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Rainer halted as the situation changed. The aggressive roots that had aimed at him retreated and began to reinforce the roots that already surrounded the throne room. A string of messages soon appeared in front of him.

His serpent twisted in confusion for a moment. Within its translucent violet body, a mix of Devil and Divine power spun in chaos. Seeing its master no longer threatened, the serpent instantly retreated within Rainer’s shoulder.

The Divine Roots gathered and surrounded the room before the rumbling halted. The only noise remaining came from the hum of his [Arcane Blade].

He steadied his breath before canceling his blade and returning the hilt to his belt. Rainer used [Arcane Sight] to study the throne room. He found only the immobile roots that surrounded the room and a strange white golden barrier that covered all the roots.

Using [Void Detection] Rainer sought to see outside the Throne room, but a strange force blocked him. He pushed against it and a slight ringing went on in his head. He backed off immediately. His mana sat at too low of a level to take such a risk now.  

A drop of blood fell from his nose as he activated [Arcane Invigoration] to heal any damage.

Sitting down Rainer felt for Gunthar and still feeling nothing alarming from the connection, he sat down. He wanted to recover his Mana before anything else.

He looked at the ring containing Yulia’s soul for a moment.

How ironic…

Rainer thought as he glanced at the pure white ring that seemed as if a holy object in its enchanted glow.

After a moment of checking on Luna’s condition, and in part simply calming himself with her presence, he looked toward the messages that seemed to have been delayed.

“Must have been a result of taking her soul…” Rainer mumbled.

[Experience Gained: 21%, 101%]

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 20/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

[Title Gained: Chosen Slayer]

[Experience Gained: 112%, Deferred]

[Archon has leveled up to lvl 19/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 2 Attribute and skill points have been rewarded]

[Title Gained: Queen Slayer]

[Experience Gained: 1.2%, Deferred]

[Title already held: One who Defies Divinity. 10% Bonus Experience gained added to title. 25% Total Damage Bonus against Chosen added to title.]  

Rainer glanced back at her corpse that was now fading into Mana. He quickly stood up and ran over upon seeing several of her rings. Some of which improved various facets of wind magic, which he threw into his own Spatial Ring before grabbing hers.

Looking inside, he found exactly what he desired.

[Malia Leaf Mana Regeneration Potion: Increases regeneration of Mana by 520% for 30 minutes.]

Several potions of such a nature filled the ring along with a large amount of Fairy Dust and 3 [Fruit of the World Tree]. After taking out and drinking the potion, he carefully put the spatial ring into his coat pocket.

He glanced back at the now root blocked entry of the throne room. As far as Rainer was concerned an army of Fae waiting for him was not a possibility but a certainty.

Rainer sat on the ground, facing the entryway. He closed his eyes as he waited for his Mana to recover and thought over recent events.

He mentally paid attention to his shoulder. When it came to the little snake, he understood absolutely nothing. Thinking it over the original Magic Beast was created as a challenge to a level 25 Mage. Combined with his Arcane-laden Mana and all it absorbed since then and Rainer couldn’t be sure how strong it now became. Or even what it was.

A name…

Rainer thought. Calling the one he not only owed his life to but that of Luna’s as It was unacceptable to him.

A serpent that devours Devils and Divinity alike, what else could it be called but that?

“Jormungandr,” Rainer said as he held a hand over the invisible Rune on his shoulder. As if responding to the name the Rune gave off a slightly warm feeling before fading.

“Jor, for short.”

Rainer laughed as he thought over the implications of the name. To him, nothing could be more suited as his partner. He glanced around at the roots blocking him. When the system recognized Yulia as deceased and gave him the experience, the World Tree stopped attacking.

In part, he wondered if the World Tree disapproved of its chosen, but he gave that no more further thought. Just like with the Mana-Well he assumed the amount those of Divinity could interfere had severe limits.

Were that not the case, why not just send him to the bottom of an ocean and steal the Mana-Well directly instead of returning him to his previous world?

Without a chosen to protect perhaps the World Tree simply couldn’t attack him, he believed.

