to offer but was stopped by his father.

“Yes, it would be better for her to be with someone warmer at this point…” Gunthar sighed in dejection. He and his father headed away to discuss the trees with Elru. He was also curious on testing with Gunthar his son’s new class abilities.

Gunthar gave back a few reluctant looks toward the little Dragon but continued. The need to acquire more of [Draconic Essence] fueled him.

“Rainer, you should only rest a few hours at most. I imagine the Courts aren’t the type of people to be kept waiting longer than needed,” Theodore added as he left the room.

Rainer nodded. He agreed, but he still had to consider what he was to say fully. The Arcane Order needed to be a powerful yet believable existence. At the same time, it needed not to threaten the existence of the Fae directly, and yet apply pressure.

And above all else, The Arcane Order needed to be; he needed to be, someone they couldn’t call a bluff on.

Rainer, Luna, and Kara headed back to their room. The little dragonling still sleeping in Kara’s arms as she then looked to the full-sized Luna who was manipulating her flame. After receiving the flame back from Yulia, its strength had improved significantly.

Luna was still getting used to it as before Rainer fell asleep she had slightly burnt him. Something her flame had never been particularly strong at. This was added on to her new hidden attribute which she, at level 14 from all the energy that was poured into her along with shared experience, had acquired.

Her injured and nearly fatal state had allowed far more Mana and Arcane Power, as well as the newly empowered and strengthened Faerie Flame to change her.

Rainer slept soundly in the bed as Luna sat on the edge of it. Once more using a more automatic [Sleep learning] to train his [Arcane Weaving] while he enjoyed the blissful nothingness of sleep.

“Are you as okay with it as you seem?” Kara suddenly asked while looking at Rainer.

Luna instead looked at the little dragon with some thought.

“I can always make a second pocket…” Luna pondered. She would make her own far better; such a victory was enough. For a moment she thought to make the Dragon’s even a little uncomfortable but ventured Rainer would not like that.

“Not that…you know…” She said.

“Oh!” Luna suddenly said in realization.

“It is interesting,” She said looking at herself, “but I can unlike most Fae return to my original small size. So, I wouldn’t say it’s too big of a change for me.”

At this point, Kara just stared at the Fae. She couldn’t help but wonder how much of this was on purpose and how much was her just being Luna.

She sighed deciding to broach the topic of their relationship at another time.

Several hours later, they flew back to the Fae Realm. Luna in one pocket and Tiamat with her own. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Luna had fought off the little dragon the entire flight as she sought to take Luna’s spot in Rainer’s coat.

Over the course of the flight, Rainer went over his tactic for greeting the Fae court with Elru and Theodore. As in the past, he believed to give as little information as possible.

Yet at the same time he wished to learn from the Fae and be given access to certain magics and archives. Otherwise, he would not be bothering with them in the first place beyond getting permission to visit Quera’s mother.

Just before they reached the ring, Luna helped to make a coat with a pocket for Kara to hold Tiamat within. The sleeping Dragon refused to leave her chosen lair, and reluctantly Rainer left Tiamat with him.

Rainer noted the small gain he made during the nap.

[Arcane Weaving has reached level 6]

His control over the weaves improved as well as the number he could control at the same time. It was a strange feeling that, not exactly a parallel thought but almost as if he could be more intuitive in control.

He could command an Arcane Weaved figure to move in a direction, rather than have to move its parts like a puppet. So long as he properly built the parts in the first place.

Entering through the Fairy Ring, they found a scene with a far heavier guard. Without needing to be ordered one of the Glamour Court Assassins in hiding already headed away to tell of the group’s coming.

Laneth, seemingly already nearby, came shortly after.

“Has your business been taken care of, or do I get to enjoy another delivery of bad news?” Laneth asked.

“I still have some things here to do, but the council comes first. I was actually hoping you could do me a favor,” He asked before glancing at Laneth’s escort.

“Sure,” Laneth said as he gestured Rainer to take flight.

Both Laneth’s and Rainer’s glare stopped the escorting Fae from following, closely at least.

“I’ve been meaning to ask. Did anyone tail me out of the Fairy Ring?”

“They did,” Laneth answered without restraint before explaining what, at least as far as he understood, they knew of Rainer. When Laneth recalled his need to stifle laughter at their assumptions that Yulia’s crime was Devil related, Rainer thought of the last thing he needed for his negotiation.

Letting them believe Yulia’s crime was related to Devil Summoning fixed many issues he had. In his mind, there was little to excuse killing a monarch, even a hated one by a room full of nobles.

But this way, the greater good could become an easy point to make. And it also painted a clearer picture of the ideals and goals of his order. One that killed a monarch for personal reasons, and invaded a foreign nation may not be the best ally. But one who protected the world from Devils invading was not a loose element that may turn its anger on anyone else.

