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Sitting across from Rainer at a circular wooden table was the [Ice Wolf Queen]. Her shrunken wolf body fit perfectly onto the chair. Seeing her sitting so naturally at the table, he struggled to keep down a smile. Her light blue fur, reminiscent of Ice, seemed quite inviting.

“What’d I’d like to know is how you knew my class?” He asked, shaking himself out his thoughts. This wasn’t man’s best friend across from him, but a Monster capable of damaging his Shield mode.

Rainer listened carefully as Furtak translated his words into the Druidic tongue. In truth, the Goblin was curious about this as well. Though, given the situation, it was hardly the first thing on his list. She spoke back.

“Random. Guess.”

Was all Rainer understood from her. Seeing his defeated face, she let out a strange yip likely no different than a laugh.

She spoke, again. This time too fast and too complicated for Rainer to understand.

“She says she knows not of anyone without the bloodline of a…Monster, who can use the Druidic Language other than an [Archon]. And when her attack didn’t even harm you, along with my confirmation that you were likely as strong, or stronger than I, she took a guess. Your face handled the rest. It may have been hard for you to tell but she was more surprised than you.”

The Fae did not even seem to care that I was an [Arcanist] yet they practically lost themselves when they saw I was an [Archon]. I suppose all the initial classes that can reach [Archon] are unknown.

Rainer thought as he recalled the Fae he met in Grimlar’s Pass.

“What does she call herself?” Rainer asked. He noticed Furtak paused on the word Monster.

“An Aural. Would be the easiest translation,” Furtak scratched his head, “But she is a rare existence. Most Aurals never develop enough intelligence to communicate with properly. So, I don’t agree with her. She can call herself whatever she likes, but her race is still that of a Monster.”

“And her name?”

“Delilah,” Furtak said after a moment of thought. He then repeated in the Druidic Language a few times before Rainer then repeated it back correctly.

So in Druid, Snow Flower? Quite the lovely name for a massive and deadly wolf.

“Let’s get to it then, do you really think you are enough to hold your north from humans?”

Furtak frowned but still translated the blunt comment.

Delilah growled before speaking to Furtak once more.

“She says if she gathered enough even 10 Furtaks wouldn’t be their match.”

“But that’s where you are confused. A Mage Guilds strength isn’t singular. If they have 5 Mages working together, it is as if 20 or 30 singular Mages attacking. If not more. And the moment the Skyborne feel they can’t get the North on their own, they’ll include others. They aren’t stupid. And they know they won’t be able to hide what they find here forever. It’s just a question of when. You can choose that when. That’s the opportunity we have here. So long as they are working alone, the North isn’t lost to you.”

Each tier 5 spell included explanations on group casting, as well as alluded to various defensive measures to use in concert. This only furthered Rainer’s disappointment at not finding any tier 3 or 4 spells, along with none of the utility or defensive variety.

Rainer thought for a moment if he should use [Arcane Presence] in the negotiation while Delilah thought over his words. The way Yarik used [Mana Presence], Rainer believed as incorrect. For such a thing, Rainer would rather use [Spatial Domain].

He viewed [Arcane Presence] proper use as subtlety.  Once they understood it wasn’t them feeling fear, but being made to feel fear, the effect, in Rainer’s view, lessened. If not disappeared. At least, when one dealt with opponents of equal strength.

Perhaps that was his intention? But with Theodore’s Aura, how much of an idiot did he have to be to underestimate us? Or rather, I should get [Arcane-Spatial Domain] as soon as possible…

Rainer returned to the conversation, recalling his secondary purpose of training the Druidic Language from this conversation.

“3 years.”

She simply said. It was easy enough for Rainer to understand. But then she spoke in a questioning tone before Furtak made it clearer.

“What’s your plans for the North?”

“Simple. We share the results of the mines, I and my current and future allies keep away any settlements or otherwise from the North. I don’t even need Mana Crystals; I just want the Magicite for any future mages that come under my leadership.”