As time went on his thoughts strayed to the strange world he ended up in after being attacked by Yulia mid Void-walk. At the time, due to the presence of Arcane Energy, he discerned that he truly ended up within the Omnipresent void. Yet when he Void-walked to Luna, taking advantage of the Loose-space surpassing even the previous Devil-filled World, he still passed through a different place. 

Given how much weaker the space was, he assumed it was simply the world much closer to the Void in some way. Whether it was the increased time dilation or the presence of Arcane Energy, something let him fall to that world.

The world among many that could be key to solving the cost issue of traveling between worlds.

Rainer stood up as his Mana recovered to half of its original amount. He needed to see how to get past the barrier that surrounded him.

Every second here was another second his companions were in danger. And every second was another where they might take unnecessary risks to ascertain his own safety. He’d rather not have war declared on them by Fae as they break into here.

Both [Arcane Awakening] and [Arcane Invigoration] reached their maximum as Rainer reached out toward the Void once more. He pushed against the barrier with his senses as the ringing in his head resumed.

A tide of power bogged down his mind as he tried to reach outside of the Palace. Blood seeped from his nose as pain racked him but the injuries healed soon after.

For a moment, he peered beyond the barrier, yet this moment in time was far too short. His mind reeled as he collapsed onto the ground.

“Piece of shit overgrown tree,” Rainer mumbled as he grasped his head.

He took out his [Arcane Blade] and walked forward. He placed the edge of the blade against the Divine barrier covering the roots. The barrier flared and sent Rainer tumbling back.

He thought toward Jor, but the serpent seemed to be saying it couldn’t do anything.

For the first time in a long time, his [Arcane Blade] found a defense it could not penetrate with ease. He looked at the humming clear blade. Tendrils of Arcane flowed around it as it drew additional energy from beyond.

But remembering the recoil from a simple touch, Rainer stowed away the idea of using his blade as a last resort.

He then thought over a plan on what he’d do once he faced all the Fae likely to be outside. Fleeing would be dangerous without a proper escape route. Elru’s Runes which allowed her to fly far faster floated in his mind. Finally, he settled on a course of action.

In the end, I am an [Archon] am I not?

He closed his eyes as he activated [Void Detection] once more. His view stayed in the throne room as his Mana kept regenerating. After a few minutes of testing where exactly the boundary was that prevented him from detecting out, [Arcane Awakening] and [Arcane Invigoration] reached their maximum once more.

His eyes shot open as he called upon [Void Seer] and [Arcane Sight] in tandem. A blinding light attacked his eyes, but he pressed forward through the pain.

He pushed forward with [Void Detection]. This time he gained just enough to peer past the Divine Barrier covering the throne room.

He Void-walked. Whether to friend or foe, his preparations were set.

Minutes before Rainer’s Void-walk, dozens of Fae gathered outside the World Tree’s Palace. Roots covered every entrance and the palace’s former splendor seemed subdued. As if it slept.

Few Fae among the crowd were old enough to have ever seen such a sight before. But they all knew what it meant; The Queen was dead, and the next trial would commence in a years’ time.

Various thoughts went through the Fae attending. They all shared a certain level of happiness in seeing Yulia dead, at least they all did on the surface, but her slayer left much to be desired.

The news of a mysterious [Archon] cutting down the roots of the World Tree reached across the Fae Capital.

Along with the 5 guards from before, several elders and higher ups of the Fae courts were present. Hidden in various vantage points in the background were Fae Court Assassins. They specialized in undetectable magic alongside a powerful Glamour.

Were it not for Yulia’s ability to channel the World Tree’s protection outside of the Palace, she would not have gotten past them so easily.

An older Fae, his hair a subdued blue and lacking the vibrant color of his kind, spoke to silence the group. But his face showed few signs of aging, still appearing as a good-looking middle-aged man.

“Quiet, there is no need for discussion. If and when this Archon emerges we shall try to contain him. Whether he is to be rewarded or treated as a foe, shall be decided then. All those incapable of combat, leave.”