Following Laneth’s lead, they flew for some time until they came across a white tower. It was nearby the now closed off Palace Rainer was all too familiar with. They landed on a large balcony on the highest floor. Rainer only now recalled the lack of stairs in the Watcher’s place.

He laughed, realizing that the concept of stairs may not even be a question for Fae who didn’t consider any wound that wasn’t fatal as anything more than an inconvenience. Meaning a Fae who could not fly likely did not exist.

They entered a large room with a circular table in the center. For Rainer, a single seat was left for him at the massive table. Twenty Fae were seated at it, five from each of the Courts.

Elru was surprised to notice her father among the members of the Winter Court. His rank was not high enough compared to everyone else here who were either former Kings or Queens, as well as various Princes and Princesses of various courts.

The entire time he had been here, Rainer had kept [Arcane Awakening] at a low level. The difference between activating [Arcane Awakening] and then Shield mode versus just the latter was not large at all. But Rainer saw no reason to risk that extra moment of time.

Rainer had learned some basics to greet the Court, though a situation like his has never truly happened. A visiting king or queen back when the Fae Realm adopted less of an isolationist stance would not be granted such a meeting. 

“A pleasure to be invited amongst the Great Courts of Fae. You may know this one as Rainer Nvos, Adept of the Arcane Order.”

In the land of Fae, contrary to other places, it was quite silly to introduce oneself with their class. As the Fae appraised, several became reminded of not only his strength and strange second primary class but also his age of only 19.

Rainer remained standing as he waited in turn for other introductions but no one seemed to initiate the introductions. To sit, before such would be considered an insult.

Just before Laneth could break the silence, Rainer sat anyways.

He looked out across the room and noted nothing in particular across their faces. His insult hadn’t phased them, and he understood that he may be farther out of his comfort zone than initially believed.

If I let them take me with their pace, I risk too much…

Rainer thought. He was not a politician. And while he had skills which improved his negotiating ability he knew there was no chance in the long run if he played along.

So, he would set the pace.

“First most I must apologize for invading your realm. However, Yulia’s crimes were many, and she had gone against a prime tenet of our order…Devil Calling.”

None of the Fae reacted outwardly, but many of them internally confirmed their initial assumptions.

But an annoyed cry interrupted his speech.

A small reptilian head escaped Rainer’s jacket ignoring a quietly pleading fairy who had a better judgment not to leave the jacket.

The entire council froze in shock as they immediately used [Appraisal].

“A dragonling…” A whisper had come out from a younger Fae before he covered his mouth. An older female Fae to his right gave him a stern look, but inwardly, her emotions were no different. Yet overcoming her shock the red-haired Fae chastised herself. This accident was likely no more than a posturing, she thought.

Rainer could only sigh as he saw Tiamat look up lovingly at him. He pet her head as he thought over just how he could handle such a reveal.

In the end, he only gently pushed her back in inside. She argued a little but went back to sleep after her head was lightly petted a few times.

“Perhaps now would be a good time for introductions,” An older Fae said as she rose, the one who now assumed the dragonling was a tactic. However, as she rethought the prospect of using a dragonling familiar as a mere tactic in negotiation, she had second thoughts.

She, originally, was supposed to introduce herself first but decided to wait. Never having expected the [Archon] to simply ignore their customs after just a few seconds.

“I am Elder Kateya Larareia of the Summer Court and a former Queen,” The Red-haired Fae gave an elegant bow of the Fae.

The rest continued as Rainer only paid true attention to the two Fae seemingly in favor of him. A few moments in [Sleep Learning] and he could commit their names to memory in any case.

“I am Elder Taramath of the Winter Court,” The Blue haired Elder who received Rainer’s gift of the Aura rune spoke.

“I am Lord Winmere of the Winter Court,” The White haired middle-age Fae spoke. Rainer noted immediately he looked similar to Elru. With his knowledge of [Fae Anatomy] just like with Goblins he was better able to tell apart different races.

Rainer looked out over the Court. No one said any questions about the interloper that appeared from within his coat.

Yet he knew the probability of the negotiation turning to his favor had increased. He, of course, did not wish to put Tiamat in danger for such a thing but, nonetheless, he would use it now that it had happened.

“I have a question to ask first, Adept Nvos,” Elder Taramath asked.

Rainer looked out toward the voice. Amongst the room, he noted only three Fae did not regard him with indifference. The first being, of course, Laneth. And then two Fae among the Winter Court, Elder Taramath, and Lord Winmere.

“Go on.”

“How did a member of the Arcane Order come in contact with our Queen?”

To them, this could be considered a large issue given her sequestration to the palace. Many of the Fae around listened attentively for the explanation.