After Furtak had translated for her, the [Ice Wolf Queen] gazed at Rainer for quite some time. The deal was of course too perfect. Her only desire was her homeland not to become an easy hunting ground. Once humans set up their cities, she knew hunting for experience and materials would follow.

While monsters could easily avoid singular hunting parties once Humans had the tools to hunt en masse, they couldn’t evade them as easily.

Mages, however, were a bit different in this regard. They could level up entirely from spells with little difficulty so long as they were available.

Seeing her hesitation and after gaining Rainer’s approval, Furtak shared Rainer’s goal with Delilah. She eventually relaxed after learning all that the [Archon] had already given Furtak. 

“Furtak mentioned you had some info on the Forbidden North?” Rainer asked, breaking the silence.

She then continued speaking. Rainer carefully listened and watched with [Arcane Sight]. Her explanations touched on the Forbidden North and what she knew of Unicorns.  He intended on repeating this in his [Sleep Learning] space to further his understanding of the language.

Furtak translated soon after as Rainer listened.

Finishing the conversation, Rainer gathered everyone into Kara’s meditation room. He had two purposes for such a thing. One was to detail what he talked about with the [Ice Wolf Queen], and the second was so that he could do a little experiment with the Void.

“Her word is to watch for at least 3 years before attacking, at least beyond harassment. They plan to slow their progress for now, without any overt war. By then, we’ll handle any Guild or Countries’ attempts at taking the North and the deposits of Magicite.”

Out of the group, Elru was the only surprised by his declaration. But she left her questions for later.

“And about the Unicorns?” Theodore then asked.

“Unicorns definitely exist in the Forbidden North, is what she said. Among other Monsters, they are all born with the ability to ignore the effect of the land. Along with their already massive strength. But perhaps more importantly, her Mother knew the [Archon] of the legends of this world. And he freely traveled North.”


“It’s just a matter of heading there and letting the land affect me, most likely. Of course, even if I’m immune, the [Ice Wolf Queen] told me monsters as strong as she are common. Until I can figure out a way to translate the resistance, or skill, or whatever it is to everyone, we need time. I asked her if she would take you around the boundaries, and she agreed,” Rainer then said to Theodore.

“I’ll go speak with Furtak then before she leaves,” Theodore said as he left the room. Rainer was about to stop him but then thought he was a bit too hasty in wanting to peer into the Void. He decided to leave it for when he reached a higher level, and perhaps Kara did as well.

Looks like it’ll have to wait for later.

Rainer thought as he recalled Theodore was likely the most needed to ensure his safety in any Void-related experiments. While Elru may be stronger than Theodore, she as a Fae was quite weak to Miasma as Rainer understood it.


“You told her you were an [Archon]?” Kara asked.

Rainer scratched his head, “She guessed, and I accidently confirmed it. By then there was no point in trying to lie my way out of it since she said she’d only negotiate if I proved I was an [Archon].”

“How could she possibly guess that?” Elru questioned.

“Lighten,” Rainer spoke in Druidic tongue to the [Auer’s Moss]. They obeyed his command, and the room grew brighter. Yet lacking an understanding of the Druidic Tongue, none seemed surprised at his accomplishment.

“Apparently, it’s not something a Human can ordinarily learn. Or really anyone without some relation to a Monster. “

In truth, even with the knowledge, Rainer isn’t sure how to teach many of his skills to others. [Internal Mana Runic Formation], even with him teaching, he isn’t sure how to prevent a beginner from killing themselves. Through practice, he made the control of the Mana instinctual. Practice that cost his life hundreds of times over.

[Druidic Magic Language] Rainer viewed as more natural. To use it otherwise, someone would have to intentionally flow Mana and use the World’s Energy at such a minute accuracy; he wouldn’t even know where to begin teaching it.

Teaching many of his skills to others would require time and a means of assuring safety. And by no regard did he view his companions as ideal test subjects.

“And the only other Human to ever learn was the [Archon] of legends,” Elru responded, understanding the situation.