His voice rang out. Even those belonging to other courts besides the Winter Court took heed to his words. He was an Elder of the Winter Court. And taught Fae Enchanting, as well as having done enchantments for many of the Fae present here.

Apart from few whispers, the entire group remained silent as they stared toward the Palace. Suddenly, with not even a sign of Magic or fluctuation of space, the subject of their attention appeared.

He wore a tattered coat that somehow still kept its enchantment. His fingers were covered in numerous rings that left those knowledgeable of enchantment baffled. They knew not as to how they were all enchantments that didn’t nullify one another.

Violet runic lines covered his body, shining through even his clothes. Those using [Magic Detection] could sense a power emanating with his every heartbeat.

Just as the elder from before was about to speak, an eerie pressure radiated out. As magical beings, they were far more sensitive to the skill.

The elder recognized it instantly as [Mana Presence]. But with the addition of a strange energy, he found himself unable to speak. The very energy seemed to seep into his bones. For the first time, he considered that this interloping [Archon] may truly be a man worthy of his own legend.

His thoughts further left his mind as he watched all the carefully concealed Court Assassins lose their Glamour.

Watching with rapt attention, he could only wait for the [Archon] to speak.

Rainer looked out at the various Fae as he stood in front of the Palace.

Dozens of Fae gave him a variety of looks. Yet, the moment a single one gave a hostile look toward him, the situation changed.

Rainer instantly acted. And [Arcane Presence] covered all present Fae. Several Court Assassins in hidden positions lost control over their Glamour under the power of the Arcane.

“I am Archon Nvos, Adept of the Arcane Order,” Rainer’s voice erupted across the otherwise pleasant scenery, “Who speaks for you?”

[Arcane Sound Infusion] sent shockwaves amongst them. Many lost their voices under such pressure. Such was a man who cut down the Divinity of their World Tree as if it did not exist. Every action, now and then, compounded to such a resulting stunned affliction.

Despite the calm and seriousness across Rainer’s face, internally, he lacked any such feelings. Seeing the dozens of 2nd Tier Fae in front of him, he couldn’t help but be nervous.

His [Acting] skill, one that he did not gain until numerous attempts and success at acting, truly displayed its worth.

[Acting has reached level 2]

No matter how hated the Queen seemed, he attacked the World Tree itself. Rainer knew such an action wouldn’t be easily forgiven. Shoving down a smile, he recalled the argument between Luna and Gunthar revolving around the World Tree and the Holy One. Even Luna, seemingly betrayed by the Tree in Rainer’s mind, had a strong belief in it.

So, he sought to make the Fae swallow their grievances.

“Who speaks for you?!” His voice filled with Arcane roared across the beautiful scenery. Whitestone pathways led to tree top buildings. Various plants and fruits of extravagant colors grew plentifully.

Before anyone else could speak up the guard who had been previously watching the tree, spoke first.

“I can speak for us, Lord Archon. I am Prince Laneth of the Autumn Court,” The Fae who had stopped the guards from blocking Rainer’s path spoke. Long golden hair and orange crystal-like eyes stood out amongst his thin figure. He was covered in various colors and silks reminiscent of a tree in Fall.

He gave a small bow. Several older Fae stared at him in annoyance but did not speak up.

“I have come on business for the Arcane Order. Yulia has broken the sacred laws of my Order, and I have delivered justice. Now I must clean up the rest of the mess she left,” Rainer said as he glared out toward the Fae. But his next words calmed them, “Take me to the nearest Fairy Ring leading to Grimlar’s Pass.”

Before anyone else could give a word of dissent, Prince Laneth stepped forward.

“It would be my honor, Lord Archon, to assist thee.”

Rainer used [Appraisal] in concert with [Arcane Sight] across to the crowd as another part of his tactic.

He paid particular attention to the Prince in front of him, who had been present when he first Void-walked here.