“Put simply I had come across an agent of hers as I attended another duty. Her ideas interested me and lined with the ideal of my Order…but then I learned her true goal, and the means…in maintaining her throne. And later she sought my help through bribery. But when I refused, I later discovered the other preparations she had already made, regardless of my acceptance.”

Rainer gave a convincing sigh. Before suddenly, his eyes narrowed.

“Above all else. Devil Calling cannot be allowed to flourish. Do you not see my distinction even in its name? She called the act of calling Devils as Summoning? Arrogance!” Rainer’s voice rose again and infused with Arcane, “To summon a Devil to one’s will is the height of hubris. It won’t be long, and it is something that never changes, until something far more than you intended answers your call.”

Rainer calmed himself, as while the words were partially false, his anger toward Yulia hadn’t fully subsided with her death.

“So then why did I seek to work with her in the first place?” Rainer added before anyone could interrupt.

“My Order’s goal is simple; to proliferate and progress magic.  A magic so different than ours, of course, brings great interest, even if there is some cross over,” Rainer said as he looked toward Elder Tararmath.

The Court was silent for a moment before Rainer spoke once more, “I am happy to answer any more questions, but first I must apologize. I hope you did not take my gift the wrong way. It was always intended for you, but I needed to make sure all traces of Yulia’s actions were cleaned up. It is my duty as an Adept of the Arcane Order. And for entering your land without permission, I can only give my humble apology for it as well once more. Her actions were bordering on madness when I declined her. Dealing with the Devils must come first.”

“Then shall we recess for the day? If you wish to tour our city, Laneth can serve as your guide,” Laneth father, Prince Yaf, spoke to the Court. No one seemed to disagree. Though once more many were inwardly displeased at the Autumn Court stealing the lead in relations before they even understood the man in front of them.

“Then I shall be waiting for you then,” Rainer gave a bow before leaving the room. Many looked at him in confusion as now was the time to have personal meetings, but even as Rainer knew this he viewed his next task as more important.

And so, the moment he left talks rose between the Fae within, but he paid it no more mind. Kara already used her senses to listen in.

“I’m blocked by something,” She whispered to Rainer.

Rainer only nodded. He imagined such could be the case.

“Rainer, my father is here, is it alright if I go speak with him first?” Elru spoke up.

“Go ahead. We’re going to find Quera in the meantime,” Rainer answered, now figuring out the other Fae in the room who looked at him without any displeasure.

"It'll only be a moment, I shall rejoin you if you can wait," Elru said. 

Laneth came out of the room as Elru entered. Looking through the open door, Rainer noted many of the Fae leaving, likely for their own private talks.

Just as Rainer was about to speak Laneth got straight to the point, “I imagine you’d like to go visit Quera’s family?”

“Sure, I need only feed my familiar, wait for Elru, and then we can go. Though speaking about my familiar, I may need your help with something.”

Led by Laneth, they headed to a settlement an hour of flight away. Per what he found, Quera only had a still living mother.

As they flew, Rainer gazed out at the varied colors of the Fae realm. No part of this nature was bound to the usual colors of the world. Bark the color gold, with leaves of blue, elk-like creatures with a ruby red fur and a variety other flora and creatures dotted the landscape. The forests served almost like a natural farm. Many spent their days gathering the quick growing fruit and other plants to be consumed for Mana.

“Can Mana potions be made from all this?” Rainer asked as Laneth spoke about the forests beneath them.

“No. As far as we are aware only us and others who consume mana may gain any use from the Magical plants.”

Though hearing him, Gunthar laughed. He found it all too similar to when Elru was explaining to Rainer only Fae could use Body Enchantments. 

A single stone road led in the direction they were heading. 

As they approached the village, Rainer noted the houses were built in a circle a tree in the center. Rainer immediately recognized it as a Branch of the World Tree. The smaller version of the Divine tree stood tall in the center. It’s height still dwarfing the surrounding ones.

All the houses seemed grown from the ground beneath, made of wood. They were decorated in a variety of colors and cloth. But most now hung a black cloth as well out of their windows.

“I only could find out she lives here; we’ll have to ask for the house. News of your existence likely hasn’t spread here. Wait up here and then when I find her, I and Elru can cover you in a Glamour as we go down.”

Rainer nodded as he continued to maintain his flight spell around the party.

“It is a shame we could not help the Lady of the Fae’s benefactor, Sorcerer. Have you any idea what to say to her mother?”

Rainer held the token of the deceased Quera in his hand as he thought it over. With Laneth’s word that it would be delivered to the proper recipient, they could take it from the Watcher.

“[A Fruit of the World Tree], and the Gold that was in Yulia’s spatial ring. I didn’t hand all of it over.”

Elru then recalled how casually he had thrown the Fruit to her.

“And If I ever need another, hmm…Elru would you want to be Queen?” Rainer asked.