“Elru last time you mentioned the stronger enchantments are done in layers, what did you mean?”

“I shall be in the hallway, Sorcerer,” Gunthar said as he left the room. No longer did he expect anyone to remember to ask him to leave before enchantment related business was done.

“It’s done in such a way that to leave room for future improvement while allowing for [Runic Knight] to still train in the skill. Kara’s shield’s enchantment would have to be redone or it can no longer be strengthened. Though, unless you receive a far higher level of the skill, Rainer, there isn’t much room for improvement in that one.”

“And how exactly is that done?”

“A simpler version is done. And gradually complexity is added. With this method, the previous Rune can be overlaid and thereby strengthen it far beyond anything that can be done in one go.”

Rainer just stared at her. If he made his magic formula simpler, they just wouldn’t work, or be a different spell.

“I’ll demonstrate, hand me a piece of Bark,” Elru was surprised at his reaction. For most [Fae Enchanter] the order was the other way around. They started with simple enchants and worked forward.

Rainer watched, and he noted while the formula made of Mana in her finger was just as complex, the Rune she drew was quite simple. He immediately recalled how he had thoughts on how to improve Elru’s Mana Output Rune, and imagined this was the same. 

Rainer spent the rest of the day practicing on the bark, as Kara continued her training. On occasion, Elru would show him her other Body Enchantments, after which he’d take notes and study them.

As night came, Rainer asked Elru a question he’s had about Yulia, since facing Furtak.

“Elru, you mentioned the Fae courts prepared counter measures against Yulia. Now that they know she’s Wind-Touched. What exactly are they?”

“As one master's wind magic, they gradually learn to use the Air around them in fueling their spells. Yulia has all but mastered this. Her counter is then other wind mages capable of influencing the Air and preventing her from using it. Without the reduced Mana cost, her time as transforming to the wind would be severely reduced. She simply cannot win against a joint effort.”

But a magic consuming fire versus a Fae? In Yulia’s hands, such a thing would give them no chance.

Rainer paused as he then thought of his own Arcane-Wind. It naturally drew power from the wind around it, an unconscious effort. Far different to others who needed to focus and train such an action. His thoughts then moved to the Great Sage’s regrets as to becoming Flame-Touched.

He felt as if the strength of his fire reached a boundary. That he had a chance to reach beyond ordinary flames, but he sacrificed such a chance in his pursuit of becoming Flame-Touched.

Was surpassing the boundary reaching Arcane-Fire?

Rainer thought to himself. He questioned too if there was such a thing as Arcane-Touched. If the element could be used in the same manner as other elements of magic. But having much of his life ahead of him, he was in no rush to pursue it as of now.

An important thing to note for Rainer was that becoming Flame-Touched had reduced the Great Sage’s experience by 50%.

Night came, and as he entered [Sleep Learning], Rainer’s first focused on [Spatial Domain].

The power of space spread out through the white void. With his attributes doubled by [Arcane Awakening] and space itself loosened, he only took a few moments to alter the spell with [Arcane-Spatial Manipulation].

[Spell Gained: Arcane-Spatial Domain lvl 1/10]

Rainer’s previously largest consumption of Mana now merged with the Arcane. He whistled aloud as he noticed the spell was in the 5th Tier. With [Spatial Domain] as his most complex tier 4 spell, he expected such a conclusion. But his expectations didn’t alter the excitement of having a spell as complex as a tier 4 but rated as a tier 5 spell.

A similar situation with [Arcane-Wind’s Ascent] allowed him to level a tier 4 spell easily.

For [Spatial Domain] learning the two add-ons without the loosening of space was impossible. Yet [Arcane-Spatial Domain] received the bonuses not only from Arcane magic but the 100% from [Voidwalker]. So he left the two add-ons to be gained and, therefore [Arcane-Spatial Domain] to be leveled, for reality. 

He planned on spending the rest of the time practicing Body Enchantment layering on the Demon’s corpse while listening to the Druidic Language in the background.  