[Fairy, Male, Runic Spellsword(2nd)lvl 23, Grand Runic Knight(2nd)lvl 16]

Rainer merely nodded in his direction and Laneth immediately left. Four beautiful orange and tan bat-like wings appeared from his back as he took flight. [Arcane-wind’s Ascent] covered Rainer almost instantly as he joined him in flight.

Whispers and heated discussion spread out across the dozens of Fae who came to the World Tree. Several older Fae rushed out and, under the presence of Runes, surpassed the flying duo and blocked their path.

“Wait Lord Ar-“

But before the Elder Fae could finish his words an [Arcane Blade] appeared.

“Shall I take this as a declaration of war on the Arcane Order?!” Rainer’s flared [Arcane Awakening] to its height. He needed to return to his party as quickly as possible. Regardless of their feelings on Yulia, Rainer knew the longer he stayed, the less likely he was going to be able to leave.

In the end, he was a human capable of ignoring the protection of their World Tree. He couldn’t imagine them leaving such a threat alive if they gave it rational thought.

As if casually talking to an old friend Laneth spoke up in the stunned elder’s place.

“What the old man means to say, we’d like for you to stay and enjoy our welcome. After finishing your business, we’d gladly honor you as a Hero of the Fae, who ended the tyranny of our most recent ruler.”

Rainer canceled the [Arcane Blade] and merely flew past the elder. Laneth hid a grin as he returned to leading the way.

The pair flew silently, but quickly, as they headed toward a Fairy Ring.

They landed in the circle of enchanted stones of which grew strange plants. They were gray flowers, yet their beauty surpassed the otherwise subtle tone.

[Spatial Tura Flower]

Rainer felt a strange magic and spatial fluctuation constantly emanating from the flower.

“Stand in the circle,” Laneth said as Rainer joined him. The entire time he kept his [Arcane Awakening] at a low percentage, ready at any time to use his Shield Mode.

Walking out of the Fairy Ring a resounding laughter escaped Laneth.

“I can just imagine those old fogies, night and day, pouring through the ancient texts looking for an Arcane Order that doesn’t exist,” Laneth said amidst his laughs.

“How’d you know?” Rainer asked. The good-will shown, that possibly will save the life of his companions, plus the Fae’s certainty led Rainer not to hide it.

“When you first came. Breaking the laws of your Order my ass. You looked ready to burn the whole Fae Realm down. This was personal. And why would your order send you to fight the World Tree alone? Unless of course, they don’t exist. Probably would have killed me, had I even asked you where you were going,” He joked in a partial seriousness.

Rainer’s face formed a smile but his mood returned serious as he prepared to fly to his party as quickly as possible.

As if mimicking the change in expression Laneth asked a question, “Did she suffer?”

“Yes,” Rainer said as he then lifted his hand that had the ring with Yulia’s soul within, “And she’ll continue to.”

Laneth exchanged a stare for several seconds before reaching into his pocket and throwing out a gold coin. A symbol of Fae wings similar to his own and the World Tree covered the two sides.

“You won’t be able to find any Fairy Ring without it. Just put a bit of Mana into it, and it’ll point you to the nearest ring," Not that you need it, Laneth thought. He knew not what kind of teleportation magic can surpass the boundary placed on the Fae Realm. In fact, unbeknownst to Rainer, what made his act in truth so believable was not only his ability to cut the World Tree’s roots but to teleport directly to the Fae Realm.

And more importantly, pass a Barrier that none other than the next chosen could pass.

“You should come to visit once the matter of you attacking the Tree dies down, and people realize the favor you’ve done us. As confident as we were about dealing with Yulia in the next trial, no one wants to pay that kind of price or deal with any uncertainty. It wouldn’t have been a solution without casualty.”

Rainer thought for a moment before throwing something over of his own, a Fruit of the World Tree. Laneth caught the Fruit with confusion on his face.

“I heard these were in demand by the Courts with Yulia in charge,” Rainer said as he turned around and faced toward Gunthar’s direction.

[Arcane Awakening] flared to 100% as he used [Arcane-Spatial Domain] and prepared to lower the gravity around him to its utmost.