Elru stared at him annoyed. She took his words as a joke. But in truth, Rainer wasn’t joking. With the knowledge, earlier from Elru that the Trial only required its taker, not their helpers, to be Fae, he knew when it came to a singular strength that few among the Fae he saw could likely match him.

Let alone the future him.

Laneth came back soon after as he then led the group to their destination.

They arrived in front of the house. It too had a black cloth attached to its roof.

Rainer knocked first on there.

“Elena Meliah, I am Rainer Nvos, a human guest of the Fae Realm. I wonder if I might speak with you regarding your daughter.”

Following a short cough, the door opened to a confused Fae.

Her hair was deep gray and she displayed an aged appearance. Yet even at the age she appeared her Fae Beauty still shined through.

As she appraised the strange visitor her eyes opened wide. Rainer, in turn, did the same.

[Fairy, Female, Fae Enchantress lvl 25]

Yet what surprised him was that her Mana Pool was likely only a single point. 

“Akhor’s sickness…” Laneth spoke with a grave tone.

“Prince-“  Elena went to bow but he immediately stopped her. The crest on Laneth’s shoulder denoted him as a Prince of the Courts.

“I’m here unofficially. Rainer here would like to speak with you alone if that’s alright.”

She was hesitant but with the presence of the Prince, she let Rainer in. He closed the door behind him.

Following another cough, she led Rainer into what looked like a dining room. She poured herself a drink and she was just about to offer it to Rainer before she remembered he was human.

Compared to many of the extravagantly decorated houses, hers appeared as far more empty.

Rainer then understood most of the decorations were likely magical constructs. And without sufficient Mana, there was likely little Elena could do.

He sat down across from her, who sat nervously.

“I’m here to deliver this,” Rainer said as he placed Quera’s token on the table.

A gasp escaped her as she reached out toward the black token on the table. She held it in her hand gently rubbing it.

Luna decided to remain within Rainer’s coat pocket. She did not know how to explain her relationship to Quera or how much Elena knew about what her daughter was doing.

Time passed as neither side said a word. With tired eyes Elena looked toward the human sitting in front of her.


Rainer paused for a moment. He did not know how to answer the question. As he learned from Laneth about how most saw Yulia’s rule outside of the courts which side Quera’s mother fell on wasn’t clear.

He too then wasn’t sure whether Quera served the Queen willingly only to have a change of heart or if it was another matter.

In the end, he thought the woman in front of him, to who he owed so much to the daughter of, deserved to know as much of the truth as he could give.

“The Queen, had her killed.”

Elena did not say a word as she thought over the words.

“Quera, she…saved someone dear to me. And she had earned the Queen’s anger. I…could not repay her favor to her. And I know nothing will be worth her to you, but I do hope you will accept this from me…”

A Fruit and a sack of Fae gold appeared from Rainer’s spatial ring, but Elena didn’t pay attention to them.

Rainer continued to sit silently. He knew the one in front of him too little. Nor did he even know the real relationship between mother and daughter. But until she asked him otherwise he would remain here.

The originally blue sky of the Fae realm seemed to begin to dim. Having heard of Elena’s strange sickness Rainer spent his thoughts on it as he waited for Elena’s reply.

“I only wanted her to be happy,” She suddenly spoke, “But she insisted on trying to work for the Queen and try to get me a Fruit. In my state, I had no chances of passing any trial, nor would any Court risk providing me aid. But I knew how Yulia was really thought of by the Courts…I knew how dangerous it may be…”

Rainer was surprised by her declaration.

“Do you think I am happy Quera, that you have succeeded…” She said to nowhere in particular.

“Please leave. Thank you for bringing this to me, but I do not want it.”


“Take it!” Elena suddenly yelled at Rainer. Reluctantly, Rainer took the Fruit, though in his mind he planned to return and try again. Perhaps seeing who she saved might be of help, Rainer thought.  

As Rainer left the house Laneth spoke up.

“Shall we head to the accommodations?”

Rainer nodded. He’d come back here again after the Court meeting once more.

“How did it go?” Kara asked as they flew.

“Not as planned. But I’ll be back soon enough.” Rainer answered as Luna was quiet within his jacket.

The group flew as day turned to night across the Fae Realm. Rainer spoke to Laneth about Akhor’s sickness of which there was neither a known cause nor cure. He only sighed, and wondered what kind of life a Fae could live without Mana, as he thought of Elena and of then Matheus who could considered in luck having at least been born without knowing the alternative.

As they approached the city Rainer noted strange lights illuminating the various houses. He was led to a manor toward the center of the city. Its construction had strange spirals amidst its figure that contained stone and naturally grown wooden structures.

“There is plenty of room in my family’s mansion.”

Rainer nodded, as he as his party entered. They prepared for the night, and for the next day.

There was much to be done.


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