He suddenly gained an additional idea, of what he could practice in the meantime.

Instead of the Runic lines of [Arcane Awakening], the flowing lines of [Arcane Revival] appeared on him. He replicated the Demon’s corpse and went off to enchanting again.

Similar to [Arcane Rage], he assumed the first several levels of [Arcane Revival] dealt with gaining familiarity with the energy and skill, rather than conscious altering and progression.

However, after roughly a minute of using [Arcane Revival] at its current maximum of 50%, Rainer found his body stiffening.

He immediately refreshed himself. He now understood that [Arcane Revival] was far more similar to [Arcane Rage] than originally assumed. It too had a time limit before the Arcane energy within his body started to have an adverse effect.

The chaos of [Arcane Rage] destroyed his body, the order of [Arcane Revival] brought about a frozen eternal rest.

He brought [Arcane Revival] to just below its maximum, switching it off whenever his body was too adversely affected. Unfortunately for Rainer, refreshing his body would also refresh the blood he prepared for enchantment.

A small hiss of pain escaped Rainer’s lips as he continued with his enchantment work. The very Demon in front of him served as a reminder to why he needed to endure this pain.

There would be no rest until many others joined this fallen Demon.

Kara laid in front of him. Her eyes closed, as he found her golden irises quite the distraction as he worked.

Rainer let out a deep breath as he finished the first layer of the enchantment. His mana completely expended. At this stage, while the enchantment worked, the difference in speed may not even be noticeable. However, for Kara who sought to level the skill, such a situation was irrelevant.

He collapsed onto the bed, as Kara excitedly jumped off. The Runes glowed with power as an Aura of lightning surged through her. She stood in place and within a few minutes had, with the help of her class, gained the first level of the skill.

“So?” Rainer asked.

“It feels far weaker than Luna’s Gift, but I can’t say how much.”

The first time he used [Arcane Awakening: Surge], he only felt the power, rather than the increase in any sort of speed. To understand how much faster one was, they needed a comparison. It was like his theory on why [Time Manipulation] may not give him more time in [Sleep Learning]. He was only accelerating himself, and may not even notice a difference.

Rainer glanced at his final [Sleep Learning] gains once more.

[Arcane Revival has reached level 4]

A max now at 80% improvement to his resistances, of which any higher would immediately stop his heart.

[Demon Body Enchantment has reached level 4]

A 2-level improvement. Without a need to worry about any damage or Mana loss, he quickly leveled [Demon Body Enchantment].

He wondered what he could do as his Mana regenerated. Luna sat on his shoulder practicing her Glamour to alter another object.

Focusing away from Kara, who now meditated while maintaining her new Rune, he activated [Arcane Presence].

She immediately looked over to him. He had inadvertently spread it across the whole room, unable to focus it in a single direction.

To Rainer who already stood up to leave, Kara's pleased expression, after feeling the presence of his Arcane Power, went unnoticed.

“I’ll go find an empty room.”

“There’s no need, but you might as well call over Elru over if you wish to practice alone. I’d like to hear her thoughts on my new enchantment,” She said with her tone quite happy.

After notifying Elru in the scroll library, Rainer headed to a meditation room nearby leaving behind a stunned Elru in the background.

“H-how…” She asked to the empty room. Gunthar’s warning of future surprises now functioned as a mantra in her mind as she calmed herself. Even with countless years of practice completing the first level of a such a difficult and powerful Body enchantment was a feat to be praised.

Yet with not a single mishap Rainer learned and accomplished it in just a couple of days? She calmed herself as best she could before heading to Kara’s room. Training with the Wolfkin, and seeing another example of unprecedented ability oddly calmed her about Rainer’s accomplishments.

Entering the room just seeing the Wolfkin who likely already had the first level of the skill, brought her the strange relaxation she expected. 

Within the new meditation room, Rainer activated [Arcane Presence] once more. He explored the skill and noted several facts immediately.