“I will not forget what you’ve done today, or this gift. I shall do my best to convince others of the truth of your Order. Perhaps you might form one by the time you visit, Archon.”

“Rainer,” He corrected before in a massive flurry of snow he leaped into the sky. At his improved strength and an all but a lack of gravity the moment he jumped, he instead soared. Mid-Air he cast [Arcane-Wind’s Ascent] as he kept the gravity lowered around him.

His speed reached a point where he needed to use [Arcane Invigoration] for even with [Arcane-Wind’s Ascent]’s ability to reduce the wind, it was not enough.

He knew not what he’d find when he reached Gunthar, but he had a feeling he needed to get there as soon as possible.

The moment Yarik fled he did not pause for a moment. Potions that exceeded the budget of a Duke’s territory entered his mouth as he took only minor breaks before using [Lightning Domain] to carry himself forward again. His speed far surpassed what he had used to come to Grimlar’s Pass from Hathor’s Rise.

He had already sent the Prince, David, back toward the capital, when he accepted this now seemingly suicidal request.

He did not even pause in the northern town before flying through Grimlar’s Pass itself. The sound of thunder and the smell of ozone covered the tunnel as he paid no mind to the travelers moving through it.

Those who looked up would only see a flash of lightning followed by the echoing boom within the large open tunnel. Many of those of lower level and lacking a combat class found themselves in severe pain as blood flowed from their ears.

As he escaped the horror that had been his trip North various thoughts sped through his mind. His thoughts on the Foreign Lord Magus having a Demon as a companion took a far different direction than Rainer could have ever imagined.

A Demon’s body and blood held numerous uses. From enchantments to potions, to rituals, to magic, the uses for their powerful magical parts extended deeply.

Yet a long-held goal of the various Mage Guilds who capture and study Demons, giving the reputation that any Mage Guild held land should not be trespassed, was to make a familiar out of a Demon.

Not only would this allow a powerful aid in one’s advancement quest, but they could also be easily healed through familiar magic and farmed for their bodies.

Yarik did not view Rainer colluding with humanity’s enemy but rather in an even more frightening light. As if he belonged to an organization, capable of making Demons one’s familiar.

It was the only explanation he could come up with for why he was unable to sense that the Wolfkin was a Demon in disguise.

And as he rushed back to his guild Yarik did not fill his head with thoughts of revenge or plans. He only sought to escape to the Skyborne Guild.

But thinking of when the Organization behind the Foreign Lord Magus comes to take revenge, he did not view even the powerful magic formations and joint casting abilities of Skyborne’s Mages as true means of survival.

The thick black blood of a [Deviling] drenched the snow as Kara’s wolven claws slashed off its head. She grunted in pain as another [Deviling] clawed her from behind. The powerful defense of her werewolf form stopped any true damage, but the pain caused from their Miasma-laden claws was immense.

Elru circled the skies, constantly descending to assist with any [Devil Lord]s.

In a flurry of strength far surpassing his level, Gunthar raged across the battlefield. He stood nearly three heads taller with black horns growing out of his skull. Lines of Arcane covered his skeletal form that now had only rags and lacked the armor now scattered across the clearing.

Every swing of his sword came with part of the power from a [Devil Lord] he had slain with his Father. Added on to his own strength and his Arcane-Death Aura, the [Deviling]s fell to swing after swing. He had even stolen a second soul of a [Devil Lord] with far less aid from Theodore than before.

“The Sorcerer is alright; it is only a matter of time before he returns to seal these spatial tears!” Gunthar called out after feeling for him with his familiar link.   

Delilah created a world of ice surrounding several of the spatial tears. With an immobile target, she easily created this ice. Every [Deviling] exiting the tears she guarded died upon exit. Whereas a [Devil Lord] would be made helpless before Ice Spikes assaulted him.

A massive spatial fluctuation accrued and a surge of the world’s energy followed as one of Delilah’s guarded portals expanded in size. A Devil of true might reached out and expanded the portal to allow him through. Miasma exploded out.