Targeting it in a single direction, rather than a radius was currently impossible. Another point was that trying to cast magic while using it was not possible. The skill leveraged his Arcane-laden Mana pool onto the minuscule amount released around him. While he could still cast a spell with no delay, he couldn’t maintain [Arcane Presence] in the process.

The skill only lightly taxed his mind, but almost no actual Mana.

Rainer played around with it. He lowered the pressure and then tried to hide the pressure so that even his [Arcane Sight] had difficulty seeing it. With the aid of his [Archon] class, he quickly leveled the skill.

[Arcane Presence has reached level 2]

[Experience Gained: 15%]

Rainer couldn’t help but be surprised at the experience gained. He had no clue of the rarity of the skill, though now he had an idea. It truly wasn’t a simple one.

With the level up he could now focus it in a single direction, and slightly improve the intensity as a result.

With some of his Mana returned, Rainer decided to level up [Arcane-Spatial Domain] and see if he could gain a level of his [Archon] class after so long.

With the spell formulas of [Spatial Domain: Spatial Shift], and [Spatial Domain: Gravity Slam] the task was not so large.

Rainer focused on the bed in the room. [Arcane Awakening] surged to 100% as Rainer used part of his recovered Mana to recharge his Arcane Power.

[Arcane-Spatial Domain] spread across the room at a small mana cost. Arcane Power fueled the rest of the spell. He thought over his [Spatial Domain: Spatial Shift] and focused on replicating it.

He channeled [Arcane-Spatial Manipulation] as well, as he tried to move the bed forward. His manipulation skills were key in creating magic. [Spatial Manipulation] was already a skill seen as exclusive by Nalmar’s mages to their greatest casters of magic.  Under his bonuses, [Arcane-Spatial Manipulation] presented itself as a far more unreasonable existence.

Arcane-Spatial Energy naturally weakened the space around it, allowing for far stronger power.

After several tries, the bed moved back as Rainer’s Arcane Power depleted significantly.

[Spell Gained: Arcane-Spatial Domain: Spatial Shift lvl 1/10]

[Arcane-Spatial Domain has reached level 2]

[Experience Gained: 14%, 113%]

Rainer immediately remembered that [Voidwalker] dealt with Space-Time as well. Even receiving just a small portion of the experience, it had leveled.

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 15/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed.1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

He repeated the small process before he realized the consequences of his actions.

A massive force of Gravity downwards onto the bed. It smashed into pieces, and a crack spread out on the floor around it. The air hummed with the power of Arcane as the force dissipated.

The powerful shock shook the ground quite a distance away.

[Spell Gained: Arcane-Spatial Domain: Gravity Slam lvl 1/10]

[Arcane-Spatial Domain has reached level 3]

[Experience Gained: 21%, 131%]

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 16/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]


Rainer noted his experience for [Archon].

Rainer returned to the room soon after, spending the rest of the day alternating between training his [Arcane Presence] and enchanting Kara.

His nights filled with practicing enchantment on the Demon’s corpse and listening to the Druidic Language.

Time passed quickly as Rainer became engrossed in his work.

Elru spent her time in the scroll library with Theodore. Gunthar spent his time experimenting with the power of the Soul he currently captured of the lizard-like Demon from back at Grimlar’s Pass.

As Rainer’s spell shook the very ground beneath it, Furtak had been eating with his wives. Feeling the vibrations, he got a bad feeling. But given the recent revelations about his new ally being an [Archon], he acted as if nothing had happened.

His thoughts related to the earlier, world-threatening experiment, faded as quickly as they came. He only paid attention to the meal before him.

“Husband, what was that shaking?” His second wife asked.

“What shaking,” He only responded and looked back down at his meal.

“It’s done,” Rainer said while wiping the sweat from his brow.

He had after three days and nights finished the enchantment on Kara. With the Mana-Well and his nightly training in [Sleep Learning], it was a speed rivaling the best Fae. He recalled the progress he made over these three days.

[Arcane Revival has reached level 5]

[Demon Body Enchanting has reached level 6]

At this level, Rainer felt improving his [Arcane Awakening] would become easier in the future. Even if the medium differed, it was still a manipulation and creation of Runic lines.

[Druidic Magic Language has reached level 3]

He was a bit disappointed in this. Even after constant listening and recalling the flow of Aura or Mana in Deliah and Furtak he only made a single level.

Kara redressed as a magical lightning surged through her body. Enhancing herself in Aura as well, she rushed forward to the door. The resistance in the air told her just how fast she had gotten.

Her laughter rang out as she returned in the same haste before jumping in Rainer’s arms.

“Thank you, Rainer,” She spoke as she hugged him. She had seen how exhausted he was after every session of enchanting. How little rest he took apart from when he needed to recover his Mana.

They laid there for quite a while. She had already said a different kind of thanks most nights, but holding her in his arms in such a manner, Rainer felt more at peace.

Every time he could help her grow stronger, his fear lessened. The Demons that lurked in the distance seemed ever so smaller.  

As they both left the room to find Elru, She, the rest of the party, and Furtak were already waiting.

“We have company,” Furtak simply said, before gesturing everyone to follow him.

“A member of Deliah’s pack noticed the group earlier today. They’ve made camp near the Crag entrance to the city.”

The city itself was still an hour’s walk away after entering the crag, assuming one could find the entrance.

“How many?” Rainer asked.

“2 Strong Mages. Four weaker but still likely in the second tier. 1 Aura user. And then a single Fae, not particularly strong.”


“How do you think I noticed you when we first met?” Furtak boasted, but the nearby [Ice Wolf Queen] nipped at his side.

“Alright, alright, she noticed you,” Furtak then said.

“Do you think it’s her?” Rainer whispered to Elru. He was worried about Yulia.

“Not possible. I don’t understand how she could have escaped. It’s likely an agent of hers. And even if it is her, we need only wait half a day before Fae reinforcements come after her.”

“Furtak, you willing to help us greet our guests?” Rainer asked. He hadn’t known how they tracked him, but he had no intention of risking the city being found. Especially given the risk in a fight of Magic.

Furtak only grinned in response. Rainer recalled how excited the [Fire Sage] had been to fight him in their first meeting.

“Let’s wait until dawn, then we’ll let them know of their mistake,” Rainer said. Committing to a final session of [Sleep Learning] before he saw just who that Fae had brought to help her.

Raspard suddenly told Yarik, who had been carrying the group with a flight spell, to stop. They had been traveling slowly and not directly toward their target as Raspard struggled to track him properly.

Maya had noticed traces of magic but had no interest in assisting in the tracking unless needed. She would have to drop her Glamour to use the magic properly.

“We are close, but I’ll need to lay down a Soul seeking formation,” Raspard said, “It should take roughly a day to have it fully prepared.”

Yarik looked annoyed toward the corpse-like Magus but said no complaints.

“He’s lying,” Elijah spoke as Raspard left.

“So what?” Yarik asked. He was confident in escape in even the worse of situations. And he knew Raspard understood such capabilities as well. Whatever reason he was delaying, Yarik had no issue with. His confidence in his abilities disallowed such a possibility of betrayal.

“You trust that walking dead man?”

“No. But he is not your concern. Do your job, and you can take Charles’ armor and weapon as you please. It won’t be hard to make it look like he died for the great cause of defeating a foreign enemy,” Yarik said laughing.

Elijah looked down at his own enchanted sword as Yarik headed off. A weapon was often the limiting factor for any Aura user. Even his own sword, one of the strongest in their kingdom, limited him by its strength. He needed it repaired after nearly every encounter.

Cladding it too much in Aura would dull the edge whereas not doing enough would cause his massive Aura enhanced strength to damage it.  

But one look at Charles’ Sword, both its material and enchanted strength, told Elijah it was a weapon of true power. Even the often good mannered Elijah was willing to kill Charles for it. But, stealing such a gift was equivalent to making an enemy of the Foreign Lord Magus.