Delilah focused all her power on the incoming Devil. Ice spikes flew forward. She relaxed for a moment as her powerful ice spikes pierced through the Devil’s Aura and stabbed into him. Yet, with a burst of strength, the ice spikes expelled from the Devil, and the wounds healed immediately.

He stepped forward and looked out over the battlefield. As if stuck by a tether he stopped in his steps and remained near the tear. The Devil’s eyes of pure darkness stared toward Delilah as a word of power left his mouth.

Delilah fell and cried in pain as her soul was assaulted. Kara in a surge of Aura rushed over. Her enchantment glowed across her Werewolf form. The [Devil King] added a new target as Kara’s Soul was hit with a tidal wave of force.

Her massive dual pools of Aura erupted as she continued her charge forward. He swung his claws at her. She dodged as her claws tore across the Devil’s body. He did not even react to the pain as he swiped Kara away.

His focus redoubled on the downed Werewolf, but before he could act the situation changed.

A roar infused with the power of Arcane and the mighty power of the Soul erupted across the snowy landscape.

The [Devil King] stuttered in his words as his Soul reeled in pain. In this moment of weakness, Kara recovered herself and with a surge of speed clawed at his face.

The massive Devil cried out in pain and involuntarily backed away.

And yet it was only the beginning.

A violet and golden spear descended from the sky. Lifting his only arm, a clawed hand reached out. With a burst of Miasma mixed with the Devil’s dark Aura, he formed a massive claw. It soared toward the spear.

A burst of wind and power exploded from the collision as the spear stabbed into the massive claw.

“Come, Lord of the Void. Let it be known, that the Devil King Agmar was your devourer,” The Devil suddenly grinned and grasped toward empty air. Yet appearing in his hand was anything but. He perfectly predicted where Rainer would appear after Void-walking.

Rainer yelled in pain as the hand gripped onto to him. And he found himself unable Void-walk. A sharp row of teeth opened wide as the Devil without pause sought to consume him. Armed bolts exploded into the Devil’s face yet a combination of Aura and Miasma left him unharmed.    

Feeling his power, Rainer activated Shield Mode, but it was only a temporary measure to prevent his body from being crushed. Jormungandr still dealt with the energy he consumed prior and seemed to be in a state of sleep.

A powerful force of Demonic Aura appeared from the side. A blade-like claw reminiscent of an Aura Blade extended from Kara’s own clawed hand as the [Devil King’s] sole arm was cleaved from his body. The Devil suddenly surged toward Kara, having only his teeth and Miasma as a weapon, yet appearing before him, Rainer Void-walked once more.

The Rune for the very origin of magic, Arcane, flashed on Rainer’s forehead. [Arcane Awakening] sung loudly even amidst the carnage. Runes formed instantly across his arm and power far surpassing any magic the Devil felt before came forth.

[Arcane Awakening: Final Arcanum]

Rainer roared in his head. The entirety of his strength coalesced into a single moment.

The Devil desperately tried to shield himself with his remaining Aura. He yelled out in anger, but the vile language of Devils was not aimed outward.

The blast of Arcane sent him away, and back into the tear of space from whence he came. The overflowing Arcane Power caused the tear to go out of control, and it collapsed in on itself.

Rainer kneeled on the ground as he looked forward. A wide swath of destruction lay in his wake.  The snow hundreds of feet in front of him melted entirely apart from what entered the spatial tear. The ground lacked a surface and instead was entirely smooth.

Even the [Deviling]s froze as all stared at the result. The group immediately returned to fighting the [Deviling]s with renewed spirits.

“Rainer,” Kara’s wolven voice growled. She ran over to him and helped him onto her back.

“Bring me to the Spatial tears!” He called out. He still needed a few dozen seconds before his Mana pool returned to functionality and he could seal the tears with [Void Manipulation].

Furtak returned soon after, seemingly finished with killing the [Deviling]s who ran toward his city. Fire whips erupted out from him as they gripped onto the last remaining [Devil Lord]. He had lasted for only a moment before a hand of flame penetrated his head.

Without the presence of [Devil Lord]s or the [Devil King] the task of sealing the spatial tears was easily accomplished.

Repeatedly closing the large tears, Rainer thought of his own experience within that strange world of Devils and Arcane Energy.  Different from the first Devil-like world he visited, not only was the space far looser, it had prevalent Arcane Energy.

Rainer’s party, along with Delilah and Furtak, all sat at the same table. Most were still covered in the Devil’s blood from the battle.

“You killed her…” Elru asked before becoming silent at his response.

Rainer only nodded. He mentioned how Yulia’s surprise attack had given her Luna and he had no choice but to pursue her.

“That [Devil King]…” Rainer said

“The missing arm. It must be him. I felt something was wrong with Raspard’s summon. It was the summon that truly weakened and killed that Mage. Somehow that [Devil King]…” Theodore said.

“Has my number,” Seeing their confused looks he spoke again, “Somehow able to locate and track me…and he’s not dead…” Rainer added.

“What does that have to do with this number, Sorcerer?” Gunthar asked seemingly unworried about the [Devil King]. He had already returned to his normal form, with Elru assisting him with clothes to hold together his enchanted blessed steel armor on him.

“I’ll explain later.”

Furtak froze as the revelation came that the [Devil King] survived. While the Area of effect was not the same as a tier 5 or 6 spells he had never thought magic so powerful existed. Yet the true strength of such Magic was not just the power of it. The cast, or unbeknownst to Furtak, the use of the skill, was no more lengthy than a common tier 1 spell.

“That thing, was that powerful…” Furtak paused as he suddenly came to a realization, “Is that what could have went wrong with your experiment earlier!” He yelled and pointed at Rainer. He left the table and started pacing wondering why such fortune must come with equal misfortune.

“Theodore, Elru, how exactly do you think Yarik and the Fae tracked me here?” Rainer asked ignoring the now mumbling Goblin. He hadn’t used his flight spell anywhere near the city. So, he couldn’t understand how they tracked him to right above Furtak’s city.

“Soul Magic. I cannot think of any other alternative. And with that Soul and Blood Mage’s ability to utilize the strength of the Devil, it may dually explain how the [Devil King] found you once more,” Theodore answered.

“And you know how to use it? I don’t remember seeing anything like that in the hidden library?”

“No, I do not. Perhaps…”

“We might raid whatever place that strange old man came from?” Rainer said as he looked toward the captive he was keeping unconscious by his side. Elru had knocked out the escaping Maya toward the end of the fight.

“A welcome stop on our trip south…” Gunthar spoke in anger surprising the group. Rainer then recalled the anger Gunthar displayed when they raided the Goblin mine with Human slaves. Even if having Theodore as a father left him more accepting of darker magics, the sacrificing of one’s companions to summon Devils hardly paints a picture of a misunderstood dark mage. But rather one truly embracing evil.

And as a former Paladin and citizen of Nalmar, such an anger at wanton blood sacrifice was to be expected.

Rainer then took some time to describe what had happened with Luna and Yulia though he left out the part where he likely was considered dead numerous times by his world’s standards.

As he spoke, Rainer went over the various titles he received as well as his status screen.

[Name: Rainer Nvos]
[Age: 19]
[Primary Classes: Archon(2nd) Lvl 19/25, Voidwalker lvl 20/25]
[Titles: Immortal Slayer, Arcane Scholar, Fae Contractor, Arcane Elementalist, Manipulator of the Elements, Basic Elementalist, Dungeon Pioneer, Philanderer, Trollsbane, Queen Slayer, Chosen Slayer, Wielder of Space and Time, Master of Space and Time, Wielder of Fire and Brimstone, Wielder of Light, Wielder of the Arcane, Energy Drainer, Voidwalker, One who defies Divinity, Speaker of Power, Shaman, Corruptor]
[Exp: 4%, 92%]
[Sub-classes: Chronomancer lvl 11/25]
[Race: Human]
[Skill Points: 98]
[Talents: Excellent Arcane Affinity, Human Growth, Gift of the Fae(Luna)]
[Stamina: 33/33]
[Stamina Regen: .1% per second]
[Mana: 209/209(289)]
[Mana Regen: .0240 per second]
[Arcane Power: 115/115(150)]
[Conversion Ratio: 1-12]
[Arcane Aura: 14/14(24)]