And so, his reservations about chasing this Foreign Lord Magus had all but faded. To kill him was to obtain a sword of his dreams.

In the distance, Maya approached Raspard as the rest went to make camp and prepare defensive magic against any possible monsters or other enemies.

“You can send a message to your mistress now. It will only take me a few hours to pinpoint his location and surroundings, “ Raspard whispered with a chuckle as he started drawing a formation in the snow. A vial of blood drawn from his bag aided him.

“Are you positive?”

Raspard shoved down his annoyance at this question before responding.

“I am sure. The interference around him was irritating but not infallible. Once I lock down on his soul, it is assured.”

“For your sake, I hope you are correct,” pulses of Mana left Maya’s ring as she sent a simple message to her Queen, “For now either he dies…or you do,” Maya smiled as she saw the ancient mage shudder in fear.

Standing guard at the closest Fairy Ring to the Queen’ Palace were two Fae [Grand Runic Knight]s. However, they existed solely as a front. Three Fae Court Assassins hid with an unparalleled Glamour. Each Fae Court supplied these assassins for a constant rotation. As well as a Mage who cast tracking magic.

With all four Fae Courts working together, they kept a constant watch on if Yulia ever left the palace. And since most of Yulia’s agents were unknown, they couldn’t do much about them. Many Fae entering and exiting the palace were, but servants pledged to the World Tree.

An eerie wind drifted in front of the two [Grand Runic Knight]s. They instantly stood on guard as the Fae Court Assassins prepared as well. They received an urgent message that Yulia left her palace. Others were soon coming to reinforce them.

A sudden surge of power and roots erupted from the ground and gripped the two knights, and three assassins. They did not have even an opportunity to scream before bursts of wind blew out of their chests. The moment the roots of the World Tree restricted them, they lost the bonuses and attributes of their classes.

The alarm was raised across all the courts the moment Yulia fled from the palace. But it was too late. The guards blocking the Fairy Ring did not delay her for even a moment as she flew past them. As no more than a green magic hued wind passing by.

The emerald haired Fairy Queen suddenly returned to material form and collapsed on the other side of the Fairy Ring.

She coughed up blood several times before staring at the ring on her finger. She had found a way to use the Tree’s Protection outside of the Palace, at a cost. To channel Divine power with her body, though it expended her life in the process along with painful consequences.

Yet with her goal so close, she cared not for the years of her life she lost and flew forward. To lose Sacred Faerie Fire meant death in any case. No matter how she concealed herself, she couldn’t fight the whole court. Eventually, even with a weaker, but mobile protection from the World Tree, she would perish.

An all but invisible wind speeded off to the horizon. With her speed and concealing abilities. It would take some time before any Fae caught up to her.

In the white void of [Sleep Learning], Rainer focused on the coming battle.

[Arcane Revival] flowed across his skin as the chanting of a Devil filled his ears. His own mouth followed, and soon only his voice echoed out the dangerous words.

Mana flowed from Rainer’s body as he used his knowledge of the [Druidic Magic Language] to try and bring power to these vile words. Hours passed as he attempted various means of empowering these words. Every so often he refreshed his body as [Arcane Revival] brought him to a halt.

[Arcane Revival has reached level 6]

A message passed by and he paid it little attention. His entire focus remained on the Devil’s words.

Finally, his Mana surged, and Rainer felt his soul weaken before he immediately stopped. His last word erupted in power across the white void, using his own soul as fuel alongside his Mana.

[Skill Gained: Devil’s Soul Language lvl 1/10]

[Devil’s Soul Language: Infuse Words of Power with one’s own strength. The Devil’s Soul Language channels the power of one’s soul to assult another’s.]

[Title Gained: Corruptor]

[Experience Gained: 34%, 255%]

[Managing excess experience]

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 17/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

[Voidwalker has leveled up to lvl 18/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 1 Attribute and skill point have been rewarded]

[Archon has leveled up to lvl 15/25. Standard Attributes have been distributed. 2 Attribute and skill points have been rewarded]

Ignoring the knowledge that entered his mind, Rainer immediately refreshed his body.

Yet he quickly discovered that his soul had not been healed. Activating [Arcane Revival] once more he flowed the Arcane Energy toward his soul. The part consumed in using the Magic Language was healed in almost an instant.

Rainer let out a sigh of relief as he thought over what this meant. While he considered the possibility that the [Sleep Learning] simply couldn’t heal an imaginary soul, he brushed the thought away.

If it’s a skill related to my soul than everything makes sense.

He thought. Why he couldn’t create Life in here, why the effects of overextending himself during the study of [Faraan Runic Language] caused pain that carried over to reality, why his magic and skills could level here. This was a space related to his soul.

Yet before he could truly explore the idea, he awoke.

It was time to greet their visitors.

Covered in Elru’s Glamour Rainer’s party moved with haste, Furtak and the [Ice Wolf Queen] joining them. Elru could only hide their group as one for a short time, but it was enough.

“Stop!” Rainer soon called out. His [Arcane Sight] saw a strange magic surrounding the camp of the enemy group.

[Arcane Presence] erupted forward. The violet hue encapsulated the area and mixed with the dawn light.

The Arcane tore apart the defensive magic as if it had never been placed at all. The group at the camp abruptly rose.

Walking into the wide-open clearing, Rainer stood in the lead. His [Arcane Awakening] rose to 100% as he faced off with the group of intruders.

All wore masks except a decrepit old man in the center. Along with his black robe, a gnarled staff supported his aged body. Were it not for [Appraisal] and [Mana Detection] he would look no different than a walking recently deceased corpse.

[Soul Devourer(2nd) lvl 21, Blood Devourer(2nd) lvl 6]

The [Appraisal] of several of the masked men told Rainer that both Yarik and Elijah were all but certain to be a part of the group. Seeking not to alarm them, he made no notice of this fact. He’d rather they not run to the safety of their Mage Guild, nor gain further motivation to fight to the death.

“So,” Rainer said as his [Arcane Presence] enveloped the opposing group, “You were looking for me?”

Yarik, unable to return with his own [Mana Presence], only watched in silence.

Rainer walked slowly forward, the rest of the party behind him. He had already told Kara to shift if need be. They only needed to ensure no survivors. Any issues with Elru or the rest of the group, Rainer viewed as far beneath Kara’s life.

With his Shield Mode and [Void-walking], Rainer approached first.

“Greetings little Magus,” The corpse-like man spoke, “You may know me as Raspard,” He said grinning and with a bow. Suddenly the mood shifted. Elijah, wearing a mask and black leather armor, almost disappeared from where he was standing.

The battle had commenced.

The [Sword Saint] reappeared inches before Rainer. He had been accelerated by his own Aura movement skill and Yarik’s magic. He inwardly mocked the arrogance of the Foreign Magus leading the group.

His Aura cladded blade swung at Rainer’s neck.

Had he noticed Rainer using his hand to tell his guard not to interfere, perhaps his Fate could have been changed.

Suddenly, a strange violet shield appeared across the Magus’ body. Elijah only laughed inwardly at his hastily prepared defense.

Nothing personal, Lord Magus

He thought, but suddenly those thoughts turned to unbridled fear. His blade shattered across the Magus’ neck. A feeling of gravity surged on his body as the shield vanished from the Magus.

And he made his final mistake.

Hastily cladding himself in Aura, he resisted the gravity. And failed. His organs lurched, his bones cracked, and pain erupted across his body.

He was only powerless to watch as a Magic Blade cleaved his body in two.

Rainer moved forward, unperturbed.  

Falling to the ground Elijah’s last thoughts were filled with indignation. He watched as the Magus did not even grant him a second look, merely stepping past him.

What had his centuries of training amounted to? What had all his hard work given him? Darkness took him as a final thought entered his mind. He flashed back to the conversation between Yarik and the Prince.

Now he…was not even a footnote in history.

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