[Constitution: 32(+2)]
[Affinity: 289]
[Vitality: 31(+2)]
[Endurance: 33(+2)]
[Strength: 33]
[Dexterity: 33]
[Intelligence: 256(+2)]
[Willpower: 120]
[Arcane Attunement: 150]
[Arcane Alacrity: 21]
[Gravity Control: 21]
[Aura Control: 24]
[Aura Attunement:24]
[Void Awareness: 120]
[Attribute Points: 3]

[Speaker of Power: To influence the very language of the world with one’s power. Every word brings forth meaning, but by one’s will, they can bring out the true power of words. The very world around them can be bent to their will. 5% Experience Bonus]

[Corruptor: One who imposes their will upon others. To corrupt is to bend, to draw, one’s target to their own ideals and will. To spread the one’s own corruption is to gain dominion over the very soul. 15% General Improvement to Languages of Power. 10% Experience Bonus]

[Shaman: A speaker and commander of nature. Their words can bring growth and life just as they can bring upon the fury of nature to their enemies. 5% Experience Bonus]

[Queen Slayer: One who has slain a true Queen. 10% Experience Bonus]

[Chosen Slayer: To defy Providence and kill the one who has the boon of divinity is to transcend the limits of the mundane. One who has slain a true Chosen of a Divine Power. 15% Experience Bonus]

[One who defies Divinity: To resist the power of Divinity, to deny their providence, to ignore their proclamation. One who stands above normalcy and complacency. One who does not fear the Chosen protected by Divinity. Cannot Channel Divine Power. 60% Experience Bonus. 25% Total Damage Bonus against Chosen. Hidden from Divine Sight.]

He guessed [One who defies Divinity] received an improvement because he killed Yulia while she received protection directly from the World Tree.

At the end of the conversation, Rainer spoke of future plans. But not before Elru’s laughter filled the room.

“I wish I could have seen Elder Taramath’s face when you told such a tale!”

Rainer grinned now as the rest laughed with Elru’s outburst, but the situation could have truly been different had he arrived too late. He now owed Laneth far more than originally thought for allowing him a quick departure.

“We don’t know how those Demons from earlier tracked us either. Staying here too long probably isn’t for the best. I say we head for the Arachne Tunnels after a day’s rest, if that’s alright with you,” Rainer said looking toward Furtak.

“Stay as long as you wish.”

“Is heading toward the Arachne Tunnels the best idea after our encounter with the Skyborne? Even if their relationship hangs only by a thread, Sorcerer, you didn’t leave the best impression,” Were Gunthar capable of it, a smile would cross his face.

Rainer chuckled, and soon both he and Gunthar shared a glance. They soon realized what had just happened.

“Finally…” Gunthar said wistfully as he placed a hand on Rainer’s shoulder.

Rainer returned the gesture and only nodded while sharing a meaningful look.

Theodore made a small sigh, understanding his son’s joke. He wished he could have a translation error, but alas he spoke the same language as his son.

For a moment, he thought how great it was for Gunthar to have a friend despite his sense of humor. Before realizing, he put his own son’s sense of humor over the fact that he was undead.

The earlier mention of Demons brought about a strange expression on Elru’s face. She did not know how to react to the recent revelation of Kara’s identity as a Demon. Though even she was unaware of the full truth.

Furtak and Delilah, however, did not seem bothered in the slightest, Rainer noted. They did not even bring it up.

He assumed Delilah’s abilities to see through Glamour extended to seeing through Kara’s otherwise perfect disguise. And that they had long since known and accepted such a fact.

Luna stayed resting despite everything.

Rainer closed his eyes as Elru discussed the plans they could do or need to worry about with the Fae Court. He used his familiar bond to feel for Luna.

The slow beating of her heart entered his mind, and he fell asleep sitting upright.


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